Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/29/2015 – Brad Williams

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/29/2015 – Brad Williams

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brad Williams

Recorded 06-28-2015 – Release Date 06-29-2015

Production Number #1604

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Adam opens the show to an “insert joke here” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam has a quick thanks to you, the fans intro.

BB plays the classic “Noooo!” drop from Brad as today’s #TopDrop as Brad makes his 11th appearance on the show.

Adam is now complimenting Brad about his comedy and his life factoring into his work, saying his height isn’t his entire act and he’s not a caricature of his physicality, the hack route to laughs.


Brad is now sharing how he must address his height on stage to ease the audience at the very least, Adam is getting brad to tell them about his lap dance done with an audience plant that Adam witnessed.

Adam has a killer “he threw a lot of picks, he threw a lot of dicks!” while talking about Brett Favre.

Adam is now complimenting Brad and Adam’s progression and growth in comedy over the past few years, Brad has a funny Adonis and a Pygmy analogy for him and Adam trying to pick up women together.


Adam is now describing the lack of self-awareness of the table sitting next to Lynette and him while they were out for a recent dinner.

Adam has a killer “shit by the side of the street” example for someone not caring and not feeling shamed by having to shit.

Brad says the next step are the people who are insulted by you making note of them doing odd things in public.


Adam is back to the table sitting next to him and Lynette with the awful laugh(s) and Gary even got on mic to uniform its pretty bad.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Adam is too lazy to move the now sun bleached dog edition


Adam is now having them play the clip of the madness a table away from them, this is so bizarre and cool.

Adam asks if Gary might have wanted to think about trimming off the final seconds of the audio clip, Gary says there is a little bit of Adam in this on, Adam is telling Lynette to pretend she’s talking to Jodi or something.

Brad asks if their table was right next to theirs and Adam reveals they were a couple tables away, holy shit.


Gina is weighing in and says any man in that “hen fest” doesn’t have the ability to speak up at this point.

BB is sharing how he was told about his rattling of a table aft some moderate drinking, Adam is back to this woman and says he couldn’t hear any of the set ups or punchlines and wanted to know what was so funny.

Gina says they were making fun of a coworker who wasn’t there or reminiscing, Brad shares his jealously about not eliciting these kinds of laughs.


Adam is now back to the “ne’er-do-well brother of Obama” the shitty relative who is an embarrassment to your position.

Adam asks why this brother never came up before, BB has a question about presidents and what they must do to contain their siblings and embarrassing family.

Adam has a killer Obama in his last lap of his presidency, doughnuts on the white house lawn with a dirt bike riff, gold!


Adam brings up how bizarre it is that things they talk about then seem to happen just days later, Brad brings up Gina’s familiarity with orgies and mentions The Devil’s Threesome.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Simply Safe

Doggy tips with Dawson edition


Brad is now explaining the Devil’s Threesome to the gang, he quotes ‘Chasing Amy’ and name drops Kevin Smith.

Brad is now riffing about how men feel about threesomes with two men, Gina is now joining Adam and Brad for a threesome improv.

Adam is playing the small dicked guy and Brad the hung buddy who is totally down for this, Gina has a funny bucket/bucket twist, solid.


Brad is killing it too, Adam is now back to how there is no way that two buddies have the same sized dong, Adam talks about the buddy with the big dick.

BB pretends to be unaware and Adam brings up his frat house days, he leaves out his coaching young boy’s football part.

Everyone is joining in and this is very funny.


Adam brings up the ‘Jeopardy’ clue that I tweeted him after some fan found it and posted it on Reddit.

Adam brings up Diane Farr and how she was brought up, he forgets that she did the majority of the MTV episodes and they were probably referencing that. She did 200+ episodes of the 400 or so.

Adam is talking about the bygone era of catching something in real time, Adam and BB reference the cliché of someone hearing their song on the radio.


Adam is sharing how the only things he gets forwarded are people talking shit about him, he brings up Rachel Maddow and jokes about Adam being brought up by her.

Adam says “new celebrity smell” and they joke about it being a reality show.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Joe shares how he pulled the carpet away from the door of a restaurant to keep people from tripping, he shares how his friends mocked him for doing something that’s not his job.

Adam talks about picking up garbage while he’s on patrol, unless it’s gooey.

Adam cleans up his neighborhood by hand apparently, Adam says he loves being the mode of looking for random trash and picking it up.


Adam mentions his final episode for season 3 of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Adam shares the details of his last meal on location with the crew.


Adam talks about Skip’s son who was visiting from back east.

Adam shares the story of how Kevin and Bean parked on the street and in the employee lot, he explains how he rubbed out a scuff on Bean’s car on the street.

Adam says that 5min he put in probably went 5 miles with him and Adam only did it to be nice to him, Adam says the spot was still dented in but he got rid of the scuff.


Adam is now explaining how they determine which P.A.’s they keep around for next season, he mentions how the port-o-potty’s must be removed from frame.

Gina now asks about people who waive in traffic and he shares his move of pre-waiving to oblige another driver into a move they weren’t perhaps considering.

Gina brings up the lack of waives she gets for kind driving, Brad explains how much that waive means to a driver and gives a funny list of horrible actions that could precede it.


Adam is saying he’s completely soulless and everything is a number, with her it’s all about emotion.

Adam is now sharing the gardener/pool gate example, hilarious riff about the gardener trying to drown his kids.

Adam is now giving an example of driving through red turn arrows, Adam is joking about never talking about this topic.

Gina is rolling with it and now Adam is explaining how statistically he cannot be stopped at specify described intersections.


Adam brings up the stats, when compared to speeding you are far more likely to get ticketed for that and not this.

Adam is sharing the story of a guy who passed Adam as he didn’t want to get stuck behind a slowpoke, Adam says the guy blew past him and Adam followed him, simpatico.

