Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/28/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 367

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/28/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 367

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-17-2016 – Release Date 06-28-2016

Production Number #367 – Black Rage

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Adam has a quick intro and immediately addressed Drew not covering his mouth while coughing, Drew says he’s just clearing his throat and Adam comments on him contaminating his coffee with spit regardless.

Adam is talking about the obsession with cleanliness and how almost superstitious native level thinking it is, people will walk barefoot through the airport but won’t open ab bathroom door handle.

Adam brings up the recent science on long walks and depression, Adam brings up how Drew was less likely to embrace that advice back when he started on LoveLine.


Drew brings up the OJ Simpson ’30 For 30’ series, Adam is commenting on what he said on ACS #1845 regarding Danny Bakewell’s comments regarding OJ and the black community.

Adam is now trying to make a point about human beings and the limitless potential we all share, he’s accusing Drew of saying one thing on air and another thing off air and comments that Drew refuses to say anything because he believes some races are inferior to others, Drew says that’s not true and he’s trying to understand.

Adam is asking him if he feels abandoned by other Jewish people, if they feel abandoned by him, the culture as a whole, Drew has no answer.


Drew says “explain what he’s doing” and Adam demands that Gary go find some Irish guy to explain what he’s doing to him.

Adam says that it’s great to go back to your childhood hometown and open a boy’s club or help a community, that’s not what he’s saying.

Adam now plays the clip of Danny saying they needed to get him to come around and adopt their senses in the black community.


Drew has a great “French” counter point and Adam goes back into the clip, Adam keeps pausing it to mock it, I love his switch!

Adam says don’t ask the president, don’t ask OJ, don’t ask anyone to help the black community, the answer is to not have a community, help your family and go get stuff done.

Adam is mocking the notion of Danny being the speaker for the black community and asks if you would hire him to run your business with the results he’s had.


Adam brings up the evolution of OJ and gets into identifying with one’s heritage or genetic background.

Adam has a killer one liner about the amount of black people in the OJ documentary, Adam says Drew pouts and he doesn’t;’ want to get called a racist, Drew says he’s being bullied and screamed at.

Adam asks Drew if the standards he has for others are different than his own kids, Drew says that is false and is even quieter now.


Drew is now cleaning the palate with a True Car Live Read


They hot to the top!

1st Caller Andy, he’s wondering if binge watching Television is a legitimate addictive behavior, he thinks it might be hurting his relationship.

Adam says certain things depend on who is watching them, how they’re watching them and what they’re watching them for.

Adam talks about being able to write off his cable bill at work due to the material they use for the podcast ala the Danny Bakewell clip.


Adam thinks there is a way to watch things, an active way.

Drew gets a different experience from reading a cereal box than Sonny would, Drew says TV binging isn’t progressive when Adam accuses him of defending it as he partakes in marathons of TV.

Adam rants about TV shows and he says he doesn’t watch zombie or werewolf stuff, it’s someone else’s idea and he comments on the movie ‘Alien’ and the warmed over pieces of shit from the past that get presented as new ideas in comparison.


Adam mentions ‘Two Girls One Cup’ and explains that the late great Robert Schimmel was the first person to show it to him, back in the KLSX morning show days.

Adam messes with Drew for his phrasing about “that’s the way you do it” as he describes Robert foisting the clip upon him.


Adam says he watches TMZ and explains he watches it as he skips rope while it’s on, Adam says it’s funny and has some legitimate laughs in it but wouldn’t feel ok watching it if he wasn’t getting something done while watching it.


2nd Caller Dave, he wants to know about a friend of his who regularly heard his parents have sex while growing up, Adam says he doesn’t wish it upon people.

Adam says there are things in life that get better with time and things that get worse with time, he uses childhood sexual abuse in comparison to this guy having two parents how love each other, Drew says that some of that depends on the individuals.

Drew says this also is a boundary problem and Adam comments on this possibly being a sign of the parents being more concerned with their happiness and unaware of or unconcerned with his feelings.


Drew is now yelling at Dave and explains this is where the guy’s personality problems are coming from.

Adam thanks his parents for never hearing his parents having sex together, Gary comments on the use of “together” and he thanks his parents and their new partners for not sleeping together.

Adam talks about sleeping on his hands as a pillow, he wakes up with zits and flesh on flesh crime causes red marks, Adam tells Drew how his mom bought into the idea of pillows being bad for you, he uses his comfy eye mask to protect his soft cheeks.

Adam is trying to recall a LoveLine guest who told them about catching their parents having sex and yelling their brothers name, this sounds like the 1998 story from Mark Hoppus where he saw his dad with a wet boner.


Adam is now doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


Adam is talking about DAG and his father who wrote a book titled ‘Black Rage’ and Adam is now riffing about Dag’s dad boning white chicks and hating the man.

Drew is now reading the title and description, Adam jokes about this being from 1968 and things never changing, Gary mentions that Dag’s dad died last year so he can’t pen the follow up.


Drew is doing an Audible Live Read


Adam had Matt download a bunch of audiobooks for Adam to listen to while aboard.


3rd Caller Erin, her phone disconnected.

She wants to know how to get her husband into therapy, Adam says it’s about consequences and he spells out the very obvious option of an ultimatum for divorce.

Adam is now suggesting how to handle this and they get her back on the line, she’s telling them about his reasons for not wanting to go to therapy.


Erin is bringing up how her therapist thinks her husband isn’t supportive enough, Adam asks if therapy has changed over the past few decades the same way society has.

Adam says he feels like it’s more about feelings and going along for the ride instead of creating healthy behaviors and helping one to better themselves.

Drew talks about the paternalism that was removed from the medical system, Adam talks about his therapy experience from a couple years back, he explains how it felt different than it did when he was younger.

Adam says as society has softened therapy has too, Adam therapists used to have healthy skepticism and wanted to know someone’s actual role in most situations as opposed to just what they present in the office.


4th Caller Vanessa, she tells them about her PTSD and various prescriptions, Adam asks her what’s going on and if there is something in her past, Drew suggests they gamble.

Adam’s not detecting any family issues nor molestation, Drew is and he’s insisting they gamble.

Adam is now saying he feels an “event” more than gestalt, Drew is trying to work out the specifics.

Adam goes with Dad died, Drew goes with a child died.


Vanessa bursts their bubble, nobody died.

Vanessa mentions her dad’s “covert molestation (incest)” and Drew explains it to Adam who just heard her mention her dad’s Vietnam related PTSD and then she immediately got into their covert dynamic.

Drew explains covert incest as a concept to Adam.


They are back to Vanessa and she’s telling them about her childhood, Adam says that she didn’t have the best childhood, she didn’t have the worst and it might be time to get on with it and leave it behind her.

Adam says that her working PTSD in from 30 years ago, he says the worst thing you can do to an individual or group is give them the victim label, it harms them.

Adam gives some great real world examples and they move on.


5th Caller Nick, he’s’ calling about a friend he’s worried about who is drinking heavily and involved with some women of ill repute.

Drew hammers home the maintenance part of change, that’s the hardest part of changing and Adam is now working in a “if your buddy is banging a porker” angle, the guys in the booth love the reaction.

Drew is telling Adam to stop it as he insists they fully agree on preventing this guy from boning ugly chicks.


Adam talks about his buddy who was a drug addict and how they made a lot of attempts to help him and eventually they just stopped.


Adam is now doing a True Car Live Read

Drew has back problems but also just might be gassy edition


Adam plugs all of the various products and shows, Drew chimes in and gets out his plugs and they wrap up the show.