Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/28/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 368

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/28/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 368

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-19-2016 – Release Date 06-29-2016

Production Number #368 – Leadership

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Adam has a sped up variant of his normal intro, Adam talks about the heat wave and the depression he has in reaction to it, Adam has a “people who don’t like steak” analogy for the people who don’t mind heat, Drew says his wife doesn’t mind it.

Adam is immediately flashing back to his mom’s house and the wall mounted air conditioning unit, placed in their stepdad’s room where they would gather to watch ‘Maude’ and eat Swanson TV Dinners.

Drew asks about getting so overheated you fill up a tent with cold air, Adam says no and explains what a zero of the house is and how his mother got several more air conditioning units for the same 900+ square foot house that was immediately bulldozed after it was sold.


Drew is reacting to the reveal of 4 running used/secondhand air conditioning units that ended up lining nearly every window of his mother’s home, he jokes about having to smack those old units and Drew is concerned about the electricity costs.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Adam packed their sweaters for Europe and wears their jeans on stage edition


1st Caller James, he wants to know about leadership and how they define leadership, Adam says it’s kind of invisible and Drew says it’s about clarity.

Adam shares his wife’s “Ray said you used to be a real sweet guy” comment and he explains his evolution from “sweet guy” to who he is today.

Adam talks about his quest to escape poverty and says he never thought about the government helping him, all he ever learned from them was that they gave his mother welfare and “ruined her” and sent him packing when he applied to be a fire fighter.


Adam and Drew agree that even a free car from the President really wouldn’t help all that much either. Adam talks about his friends who love “talking about the journey” vs. guys like Ray who are tired of hearing Adam talk about those kinds of topics.

Drew asks Gary and Nick if Adam would find success in today’s media landscape and “Weird economic time” and Nick reveals that Adam thought him how to hold the focus pads the other day, he liked it, very cool!


Adam is now addressing the notion of it being a weird economic time as Adam put it and he comments on the financial crisis of 1983 and how he would hear it was as bad in 2008 as it was back in 83, they talk about interest rates and T Bills, Adam and Drew are talking about unemployment rates of the relative decades.

Drew brings up the chaos of 1980’s NYC and Adam shares how he tried to get hired at a big construction firm and his white privilege and “elbows and assholes” readiness couldn’t land him a 46 an hour job.

Gary asks Adam about his educational background and if he was ever asked to show his high school diploma and Adam goes on about the allure of a late night gig stocking shelves at a grocery store, Drew echoes his dream of double time OT payments for working on holidays, the sad ambition of someone seeking a job, any job.


Adam is now saying we have shifted our mindsets to a “winning the game is important in theory” and how the most motivational coach would be sent packing in today’s world, leadership doesn’t really exist.

Adam comments on the notion of Hillary Clinton having your back and Adam is sharing how he tried to get his buddies into show business and doesn’t namedrop the buddy who was a skilled writer and never took Adam up on his offers to sneak him in through the backdoor, Adam doesn’t name him this time as his name is so unique.

Drew immediately them name drops Amgad Abou-Zamzam even though Adam was avoiding saying the person’s name, horrible instincts, Adam laughs to himself about it seemingly before replying that it is not Amgad.

(Superfan Sidebar within a Sidebar, I’ve actually met Amgad, it was at the 2009 ‘Shakes Beer’ event at Adam’s former property in Malibu, he’s really great dude!)


Adam is now having a blast saying Amgad Abou-Zamzam as he brags about how he was able to excel and create his own business, starting with borrowing Adam’s old chop saw.

Adam talks about Amgad Abou-Zamzam evolving and transitioning his business, going from scenery work in TV and Film to making elevators of wine found at huge high end resorts and casinos.

Adam comments on him rebuilding Datsun 510 motors in his bedroom as a kid and Adam goes back to this unnamed writer who came and visited Adam in L.A. but didn’t use his time wisely, he just wanted to borrow Adam’s car and chase skirts.


Adam told him that he was calling twice a year trying to get him to shit or get off the pot, he was going bankrupt for low amounts of debt to American Express.

Drew thinks this is all mental health issues, Adam is saying it might be but not any traditional form, it’s not an impairment, he would kick Adam and Drew’s ass at a random SAT test.

Adam it comments on opportunity in the United States in 2016, don’t think that some leader is going to turn things around.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Adam has the last Onnit Jump Rope edition


Drew brings up the death of Anton Yelchin and explains how he knows his family; his mother was one of Paulina’s Ice skating coaches over the years.

He is trying to blame the Big(Great) Magnet for the timing of his daughter sending him and his wife a group text about Anton’s accidental death as Drew was thinking about how he was going to address it with her, Adam thinks it’s pure coincidence and after going through it once, Drew sees that he’s right and wises up about it.

Gary mentions the movie ‘Alpha Dog’ and gives Adam and Drew the details on his horrific and sad demise, Adam is now trying to grasp something “slipping into neutral” and Adam hammers home that it’s breaking news, it’s a coincidence.


Adam says listen up and declares he is the number #1 offender of overestimating his own invincibility, he’s telling people to wait a beat and take a moment to think about it, their current situation and their safety.

Adam is commenting on people who don’t keep their tire pressure even and proper and worse who don’t fix slow leaks and repair their tire.

Adam is commenting on humans and their inability to think properly, we can’t fathom the realistic danger of a flat tire vs. earthquakes.


Drew is sharing a conversation that he had with Adam after LoveLine about 15 years ago where Adam brought up the tire pressure and hammered it home that Drew has 3 kids and needed to address it.

Adam comments on Drew’s ability to process the comment and advice and put it to use instead of getting hurt by the abuse and aggression from Adam.

Drew and Adam comments on people and their inability to follow advice and how they internalize things incorrectly.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


2nd Caller Lee, he’s calling about being recently off of parole, he got accepted for his MBA that begins in the fall and just signed the lease on a new Mini Cooper S, he tells them about going to prison after getting his math degree due to his bipolarity and an attempted bank robbery while he was in a Psychotic state.

Adam jokes with him about Mayor Garcetti and his gratitude to criminals for serving their time, Adam asks Lee’s question for him, does he need to tells prospective romantic partners about his criminal past and if so when.

Adam plays the clip of Mayor Garcetti with an assist from Gary, Adam says “he sounds like a pussy” and Drew mocks the logic of the comments, Gary has a “Mayor Yoga Pants” label he heard on a local political talk show.


Adam says that Lee is off of Parole and he needn’t tell women when dating, he compares that to an STD and how crabs from years back that were cured are different than the herpes virus.

Drew thinks the bipolarity should be brought up and that does need to be disclosed and shared.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Drew is jealous about Adam being in London the night this episode airs, Adam promises to bring him up on stage with the Beam technology and Drew says he wants to go with, aww he wants to bro-down in Europe with the Aceman!