Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/29/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 156

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/29/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 156

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-24-2014 – Release Date 06-29-2014

Production Number #156

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Adam is opening the show asking for 5$ a month and giving his take on all of the “I want to start a podcast” comments and questions he gets.

Adam compares it to starting a band and now Adam is explaining that sometimes no answer means no, he’s saying it wasn’t taught in school but sometimes the lack of an answer in life means no.

Adam is telling Drew he’s not aiming this at him despite an off air “no” yelling session and Drew is now in agreement.


Drew is bringing up the cold brewed coffee that Chris Maxipada brought in, Adam is now mocking Chris’ palate and jokes about him enjoying seal blubber and whale’s blood.

Adam says he tried a bad version of this, he’s now sampling Drew’s and asking who sent this to them.

Drew is now plugging “Bulletproof coffee” someone should send him the info about that guy’s claims regarding his product and what was proven about it, per the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.


Drew is asking Adam about his take on the Dr. Oz scandal, Adam is bringing up the real issues, like Benghazi and the 3 years of missing emails about right wing people being targeted by the IRS.

Adam is mocking the conveniently destroyed files, how interesting it sounds and now Adam is bringing up the person who was sworn in and plead the 5th and now all of the hard drives are destroyed, Adam would prefer some answers about this over the Dr. Oz stuff.

Adam is ranting and asking why they are spending their time on this shit, Drew wants to know how he a congressional committee was put together to go after daytime TV.


Adam is trying to give Alison’s take when this was reported in her news, he’s being very fair and sharing her POV as someone who was formerly overweight.

Adam says it was more of a vestige of her feeling sorry for fat people.

Adam is bringing up Gavin Newsome on the show and his “small to big” strategy, Adam is now ranting against that logic and the tone in his voice.

Adam says those are the words of a retarded person.


Adam is now listing some of the actual big problems and he’s being fair to Gavin saying it’s not like something’s he’s ever thought about, it was an empty platitude that’s usually met with applause from idiots.

Adam says small effects almost nobody, big effects almost everybody.

Adam is now bringing it back to the daytime TV congressional committee and Drew is giving his take about how more doctors should be on TV, not less.


Drew is saying it must be producers pressuring him into this content and Adam is giving his take saying you have to sell things on a show, unlike congress Adam and Drew have actual expertise.


Drew is doing a live read for, he’s starting it out how he’ll be forced to do these if people keep letting this type of persecution that Dr. Oz is experiencing is left to go on and I think Gary helped him with all of the extra legalese, Drew actually prepared!

Adam is sharing the nature of gifts he gives vs. Jimmy Kimmel and Dicky Barrett and how these box of the month products really help him out.

Drew and Adam are both giving their take on the death of free speech, Adam says whatever you want to call it, fine, and Drew wants a new liberty party.


Adam is using his recent battle to get a new Mangria bottle and label approved by the ATF, two months of waiting already and still radio silence.

Adam is explaining how they ATF disapproved a label after approving the same label over a year prior, Adam is bringing up the idiocy and confusion he’s exposed and how he shouldn’t be able to urinate in the bottle and call it Mangria.


Adam is saying this is not a small business loan, why should he have to wait for them.

Drew is now breaking down the Dr. Oz stuff, he’s giving a brief recap of his origins and his struggle to critique the man.

Drew says his big mistake is reading stuff that the producers put in front of him, Adam is having Drew explain what Dr. Oz actually did.


Adam explains that medical students read the literature on the show and perhaps get too excited about medical headlines and the edges of science that’s not quite real yet.

Drew is now telling them about his shit fits at his producers and how if you blink you’ll end up saying something you regret.

Adam says if Dr. Oz is not taking money for this then it’s a non-issue and the story should be on congress pulling this bullshit.


Adam is sharing how a congress woman who questioned him lost a lot of weight the old fashioned way, Adam is tired of the arrogance of government, Drew says its tyranny.

Adam says reel it the fuck in and focus on the shit we tell you to focus on, much like the cops and Drew is once again asking for a liberty party.

Adam is sharing how he’s been saying this for 15 fucking years, right, and left, whatever we’re not supposed to fear our police department.


Adam says the cops are a trickle down manifestation of what’s happening at higher levels, the enforcement arm for what the man is deciding to do, the mentality of the man.

