Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/29/2016 – Dara Quilty and Danielle Moyles, live from The Sugar Club in Dublin

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/29/2016 – Dara Quilty and Danielle Moyles, live from The Sugar Club in Dublin

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dara Quilty and Daniella Moyles, live from The Sugar Club in Dublin

Recorded 06-28-2016 – Release Date 06-30-2016

Production Number #1849

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Adam’s got another prerecorded topper for the 2nd show of the first ever ACS European Podcast Tour, Adam has an anecdote about a buddy with a reality show idea to setup his live read.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Idiot buddy has a reality show idea, he used Legal zoom instead of Geragos, stich in his side!


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

“We just want the truth man!” – Adam


Adam is now throwing to himself in the future for his first ever Irish Live Show, he’s got a funny “apologize in advance for president Trump” intro from Dawson and Lynch.

Adam says they just got in from Amsterdam and decided to hit the red light district just to get a boner before heading over to Ireland, he jokes about touring the RLD and spotting a transvestite alley after taking a wrong turn.

Adam is now talking about the ongoing debate about charging for water in Ireland, Adam contrasts that to his life in Los Angeles.


Adam says he has to wear a change belt in the shower to pay for water as he uses it, he says neighbors will tattle on other citizens for watering their lawns during droughts.

Adam was told to give his condolences about some soccer results, Adam has a killer “overturned cop horses” power move. Adam was told that people were out doing good deeds instead of rioting after the soccer loss.

Adam jokes about Irish dudes you’ve never met before forcing their way into your home to sing to your child, Adam is recalling the Spanish soccer fans who throw bananas and the German fans who do Hitler salutes, Adam jokes about who won the last two years and how there is no god.


Adam says that we kick Europe’s ass in the toilet department, he is riffing up about the “horse yoke” bowl and Dawson has some “What Can’t Adam Complain About” ready to go.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st WCACA Jameson Whisky, Adam says booze is way too goddamn expensive, vice of all kinds is, but rice cakes are cheap.

Adam says the guy did the move where he poured the shot with a guide to limit the amount of alcohol per shot, Adam got a shitty capful.

Adam riffs about them not having a “5 Mississippi” and how he first learned of “Joe Blogs” the UK variant of “John Doe” and how he learned that Sweden has no such name, Adam jokes about having his body found there, funny riff.


Adam is back to the tiny pour he got for his double shot and he’s bringing up the cost for a bottle vs. it’s total cost in individual shot prices and he asks if we can’t let bartenders actually bartend, he wants a guy with a heavy hand or someone who leaves the bottle for customers.

Adam has a funny Euro one liner and gets an applause break, Adam is talking about the condom catcher that is used for measuring alcohol content, Adam wants a guy rubbing a glass chatting with him and letting him vent, Adam doesn’t want any millennial bartenders.

Adam asks them if they are one of those maniac countries that puts mayo on fires and Adam asks larger fan what he puts on fries, he says more fries!


Adam talks about fast food worker’s ketchup shaming you when you ask for more packets, he wishes bar tenders would do that and gives a bonus bit after hitting the bell.


2nd WCACA Ireland’s hate for the English, Adam apologizes for being an ugly American and shares how we don’t pay attention to specifics with other cultures, we tend to generalize.

Adam has a funny Mexican/Guatemalan construction site conversation scenario to make his point.

Adam is now mocking Bono and his criticism for The United States.


Adam is now saying that England is deprived of good food, bad teeth but luckily they don’t need them re: food quality.

Adam wraps it up.


3rd WCACA Connor McShriley doesn’t think Adam can complain about ‘Thin Lizzy’ and he explains who they are as a band and mentions a few of their most famous songs, this is akin to the 1999 episode of CLL where Adam actually sung Thin Lizzy on the show.

Adam brings up Steve Harvey and the deceased singer from ‘Thin Lizzy’ and goes on a hilarious rift about advertising their jailbreak and how the guards and warden are now on to them and their plan.

Adam is now further riffing over the song ‘Jailbreak’ and after it wraps up he riffs about getting a strange woman to blow you after you break out of jail, Adam has a killer racism joke!