BB shares the red left turn arrow and the perceived sense of danger, Adam says it’s more concrete, it’s a volitional decision unlike drifting along up to 80 on the freeway.


Adam jokes about how you will let someone take a hit off your whisky or Gatorade but not your milk.

Adam says that his Hungarian grandfather would tell him that Buttermilk is the most thirst quenching beverage on earth.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Adam promotes their upcoming live shows and week in Vegas, Brad sneaks a plug in too.

Adam plugs ‘Winning’ which is still playing in Toronto.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the latest updates regarding the now captured and killed escaped convicts from upstate New York.

BB asks who is dead. The big dicked one? Or the other one? Gina reacts as if it’s somehow sadder that it’s the dude with giant dong, unclear if it’s a meta joke mocking her persona on the show.

Adam is joking about trying to flee to Mexico, he says he would only saunter or sashay there.

Brad has Adam riffing about someone trying to catch Brad driving an escape van, Adam jokes about candy being the Achilles heel of the Dwarven people.


2nd Story is on the Supreme Court ruling on the legalization of gay marriage

Adam is asking if anyone even cares or is magically for this, or has just given up.

Adam is talking about the big to small issues and focusing on smaller populations of society.

Brad asks Adam if he thinks this will decrease the public discourse, Adam brings up Gavin Newsom misspelling Equality.


3rd Story is on the mistaken ISIS flag as reported by CNN

Adam is now saying to all attractive women under 30 that if they ever thing “my god how has nobody else caught (thought of) this” Adam and Brad have a funny Jizz/black light riff.

Adam is giving a pro-tip to junior reporters about not being so loose with the term “flag” while at a gay pride event, he says you’re likely to drop an L.


Adam is now bringing up the Queen Latifah/Lineman Dykes (diagonal cutters) incident where queen was talking about Limon (Liming) in Jamaica.

Adam is now telling the story in full, in great detail and pointing out the absurdity that’s only increased in his mind with the passage of time.

Adam shares how the guy in the booth told him he looked right at Queen and said “Liming Dyke” at her and now Adam is sharing the post interview explanation he gave to James ‘Babydoll Dixon’ hilarious!


Brad is bringing up “midget pickles” and how he was present for a price check and Gina asks him if he reacted to it, he says he joked about her calling out other price checks.

Adam doesn’t think the stars will ever align again for a horrible situation like that.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read with Matt Fondiler

Matt drove for 4hrs yesterday – Adam riffs about paying him to drive other people and driving guys named Surge with their shirts undone to their navels.


4th Story is on a woman who was arrested for tearing down a confederate flag on state property, Gina has all of the details about Britney/Brie.

Gina is now playing a clip of her celebrating and then telling the police she was prepared to be arrested and voluntarily came down.

Adam says we need to have a discussion about mental stability and mental health, he says we always talk about some other thing instead of the crazy person who murdered others.


Adam says you can pick racism as your crazy “major” and deciding to kill black people is a mental disorder, the killer was nuts.

Adam says the racism gets more media attention, Adam says we look like at it like his racism was so strong he was overcome with murder, this is some excellent logic and he further describes how mentally ill you must be to racist.


Gina is weighing in and says that it shouldn’t serve as a distraction, Adam is telling people not to join a group and plant a flag in some identity.

Adam talks about the Skull and Bones society and asks if any group has ever moved you along, Adam says it’s being great being an average white male and how he can focus on making money and being a dad and doing what he wasn’t to do.

Adam says take down the confederate flag as its 2015 and he’s now calling whitey out on this shit, he says this isn’t the same as them actually contributing.


Adam is mocking people for tweeting and thinking they’re contributing, Gina is telling them about crying live on air after the Supreme Court decision, she mentions her period is coming on, Adam has a funny band name joke.

Adam declares her a theater person, Gina says she was bummed out in response to the tweets about people finally being proud to be an American because of gay marriage, Adam says he would put liberates Europe on the top of the accomplishments list and then rides English and western horse riding skills.


5th Story Gina is reporting on a family who witnessed the wrong movie reel after buying tickets to the lasts Pixar movie.

Adam says whatever went on in that movie theater will pale in comparison to being brought up the super cunty litigious mom who probably doesn’t have safeguards for children.

Brad is now going off a bit and giving his take, he’s right.


Adam is talking about cubed vans that block your view when emerging from a street and how oncoming drivers react to you inching outwards until you see them.

Adam says there is nothing less attractive on a man than a pussy, he says he hates a pussy.

Adam is talking about pulling onto the lot of Hollywood center studios and describes being stuck behind a guy while scheduled for a meeting, this must be 2003-2005 or so, I remember hearing this on Loveline the day it happened.


Adam now describes the encounter with this asshole, Adam is joking about how this guy probably describes what happened.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


6th Story is on the winner of the World’s ugliest dog contest, Gina has the details and BB is adamant with how ugly this dog is.

Adam is joking about this dog hanging its head out the window and upsetting all of the Mexican gardeners as they drove by.

Adam has a hilarious Chupacabra riff and impersonations of these random scared gardeners, Adam predicts some kids will have a world’s ugliest second grader that people will claim is inspired by this which will put an end to these ugly dog contests.


Adam is talking about the various titles that were given as “Senior Selectives” as BB puts it, they all have various examples.

Adam shares how winning class clown didn’t mean much to him and he doesn’t feel like he worked for it, he brings up his various sports accomplishments and how he told his son about them all.

Gina wraps the news to Adam’s “here is what I want to do now, shit!” drop from the earlier restaurant laughers discussion.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

It clings to all those swinging parts up there edition


Adam is promoting the first female guest on Take a Knee, Sharon Levy of Spike and he has some kind words about her.

Adam gives out the plugs and they wrap up the show.