“And I’ve been screaming about it for two cocksucking decades” – Adam about his track record of calling cops pussies.

Adam wants to know where all the other vices are.


Drew is doing a live read for, Adam is taking it to a “take our streets back” angle against the cops.

They’re taking a break, Adam is teasing a tweet he was sent.


They’re back from break and Adam is doing a live read for, Drew is looking up the term he used for money to make sure he was right.

Adam is telling Drew about the tweet he was sent, the nursery at a hospital that shows 3 kids with a Hispanic baby dressed up as a maid and the black baby is dressed up like a person who works directing traffic.


Adam is mocking the “color shouldn’t dictate your future” line and using Dr. Oz and his Turkish ethnicity to make a point about the bullshit of these empty statements.

Adam is now using East Indian skin pigmentation to prove a point about this and Drew is telling him they don’t mean literally darker skin.

Adam is mocking this like the Gavin Newsome check cashing discussion, Adam says the skin color argument isn’t working, it’s not reality.


Adam is asking about Asians, why are they doing well, what is as minority now?

Adam says the minority that’s not doing well in California is now the majority of poor Hispanic people, Drew finishes his sentence and Adam wants to know what will solve this problem.

Drew is bringing up the absence of leaders and inspiring content to believe in, Adam is now using the words of Elizabeth Warren to prove that you can’t teach people to be inspired.


Adam says he doesn’t think we need leadership, Drew is trying to get Adam to understand the question and now he’s in agreement with Drew about “Jules Dash” for president.


1st Caller Craig, Adam is lamenting the abundance of Rochester’s and Craig is asking them about going to see a family member’s grave for a visit.

Adam says people do a lot of things that are symbolic and not logical, Adam says he doesn’t think people are having a conversation, not all, some just use it to get their thoughts together.

Drew misunderstood that call and tells him that he doesn’t have to go despite thinking his family will hold it against him.


Adam has a great Franco Harris reference and shouts along with Drew in unison upon learning that Craig doesn’t know of the man or his career.

Adam is now getting to the “why buy flowers, they’re just going to die in 4 days” element of life, Drew explains that rituals have a place in society.

Adam is now giving a quick recap of Franco and Drew is calling for a recap of the “Immaculate Reception” from NFL films.


Adam explains that Franco never reveals if the ball ever touched the turf or not, Adam explains there is no footage showing it for sure, Adam says that Franco not saying it did or didn’t touch keeps the debate alive and is very shrewd.


2nd Caller Jeff, he’s calling about his brother’s unborn son, with a woman he met a Suboxone clinic and Adam says that Drew is checking his email and his checked out, Drew is actually checking out the risks of the drug on a baby.

Jeff wants to know the effects on the baby and Drew is reading that Subutex may be safer, Drew explains they should contact the physician and she doesn’t want to go into withdrawal while pregnant.

Drew is asking if Dr. Bruce can update him on this as he’s in the building.


Adam is now doing a live read for Bark Box and he’s going nuts after Drew accuses him of reading, he crumples the paper and jokes about being inspired by the angels.

He references Kill dozer and now he’s trying to figure out if it was aliens instead of the devil for that movie, Adam is joking about “Jules Dash” and a conversation they had.

Adam is bringing up the heaven and hell conversation with Kimmel over their trip to Napa, Adam is bringing up how the lack of a hell has caused a decline in society.


Adam is saying that religion is good for him, good for him to have other people believe in it and curb their negative actions.

Adam is confirms that is was aliens in Kill dozer.


3rd Caller Travis, his stepdad came down with Guillain-Barre syndrome and just got the movement in his arm muscles back.

Drew explains the condition and how it can paralyze people and their breathing.

Travis wants to know how he would have gotten this, Dre explains it’s ultimately a dysfunction of the immune system and its function.

Drew says he should be able to get back to nearly 100% aside from any complications.

Drew explains it’s relatively common and Adam says “I don’t know caller” when he’s asked about William Refrigerator Perry having this same condition and Adam cites his fishing trip with the man for a Man Show episode.


Drew is doing a live read for Hulu plus.

Adam is joking about Jules Dash cutting his or her teeth on “Behind the Mask” on Hulu Plus.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.