Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/24/2015 – Adam Ray and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/24/2015 – Adam Ray and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Ray and David Wild

Recorded 06-23-2015 – Release Date 06-24-2015

Production Number #1601

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Adam opens the show to a “West Bumfuck” intro and has a #LOTJ opening, Adam says that BB is out as he’s a pallbearer for his wife’s Christie’s grandfather.

Adam says he doesn’t picture white pallbearers, he asks when the last time anyone saw a guy like BB carrying a coffin and jokes about him sporting a selfie stick while listing the coffin.

Adam wants out on a limb replaced with “out on a selfie stick” and he comments on the ‘Urban Dictionary’ mug he was drinking from that featured one of his creations.


David is telling them about the Vatican being overrun with Selfie sticks, he’s making his 87th appearance.

Adam is joking about a hero who can beat a flight attendant about the meaty thighs to then get the selfie stick banned on flights.

Adam is asking if the selfie stick is because everyone has now gained 20lbs and want the better angle to look slimmer, Gina doesn’t get the hate for the stick and Adam has a funny confederate flag hung from the selfie stick idea.


Adam plugs the latest Take a Knee, he plays a clip of Stephen Dubner and it’s pretty great.

Adam says this topic is why he doesn’t buy into any of the modern worries about diseases and doesn’t listen to supposed expertise about dietary needs and is continuing to cite the dehydrated 2 a day’s he experienced for football practice.

Adam is describing how he would suck water from the sink like a MMA fighter after weigh ins, Adam says that fact is why he knows his kids can go a short time without having water.


Adam is commenting on the superstitious native core in all human beings and Gina asks if it’s that or that we’ve just run out of problems.

Adam shares his white people problems earlier in the day, he says its platinum Edgar Winter white and he’s now describing how his hands were getting hot from the steering wheel heater on his modern Jaguar.

Adam couldn’t find out how to shut it off, Gina asks about a circle with flames coming out of it and he says there wasn’t one.

Adam says he turned the AC vent towards his preheated hands in order to finish his interview and he shares how ballsy he is about complaining about a feature merely because he didn’t turn it on or make the mistake in a free car.


Adam is now doing a live read for Blinds Galore

“What Doesn’t Matt Fondiler know?”


Adam is asking David about his family vacation and he explains his son is going to college and shares his love for Rome, Gina praises Florence as one of her favorite cities on the planet.

David is taking his wife to see Bob Dylan live in an Opera house, David tells Adam that his oldest son is named after Bob Dylan and Adam has an audible grunt in reply.

Gary shares he did figure out the heated steering wheel and Adam shares that his greatest deficit is being unable to see buttons or keys, Adam misses his own name in credits.


Gina asks if Adam considers himself detail oriented but is not good with screens or menus.

Gina sees the difference, Adam is now struggling to tell which icon it is.

Adam is now seeing the lit up icon, Adam says it looks like a fucking dream catcher.


Adam is now asking for the dominant feature running in the car to monopolize the screen, Adam has a killer breakdown of his nightly car existing activities, and he jokes about beating off.

Adam says that Sonny asks if it’s ok to throw things away in reply to Gina asking how crafty his kids are, David suggests he took the car for a joyride and get a nice ‘Winning’ plug in.

David is bringing up how one of the greatest songs of all time is titled ‘Natalia’ and Adam jokes about his daughter only knowing the Van Morrison hits, none of the deep cuts.


Adam brings up how nobody likes peach gum and is calling for it to be removed from the options, Adam says it’s the blueberry bagel of the gum world.

Adam tells the guy on the lunch run to just get the “bagel bagel” and David asks her if she was the only Jew at the orgy and she says she could tell, foreskin hinting.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read


Gina is sharing some observations about the season 3 premier of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and says that Adam is pretty nice and Skip seems mean, did she just start watching?

Adam has a solid line about all of the contractors and episodes blurring together for him, Adam is now having Gina join him for an improv scene where he plays a contractor refusing to apologize.

Adam has a killer “magic Stinkfinger” line and talks about men trying to use this tone and argument with a woman, David asks if these guys are relieved of financial responsibility after the show is over, he wonders why they can’t just apologize then, Adam breaks down their sociopathy.


Adam says he was in Orange a few weeks ago, Adam brings up the Vietnamese contractor driving Skip crazy, Adam is showing them a photo of the neighborhood, he says it’s like a scene in ‘Nonstop’ with Liam Neeson.

