Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/22/2015 – Skip and Alison Bedell, and Travis Corkery

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/22/2015 – Skip and Alison Bedell, and Travis Corkery

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Skip and Alison Bedell, and Travis Corkery

Recorded 06-21-2015 – Release Date 06-22-2015

Production Number #1599

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Adam opens the show to a father’s day intro, Adam is now doing a quick correction and says that on Friday he misspoke when he said that Bill Simmons would be guesting in September and talking shit, he says it’s not what it implied and blames it on being a bit tipsy.

Travis is making his first in studio visit, Adam’s kids have taken over the mic intended for Travis.

Adam asks the kids about their father’s day activities with him at the racetrack, Adam brings up how they get to go see ‘Jurassic  World’ and Adam is taking it back to the asphalt in Fontana.

“Everything is black except for the fans” – Adam on the blacktop and attendees


Adam is sharing how his phone was in a holder sitting next to him while driving, his temperature sensitive iPhone, Adam says it made it 3 laps before it shutdown.

Chris chimes in and says the phone was clearly overheated and hot to the touch, android operates at 170F no problem.

Sonny is now sharing a story, Adam has a funny holocaust reference and for the 2nd time in Adam’s career someone asked him what the holocaust was while on air.


Adam is sharing how he doesn’t think the car he was using has been raced for more than a decade, they’re now watching Adam racing and doing some light commentary over the footage.

They’re wrapping up the footage and now Adam is sharing his plan to avoid the heat, he waited until the last second and it bit him in the ass, the 2 o’clock race started early.

Adam says he got a lot of seat time in the car and that was worth it alone, Adam shares that Sonny wanted a hotdog and they showed up at the vendor to find out they were out of hotdogs.


Adam says the turnout was very light this year, the snack shack was also then not very busy around noon when Sonny hit the place up with Adam.

Adam talks about the pre-race prayer and how it freaks him out, Sonny is now taking credit for the term “midday” and Adam is ranting about the absence of hotdogs at the beginning of the day, the reason they were out of hotdogs is due to the lack of competition.

Adam says they had the 10$ Louisiana dog, they bought those and Sonny’s favorite condiment relish wasn’t available, Adam is now further ranting about the lack of options and competition that only fosters complacency and this kind of terrible service.

Adam says they didn’t have onions, just mustard and ketchup.


Gina and Adam discuss why they didn’t have fries and Gina has some Intel about the markup on fries it seems.

BB asks Sonny how much of the movie ‘Jurassic World’ through his fingers, BB asks if he’s ever seen a man disemboweled and he says he has, Adam has a killer joke about him on the toilet.


Adam is doing an Arctic Ease Live Read

Adam put his iPhone in the cooler before the race edition


Adam plugs the live show with Adam Goldberg, Adam is very intrigued about his booking and looks forward to the show.

Adam plugs the Take a Knee with Stephen J. Dubner and brings up how they were both flummoxed that the government doesn’t run based off the economic theories found in that book.

Adam is now ranting about giving the problems of society over to the smart guys and letting them solve things for us.


Gina has some wisdom about calculated decisions based on facts and the lack of emotions involved in those decisions, in a good way.

BB brings up the controversy regarding some of the findings of the book and notes the abortion statistics with the decline in crime rates over the next couple decades.

Travis compliments the Mangria and Adam asks him when he went Alaska and mock his answer with a funny “answer the question” and he’s quizzing him about his life.


Adam jokes about Matt Fondiler being in “Uber Mode” and now charging everyone for driving them.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe live read

Dawson has to move edition


Travis in studio with a live round of his signature game

Greater than/Less Than

Adam asks him about his preference for wrenches, snap on.


1st GTLT the percentage of women who use online dating who will sleep with men on the first date vs. the amount of black NHL players.

Adam is commenting on how guys think and how they add an extra 40lbs to the women who would be willing, Adam says that he was watching ‘The Facts of Life’ and Natalie wasn’t the fat.

