Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/25/2015 – Brad Meltzer and Amy Kircos

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/25/2015 – Brad Meltzer and Amy Kircos

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brad Meltzer and Amy Kircos

Recorded 06-24-2015 – Release Date 06-25-2015

Production Number #1602

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Adam opens the show to a “confederate flag tramp stamp” removal intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB plays the “Oh my god there is fecal matter on my face” clip as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is now asking if they have a story that’s told about them that makes them look like a jackass, Adam is sharing how Cousin Sal gives out the “character of the year” award for their buddies.

Adam is now giving some examples of behaviors that have triggered it, Adam is saying you’re forced to read events that are not that accurate.


Adam says the story says that Adam insisted upon giving the speech at Jimmy’s wedding, Adam shares how he’s just trying to sail through life not insulting anyone, he waited until the day of an hour before.

Cousin Sal told him that just family were talking and he offered to bring Adam up.

Adam is now sharing his reply about getting him on stage after they forgot about bringing him up on stage, Adam was enjoying his buzz.


Adam says that about when he was bloated and buzzed he was tasked with speaking at the last minute, Adam describes his disheveled appearance and how she kept insisting despite his resistance.

Adam wishes he was notified at some point, Adam understands there is a fair bit of false protesting of modesty in real life and says he only does one go round with paying for a meal, if the person insists 1.5 times he gives up and accepts it.

Adam says he was in booze and weed mode and not in speech mode, Gina asks about the speech and Adam tests out his new reverb button, it’s got auditorium level reverb to it, Adam says he told Charles to ratchet it down.


BB has a funny one liner that goes unnoticed about the speech being as awkward as described.

Adam is talking about Jimmy puts people together and sets people up, which ultimately benefits him by connecting others and making their lives better.

Adam is telling them about hearing from Howard Stern who wrote to Adam about a guy he knows who wants to get into podcasting and Howard thought Adam was the best guy to advise him.


Gina asks if Adam has seen video of the speech and Adam takes it back to the ‘Character of the Year’ award.

Adam says its 80 pages long and was sent to him, Adam is having Gary find it.

Adam says that on one hand it’s weird to know that everyone you know is reading a story that makes you look like a douche.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe Live Read

Do we really need the word muss in front of fuss, Adam is now leaving muss in after changing his mind, and Dawson joins him and brings up the muss and fuss.


Adam is reading that the story is not in the 2014 COTY’s and he thinks it must have been the 2013 edition.

Adam is taking it back to a positive element about connecting people and now cites the funeral that BB was attending during yesterday’s show.

BB has some kind words for Christie’s late grandmother who sounds like a wonderful person, BB even went and read her some chapters from his book, funny one reply from Ace who then comments on how sweet BB was.


Adam is now talking about how everyone dies and how being aware of the reality of that doesn’t allow you to be angry about her passing so late in life.

Adam is now asking BB how many pallbearers there were, Adam says when he goes he wants one African chick to wear the coffin on her head, to save time and be as efficient as possible.

Gina suggests a steak restaurant cart, Adam says the Blimp from Lawry’s and jokes about a side served with his remains.


BB comments on his poor dog that had to undergo emergency surgery and he still hasn’t seen since getting back, he preemptively tells twitter trolls to fuck off re: dead dog and job loss.

Adam tells them to fuck themselves doggy style in honor of Charlie.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Michael he shares his reaction to ‘Road Hard’ and Tiger Woods crash and burn at a recent championship event, Adam says that Tiger was the best golfer on earth and now he’s having trouble making the cut.

Adam has a killer Bruce/Caitlyn line.

Adam asks when Tiger goes backwards from the biggest name to the guy who is 8 over par that nobody wants to hear from.


Adam is talking about his career decline and how he was always happy for Jimmy when he was blowing up, the perception that it had to suck for him and pitied him.

Adam is saying that pity is the worst feeling for other people to have about you, Adam is commenting on Tiger and his life’s worst problem of trying to fuck on a yacht.

Adam brings up Steve Harwell form ‘Smash Mouth’ and his recent on stage rant.


Adam is commenting on the cast of TMZ mocking him and the band for playing a state fair, because they’re on the career decline despite maintaining top level success when it comes to selling tickets.


Adam welcomes Amy Kircos to the show, he’s asking her about her journey, she’s been with the company for 15 years.

Adam asks her how she got recruited and says he’s never been wooed, Adam is asking her about the future of personal devices, she thinks it’s all about making things smarter.

Gary gets on mic to share his experience with the phone/tablet combo device, she’s plugging it and Adam is asking her where she’s based.


