Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/28/2013 – Maria Menounos, Kevin Undergaro, Sara Bareilles, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/28/2013 – Maria Menounos, Kevin Undergaro, Sara Bareilles, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Maria Menounos, Kevin Undergaro, Sara Bareilles, and David Wild

Recorded 06-27-2013 – Release Date 06-28-2013

Production Number #1110

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Adam is opening the last show of the week with David and Sara in studio, this David’s 40th appearance on the podcast, doubling even DAG himself.

Sara is making her ACS debut thanks to David, now if only he could also get Bad Religion back on air with Adam too.


Adam is explaining he saw the Rock and Roll hall of fame inductions and that Laura Nyro was posthumously inducted and he enjoyed Sara’s rendition/tribute of one of her songs.

Adam is asking her if she gets nervous performing for that kind of an audience made up of other famous musicians and the pep talk she received from Carole King, cool anecdote.


Adam is now asking about people saying the wrong thing when prompted and now Sara is telling Adam about the part where she messed up in the song, Adam’s got some funny comments in reply.

They’re now watching some of her performance and they’re doing commentary over it, Adam is waxing poetic on the cultures coming together on stage, he’s now saying the same thing but in different words to appease the gang who are thrown by his sincerity.


David is telling Adam and the gang about Laura and her legacy while praising Sara as the better singer of the song, Adam has a great “from hell reply and Sara finally relaxes with an F bomb.

She’s doing great commentary and BB just asked if she could recognize famous faces from the stage, including her “guitar gods” tablemates.

Adam is now breaking down the “rapids of performance” he’s connecting it to racing and BB is bringing up a specific accident and race.


Adam is telling Sara how often he would go back and watch this performance in his den, she seems to genuinely appreciate it and now Adam is explaining the “Great Magnet” nature of Dan Wheldon’s death.

Adam is getting spooky with his ponderings, Adam and Drew have used “The Great Magnet” since 1996 as a placeholder for all of the bizarre coincidences and random events that segregated not randomly in the universe.

Dan Wheldon was a two time Loveline guest, visiting the show in 2003 and 2004, so this is another “Great Magnet” moment.

In 2008 astronomers discovered a “Bizarre Hibernating Stellar Magnet” that you can read about here.


Adam is asking Sara about her upbringing and family, she’s going fairly in depth and Adam is remarking on the range, some solid lumberjack comedy from the Aceman too.

Adam is now riffing about the Lumberjack events that take place on obscure ESPN channels.

Alison just brought up the log roll and BB is revealing that he actually has family that do that, he’s explaining his Canadian connection and has some funny mouth sound effects, cool story bro!


Adam is now off on a tangent on the idea of seeing people at their worst everyday because of your profession, they’re talking about funeral homes and the employees like Sara’s mom.

Alison just brought up FedEx/Kinkos, BB says “that’s why it’s gone” but they’re often still the same buildings and lighting setups which is her point, so they’re both right.

Adam just pitched “1st world problems with Sara and Alison” great goldenrod comedy.


Adam is now bringing up another place where nobody is happy, he’s riffing on the airport rental car facility and the strange begging that goes along with everyone’s shitty mood.

Adam is joking about how no matter how rich he gets he’ll never pay for them to fill up his own rental car upon return, I’m the exact same way even though it’s often the same cost or less in some locations now.


David is recommending a song from Sara’s new video that was directed by Rashida Jones, David thinks a lyric from the song could be about Adam, funny puss comedy mocking David in reply.

Sara is explaining what they’re seeing in the video, Adam is riffing about Summer the female dancer taking a face plant and proclaiming that Chinatown concrete is the worst king of concrete to face plant on, gold!

BB is telling the gang about downloading Sara’s album for his great Europe trip with his wife and how it became the soundtrack for the trip, funny reply from Sara.


Adam is now reminiscing about the joy of a mix tape and asking if kids are having too many experience these days, Alison is remarking on the way it effects music and Adam is taking it globally, he’s right.

Adam is joking about David’s kids eating Sushi with Bob Dylan and his own kids becoming spoiled, he’s joking about how when you’re spoiled you don’t know it, he’s going to stage an intervention on their access to TV’s.


They’re now talking about Ben Folds, Adam is proclaiming he’s a musician and artist “with no rear view mirror”.

Adam is ordering Sara to mate with Ben, to create a super generation of crazy good piano players, nice one liner from David and Adam is explaining that h’s only partially kidding.

Adam is trying to recall one of his favorite Ben Folds songs and now he’s telling the control room to find “Georgia Rae” by John Hiatt about his daughter, BB has it ready to go and is now playing it.


Adam is joking about his own song composed about a child, insanely hilarious!

Sara is telling Adam about her friend who writes a song for every child and how it becomes an obligation, Adam is complimenting the lyrics and they’re listening to more of the song.


