Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 366

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 366

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 The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-17-2016 – Release Date 06-24-2016

Production Number #366 – The Toomgis Chick

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Adam has the standard intro and he brings up the topic from the last show, the kids who get a chapter read about them on their 8th grade graduation.

Adam says there is a new thing he’s noticed, he interrupts himself and tells Adam about Matt Fondiler also being scheduled to be in Europe while Adam is touring, someone’s phone rings but nobody comments.

Adam is telling them about his intense home remodel project still going on, he cites all of the various checks that are due and Gary updates them on the measurements for Adam’s couch.


Adam says he works based on rhythm and gives an example of someone taking a half day before a vacation, the half day of work before a 3-day weekend.

Adam says that Matt’s flight was at 04:00 p.m. and he didn’t want to come in for the day, Adam thought he could come in and work until 02:00 p.m. at least.

Adam says that Matt had to drive his dog to his dad’s house, Adam is making a point about today’s new breed of “honesty” and he says he appreciates it but it’s totally insane.


Adam has a killer drunk driving is a positive analogy and has Drew jump in to improv a scene with Drew playing the cop at the DUI stop.

Adam asks Drew what he would have done if he were in Matt’s shoes, hilarious begging from Drew “please, please” and Adam is now sharing how he would have picked a flight in the evening Friday night or first thing Saturday morning, Adam wouldn’t have had the option to do what Matt wanted to do, Adam says he brought him in for a 01:00 p.m. flight.

Adam shares a story of Jimmy Kimmel double checking a guy who was lying about a midday flight.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam says it’s not Matt’s fault that he expects being able to take a day off when he needs to, it’s his generation.

Adam has a gay marriage analogy, Drew says it’s what’s normative and Adam comments on his kids and jokes he will beat them with a flip flop if they ever try to cut out early on a Friday.


1st Caller Doyal (The Royal Doyle), he’s of course getting the 3rd degree about his old timey name, Doyal praises Drew and brings up Pia Mellody and her work.

Adam shares his discomfort around female sex experts and he says the hair stands up on the back of his neck around them, Drew uses Emily as a positive example and Adam has a telling but fair reaction.

Drew is going in depth Doyal about recovery and meetings and gives him some solid advice.


2nd Caller Matt, he called into the ACS to discuss a tinder date that went awry.

Adam jokes about someone “ubering their pussy over to your dick” and Adam proclaims himself the Will Rogers of this generation.

Matt wants to know about sparring and learning how to box, Adam interrupts to ask Nick if he knows how to hold focus pads and Gary chimes into explains he’s done it before for Adam but doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Adam is now back to caller Matt and they’re talking about head trauma and the real world concerns for CTE.


Adam is now sharing some very tricky boxing exercises and ways to learn practical moves while avoiding head trauma, moving with someone without knocking their block off.


3rd Caller Sam, she was listing to a recent episode where they talked to a caller about his Adderall prescription, Sam quotes Dr. Drew and he says no and corrects her saying he chooses his words very clearly, he explains how he phrases it the same way.

People don’t understand he is using legally safe phrasing to ensure everything is above board.

Sam now asks her question, she says she’s used to it and if they have thoughts about it, it makes no difference Drew says he says it’s precisely what he just told her.


Adam is now asking her if she could work with someone and lower the dose over time, maybe eventually off entirely.


Drew says she should work it out with her doctor.


4th Caller Asa, he says he went to see his wife’s therapist and was told he has oppositional defiance disorder.

Asa is hesitant to share the details and Drew says this is precisely what he’s asking about, Adam says “Drew hates you” and Drew says no, it’s just him observing the evasiveness.

Adam talks about his relationships with his wife, following her around checking on her work.


Adam says there is never a complete 50/50 division of skills and workloads in relationships, one person will always be annoyed by the other person following them around checking on them and the person following them will always be pissed they even have to bother to help them.

Adam asks if he feels shame when his wife told him about dropping the ball with their payroll for their business, Asa says it’s shame.

Adam stops him and now goes on about shame and Drew addresses “toxic shame” and how prevalent it is now in society, Adam gives some examples of people he works with who are immune to shame, they simply correct their actions and behaviors and move on.

This is a very compelling conversation, Dre says Asa is recreating the traumas and shame of his past now with his wife and their business.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read


Adam brings up a Father’s Day commercial and Adam gives his take on not caring about gifts, Drew shares his own anecdote of Susan schooling him on letting the kids give him gifts, there is more to it than just what it means to him.

Adam is back to Asa and his passive aggressiveness.


5th Caller Mike, he’s calling about his crazy schedule working as the superintendent of a golf course and wants to know about pre-workout drinks.

Adam shares his reaction to large colored sugar based beverages.

Adam brings up Toomgis, he says he got a tweet from a guy who listens to the show and is dating the hot chick from the commercial.


Adam says he loves the girlfriend from the commercial and Drew is very familiar with the AM/PM promotion featuring Toomgis.

Adam asks Drew about what would be best for a young man before the gym, he goes over the ingredients for Mike’s favorite pre workout drink.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

It’s all good, it all works and Adam still loves that Bison Chili edition


Adam is now giving out some plugs and mentions the Live Mangria Bar Crawl in Las Vegas.