4th WCACA Guinness (alcohol) and he goes with the Guinness book of world records, he shares how they made him pay for a hotel and plane ticket to verify their download stats.

Adam is mocking the guy who verified their download stats, Adam takes it to the booze itself and asks if we’re not overdoing it with the booze and he says a buzz is a buzz, he cites Pina Colada as an alcohol delivery system.

Adam likes the old timey posters that bragged about a construction worker finishing a Guinness before getting back to work on the jobsite moving girders.


Adam is now noting that people actually drive cars in Dublin, unlike Amsterdam where everyone looks so happy on their bicycles transporting the city, circling visitors to shame them.


Adam welcomes Daniella Moyles and Dara Quilty to the show, he tells Daniella she’s too attractive for radio and Dara reacts to Adam bringing up that they used to date each other, Adam comments on dating hot chicks and the false sense of security you get lulled into.

Ala Dara and Daniella, Dara is agreeing and asking follow up question, hilarious!

Adam is now joking about Daniella saying that a sense of humor is the #1 factor when looking for a man, she says great conversation and Adam is riffing up a storm with “My cat thinks it’s a person too…” and wraps up the riff by segueing into his morning wood theory.


Adam says it’s akin to the Brexit vote, morning wood is 40% blood and 60% piss, Dara agrees and they take a turn for the sexually macabre, Dara asks if Adam has ever pissed in a woman.


Daniella asks if it’s physically possible and Adam recalls his years on LoveLine, everyone reacts to Dr. Drew and seem to be quite familiar.

Adam is sharing his reaction to female orgasmic incontinence, Adam calls it a urinal stamp of approval, Adam asks if they have both moved on, Dara says it happened this morning, they just broke up!

Adam is commenting on Dara bartering free movie tickets and other swag in exchange for getting laid by listeners.


Adam is commenting on them being friends post breakup, Dra riffs about martial objections during wedding proceedings and Adam riffs about his use of Mary.

Adam is asking them about their early start time for their morning shifts, Dara reveals they just got asked to be on the show 2 hours ago and he mocks Adam’s prep list on his buck slip and blames that for him talking about piss filled boners.


Past Adam breaks into the show with less past Adam to bust out a live read.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam welcomes a local guy to come on stage and set Adam straight on some Irish facts, Adam is giving him a big intro and he’s immediately timid on mic.

Adam comments on Ryan the local fan being a songwriter and a fudge maker, Adam asks him about being a beekeeper and asks if bees really need to be kept, do we have cockroach keepers?

Adam is riffing about honey and beekeeping and Ryan tries to tell him about the queen, Adam further mocks him and his hobbies.


Adam asks him about taxidermy, Adam asks Ryan if he has some tidbits and he tries to tell them about Ireland’s actual products, Adam jokes about Ryan kicking kittens as his other pastime.

Adam asks if there is anything else about Ireland he doesn’t like and Adam shares his theory on god hating you, saying it only rained when Adam was outside, Adam jokes about Irish summer and having mildew in the crack of his ass.

Adam talks about the constant rain across Europe, he jokes about how they react to sunshine in Ireland.


Dara asks about townie guys, none are in the audience and Adam jokes about black guys walking around shirtless and trying to wrestle their shirts off behind closed doors, they look that good he needs to see their torsos.

Adam has a killer “Honey and Fudge” fake song made up for Ryan, he asks how unattractive Ryan is to Daniella, she is not at all attracted to the guy who doesn’t perform, he’s used to it, he doesn’t get it all the time, dudes don’t get hurt by rejection.

Adam asks if he’s single and he reveals he has a girlfriend in the audience, Adam reacts to him saying he’s one of those guys who has more than he should and doesn’t’ realize it.


Ryan’s stunner girlfriend stands up in the audience and Adam is crushing it, impersonating Ryan taking out his entire hive and asks if they met on a dating website for weirdos.

Adam says he’s met and dated someone hotter women who clearly just wanted to be in control, “all he does is open car doors and eat pussy” and Daniella says that sounds perfect.

