Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/27/2014 – Aaron James and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/27/2014 – Aaron James and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Aaron James and Matt Atchity

Recorded 06-26-2014 – Release Date 06-27-2014

Production Number #1355

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Adam is opening the show with Matt Atchity making somewhere near his 20th appearance, Adam is sharing how he sees RT scores now included on the movie descriptions.

Alison is lamenting not seeing them at all, Adam only sees them about 25% of the time and BB has a Dana Gould #TopDrop.

Adam is bringing up his time travelling alien from the future who’s been sent back to be annoyed, Adam is bringing up the Passion Fruit tea form his lunch the other day.


Adam is bringing up his greatest love for Rainier Cherries and how they’re now being infused with passion fruit.

Adam doesn’t know how it works and he wants to find the mad war criminal behind this passion fruit thing, Adam says if he had a room with him and all of the great inventors of the past 30 years he would choose passion fruit guy over them.

Adam has a great “one of my twins” riff with BB in the midst of this, how he never says it’s the boy as not to cause any trauma in the kids.


Adam is on an epic Passion Fruit rant, he says it’s a prickly piece of shit that’s come to ruin his life and jokes about it being like what highway patrol uses to end police chases.

Adam is connecting Passion Fruit to other things popular just because of their names, and he’s saying Minnie Driver was only famous for a stretch due to her exotic sounding name.

You can hear her on #348 – David Arquette and Minnie Driver 01/28/1997 Classic Loveline.


Adam is mocking “Smart Water” and saying that Avocados and Loquats don’t sell, but Passion Fruit does, now Alison is changing her name to “Passion Rosen” and Adam says we all laugh at this but it might actually boost her career.

Adam is sharing his conversation with Lynette about his fake character “Jules Dash” and how he’s removed himself from the Paul Newman documentary, BB has a killer callback to the EW article about the “Carolla’ectomy” performed by Comedy Central for the final season of “The Man Show” and Adam is once again mentioning his denial from Sundance for “The Man Show.”


Adam is going over the full conversation with Lynette as heard on the Adam and Drew show #155 and #156, Matt has an anecdote about Mel Brooks’ uncredited work on “The Elephant Man” and now BB wants to know the advantage for including his name in the project.

Adam is explaining how this industry doesn’t let you do things until you do them and he’s using Mark Wahlberg to make his point.

BB tells him to put a different name on it, Adam wants to do it for the social experiment and Alison has a funny comment that she quickly clarifies.


They’re all doing a Jules Dash themed live read for and Adam is now telling them about Mike August heading to Texas yesterday.

He’s on his way to the Patent Troll case, he had to be present for some kind of legal event.

Adam is bringing up the 400k they are into with the lawyers and how the government has sat on their hands during all of this, he doesn’t blame the shitty people who try to steal, and he blames the government for not doing what’s right.


Adam explains they’ve now exceeded the amount they raised for the legal defense fund and it’s coming out of his pocket 100% now, he’s pleading with the fans to give more.

Adam is explaining how he asked August if he couldn’t just do this appearance over the phone, Adam has to pay for August to be there in addition to the attorneys, Adam is just pissed and says the amount of time and money wasted is too much and for nothing.

Adam is now sharing a hypothetical on what would happen if the Mike’s plane crashed, he jokes about his kid being orphaned and better off, Alison has a telling and great reaction.


Adam called him in his hotel room and heard a dog barking in the background, Mike wasn’t in Texas and didn’t reveal it for over 30min of their chat.

Adam is explaining how August was robbed before attempting to leave for the airport, losing his backpack, ID and wallet.

Adam is sharing how deceived he was, his brain had to do a weird transition and Alison is having great reactions to this and she assumed that August was travelling with his dog, Adam says no way, it’s impossible after the years on the road with Adam.


Adam is sharing the LAPD’s lackluster reaction to the crime perpetrated against Mike, Adam is mocking the pussy parked around the corner giving tickets to Maxipada, too busy to help Mike or investigate the robbery at his house.

Adam is mocking the LAPD business plan, like a refrigerator delivery company that never delivers them, Adam is joking about them being so stupid and not understanding that doesn’t work.

