Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/30/2015 – Mike Shinoda and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/30/2015 – Mike Shinoda and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mike Shinoda and Jo Koy

Recorded 06-29-2015 – Release Date 06-30-2015

Production Number #1605

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Adam opens the show to a Brad Williams #TopDrop and an almost immediate reexamining of ‘The Devil’s Threesome’ Gina has some poll data from her dude friends.

Adam asks her if she’s ever been involved in one, BB is shocked and Gina says it sounds like a good night, Adam talks about the lack of “boxes to check” and now Gina says she’s never done it and she’s not seeking it out.

Adam is now doing his “I will go to my grave never tasting monkey brains” theory about knowing how things taste, feel and smell before experiencing them.


Adam is now doing the “I want to touch a booby” lead time for a young man, Adam says it pretty much is exactly what you thought it would feel like much like he thinks he can predict what it feels like to surf a big wave.

Adam says that racing is what it seems like it would be, BB is asking Adam about finally coming around to do something, BB says his is pedicures, Adam says he had his first facial a year and a half ago, I think they did them on The Adam Carolla Project 10 years ago at Lynette’s spa if I’m not mistaken.

Adam says that he’s too busy to keep up with that kind of grooming, Adam is sharing the problem brewing in the studio and gets into an explanation about the 60+ mugs floating around the warehouse, treated like a rental car in a foreign town.


Adam is commenting on the people who have “your shit mode” vs. “my shit mode” and says he doesn’t like the people with large gaps in how they treat a stranger’s dog and their own.

Adam is elaborating and gets back to the mugs and the coffee gunk, Adam says that some people ask why Adam doesn’t have his name on a mug, he explains that away quickly.

Adam spotted a large green mug that made its way from Adam’s house to the warehouse, Chris stopped him and suggested it was his mug.


Adam asks him about the lack of a name on the mug, Adam is referencing the disease ridden spittle, and Chris explained he had a problem with his mug, BB has a funny “in his shop.”


Adam is now doing a live read for QuickBooks

Matt needs to write off the new custom glazed mugs they’re all getting, Adam jokes about new firing process of smashing it and BB reveals that he’s never had a cup of coffee in that studio.


Chris is now on mic explaining how his mug was stolen, Adam is mocking his “I don’t know boss” and Chris says he doesn’t want his mug to have things on the sides of it, it looks ugly.

Chris talks about the penis mug that someone labeled for themselves.

Adam doesn’t think Dr. Drew could have taken it, Adam blames him for putting his initials on the bottom of the mug.


Adam then remarked on the LAX in his last name, Adam is sharing how he recalled seeing LAX earlier in the day and then spotted it in the sink.

Adam is now explaining how a respect for shitty cups and mugs was burned into him by his cheapskate family, he brings up his Grandma and her less than thought out rules about her shitty glassware.


Jo is now calling in from Hawaii, he’s in Maui and Adam apologizes for him calling in and says some wires were crossed.

Jo brings up his uptake in spam consumption the island, Adam shares the “cannibal/Kimmel” story and now Adam is joking about Jo sending his mom to another island in Hawaii.

Adam asks how many people he flew out, he reveals he bought everything and BB asks how often he’s asked what he does for a living.


Adam is asking him about the time he spends on the island, Adam asks if he’s trying to get laid.

Adam confirms with Jo that he pays for everything, Adam asks “wouldn’t it be nice “to get to be living off of Jo.

Adam apologizes for tweeting that he’d be on when he was out of town, he thanks him for coming on the show regardless.


Adam is back to Chris Laxamana, Adam is sharing how Drew actually thought Chris’s last name was Maxipada, BB remarks on Chris’ wistful reply.


Adam is sharing how he likes certain specialty glasses for different beverages, Adam is explaining how he hates transferring wine from glasses to the plastic.

Adam says fuck it, if you’re walking out the door with a mug and Adam says its possible Adam made off with his mug because of the label being in the wrong spot.

Adam tells Chris to get his face mug out of the studio, Gina shares a mug story of her mug being stained by coffee.


Adam is now clarifying how he wasn’t using anyone’s mugs with anyone’s name on it.

Adam is explaining they will crush all of these existing mugs in celebration of the new custom mugs.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Rick, he says hello and indicates he’s called before, he has a quasi-insult for ‘Road Hard’ (?) and he asks about multiple seasons and the rise of producers in the credits.

He wants the producer hierarchy.

