Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/26/2015 – Jason Gedrick

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/26/2015 – Jason Gedrick

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jason Gedrick

Recorded 06-25-2015 – Release Date 06-26-2015

Production Number #1603

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Adam opens the show to a “secretly hoping to get the VP nod from Trump” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam has a nice variant on his “tell a friend” intro.

Adam is talking about his daughter building forts and Adam doesn’t know why parents were so resistant when he was a kid, he brings up the guy who refuses to let you back in the theater after you left to get your wife’s sister.

Adam is sharing how his daughter’s friend was sleeping over and they were going to be building a fort, Adam shares how he was going to get shushed during his nightly TV and wine festivities.


Adam says that he went downstairs at a certain point and now Adam is bringing up the plots of lame teen movies.

Adam is sharing how they go for the easy joke and just move on with more over the top stereotypical shit.

Adam is talking about how we’re super racist but only focused on one race as a society, Adam says that black people are often used as judges and Adam says it must be 98% more often depicted in movies and TV than exists in real life.


Adam is now riffing about Stevie Wonder and his lack of difficulty in getting his cock sucked, Adam is commenting on his “black vines” that seemingly could get stuck in various things he can’t see.

Adam is saying you could literally choke yourself out in your sleep with these braids, Adam says it looks like a ridiculous amount of work.

Adam is now asking for some better photos of his hairstyle, Adam says he would go full Michael Jordan and BB suggests he sell his dreads to charity.


Adam says that his braids got thinner and longer at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he says that the first 3 quarters of his head are bald.

Gina shares her love for ‘Star Trek The Next Generation’ and says there is a Romulan thing going on with his forehead.

Adam is talking about how he tried to get into Star Trek as a kid, Adam now describes how he felt about the show when he was 11 and it was in reruns, he describes a power boner and tons of available young women he didn’t want to fuck, that’s star trek to Adam

Adam says his first question for god when he reaches the pearly gates will be “what the fuck is up with Star Trek?” and now Adam is further saying he would have to get high to try and watch it and Gina is sharing how she got into the show as an adult.


Adam is talking about the Original Series and she’s talking about the revival/continuation from the 80’s and 90’s.

Adam is telling the audience about Stevie’s hair and he’s now commenting on the dumb Alien races on TOS of Trek.

BB brings up the highbrow thinking that the show brought into the genre, Gina now explains it.


Adam shares his love for Twilight Zone and says he never got that element out of the show.


Adam is doing a live read for

No muss no fuss edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he wants to know about Adam introducing Kid Rock for Rockfest in 2008, John tells them they reserved a port-o-Potty for Adam.

John says that Adam bypassed the reserved port-o-Potty and went right into the public one, Adam says he’s bad at spotting his name.

Adam is telling John not to read into it, Adam saw the word reserved and the Carolla name never appears beneath it.


Adam says it takes just as many calories to be friendly as to be a dick, Adam shares how you can get tired and rude when there is a car waiting and you haven’t slept.

Gina wants to tell a Val Kilmer story, her friend was mocked by him and now Adam says that on rare occasion’s performers and comedians can fuck around with people and they show up in such a weird emotional place they don’t properly read the interaction.


Adam jokes about the fun thing to do if any of them ever become celebrities, Adam has a funny “me too” deep hug that will blow a fans mind when they’re telling you how much they like your work.

Adam is sharing the story of him and Jay Leno walking past a woman eating pizza, she probably ever forgot about that story and he doesn’t remember it, but it was a kind and fun interaction.


Adam is now doing a live read


2nd Caller Donny, he is now known as “sing songy Donny” and is telling them about robbing two banks and now applying for a job and lying on the application about his two felonies.

Adam is now asking him about his “getaway bus” ride and he says the driver let him ride for free that day, Adam asks if the no dye pack requests actually work, Adam is riffing about it and crushing it with town crier references and everything.

Adam is now sharing how he would separate the bank cash, a smaller junkie pile without a dye pack, he suggests disguising dye packs as Reese’s peanut butter cups.


Adam says he’s never followed up on a single application, Adam says that every piece of official paperwork he has featured the name ‘Lakers’ which he made up and added to his Id when he was 26.

Gina suggests him as a Christian Slater sound-alike, Adam is now asking him about sweating some copper pipes and quizzing him about his knowledge of building and home repair.

Adam is now schooling him on what to sell a potential customer, Donny is saying he’s going to be using Adam as a reference, and at least one guy with that name will be now.


Adam jokes about the school to prison pipeline, Adam is saying that the problem with drugs and says it’s the residual effects, like being a miner and BB plays a new clip of Donny that will be making many more appearances.


3rd Caller Jamal, he brings up yesterday’s show and the luck vs. success argument, he brings up the bet on bad luck theory on life.

Adam says that of course there is an element of luck, Adam explains he was trying to pay the guest a compliment and Adam says that his lucky break was writing a book, he now describes a hilarious Gelson’s shopping cart entanglement luck scenario.

BB says replace luck with the opportunity and now Adam takes it back to Jamal, he asks him about his abs.


Adam says that Shaquille O’Neal was lucky and references his son, himself and the Hilton heirs.

Adam, Gina, BB and Jamal are doing another lap on luck and what can and cannot being controlled, Adam brings up random events segregating non randomly and he says he doesn’t buy into the karma part of that stuff.

BB is now bringing up the ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ introduction that Adam made into an opportunity.


Adam is now making some great points and takes it back to Jamal, Adam says you don’t have to be anything but a hard worker, Adam says that most incredibly successful people are humble in interviews but deep down have an intense motor and drive.