Adam says men shoot for the stars and seek women out of our league, Adam has a killer line about not being able to leave “this” and mocks her “hive smarts” during a street smarts joke.


Adam is now asking her questions, he finds out she is 26 and promises to take her back to Los Angeles to find a successful dude, Adam is joking about her not minding a weirdo and jokes about her being a financial advisor and how nobody has gotten rich songwriting, beekeeping and fudge packing.

Adam has a Richard Branson tangent and asks if he can actually write a song, he mocks him further to his girlfriend, he asks Ryan how he landed this one in the crowd.

Adam has a “load of crap” line before learning that she approached Ryan, Adam asks if there is a ratio problem and says thanks for the vinegary warm beer, he just got a Guinness.


Adam is saying he would react quicker and roll out the window to escape if Ryan showed up vs. A terrorist, he would go back for his beer with a terrorist.

Adam is now asking Claire her name, Ryan’s girlfriend.

Adam is not seeing a whole pile of awesome, she says she was secretly checking him out for a few months and Adam is riffing about a mystery man who smells of fudge.


Adam says he must move there with the results Ryan is getting and asks if they should ask him anything more before he tosses him off stage, Adam says Ryan dodged a bullet there.


Q and Ace

1st Q Would Phil make a good service dog, Adam is riffing about Phil setting up blind guys to die via traffic accidents, Adam is describing his new pool and the way Phil is trying to use it before it’s ready.

Adam comments on the AstroTurf he laid down and how Phil shit on the lawn before it was rolled.

Adam is describing how Phil shit up the carpet under Natalia’s bed, the most difficult place to remove his fecal matter from, the novelty shag carpet.


Adam is saying that the problem with dogs is that you have to love them, not Ryan though he just puts his thumb into their throat and kills them.

Dara says he got a rescue dog, Adam says it’s a free dog and goes on a miniature rant about rescued pets and the people who use that nomenclature.

Adam is commenting on his dog who is 90 lbs. and stupid, it’s not a good combo.


Dara is commenting on Daniella’s dog Millie; she would be more upset if that dog died than if Dara died.

Adam is now setting up a video of his wife yelling at Phil and he hopes her next husband is named Phil, to make it easy.

Dara is saying that Adam references a pool like it’s a normal thing, he takes a poll of the audience and Adam calls them all losers and explains how common pools are for Los Angeles.


Adam gets mocked for saying “The text message” while trying to tell his guys how to find the photo on his phone, Adam is joking about them having multiple puddles instead of one pool in Ireland.

Daniella asks about Adam not being worried about someone else going through his texts, Chris pulls up the photo of Phi land everyone lets out an “awe” as he’s talking about his cock and he thanks him for the interruption.


Adam shares his theory on guys who don’t have dick pics being guys with small dicks, he is hesitant about announcing he doesn’t’ have any.

Dara polls Daniella about dick pics and Adam jokes about women using up valuable tit real estate in photos by not cutting out their face.

Adam is now sharing his “no good could come from this” theory on dick pics.


Adam is commenting on the differences between men and women, how men wish women would send them pics of titties and vagina and send women dick pics, Guys go at women in the way they wish women would go at them.

Adam jokes about going so hard he busts the box spring, until oil comes out!

Adam shares his cat metaphor for dealing with women, he contrasts it with this dudes are like dog’s theory and shares how he’s going to mess with Philly Cheesesteak when he gets home, roughhousing on the floor, then Adam says he’s a real person Phil E. Cheesesteak.


Adam is now going through the cat part of the theory, he switches roles from the dude to the cat, who is doubling back across your shin, pretending to not be into you.

“you don’t lunge at the pussy” – Adam

Adam has a great finger sniffing line “your cuticles tell a story” from the Cat’s POV and further goes over the process.

“Give me the pussy, drop the attitude!” – Adam with a line that would be a new drop if BB listened to the show when wasn’t on it…


Hilarious wife closer, Adam thanks the hilarious Dara and Daniella for joining him on stage and they get out their plugs, great episode!

Adam mocks Ryan for his abomination on stage and closes out the show with an impassioned Mahalo!