Adam is now explaining how these shows often work and Adam is sharing his chewing gum on the sidewalk theory, he’s talking about the self-entitled narcissists who want their names on shit they didn’t create.


Adam shares how he likes being part of a production group, he just doesn’t get the people are fighting very hard just to get their name on something.

Adam says he deals with this shit on a monthly basis, people wanting their names on things they have no business requesting.

Adam is bringing up Howard Lepidus and how he was paid for season 5 of ‘The Man Show’ while Adam and Jimmy were never paid for the final year they weren’t involved with the show.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe Live Read

Adam is telling them about the new envelope house and lazy river/bowling alley combo Natalia wants.

Adam forbids BB from talking to his daughter after he says he thinks the river idea is cool.


2nd Caller Rob, he’s bringing up the Supreme Court ruling and says he’s a republican like Adam, Adam says he thinks of himself as more of a Libertarian.

Adam talks about the narcissism test, BB has a “tilt” reply and Adam addresses him being parked in Adam’s space, Adam moves on and forgives him and concedes some of his points, but it’s noted.

Adam is talking about narcissism and the people who think that beating the very racist drum of electing someone similar to you in race, gender or background to make your life easier.


Adam thinks the Republicans are glad this got settled as they no longer have to weigh in, Rob apologizes for misidentifying Adam’s politics and Adam tells him he doesn’t’ care, though it is bad for that town.

Gina asks Adam if he’s ever met any “Log Cabin Republicans” and he’s sharing how the people he knows who are for smaller government typically own a business.

Adam is talking about economic republicans who don’t really get into social issues.


Adam says that most people are narcissists and only give shit about others akin to how much they care about people starving to death a continent away.

Adam is talking about the Chicago school system and they’re further discussing these perceived social issues, Adam references white privilege and BB agrees with Adam about Roe v. Wade being used to rile voters on both sides.

Gina mentions Sam Brownback and Adam says we’ll never un-ring the bell of Abortion and its’ insulting to trot it out every election cycle.


Adam is now giving out the plugs and mentions how Phil Rosenthal will be doing an “Evening With” format with him and mentions the Adam Goldberg booking.

Adam is back to making a documentary and feature films and how it’s not worth it anymore, Adam brings up the little shit that happens along the way.

Adam talks about Sundance not even playing ‘Winning’ at their open screenings, Adam brings up ‘Misery Loves Comedy’ and how it played.


Adam talks about the Steve McQueen documentary that sucked yet still played Sundance, he cites the talking head interviews with the likes of Randy Couture who was born after Steve died according to Adam.


Adam is now teasing how they no longer have 100% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes due to the biased assholes who use movie reviews to punish other people they have made up disagreements with.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam is now addressing the reviews of the film, the only negative one so far.

Gina says that the criticism is factually inaccurate due to the abundance of content, Adam talks about the great pains they went to in order to clean up the VHS source material.

Adam is now playing the clip from the documentary where Jay Leno is talking about a go-kart race with Paul Newman which they critic claims makes Paul look decrepit.


Adam is now picking apart the review that called his character in ‘The Hammer’ a sexist and racist, he breaks down the reasoning given and goes very in depth on it.

Adam talks about the 8 different subplots going off at the same time during ‘Winning’ and Adam says you couldn’t look less decrepit than kicking the shit out of a car guy in his own hallway.

Adam is now heading to break.


They’re back from break

Mike Shinoda is making his ACS debut, he was previously on Classic Loveline with is band Linkin Park for







And then again on the show with the guys from Hoobastank, this time promoting ‘Music for Relief’ which lead to the infamous “you just don’t know where that money is going” story in which Adam donated money and Drew did not, just after renegotiating his contract and leaving Adam out to dry a bit, as has now been resolved and discussed on the Adam and Drew show.



Adam welcomes Mike to the show and brings up how his song made him think of Chet Hanks, Mike brings up Jensen Karp and BB is sharing how he is the guy BB cited as the “guy who knows everything and everyone.”

Mike is now further describing Jensen Karp and gives just about his full history, Adam is talking to the product, Adam says that if Chet Haze has the product he would have people lining up for it.

Adam asks Mike how he got to this position, Adam corrects the “Japanese American” phrasing for the internment camps.


Mike is now telling them about his father being put in a camp, Mike describes the disturbing conditions they put these citizens in during WWII.

Mike shares how his parents felt about the process, he says they understood the reasoning and Adam is talking about taking on victim status and how it doesn’t help you get along in life.

Adam is now bringing up true injustice, his negative review from that Toronto paper.