Adam is bringing up his Loveline circa 1996 rants about the cops, he’s right!


Adam explains all of his shit was stolen and then asked about his not being there and was told they could just talk to him over the phone.

Alison corrects herself for saying Ice T instead of Ice Cube and BB gets him to say she’s losing it, hilarious.

Adam is joking with BB about all the TP they could’ve sold on Ebay if Mike did travel to Texas.

Matt is asking about Jules, but says Jewel and Adam is looking at “Gillys” a bar in Treasure Island, a honky-tonk bar, and Jewel’s husband is a rodeo rider.


Adam is now losing it with a “What are we doing” about Rihanna being played in said honky-tonk bar and now Alison is joking with Adam about the years we have on earth that we can waste on dumb shit.

Adam says he doesn’t know how anything works now, he’s going nuts and mocking this stupid trend, BB says that Adam seems distressed today, he says no then snaps at him about wasting 450k on nothing so far.

Adam is doing a draft kings live read, he’s sharing how they told him they love him and BB doing the reads.


Rotten or Fresh – Mark Wahlberg edition

Gary is updating them on someone who went and charted all of the movies they’ve played during this game, I wonder if they used the sidebars, if not they’re stupid, if they did they didn’t seem to credit me, fitting.


1st Movie Boogie Nights (1997)

Adam is sharing his take on the film and how critics could get behind this one as well, Adam is using “Chef” as a counter point film for something popular with critics but not that popular with the audience.

They’re all going in depth on their scores.


2nd Movie the Italian Job (2003)

Matt has a solid Minnie Driver joke after refusing to start speaking when Adam commands him to go after interrupting on his own show, Matt seems to be waiting for Gary or someone off mic, Adam is giving his take on the movie.

Adam is going after critic’s reactions to this movie vs. “Drive” and Ryan Gosling pouting the entire running time, Adam wants the movie on cable so he can get drunk and make fun of it.

Matt suggest a podcast where Adam watch and mock movies, it’s called “Basic Cable Commentary” and he already does it, he invented the sales model in ITunes for it.


3rd Movie the Happening (2008)

Adam is remembering this is where the M. Night Shyamalan name went from a recommendation to a warning, BB is once again hammering this as one of the worst movies he’s ever seen, as discussed on the 2008 Morning show.

He’s explaining how he called to tell Mike Lynch not to see “the Happening” and told the stranger who answered not to see it.

Alison has a killer joke.


4th Movie the Fighter (2010)

Matt kisses Adam’s ass, Adam is now explaining how the movie left out of the trilogy of fights between Mickey Ward and Arturo Gotti, the fights that made him famous.

Adam is now commenting on another movie where they had to get the star to shave some inches off his arms to play the predictable boxer.


5th Movie Ted (2012)

Adam says he’s never looked this one up, he’s going small.

Alison and Adam have a funny back and forth about her being invisible because she’s such a non-factor in this game.

BB is praised by Ace for his immense skill, Adam also has a tight game but BB showed him up and he has a 3 point off average, Adam is under 5 and Alison is also in the game…


6th Movie Planet of the Apes (2001)

Adam says he saw it in the theater because he loves the series, he was looking forward to it and shoots low.

Alison is praising BB despite Adam getting a closer sore, Matt is now telling them about the new Planet of the Apes movie.


Adam is doing a live read for


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jamie claims to be a former caller to the ACS on KLSX, his phone line sounds horrible. He says he called from Las Vegas.

He wants to know how to make his dad laugh, Adam says try getting a joke with health insurance, killer reply.

Adam is further telling Jamie things to tell his dad, a 401k, company car and a petty cash credit card for spending.


Adam says he doesn’t recall ever making his dad laugh or anyone in his family, Adam says the important people are the customers, he’s using a car dealership to prove his point, and you won’t sell one to your dad necessarily.

Adam says that his mom might reply with a straight face saying something like “that’s cute” but overall they’re legendary for their granite like defenses against comedy, especially his.


2nd Caller George, he’s going out with his ex and despite clearly breaking up with her she still keeps showing back up in his life.

Adam is sharing his stray cat logic for getting rid of someone, Alison has a great “The More you know” about his mouth and penis sending mixed messages to the ex.