Adam is now testing his lucky theory and suggests Oprah, Elon Musk, Obama, Channing Tatum and Adam jokes about bringing them to Vegas, he says Dawson is on the list too, with Ray and some others to counter balance.

Dawson is killing it on mic, Adam wraps up his roulette wheel idea.


Lord of the Jungle

Adam will have people struck by lighting more than once on the counter balance team to oppose the lucky team, Adam brings Dawson back into the mix.

Patrick the latest winner, he spent 19.22 on a dog lifejacket, Gina remarks on the cute name and BB is quizzing him about the place he’s taking the dog to go swimming.

Adam jokes about the dog being eaten by a pike, a dog hatin’ pike!

Adam and BB riff on that, very funny!


Adam is now riffing on this guy’s camping trips and lifestyle, Adam is commenting on beer for dogs.

Adam is remarking on the stuff we do where we consume things that we won’t share with dogs, Adam asks why a dog has to be a temple, there short lifespans are all the more reason to eat fatty foods and drink.

The dog is named Donny, how bizarre.



4th Caller Andrew, he brings up past guest Amy Alkon and her public shaming advice for influencing better behavior in society.

Andrew is asking if people should publicly shame or not, Adam shares how he’s not consistent and wants people shamed who are putting their dogs and feet up on public spaces.

Adam says that involves the general populace, he doesn’t like the one on one blowouts and the “rich guy screams at poor valet” moments in life.


Andrew brings up the ESPN reporter who went off on the employee at the impound yard, Adam is now sharing how that person needs to brace for the anger among the unwilling customers.

Adam comments on the people who were pissed at him for teaching the comedy traffic school they were attending due to their actions.

Adam comments on how if he pulls an Alec Baldwin and leaves his daughter a shitty voicemail that should be between them, BB asks about the ESPN woman and the rant she went on.


Adam says the impulse for everyone to capture everything and throw it up online, Adam says successful people don’t sit around and think of ways to try and knock other people down.

Adam is commenting on how people corseting through life at a 3 can’t increase their position in life by trying to get a 9 beneath you.


Adam is now doing a Castrol live read

They’re heading to break


They’re back from break with Jason Gedrick making his ACS debut

Adam is talking to him about the expanded marketplace for good content, how Amazon and the free market has only increased the quality of programming.

Adam brings up the piles of shit dropped throughout history by Sherwood Schwartz, BB brings up ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Jason has a solid point about work ethic and Adam mocks the idea of luck again.


Adam is now going over his credits and Jason is singing the praises of Mangria, Adam is asking what you can’t get from Amazon now, he says herpes is the only thing they can’t give you.


Adam is doing a Legal zoom live read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the heckler at President Obama’s most recent speech, Adam asks who will want to be the president from 5 years from now and jokes about the various lengths the president must go to keep the peace.

Gina has a clip from the speech, Adam is now saying that pulling this person out of the room and putting a bullet in their head Saddam style would put a stop to this.

Adam is now making a point about today’s modern age where even the president doesn’t have more importance than you, Adam is now joking about the great blow suffered by the transgendered immigrant community.


Gina has the details on the heckler, Adam asks if her junk was documented and wants to know if people aren’t getting genital reassignment surgery.


2nd Story is on the new season of big Brother featuring a transgendered woman, Adam is rip-shit as she’s hotter than any chick Adam was with before he had money.

Adam is now commenting on the “cock and ball” conversation every man must have upon learning of the news about her transition.

Adam is now saying that “not only does black not crack but it’s good for the hack on the sack” and explains that black people often pass more often than white male to female Tran’s people.


Gina has another clip, it’s the wrong one.

Gina now quotes the one that went un-played, Adam is trying to come up with the name of an Asian comedian, Adam has a killer “Bug Lu Haggard” reply.


3rd Story is on the sentencing for Dustin Diamond, Adam is reacting to the news and jokes about the acting community being put on hold because of his incarceration.

Adam jokes about him tipping the Jew scales with this behavior.


4th Story is on Howard Stern giving up ‘America’s Got Talent’ and Gina plays a clip, Adam says he might be back and has a curious reply.

Adam says he wants to come back as Heidi Klum and he jokes about how she brings nothing to the show.

Adam says she’s the biggest fucking 0 on the planet, Adam is now asking for Gary to do this one of these day, source some clips of her shitting the bed.


Adam is talking about her Project Runway nominations and BB asks some follow ups, Adam tells Dawson not to lean on whatever he’s leaning on.

Adam is bringing up the guy who parachuted in front of the hosts on American’s Got Talent and Heidi gave nothing.

Jason talks about how some of Howard’s best commentary was edited out from the show.


Adam is doing a Quick Books Live Read


5th Story is on the new beer made in honor of Joe Paterno, Adam is now joking about president’s needing a ne’er-do-well brother.

Adam says we need the sort of movie that John Goodman would star in from the 1980’s, Adam wants more attention on Obama’s loser brother if he exists.

Adam brings up Matthew McConaughey’s brother Rooster.

Gina wraps up the news after Adam’s funny “hometown of Kenya” comment.


They’re now looking at Rooster.


Adam is doing a Mazda live read


Adam is giving out some plugs and mentions the 100% certified fresh ‘Winning’ and plugs his new book, Adam plugs the live show with Adam Goldberg.

They’re now watching the footage of the guy skydiving for the show, Adam is doing some live commentary over the footage.

Adam is now mocking Heidi’s reaction and Adam asks if we ever need to explain anyone who parachutes that we’re happy when said chute deploys.

Adam plugs Jason’s show and calls Heidi a big fat zero.

BB plays the hack on the sack clip as the closing drop, gold!