Adam says that the house was cleaned just a couple days later after he brought it up on the podcast, Adam says it’s good that he shamed them into cleaning up the front of their house, it benefits them.

Gina asks if Adam feels vindicated and Adam says that the stuff had been outside for quite some time, Adam says he’s fine with a note from the neighbors telling them to clean things up for the safety of the neighbors, Adam says he always couches is it in “would you like help” and then tries to get them to agree to a date to get it done by.


David shares his Father’s Day gift from his wife and kids, he says it’s the greatest gift he ever got and he says he will never let it get to that state again.

Adam is telling him to treat it like he treats pennies, Adam doesn’t take them, he doesn’t let them enter his galaxy, into the ashtray or on the counter, and he doesn’t want them and is happy to leave it in the take a penny cup.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Emily, she listens to For Crying Out Loud and she wants Adam’s take on Sonny being frightened of horror movie commercials.

Adam is sharing how we know to make things that are terrifying for adults only but will then play 30sec trailers of said frightening films.

Adam is now pitching Emmanuelle goes to Gitmo and David shares how he missed Adam at the screening of ‘Jurassic World’ at Phil’s place.


David shares how the director wanted to scare kids with the movie, Adam is commenting how they force these scary commercials on kids by playing them during things like ‘Entertainment Tonight’.

Adam shares his love for ‘Tropic Thunder’ and laments watching it on comedy central where they edit all of the cussing but they don’t edit the scene where the director steps on the land mine nor the next scene where Ben Stiller starts shoving his fingers into the decapitt3ed Steve Coogan head.

Adam is now watching the scene and asks who we’re cleaning this up for, Adam is doing some live commentary on one of his favorite movies while ranting at Comedy Central.


Adam perfectly imitates the way they remove expletives from content, Adam says that there are no rules for cable TV and the rules are made up by the cable companies who own them.

Adam would like to enjoy this movie and laments the only uncut scene being the most disgusting one, Gina takes it back to Emily and Adam tells her to tell the kids to drop and give her 20.

Adam shares how if she’s worried about being a good mom then she’s already ahead of the game.

Adam gives out the plugs for David and he tells them about ‘I’ll be me’ a great documentary about Glen Campbell.


Gina is now reading the rules about cable TV content laws, Adam is bringing up he’s scene ‘Scared Straight’ on PBS with full expletives.

David comments on how we were much freer with language in the 1970’s and cites some song lyrics, Adam fires some back.

Adam wraps up with David and they head to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam Ray is making his 7th appearance on the show, with some ‘What not to watch on TV tonight’.

Adam says he’s always happy to see Adam Ray, Adam shares his take on urinal small talk.

Adam says that the public bathroom should be a phone free zone and shares the story of walking into the small bathroom and talking to the guy on his cell phone who was on the line with someone.


Adam is now sharing his 2nd experience with this while approaching a Suge Knight sized man, Adam shares how he shut down the conversation and the guy lamented his small dick.

Adam Ray is riffing and Adam talks about Cock out Conversation and how bizarre it is, Adam is talking about the men’s urinal troughs at Dodger’s stadium.

Adam is now describing how women could emulate this system, hence why they wait for a bathroom stall.


Adam says that women don’t utilize their piss space properly, Gina wasn’t aware of sport’s stadiums trough urinals and they’re showing her some video of a guy going full flume and sliding across the urinal trough like it’s a piss luge.

Gina has a funny reaction and now Adam is talking about the Rotten Tomato score for ‘Spy’ and how it’s doing well for a big budget comedy, Adam Ray is praising Paul Feig and he tells them about the dick scene in the movie.

Adam praises Paul Feig and jokes about him having a show called “what you’re not gay!?” and jokes about not caring about what he looks like outside of the house.


Adam Ray is asking Adam about his “go to shirts” and Adam describes how he wore out his red/white checkered shirt, should’ve auctioned it man!

Adam is telling the audience about Adam Ray’s new song.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Mazda


Adam Ray is sharing the inspiration for the song and how he overhears his roommate and his lady bone, he shares how she has labeled him ‘Frosted Flakes Man’ and describes how she says normal things in joke form.

Adam is talking about chicks are way worse drunks than men, Adam is commenting on how men become enhanced or decrease versions of themselves.