Alison says this is the most humane and kind thing in lieu of mixed messages.


3rd Caller Brad, he’s worried about his 14yr old daughter, he found himself alone with her computer and saw a page open about condoms, and he’s freaking out about it.

Brad says he’s talked to her mother and the boyfriend’s mom, Adam is now taking a moment for them all to get uncomfortable.

Adam is joking with Matt Fondiler about him handling these calls for him in the future when Natalia is older, Alison suggest fattening her up to prevent sex.

Adam is telling Brad the good news about this, hilarious self-satisfied sniff and bare backing comment from Matt, Adam is now realizing he should be alarmed based on his new declaration.


Adam wants to know if you do admit looking at the computer, because chicks get pissed about that stuff, more than men, who ironically don’t like the government doing it.

Alison advised him not to and says he can have this conversation without this detail, Adam is sharing the “permanent record” element of a woman losing her virginity.

Adam is admitting the double standard and how 12-14 can be a shocking age range for a woman losing it, Adam doesn’t’ know if it’s right or wrong but it just is, it’s how people react to it.


Adam cites women living longer than men and how that’s never explored, Alison recommends he have his ex-wife talk to his daughter.

Alison is explaining how her parents royally fucked her up with the horrendous gynecologist visit as has been discussed on this show in the past.

Brad calls his ex a piece of shit and Adam offers to send Matt out to have this talk with Brad’s daughter.

Alison sums it up with a great “it’s forever and it’s pretty intense stuff” and now Adam is sharing how he stops people to explaining the intent of others.

“I wish they had just known my vagina better, because it wasn’t going to make any bad decisions” – Alison on her parents and her vagina.


Adam is now heading to break.


Adam is back from break.

Aaron James is making his debut on the ACS and Adam is reading his credentials.

Aaron is explaining the premise of his book, it’s about assholes and a theory on them taking advantages in cooperative life.

Aaron is further explaining the theory and cutting Adam off in conversation while talking about that part of the behavior and he even calls himself on it.


Adam is now using discarded gum on blacktop that ruins his sneakers and his day, he’s now telling Aaron about his experiences witnessing his kids evolve as humans.

Adam says we all start out as selfish assholes and Adam is sharing how despite his immense respect for Dennis Prager the only thing he’s ever said that he finds dumb is that without religion what’s to keep someone from doing horrible things.

Alison agrees and shares her own anecdote and Adam is suggesting the quiet nice asshole, he’s describing a nuanced person who lets other people do things because they have a track record of doing harder and better work.


Alison has a great “Daniel likes taking out the trash and walking the dog” one liner and now Aaron is giving his take on people who don’t pull their weight or do their fair share, he says people aren’t assholes for that necessarily.

Adam is now using Dogs on a plane to make a point, he’s blaming Richard Belzer and wants to know if he’s an asshole for spearheading this practice.

Adam says the ultimate narcissism is “the rules are different because I’m me” and Adam is telling Aaron that Celebrities don’t think they should be above the rules because they’re a celebrity, more due to how they beat the odds and how that makes them superior.


Adam is dusting off an old argument, the proverbial black friend he tells about the white people who are trying to overdo it for the racists out there.

Adam is now feeling sorry for Matt Damon not being able to tweet about what a cunt someone was to him, Adam is trying to take Aaron’s PHD away from him.

Adam is asking him about the social contract stuff, Adam says he can settle it when Aaron says it’s Adam’s shtick, he tells him it’s not shtick, its philosophy and Alison backs him up.


Adam is using his make way for motorcyclist’s move that no longer gets a thank you sign in response in just 10 years.

That’s just hard science, better than science.

Alison has a great question asking if society rewards assholes and Aaron is describing the grey areas that make it more nuanced then just being an asshole.


Adam is sharing how generous and kind Jimmy Kimmel is and he’s saying it flies in the face of being an asshole, Adam says the guy who spends time to properly dispose of gum is wasting time.

Adam says the people he knows who have done the least have less than anybody he knows, unlike Jimmy Kimmel and how he builds relationships.