Maria and Kevin are making their return to the podcast for their 2nd visit as a couple and Maria’s 3rd appearance, this time with a camera crew in tow filming a reality series.

Adam is now riffing about Mangria, and he’s off on a crazy tangent/riff, it’s wonderful.

Adam is telling the gang about seeing one of the new Mercedes GullWing’s stuck in traffic and the irony that struck him, he’s citing the other 300k super cars he saw stalled in irony.


Maria is congratulating Adam on his win of the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix, both guest are remarking on the two smiles they observed from on in the photos of Adam winning the race and playing football, Adam agrees “that’s poignant shit”.

Adam is now telling the gang about something he got into during his Kevin and Bean “This Week in Rage” segment about “rich whitey getting fucked” and mocking his mother’s lack of need to get places during the need.

Maria is sharing an anecdote involving Kevin’s mom and Adam is asking for his mom to call Chris for a chat.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the Supreme Court striking down DOMA and what that entails for gay couples.

Maria is telling the gang about being the Grand Marshal at the gay pride parade and Adam wants to know what it’s like for her to be surrounded by men who aren’t interested in having sex with her.

Kevin has made his peace with the idea of his girlfriend being super attractive to most men and Adam is quizzing her about her duties.


Alison just told Maria about the new seating arrangements that Daniel Kellison initiated and why it makes sense.

Adam is explaining that the rule of thumb should be when tips are calculated into the bill the couples should split up their seating arrangements.

Adam’s riffing about being gay with his dinner companions and BB has a nice one liner, Adam is topping it with the actual reply from the women joining them and how they would end up.


Alison is asking Adam his number 1 gay crush and Kevin is telling him how he’s an in-between when it comes to being a bear or “twink” though I’d argue Adam calling his anus “Santa Clause’s Mouth” precludes him from the latter.

Adam and BB are riffing about picking Adam’s gay partner, Maria, Kevin and Alison are all in the mix too, pour Ken Jeong but this is hilarious.

Adam is calling Ryan Phillippe his “long term” choice while complimenting how the man rolls and further joking about his “cock candy”, whoa!


They’re now joking about the lack of women regulating male sexuality in male gay relationships, Maria is objecting but this has been established many times on Loveline.

Adam is glad that DOMA was done away with and wants to live in a culture where he can stop hearing about pot and gay marriage.


2nd story is on Aaron Hernandez being tried for murder, Maria is telling the gang about interviewing the man just weeks prior to this case.

They’re remarking on how he “threw it all away”, Adam is going in depth on the mind of an athlete and their abilities to flip a switch.

They’re now joking about Aaron’s gang affiliation, great one liners form BB and Alison.


Adam is telling the gang about the craziest one of these NFL player gone wrong cases, Rae Carruth and his hired hit on his girlfriend.

Maria and Alison seem equally stunned but now Maria is breaking down the motive behind spousal murder and Adam is taking it back to the HBO “Real Sports” segment on the case.

Maria is telling the gang about the pricing scale for hiring people to hurt and kill others, Adam is now reading the facts of the murder and the mother in law’s reaction to Rae still being the father, intense.


Alison is reading further facts and Adam is going off on how all the cash this guy will generate is now off the table and he should be wringed to earn millions for the state as a prisoner as opposed to a financial drain.


3rd story is on the dead puppy burial video, Adam is predicting this news will be ruined with some factual information, Alison is chiming in to confirm just what Adam was guessing.

Adam is now riffing on animal behavior specialists and how nothing is interpreted to be affectionate as Alison puts it.

Adam is joking about Animals and how they react to extreme heat, Adam is talking about Molly Girl spreading out over the bathroom vent converting the cold air into hot farts for Adam to breathe.


They’re watching the video and Adam has a hilarious reaction to Maria’s disbelief that the dog came back to eat its dead young, hilarious.


4th story is on the death of the creator of “Family Ties”, both Maria and BB have no memories of the show and Alison is filling them in on the differences between “Growing Pains” and this show.

Adam seems to be an expert on “Just the 10 of US” while not remembering Andrew Koenig who was on Never Not Funny Season 5 along with Adam, though the dots were never connected for Adam.

Adam is now asking how Justine Batman feels about Justin Bateman and his continued success, he’s breaking down the probably conversation that might have taken place before the scales tipped for Justin.


Adam is explaining his theory on “Don Swayze” and Alison echoes it immediately, Adam is calling for a gathering of all the celebrity siblings.

Adam is asking for a no goatee photo of Don to make his point and now he’s further riffing on what will happen at this secret almost “Twilight Zone” style plot of a dinner.

Adam is riffing on the complexity of the KKK while they’re observing a photograph of the dude dating Don Swayze’s daughter.


They’re further bringing up possible siblings for “Sloppy Seconds with Maria Menounos” Adam’s new show for Maria, hilarious Pitt sibling comedy and a killer reply from Adam.

Adam is wrapping the show and giving some plugs.