Gina explains how women think they’re getting more adorable, Adam is mocking the “it’s her birthday” audience hecklers and Adam tells them to remove her pussy and says he’ll eat it on the way back to the hotel.


Adam is further joking about the drunk chick behaviors that are almost universal in each city he visits, Gina is killing it backing him up.

Adam is back to his point about the ‘Frosted Flakes’ title and he talks about watching drunk girls eat frosted flakes by the fistful.

Adam jokes about not videotaping yourself or recording yourself fucking, he has a nice golf club swing analogy.

Adam jokes about getting jealous at himself for fucking his wife on camera, hilarious fake scenario he just made up and joked about.


Adam Ray says there isn’t a catchy cum song and explains it’s just known as “cum song” at this point, they’re playing it.

Adam calls it another lovely offering, Adam brings up one more hot drunken chick thing and takes it back to the cereal thing.

Adam is explaining how you will talk to a drunk chick who will accuse you of being obsessed with something or someone for bringing something up, he’s got a funny Ryan Seacrest example.


Adam Ray is now sharing how her witnessed women break off and talk shit about other women and the inherent desire for the flame of drama among women.

Adam is talking about how adult men end up talking shit about the guy who doesn’t show up, Adam says “real dudes don’t give a fuck”.


Gina’s News – no intro theme

1st Story is on P. Diddy’s arrest and charges for assault and terrorist threats, Adam talks about how black father can enjoy their kids entering professional sports.

Adam jokes about swinging his oxygen tank at Sonny’s college coach.

Adam talks about Diddy’s privileged son and Adam Ray has a funny pterodactyl one liner,
Adam talks about Fabio getting hit by the seagull and now riffs about Diddy trying to tell you how many jobs he has, he’s not even sure.

They’re now watching some footage of the coach involved in the assault tripping a player during an NFL game.


Adam talks about a recent perfect game being ruined by a batter who took the ball into his carbon fiber elbow pad, Adam is saying those pads should be illegal, what keeps it real is a 93mph fastball hitting you and keeping you from doing this.

Adam says that Tabata was sticking his elbow out, and it cost Scherzer a perfect game.

Adam Ray asks what Adam would say to the coaches if he was in Diddy’s shoes, Adam is asking if Diddy hit the guy with the kettle bell.


Adam Ray has a funny “Wolverine Fight” comment and he brings up ‘The Air up There’ after Adam praises ‘Breaking Away’ and the scene with Daniel Stern with a ball stuck to his hand.

Adam jokes about a kettle bell only being a weapon if a guy is in a pool, Adam asks if there is any woman less sexual than Judith Light, not beautiful but sexual, Adam comments on the ongoing visual bits.


Adam is doing a live read for Nestcam

Adam mocks Adam Ray’s lack of square footage and he rolls with it

Tony Danza loves his bagel bites edition.


2nd Story is on Charlie Sheen’s Father’s day twitter rant aimed at his ex-wife Denise Richards, Adam is joking about is mom trying to sue Charlie for calling Denise the worst mom of all time.

Adam is joking about the comments from Sheen, Charlie also mocked her acting chops and Adam Ray does a decent impression.

Adam is asking about being the wife who gets the praise from the crazy douchey guy, Adam is joking about Ted Nugent wanting to talk race politics and wanting to endorse a political candidate, making a point about guilt by association.


Adam says that Charlie was hotter when he was 20lbs heavier, Adam Ray wishes that Charlie was really drinking tiger blood.

Adam is now joking about Chinese ensure coming with 20% more rhino horn, Adam Ray has a beaver clit addition and Adam comments on how humans eat the most blood of cows and we don’t inherent their instincts from it nor become more like them.


Adam says he’s probably consumed over 200 gallons of cow blood in his life, Adam is joking about Survivor never righting a song about a cow eye and him grazing in his friends yards.

Adam says that the premise of “the blood” and the superstition native in all of us that presumes you must gain tiger powers and Gina shares how she gave up beef in 1993.

Adam has a funny point about vegetarians, the most like the cows being the ones who don’t consume any of their blood.

Gina closes the news and Adam asks if they really need BB.


Adam is doing a live read for Jack Threads

Nothing good can come from the mall edition, Adam Ray praises Orange Julius

Adam and Adam riff about the shoes never being available in your size and the alternate pairs the salesperson brings out.

Adam is lousy with board shorts.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.