Mike has some very interesting insight about the Japanese Internment, he’s now explaining why he titled his hip-hop side project Ft. Minor.

Adam is asking a quick Linkin Park question, saying he’s going to next make that KROQ documentary he’s been telling someone else to make for years.

Adam is asking if KROQ played a role in Linkin Park’s success, Mike Shinoda shares how Stryker played a role in their band breaking on radio.

They name drop Jed the Fish and are dancing around some Loveline stuff with that, Anderson got brought to LL via Jed’s show.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Gina’s News

Mike is fixing something for Gina, no idea what, headphone jack?


1st Story Her top story is on Donald Trump being separated from NBC due to his comments, Gary has some details and Adam wants to know what that will fix by hiring a Hispanic guy in his place.

Adam says it’s a whole new world and now companies and everyone have to pretend like they care.

Adam is sharing how you tell someone you actually like that you can’t make it to their party vs. how you explain it to someone you don’t like so much.


Mike brings up the people who were grieving for Michael Jackson and cites his wife’s term “Greif Poaching” and describes it further.


2nd Story is on the original plans for the two convicts who intended to run to Mexico, Gina talks about the dead guy’s kickstand dong.

Adam is now talking about prison cred, he thinks escaping from the prison must put you at the top of the pack.


3rd Story is on an interview with the rapper who severed his penis and attempted suicide after smoking PCP, Gina has some clips of the rapper talking about the incident.

Adam is riffing about it and says there is no satisfying answer beyond him being high as a kite and cutting off his dick.

Adam is asking about the queer comment, Gina doesn’t understand why it was brought up either.


Adam brings up ‘Gay Eye’ the made up movie that sometimes plays during Adam’s live standup shows.

Adam is now reading a quote from the rapper about what he’s got left, Adam says if he only had a severed inch left he would say the original penis was 3 feet, who is going to know now.

Adam is sharing his “center of the anus/to just past the tip” rule for penis measuring with Mike.


4th Story is on a study about couples and their personal finances, Adam says at some point it all goes through an accountant.

Mike mentions Haiti, oddly enough.

Adam is talking about Lynette is out bringing in cash with the Mangria promotions and that business, Adam says that the plastic and digital era of today’s transactions only further removes us all from the amount of money we earn and spend.


Adam is talking about pulling up next to Chris D’Elia when they were picking up food at the same place, Adam shares his struggle to locate Chris’ name in his brain.

Adam tipped 20 bucks without even thinking about it.

Gina asks if Adam can tell her how much he pays in taxes and would know the difference of 25k, she can’t even conceive of that kind of life.

Mike is talking about how storage units are perfect business models and Mike compares them to Apple and cell carrier data fees.


Adam says there should be a class action lawsuit again public storage places and explains how he had some belongings in one.

Adam is now contrasting his experiences with public storage vs. the commercials he would see, citing one with a black girl and her wedding dress.

Adam says the storage place is like the porn section of the video store, Adam is now having Gary play the commercial.


“Its form 1984 it’s still got Jizz on it” – Adam on his wife gifting a prom dress to their daughter and the ridiculous notion of passing down dresses.

Adam talks about the pay dirt of the Paris Hilton herpes medication discovery.

Adam jokes about car auctions and wants to know why they hide the materials in storage units, Gina explains why.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Mazda

Adam is getting a manual 5 series from them


5th Story Is on the latest words added to the Oxford English dictionary, including Webisode and Jeggings.

Mike says this is his favorite time of year and he laments literally being redefined as figuratively being including in the dictionary.

Gina asks about a Yarn bomb and Adam claims not to be familiar with cake pops.


They’re all talking about “Yarn Bombing” and Mike thinks it’s an activity only found in Silver Lake, BB suggests Seattle.

Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is glad to not be familiar with Yarn Bombing and Mike reads the Wikipedia on it, Adam says he’s turned on by young chicks knitting.

Adam says there is always going to be an Amish kickback element of society especially as we evolve technologically, Adam has a killer “in poor taste” video game vs. interment camp joke.


Mike is talking about VR gaming and Adam says it’s the Richard Gere gerbil in the ass, you can only bang a 26 year old Cindy Crawford for so long, you can only go lateral.

Adam is sharing his David Bowie and Mick Jagger bisexual theory, about them being tapped out on eating pussy, hilarious wording from Adam.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Gotta lube up for a gerbil edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show to his quoting about cutting off a good 9 inches of his 10 inch rapper dong.