Gary gets on mic saying they’re having trouble finding full body shorts of the cast, Gina says that Blair wasn’t that thin.


Adam says the NHL has some brothers in there now and says you know the color barrier has come down when to guys of the same race try to kill themselves at center ice while playing for opposing teams.

BB is joking about being uncertain of Adam’s black NHL player stats, they all weigh in and Adam has a great reaction to the 40% stat and the 31 black players, more than double Adam’s estimation.

Adam predicts what a life his son will have when he’s an adult with these relaxed expectations.


2nd GTLT the Top speed of the Bugatti Super Sport vs. the amount of Volkswagen beetles sold in 1949.

Adam tries to describe Hitler as Henry Ford if he hated Jews but then realizes that’s not much clearer, they all weigh in and Travis tells them about the two Volkswagens sold in 1949.


Adam is now doing a live read for Dollar Shave club


3rd GTLT The Number of internet connected computers in North Korea vs. new car dealerships in California, Adam shares the license plate frame “Tennis is my Raquette” he saw on a new car, a brand new car.

Adam says people no longer understand the term “racket” in today’s world.

Adam has a killer “I Heart Chugging cock” and “#1 Dad” license plate frame example for how one should hang these in the garage and now mount them on the car.


Adam is arguing against the constant 24/7 need for kids being heard and compares how his vote didn’t count when he was a kid.

Adam gives out a plug for Travis and chooses to just bring Skip and Alison in mid-show, interesting move, nice change of pace.

Skip and Alison were last on for ACS #1429 from last year, they made a cameo last week due to some Mike August meeting confusion.

Skip has also done a couple episodes of Ace on the House.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Nate wants advice on how to handle the stress of all of his heavy live events and busy schedule, Adam is now commenting on the screen and asking Gary why they’re having this problem.

Nate is back to his problems and Adam is mocking him for complaining about being busy, Adam is not addressing his own daily laments on his busy schedule.

Adam is sharing how far out of the way Phil Rosenthal’s place is and how he will see Skip at 8am the next morning, he’s saying it’s all busy and inconvenient but its called life.

Adam tells him to chip away, BB says change is almost always good.


Skip is weighing in and has some fine points about getting out of your comfort zone and expanding your horizons, Adam gets in some plugs and compliments for the great Skip.

Adam is sharing the conversation he had with their production crew and Adam says he took the crown as ultimate primadonna as he wants to go home.

Adam compliments Skip on not yet freaking out, Alison shares how she came out of her trailer in underwear to make a point echoing Skip’s comments about their sometimes unnecessary setup times.


Adam is quizzing Alison about her fulltime job, she’s informing him about the majority of the family situations she encounters and Adam reiterates her point about the poor pets of these households that are treated even worse than the abused and neglected children.


Adam compliments Skip on his black belt in building and they share their love for the mystery element of what they find behind the walls they tear open.


Adam is now premiering the new Rich Banks song inspired by Gina’s orgy story.

Gina tells them about the experience and the guys who were “Porky Pigging” by rocking a shirt with no pants, dongs out.

Adam is mocking her Orgy experience and the sound of the real life ones vs. what you see in Caligula, Adam is now sharing the real life 1960’s bat mobile that was far less impressive in person.


Gina says the Greek islands are really depressing when it comes to nude beaches after Skip brings up the topic, BB is into topless Vegas pools, yeah…

They’re now playing the song by Rich Banks and it’s delightful, “Hey, Hey it’s an Orgy” and now Gina is further walking Alison and Skip through her experience.

Adam is joking about a split stream between that guy “Porky Pigging” on the weekend and his super boring normal job he has on Monday, behind the counter at the Alamo rental car counter at the airport.


Gina brings up ‘Orange Is the New Black’ and how most of the Orgy dudes resemble Mr. Caputo from that series, Adam is asking how many people constitute an orgy, he was trying to get that number on the live show and says it wasn’t anyone in the room’s fault they didn’t get to it.

