Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/23/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 365

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/23/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 365

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-17-2016 – Release Date 06-23-2016

Production Number #365 – Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny

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Adam has an extended intro and he mentions the live shows they do, Drew asks if their Live ACS from the Icehouse aired yet, Adam talks about people traveling to see him and how impressive that is.

Adam talks about the couples, father and son and daughter teams who come to see him.

Adam says the mini Vienna sausages are now almost nonexistent, he talks about the ironic Hors d’oeuvre that are now served, Adam’s only seen pigs in a blanket when at fancy parties trying to poke fun at Americana.


Adam says he never had those as a child, meat, savory, not allowed at the Carolla home.

Adam says he would punch his mom in the stomach if he thought she could take it, lamenting her whole wheat pasta that is just as bad if not worse for you than regular pasta.

Adam brings up the chocolate vs. carob calorie count and says he gets challenging yourself but this is beating yourself in the head with a shoe.


Adam is now working Sanka into the mix and they talk about the bullshit people bought into, Drew says one word “Gremlin” meaning the car, is the ultimate example.

Adam is now talking about AMC Matador, the car in the art for this episode.

Adam says when the Matador was coming out, it was during the gas crunch and had no room in the back seat despite the huge footprint and was sold at the time you could by a 4 door Volkswagen rabbit that could easily fit people more comfortably.

Gary is now saying he’s uncertain he could even get into the Matador.


1st Caller Joe, he’s a big fan and tells them about being successful in his 30’s and his frustration with real world skills not translating to any pussy in real world dollars.

Adam is bringing up Tom Johnson a guy he worked with as a contractor, Adam is bringing up conventions and convention booth, they never made money as they jumped around too much.

Joe says he bought 3 houses and dates, he’s very busy and can’t get women to commit and Adam thinks he might be sending out an invisible signal to turn them off or put them off.


Drew says he could also not be putting enough time into developing a relationship, Adam says Joe sounds like he’s reading a rap sheet of accomplishments to prove he’s a good guy and successful, a good catch.

Adam thinks he’s up into his head a little too much and Drew blames his location out in the farmlands.

Adam says it’s about finding a place that’s “target rich” as he references Maverick from ‘Top Gun’ and suggests an improv class to meet women while contrasting that against a jobsite.

Adam has a killer riff mocking Joe about buying everyone’s home in a neighborhood.


Adam and Drew are doing a Blue Apron Live Read


2nd Caller Walter, he’s got a wife with “daddy issues” and Drew is breaking down the information and backstory.

Walter is telling them about his father in law who abandoned the family and has multiple families.

Adam and Drew are offering up some practical advice, Adam ponders how many conversations women have had about how to break bad news to dudes, he has a hilarious “cat” analogy and jokes about someone using a toy to keep him comfortable.

Adam says he loves it when Drew gets caught being condescending and Adam has a funny ‘Giant Easter Bunny’ to break bad news joke.


Adam talks about now being able to endure people telling you what to do and how it’s a little bit of a skillset, it needs to be learned and often times is instilled via organized sports or the military.

Drew talks about climbing the ladder of people telling you what to do, he brings up the similar needs for a 1st yr. resident in medicine and a P.A. on a film set.

Adam says the participation trophy is right up there with “does she swallow?” in both cases we’re emphasizing the wrong point, Adam is now saying that not starting while in little league sucks, he has no qualms with giving a trophy to those who didn’t get to play or get off the bench.


Adam gets into his trophies and how the “most improved” one was almost worthless to him, Adam is now back to the swallowing and asks “does she transport?” and explains how they could have a banquet for the team and Drew is now sharing an anecdotal story he heard about a graduation where a teacher got up and read a chapter about each student.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read

Drew is a used car enthusiast edition


Drew has a new obsession ‘Unreal’ a series set behind the scenes at show like ‘The Bachelor’ and Drew says it’s precisely what goes on.

Drew says he’s been binge watching it for two days in a row, Adam is familiar with the concept but has never done it and says his wife has enough TV time.

Adam is telling them about ‘The Adam Carolla Project’ and Gary ask if the trip to get Ray boots was “cooked” for the show, Adam says you got to go do stuff and they came up with ideas, they didn’t cook or fake anything.


Adam talks about being offered a job as a long snapper for arena league football, he describes how Steve failed his three test kicks and Adam objected to the job offer as they don’t have the “No Can Rule” in arena football, it could lead to snapped neck.

Drew says he was infighting against producers with his various series.


3rd Caller John, he’s calling about his custody situation and Adam is recalling that he paid like $130 for Ray’s boots and he never wore them, he talks about Ray and his nature of contrarianism.

John wants to know about moving away with the kids and wonders what they think, Adam jokes about having a homeless person kill his wife as he makes a point about his ex who sounds like she’s checked out.

Jon is listing off her various aliments and Adam jokes about trying to flee with his kid, he says Natalia would be clawing into his head like a cat.

Adam offers up some practical advice for going over this with his ex, Drew is hammering about the custody and he asks if he would cut his kids loose with this mom and leave them behind while he moves.


Adam and Drew both share how they would react to his situation; Drew says you want their mom in their lives you just don’t want to turn them over to her.


Adam is doing a Live Read with Dr. Drew

Hand off Bewm! Edition

Adam jokes about mailing Phil away, Drew asks for an update on him, Gary says he’s been well mannered around the shop, Adam says he’s still shitting up the lawn.


Adam gives out the closing plugs and they wrap up the show.