Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/22/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 154

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/22/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 154

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-17-2014 – Release Date 06-19-2014

Production Number #154

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Adam is opening the show asking for listeners to contribute 1$ per show, $8 per month via the PayPal subscriptions.

Drew is asking Adam about the patent troll situation and he’s telling him it’s officially on, no insurance nor protection for Adam.

Adam is now joking about his dad offering to chip in and give some legal expertise, Drew jokes about the idea of Adam’s dad owning a checkbook.


Adam is now getting to his dad admitting that he used his smokescreen of uselessness and poverty to keep people from asking him to do anything.

Adam is saying his parents have successfully trained everyone else in their lives to not think about them, Adam says it fucking works and it’s pretty fast.

Adam says there is a version of this in the workplace too, Adam is now saying there is an emotional component and mocks Gary and Chris, Chris has a deadpan thank you reply, gold!


Adam is now getting to the writers room at Kimmel, he’s sharing how some writers who you’d never even ask about going on a remote piece, because they had beat their co-workers down and stop them from asking.

Adam is now getting to how this effects job performance and advancement.

Adam is taking it to heavy places with a solid emotional water analogy.


Drew quotes Alanis Morisette and is now giving his take on promotions in the workplace and how the very person who Adam was describing who refuses to put themselves out at work is the person who doesn’t get promoted and then responds with anger and accusations.

Adam is now explaining how his parents don’t get the good sides of his life as they don’t want to do their part.

Adam is telling Drew about the time he broke his mother’s heart by telling her that she’s not in his top 20 of people he tells information to, after she found out he was getting married in 2002.


Drew is telling Adam he must hold up his end of the bargain to be a good son and he tells Adam it’s time to move on and Adam screams about how he’s moved on.

Adam is killing it making fun of himself, great accent to his performance too.

Drew cites Adam’s dead grandmother now only living inside of his head, Adam is saying that your family and coworkers right their own list, they choose where you trust them and how much.


Drew is now bringing up GRIT and how he’s been talking to his kids learning it while in college, Adam is now quoting Drew telling Adam that he “learned how to think” in college, a comment that has also haunted me for years.

Drew is trying to articulate a rough idea about his kids and their own ability to now reflect on the grit they’ve learned in college.

Drew says we’ve lost that in academia and this used to happen in grade school, he says it can happen in the military but doesn’t have to be left to just that and a quasi-abandoning childhood.


Adam is now using pep rallies and groundings to make a point about teaching kids to learn grit and the consequences of not being prepared.

Drew is trying to clarify the pressure must come from within, not the outside.

Adam is now using Douglas and his time at the music conservatory and experience overcoming adversity.


Adam says imposed grit is Viking slave ship material, it all has to come from within and he’s using various running metaphors vs. running from a bear to make his point.

Adam is now telling Drew how to leg it out with a Kodiak grizzly escape themed nature box live read.

Adam is begrudgingly turning the conversation back on himself and his life, he’s quoting a conversation with Sonny about trophies from his camp.


Adam is telling Drew that Sonny would prefer ‘most improved” over MVP and he’s sharing his reasoning and now Drew is adding some thoughtful points from his own childhood, using the term endowed to describe the actual MVP.

Adam is sharing he that he got most improved in 11th grade and he’s now explaining how he played high school football, in 10th and 11th grade and how he rode the pine instead of playing on the B team.

Adam is now describing the banquet where Coach Schmidt told him to keep his weight down to make the B team.


Adam is now connecting this back to the conversation with Sonny that connects things back 30 years for him and Drew is lamenting Adam not remembering that Drew brings up “Most Improved” trophies and how important they are.

Adam says he was mistakenly looking at most improved as an extension of the participation trophy and he was wrong, in judging other people and his own most improved award for which he no longer has the trophy.

Drew is now doing a live read and Adam once again uses the “gallon drum of douche” example for an embarrassing item to buy in bulk.


Adam is plugging the bitcoin donations for the legal defense fund.

Drew is now explaining why and how adversity plays a role in a child’s life, he’s using Adam as the poor example and Adam jokes about his family using no part of the buffalo.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.



1st Caller Haim, Adam predicts he’s addicted to pharmaceuticals based on his ethnically Jewish name and Drew’s science about addiction and genetic predispositions.

Drew is now trying to get through the bullshit of the caller’s multiple diagnosis and says he needs to treat his depression.

Drew calls him out on his disease motivating him, he’s not even hearing Drew.


Adam wants to know how much of sleep is genetic and he’s asking Drew about his sleep history, Adam is now getting to how sleep must be dialed in and how he didn’t know he needed an eye shade or ear plugs until he was 34.


Drew is sharing something he learned early in his career, he’s citing the elderly men in the nursing care who had news clippings about their achievements and Drew is making a connection between lack of sleep and mental illnesses.

Adam has a great automotive engine analogy for the brain and optimal operating temperature, Drew is bringing up how it’s the brain sleeping, Adam jokes about assholes not needing a nap.

Drew seems to enjoy it and I have a feeling he cracked up the boys behind the glass in the booth too.


Adam is explaining he would get all of his beds from the goodwill and they would come in a shrink-wrapped sack, Adam would spend 60 bucks on a bed and lay it on the floor.

Adam is citing this as another key thing that was never discussed, Drew says it’s an important part of health that nobody ever brings up.

Drew is bringing up the fibromyalgia like symptoms lack of sleep can lead too, he was getting strange pains while working as a resident.


Adam is doing a life lock live read and Adam references the news story that closed out episode #153.

Adam is bringing up the 175 rounds of golf that Obama has played since he’s been in office and Drew reminds people that Adam brought this up about Clinton and Bush too, bipartisan Ace.

Adam is bringing up the idea of Obama preaching one message and then out on the links the next day.


Drew cites Eisenhower and his reputation for golfing too much, now Adam is reading the actual numbers and saying he was rightfully judged.

Adam says that he and Jimmy Kimmel both enjoy golf and used to play after a day at work at KROQ and Adam says if he really wanted to he could fit in maybe 5 rounds per year.

Adam just thinks it’s a disconnect between the president and his message and feels like it’s done with impunity, Adam has an example about the head of GM during the government bailouts.


Drew is sharing how much sense Donald Trump was making on an interview he was listening to on the way into the studio.

Adam is addressing the birther nonsense and he’s now going to the rhetoric about George Bush and his presidency.

Adam has a great grand point about the differences in Bush and Obama and the lack of differences in the world, Drew says we need to become more like Voltaire.

“I’m not into comic books, so… did he harness lighting?” – Adam


Drew is doing a bark box live read.

Adam is now saying the problem with the left is they don’t recognize real evil, he’s using his mom and the Soviet Union and the label of “The Evil Empire” and Drew explains its relativism.

Adam and Drew don’t believe in cultural relativism, Adam is now getting to the long held almost secret belief about a multicultural president who finally changed the dialogue and reaction of the middle east.


Adam says they didn’t anticipate evil, it’s not based in logic.

Drew says he can’t completely jump onto one platform or party, Adam agrees it’s all over.


2nd Caller Drew, he had an excruciating headache right before orgasm, Drew is telling him he needs to see a neurologist to rule out the possible diagnosis.

Adam is plugging the signed hard covers of NTBM and giving out the standard show plugs.