Everyone is now weighing in, Skip has a funny “one dude spanking it on the side” line that cracks everyone up.


Adam is doing an live read

“The rope I use to skip through life is from Onnit” – Adam




Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Charleston South Carolina massacre and Gina apologizes for getting to this first but it’s necessary, Adam is saying this shooter is crazy and could be anyone with any ideology.

Adam says they should kill this guy, Adam says that murder and by virtue of the fact that we’re hear that makes you nuts, Adam talks about a father who drowned his kids.

Adam says they’re racists out there but you must be insane to commit mass murder, a racist crazy person.


Adam says this is insane first, racist second.

Skip has some fine points, Adam hates the narrative of this being symptomatic of race relations in this country as its defeatist when the mental health angle has an immediate solution.

Gina brings up the Rhodesian flags and shares how she was unfamiliar with the unrecognized state, she seems to imply its fictitious, Adam jokes about the dog being their most famous export.


Adam is asking her about the failed state, Adam is now riffing about it and asks where ridgeback came from, Adam jokes about “white’s only” groups and how Africa might not be the best place to start up a chapter.


2nd Story is an update on the escaped convicts in upstate New York, Adam says these guys need to kill themselves and disposes of their remains so the mystery is never solved.

Adam says this could be his kids D.B. Cooper and will provide future generations with good camping stories, hilarious Bruce Jenner reference.

Gina has a few details about the escaped men, Alison reiterates the danger and Skip jokes about her personal armory.


Adam jokes about the “definition of disgruntled” regarding the convict who chopped up his boss, hilarious urban legend riffing from Adam.

Gina brings up the stats regarding the 138 escaped and still undiscovered convicts walking among us in the United States.


3rd Story is on the Arnold Schwarzenegger update to WAZE, she has the details on the various sayings and she plays a clip of the service.

Skip brings up his photo with Alison and Arnold from Gold’s Gym, they’re now displaying the photo for everyone to see.

Gina brings up how Arnold has been confused with his own wax statue.


4th Story is on a 30 Seconds to Mars camp event, Adam asks why Jared Leto is out living 10 lives and wants to know what he knows that Adam seems to lack regarding his zest for life.

Adam wants to know how people find time to work with all of this down time and adventuring, Adam jokes about Rihanna doing anything but performing or touring.

Adam brings up how the Rat Pack and Elvis were almost ever-present on stage and BB brings up the mailbox money.


Adam brings up Cindy Crawford and her husband, they seem to never work and BB argues she earned her savings, failing to bring up her husband’s wealth.


Adam is doing a Nestcam live read

Adam likes the Nest Thermostat a whole bunch edition

“Yeah I’d pick that up with a certain amount of trepidation, oh great Molly farted” – Adam


5th Story is on the climate pods now featured at the Stockholm international airport, Alison wants to know why they would do this, Skip jokes about farting all around the globe, hilarious accent work, gold!

Adam is now joking about various simulations and asks if the plane doesn’t fuck up this whole premise, how can you carry any climate momentum, Adam brings up Rhodesia and BB has a solid “white out” one liner.

Skip shares his “smell it!” instructions that follow each fart, hilarious!


6th Story is on the red eye sting often a result of swimming in chlorinated pools and how it might be due to urine and other gross things bonded to the chlorine.

Adam is asking about why he kids want him to go swimming with them, Adam says if he had a pool as a kid he wouldn’t have cared about his parents watching him.

BB says he had that desire and Gina also tries to make sense of it, Adam wants to know why he needs to supervise and has a solid Arnold callback, calling his TV cast mates “yahoos” and goes into a live read.


Adam is doing a Live Read for


Adam gives out the plugs and he’s giving a nice jumbo plug for ‘Catch a Contractor’ and BB plays Adam’s new “I Heart Chugging Cock” clip as the closing drop.