Adam is now bringing up the extreme heat of Arizona in reply to her laments about being in an oven, Adam is asking her if someone asked her if they should move to Arizona or Oregon, she’s got some insight and Adam says as a car guy he would have to go with Arizona.

She reveals that she actually did live in Alaska after it’s mentioned, she’s telling them about life there and Adam plugs Intel.


Adam says he’s never been to Alaska and says he wants to take a cruise there, Adam says it looks like something a Carolla would never do.

Gina is telling them about a gay male Alaskan Cruise, Adam tells her about the term ‘Fruit Flies’ and how it replaces faghag.

Adam is now joking about the movie ‘Boat Trip’ and how bizarre that it was produced, pitched and made in the modern era.


Adam is mocking the premise of the movie and now Gary has the COTY quote about Adam, Adam is now arguing his side of the story, aka the truth.

Gina is telling them about her friends that went on a gay cruise and she explains the Betsy Johnson connection to the free tickets.

Adam jokes about a fucking night being part of the festivities, he says that he feels like gay sex cuts to the quick of it and doesn’t need the charade.


2nd Caller Fabian says he’s never going to save a seat at a theater ever again, Adam reads his actual question about the Fletcher/Pennywise incidents on Loveline.

Adam is asking him what’s up and Gary is now on mic asking him if that’s not what he told them, Adam is asking Fabian about his “almost got in a fight” story and Adam jokes about almost getting his dick sucked.

Adam is now letting him bury himself with his story, Adam says this is reminding him of something and he asks what if Fabian was his neighbor.


Adam is now bringing up the neighbors he’s had who have tried to sue him and the awful things they’ve done to him, the rich guy with all of the tools, implying he could be a beneficial person to have nearby.

Adam brings up the hedge high petition he got from the city, Adam asks who these people who have no nerve endings are.

Adam is commenting on the aggressive interactions these people have with people they’re going to be seeing all of the time.


Gina is asking Adam about his multiple run ins with his neighbors and Adam says that one should always internalize and how he preaches about this.


Adam is now trying to be concise with each house and each neighbor/incident.

#1 Westshire House – Adam rebuilt it nearly from the ground up, Adam talks about the busted up road that made a neighbor need to perform a 3 point turn, he didn’t want to back up into a neighbors drive way to get into his driveway, his commute was and parking was disturbed by the city not Adam.

Adam describes his unreasonable and crazed demands for people to move the legally parked trucks so he didn’t have to turn his neck and put the car in reverse then drive one more time.

#2 Crazy Israeli C and Zaftig puss son

#3 guy who claimed Adam had a burst water mein that flooded his pool.

#4 boarded up window old guy who called building and safety about the hedge height.

Adam says he will internalize this and says he has a magnetic field that attracts assholes, BB says there should be a fine for filing a false claim.


Adam wants to find out exactly what he did wrong in each scenario, he brings up the crossed phone lines at the old party house and how the woman called the cops.

Adam says he was playing a celebrity golf tournament, Adam is now joking about hacking into the phone of an elderly couple.

Adam wants them all to be sent to Asshole Island, Adam asks who wants to sit next to the person who hates their guts for the length of an entire movie.


Adam is doing a live read


They head to break


They’re back from break

Brad is making his 2nd appearance, he was last on ACS #497 from 2011, he likes the ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ intro and Adam is asking him about his background.

Adam brings up the ‘Rich man Poor Man’ idea that started with the outdoor shower, Brad is going in depth on his journey and references a fist fight.

Adam talks about how far away north Hollywood is from actual Hollywood, Brad is telling them about a fist fight that was scheduled before he learned how to fight, and he describes this guy Freddy and the typical fights of the time.


Brad shares how he got punched in the face and then won the fight after his lizard brain kicked in, Freddy says he was digging his fingernails into his palm as he didn’t know how to make a fist.

Brad says this was 5th grade and Freddy has older parents, he saw an old man have to come pick up his beaten up child and he felt hollow and terrible after that experience.

Adam is asking him how much he got from that growth experience, he’s breaking down the fear and ‘Three O’clock High’ and BB references it knowingly thanks to Anderson and The Film Vault.


Adam is talking about facing the fear for sports and fighting as a young man, Adam tells Brad he’s talking about “white privilege” and Adam addresses the wording of “gets to make the leap.”

Adam is sharing his theory, but first a live read.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Adam says not everyone is destined for something special and mocks the past lives notion.

Adam says that just because you’re not destined for a calling doesn’t mean you can’t have a meaningful life, Adam is now making his point about this being as defined by society.

Adam says that if you have something in you, it will bubble to the surface at some point, it can be retarded or advanced by those around you and your circumstances.


