Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/25/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 249

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/25/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 249

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-24-2015 – Release Date 06-25-2015

Production Number #249 – The Confederate Flag

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Drew asks Adam about the finger point that Chris gives Adam, he wants to know if Adam instructed him to do that.

Adam talks about the movie convention that he wanted, it feels positive to him.

Adam compliments Chris and his jib cut.


Adam says that it feels nice like the start of a race, Adam says that little bits and pieces of life, it doesn’t take much, he’s commenting on the base part of the brain.

Drew says it’s the amygdala that regulates novelty and Adam is now telling them about his son wearing his very European jammies and Adam says he will go down the hall and slap him on the ass while saying “big day to day” and now Drew is bringing up the TV series that led to the “threat response” with gay porn and lack of drive among women from the functional MRI studies they did on his Discovery Health show.


Drew brings up the subconscious threat reaction he had, Drew is bringing up the Charleston massacre, and Adam jokes about being in a more positive place and had his mind on the dance.

Drew says he’s been coached up to say “black American” and Adam is asking about the race relations issues, Drew is arguing from a historical perspective and makes note of the reparation for British slave owners.

Adam and Drew agree they should remove the confederate flag, Adam asks what these conversations do results wise, who do they help.


Adam is now asking Drew how a Nazi flag would affect the Jews, Drew says that Adam’s argument is starting to bubble up and Adam jokes about macroaggression.

Adam is now mocking Drew’s hate gibberish.


Drew is doing a live read


Adam is making a point about the confederate flag, Adam is now using the “it’s been a 150 years, let’s move on” argument used to remove the flag to reframe the slavery discussion.

Adam talks about the Indian guys who are far more different than any black person yet aren’t discriminated against, Adam is talking about his friends who were defined by their actions.

Adam is commenting on how race isn’t as important as people think, people want the best doctor, they don’t cares what race.


Adam is joking about gay surgeons and Drew reveals he had a gay guy do a colonoscopy, Adam says he’s lying and now Adam is saying we’re looking for the best.

Drew brings up the energy on women and now Adam is asking Drew about his thoughts regarding various ethnicities and age groups.

Adam is now bringing up the stereotypes about various people, he cites Asian female drivers and how tattoos have been redefined by culture, no longer just the markings of criminals.


Adam says if you expect anyone in society to pick a black kid in a hoodie over an Asian kid with a book bag you’re chasing a lost cause and makes a point about fear based human profiling that comes from our primate animal brains.


Drew is now doing a Casper live read

Adam’s not so sure about this memory foam stuff, funny Family Ties reference.

Adam now has Laura on the line, this week’s #ADSLOTJ and Adam is now talking about her pet fountain for cat, and Adam is asking her about her cat Neon.

Adam is now mocking ergonomic dog food bowls and now Chris says that cats need running water to see it.


Adam is now recreating her conversation with her boyfriend about buying this cat water fountain.

Adam says that they bought two TV shows yesterday, Natalia asked him about it and he said yes, she asked him again later and she bought another one.

Adam is describing the two miscommunications.

Adam is telling Gary to put the current information up so Adam can give out his plug.


She has a giant dog, Adam doesn’t get people who have dogs they want to carry, he wants to rassle/wrestle with dogs and brings up a recent bout with Molly and he describes their roughhousing when she was younger, I do the same thing with my dog!

Adam says he doesn’t need his dog with him, he wants to use little dogs for metallurgy, Adam says that he thinks what would really help society.

Adam brings up the way they test jet engines, Drew knows about the place where they test them but they’re not talking about the 2005 Loveline where they discussed this in depth.


Adam is now sharing his phony service dog air cannon used to test the jet engines and now Adam says they can use this service to discourage people from trying to sneak fake support animals on flights.

Adam says there is now poor Molly and she’ll be enjoying her life while Adam is on the road.


Drew is now doing a Selfless live read

Adam thinks this technology is coming, Adam says that rich guys aren’t going to go into the dark of night and die, they’ll transfer their consciousness or de-age.


1st Caller Nathan has been dating a girl for 3 months and is concerned that she might have a personality disorder.

Drew says it can be a lot of things, Nathan wants to know how fucked up it is for him to be involved in this and if he might be exasperating it.

Adam and Drew are talking about how people can be very different while in adolescence and Drew makes a point about how trauma and abandonment can lead to her current behavior.

Adam tells him not to overanalyze this situation and not to get anyone pregnant.


Adam asks why nobody pulls anyone else aside for these two crucial conversations, Adam says that his parents never dispatched any advice.

Adam brings up how he tried to get his wife to hold the camera sideways which then leads to some sort of dance instead of her fixing the problem.

Adam is now explaining how she is battling him while he’s trying to just capture better imagery of the kids.


Adam says it started off a billion years ago and its called wisdom, Adam is saying he trusts the wisdom of a camera guy.

Adam says the two conversations are about zits and relationships, Adam is going in depth on zits and how nobody bothered to explain them.

Adam is talking about the first breakup and the various steps that you’ll go through while experiencing heartbreak, Adam says feel sorry for those who have never experienced heartbreak as they married their childhood crush.


Adam asks how come nobody has these conversation, he cites the uncomfortable sexuality angle for one of the topics and how kids grow so fast you lose your opportunity.


Adam is doing a live read for Score Big

Snoopy on ice with the kids, or if you’re weird and alone – Adam


2nd Caller Tom, he compliments Adam’s good mood and jokes about a biorhythm wheel and Adam having an extra critical cunt day.

Adam comments on his mom abandoning the wheel and her new fool proof plan, Adam says “feel something coming on” “have something” and “just got over something” that prevents her from ever helping anyone, the three pillars of success for the Carolla’s.

Adam says his mom would get angry if he asked her to be on Take a Knee like Tom suggests.


Tom brings up the way people smoke cigars like Tom Arnold used to, Adam describes it and Tom brings up how tobacco is indoctrinated in recovery culture but marijuana is not.

Adam is now arguing about how people respond to substances and how he would have a different day if he was to have coffee or smoke pot first thing in the morning.

Drew clarifies his take, Tom hopes that Joe Rogan will let Drew on his show and Drew argues against the notion of “psychological addiction” and “biological/physical addiction” and even Adam is sick of that shit.

Adam is joking about the pharmacists in Los Angeles that are all from a different ethnicity and how you can’t find one middle aged Ron Howard type among them.


Chris is telling them about a relative who works as a pharmacist.


Adam is now doing a Mazda live read

“They stack ‘em!” – Adam

Adam is now further complimenting Mazda and the rotary engine.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show. Adam announces that Phil Rosenthal will be interviewing him for his upcoming long form live interview.