Adam joke about publicists and Aaron is giving his response to Adam’s theory about people like Jimmy and how relationship building benefits the individual too.


Adam is helping Aaron frame how Jimmy probably views his own behavior, Alison has a great one liner about Adam’s frequent quotes.

Adam is now doing a live read for Legal Zoom with “Jobs and Kimmel/Kibble” joke.

Adam is asking for a nutshell example of what makes people an asshole, what countries do it best and Alison wants to know about some famous assholes and asking if they weave together.


Aaron is listing off some of the asshole behavior of world leaders and cultural groups, they talk about Japan and Italy, Adam is bringing up cultures that haggle and how that plays into respect.

Adam says most assholes think they’re dealing with assholes, he’s sharing the “Screw them before they screw you” mindset.

They’re all discussing he Canadian Catharsis of Rob Ford, Adam is saying he finds Mexico to be a lot of things but not assholes, don’t get him wrong they have a thousand horrible qualities but not Assholes.


Adam says it doesn’t feel like it’s born from anything other than that’s the way they are.

Aaron basically reveals they don’t have the word asshole in their culture, not the same exact meaning and Alison has a killer one liner, holy shit!

Adam is joking about being Sympatico with Mexico.


Adam is doing a Loot Crate live read and mocking the stuff in the boxes is not the stuff he lives for, nice sarcasm and a solid gelatinous fish joke.

Gary has a nice “The 19th is always coming boss” contribution.

Adam jokes about Aaron playing Steve from Sex in the City, he says he’s never gotten that before and Adam is calling for a side by side picture, not the first one Gary sees, him in college with a fro and a Klan hood.


BB is now asking about public shaming on social media to remedy asshole behavior and Adam is sharing his love or alternative punishments from judges, the sandwich board with embarrassing statement type stuff.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is a World Cup update, Alison is talking about her pronunciation of Uruguay, Adam is sharing a rare memory of the time Drew told him about academics changing the nomenclature to stand out from their predecessors.

Adam is citing the Skeletal/Skeletal pronunciation, change and Adam is joking about the biting in the soccer match Alison is reporting on.

Adam jokes about there finally being some action and now she’s asking him he’s ever been bitten and he’s riffing a funny scenario.


2nd Story Is on NYC running out of appeals on their Soda ban, meaning they can’t attempt to enforce it again and Alison is reading some quotes.

Adam is arguing against the statements from the council trying to regulate this, Adam says you’re not going to be able to pass enough regulations to make people thin.

Alison is asking about the cost increase for cigarettes and Adam says it’s the stigma that has cut down the smoking.


Adam is now using the price of cocaine to make a point and jokes about how he should be doing a pillow case full of it now.

Adam says it was 110$ a gram when Minimum wage was 3$ per hour and he says that Coke is now stigmatized too and they’re asking Aaron how much coke costs these days.

Adam jokes about him stepping on the stuff and selling it to his students.


Adam is giving his take on the obesity epidemic and his observations at Disneyland, how they shouldn’t pair up the larger people, they should try to influence them through association.

Adam is sharing how he married a person who can eat whatever they want, Lynette and now Adam wants to know that if a person who can eat whatever they want robs them of discipline, diet and exercise are very strong disciplines.

Adam is now using his buddy Ray as the example of the most undisciplined person he knows, this is some interesting shit!


Adam is asking Aaron to weigh in, Adam says he agrees but they part ways when Aaron wants the man to handle this and Adam says it’s a family oriented thing, Adam doesn’t have any proof that the government will not fuck this up.

Aaron is now using Italy to make a point that proves Adam correct, about the family’s role in encouraging eating habits.

Adam is now getting to the offshoots of shitty parenting that the government preoccupies themselves with instead of addressing the root issue about bad and absentee parents.


Aaron is now giving his take and Adam is addressing the idea of a calling a parent who sticks around a hero, he’s using someone paying the bill at IHop to prove his point, he’s done this before I think…

Alison is wrapping the news.

Adam is doing a live read for and Adam is commenting on the heat in Los Angeles and summer time “get in shape” comments.


Adam is giving out the info for submitting your show to “Catch a Contractor” and plugging the book for Aaron.

Great closing drop form Alison.