Adam says that Brad’s teachers encouraged him, Adam says it can’t be snuffed out, Brad suggests that there are better comedians and writers out there that never got a shot, Adam says you make your own shots.

Brad is sharing the story of his book that was threatened to be buried by the publisher, Adam is arguing he would have been successful regardless.

Adam has a Tim Allen comparison and makes a point about accepting the differences between them, Adam says he doesn’t know a person who is funny who can’t make a living, unless they sabotage themselves.


BB is making a point about book sales and Adam is now asking them if we should or should not try to do anything, Adam moves on to the news, whoa.



Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on the Joyce Mitchell confession about smuggling the tools into the prison, Gina has a clip of her husband on the Today Show.

Adam is now asking for follow up information, Gina fills him in that the husband and wife both work at the prison, Gina brings up the well-endowed criminal that led to her having an affair.

Gary gets on mic to make it clear, Adam is now asking about the big dick thing saying he thinks it’s more of an issue for guys and not gals, Gina has a noise in reply.

Adam tells her to just jump on the “disagree with Adam Train” that seems to be rolling through the studio today and she says that women like to brag about it as it some sort of value/status symbol.


Adam talks about how most women find huge dongs to be a nuisance, Gina is now playing the clip of Matt Lauer interviewing Joyce’s husband.

Adam mocks his accent and the car ride they had, Gina shares how the evidence speaks a little differently regarding this case and the possible events that were going to happen to said husband.

Adam jokes about Vanessa Del Rio “cock sniffer” and now Gina cites the 200+ escaped convicts in the United States still at large, Gina is reading the stats and Brad references the stolen James Dean Porsche, Adam is telling them about Jay J. Armes.

Brad has some wisdom about Florida and its rich criminal, history.


2nd Story is on a man who accidentally recorded his doctors mocking him while he was passed out on the operating table, Gina says they’re making fun of his penis in the opening clip.

Gina has another clip, where they’re mocking him for looking at the IV.

Adam says he doesn’t want to live in a world where you can’t talk shit about people, Adam says that people who work in hospitals are human beings and they will do things like this, they will talk.

Adam says that if you have some B.O. and annoy the person you will be mocked just like if you got up and left the room, BB says he presumes this goes on often when people are put under.


Brad says that someone he knew saw him while he was unconscious and he presume she checked him out, wow they are all fine with this.

Adam says that he hates this guy and says that if a homeless person mocks you for passing out a bus stop you don’t sue them, he thinks there is only a lawsuit due to the deep pockets of the hospital.

Adam is talking about group think and how people joke around in the office, Adam says that nobody who works together steps in and corrects someone for talking shit, you essentially live with these people.


Gina says she would seek these doctors out.


3rd Story is on Conrad Hilton’s arrest for breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend, Gina has all of the details and explains that Rick Solomon was the guy in the porn movie with Paris, now her younger brother is banging Rick’s daughter.

Adam is asking what you’re supposed to do when you grow up with limitless cash and he says that most of us would go mad, like being in space without gravity to build up your bone mass.

Adam talks about the human fantasy to be able to glide to the top of the mountain, it’s the worst act you can do to some else, to give them so much they don’t know how to live.


Adam is talking about how you can setup a gravity simulator and how Trump must have instilled hard work in his daughter.

Adam talks about how the Wayans brothers don’t need a simulator as they grew up in the projects, Adam and Brad have some closing comments and Adam goes to a live read.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Mazda

Adam has a passion off with the company, she doesn’t mind paying her Mazda 3 bill every month.


4th Story is on the decline in sperm quality due to the chemicals and plastics in our environment, Adam comments on hot plastic water bottled and how the hose might have been a better call.

Adam is now asking who the sperm samplers are, Adam brings up his Man Show sperm competition with Jimmy Kimmel, and BB says that the viewers were the real winners.

Adam is giving the details on that legendary bit and explains how he emerged from the beat off closet disheveled and he says they were about 6 seconds apart, which means they basically Jizzed at the same time in unison separation by a thin interior wall.

Gary is now looking for the clip.


Adam says he thinks it was all under 10min, Adam says it wasn’t cooked and Brad is asking some follow ups with Gina.

Adam doesn’t recall what season it was, Gary is on the hunt.


Adam is doing a Quick Books live read


Gary has The Man Show segment, it’s still hilarious!

They’re reacting and offering some light commentary, Gina asks if they showed it without blurring out the Jizz, Gina thinks they would have to blur semen today.


Adam is now giving out the plug for Brad’s new book and the ‘Winning’ screenings in Toronto.