Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/21/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 248

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/21/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 248

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-17-2015 – Release Date 06-21-2015

Production Number #248 – Label Your Mugs

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Adam opens the show with the standard “get it on” intro and wishes everyone a happy father’s day, Drew hopes to be doing nothing for the day.

Adam says he’ll be working tonight and spending the day in Fontana racing, Adam shares how hot the race is going to be, Adam is explaining that how people are very used to getting into a car with AC, also used to wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Adam says this full body covering and the fire suit coupled with the lack of AC ends up creating a very hot environment, Adam is telling Drew about the mouth and nose covering of the Balaklava.


Drew brings up the irony of Adam doing this as a his hobby while hating heat so much, Adam says the adrenaline blocks out the heat.

Adam is sharing how the long johns are soaked through by the time the race is done, Adam says he bought another pair as he can’t wait for the one pair to drive.

Drew is reading the name Gina off of Drew’s mug and Adam explains that the name of a girl who works there.


Adam is explaining how he was fed up with the mugs and the half-filled creamer puddles and finally laid down the edict regarding labeled mugs.

Drew is complimenting the Adam and Drew show mug, he’s praising the design and asking Chris who picked the outline.

Adam says that one of the gifts you get as the #ADSLOTJ winner, Drew is now heading into a live read.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam brings up how his family tries to get him to play Nintendo and how he’s not up for children’s games and only likes simulators, things with an application to the real world.

Adam is on an extended explanation about how problem solving is the biggest part of his racing hobby and he even defends games and other activities that teach kids to problem solve and think differently.


Adam is bringing up the Charcoal Smoker bought by the latest #ADSLOTJ and Adam orders Chris to put some cameras on the latest race car.

Adam is now bringing up who is responsible for cleaning the mugs after Drew asks, Drew is now holding up a mug and says “in this style” to demonstrate the larger sized mug.

Adam is asking Drew if he hasn’t figured all of this out in life yet.


Adam is sharing his mug policy details and complains about minty Monsanto fueled corn syrup based shit (flavored creamer) and he makes a point about black coffee not ruining mugs the same way.

Drew brings up the case of a 17 year old transgendered person making the news, Adam is commenting on his own ignorance regarding Caitlyn’s transition and surgeries.

They comment on the increase in transgendered news items and seeming increase of Trans people in society.


Drew is now pre-apologizing to GLAAD and saying he’s an ally, giving his understanding of the statistics and Drew brings up woman who identified as male, without and surgeries nor hormones.

Adam is sharing his confusion about he/she pronoun and how he is aware of the sensitivity and isn’t trying to offend nor confuse himself.

Adam jokes about Matt Fondiler transitioning, Drew is now asking if Trans people were already there, much like Gay people who were always among society.


Adam is now bringing up pot and stigma, Adam is asking if more people smoke pot or if they’re now just more open about it, he makes some very fair estimations on the percentages of people in society influenced by media.

Adam says one must be on the cusp of sucking cock already, Adam shares how his son likes Eric Stonestreet’s character on ‘Modern Family’ and a discussion they had about the sexual identities of the gay couple on the show.

Adam and Drew are now discussing how long it’s going to take before we… Adam is now bringing up Service Dogs after Drew has a funny reply about the various things Adam has bitched about over the years.


Adam has a funny Thunderbear (Chief) and Mitsuk reference to make a point about the appeal of lying to have a conversation built around and uses affirmative action to make his point.

Adam is killing this and now ties it all into the victim culture that everyone wants to dabble in out of their own narcissism.

Adam says go to a dinner party with the nicest clearest thinking people you know, Adam is sharing how someone will tell a story about an injury and then they will be glommed on with someone else’s story, Drew recognizes Adam’s point about people commiserating.


Adam is now bringing up the time he did HuffPo Live and says they should just call themselves “The Misery Channel” and shares how learned about Orthorexia, Adam is now playing a clip from the interview with someone who suffers from this.

Adam mocks the “I,I,I,I,I,I” used by the narcisit idiot, Adam is now sharing the details of his recent green shake and joeks about these people making great pirates.

Drew says it’s an interesting conversation, Adam says it’s not and Drew clarifies he means the current one they’re having.


Adam says you can turn anything into something and tells people to knock it off, Drew is now is sharing the science of hormone therapy.

Adam is asking how much time we want to devote to discussing less than 1% of the population, Drew brings up the thinking that originates from the 1970’s about focusing the most on the least enfranchised people.

Adam says it’s perhaps less of a leap from one skin color or nationality than it is from gender to another gender.


Adam is now joking about why it would never work because if he had his kids wear blackface or pose as a Hispanic person they would be sucked up into the school to prison pipeline.

Adam has a killer one liner about the name he would give his daughter.

Adam is now joking about “identifying” and says that the school to prison pipeline only sucks cock (men) up into it.


Adam says he doesn’t need to worry about the school to prison pipeline as it doesn’t exist, but the quotas at various colleges do exist.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

“Like the Terminator!” – Adam


1st Caller Dustin, he praises ‘Road Hard’ and ‘Winning’ and compliments the smoking scene, Adam is joking about the herbal cigarettes they offer instead of tobacco ones while on set.

Adam is mocking the logic of one plant being different than another when it comes to their leaves, Drew brings up the realistic dangers of cloves.

Drew says he was on the set of Mad Men and everything smelled like pot due to the “clove smoke catharsis” enveloping the set.


Dustin has some facts about the dangers of cloves, Adam asks if people are just all retarded dopes and mocks the second hand smoke death statistics.

Dustin shares his depression after his breakup, Drew says his pot smoking is only leading to further depression.

Adam is now arguing about the term “natural” and Drew busts out the old Amanita phalloides reference, Drew says he might be hampered by the biology of being an untreated addict.


Adam is bringing up the founding fathers and their hemp farms, Dustin asks how Drew knows he hasn’t seen a doctor.

Dustin tells them about his weightless and promotions, Adam says if you’re depressed and upset in your 20’s throw yourself into work, especially for men.


Drew is now doing a live read for ‘Selfless’ and Adam chimes in with the assist.

Adam compliments the trailer at


Adam brings up ‘The Thing With Two Heads’ and says it’s the best 1min trailer, they now play it and Adam mocks the “Too Much” on the copy.

Adam is mocking the “white bigot” part and further mocks the trailer, a mini Basic Cable Commentary as it were.


Adam tells people not to write thing and add a softening statement or wording, he brings up his assistants and their “or not?” additional comments for businesses when asking about delivery options.


2nd Caller Jessica, she’s 18 and is asking her 2nd question, she is asking if her partner should be testing, Drew says they should be using a condom and Adam joeks about her partner identifying as a person without herpes.

Adam says you should identify as someone without AIDS and digs into HuffPo.

Drew tells her to ensure she has the HPV vaccine, Adam comments on her parents being overprotective and how it’s like spinning a karmic roulette wheel.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Adam teases a long form sit-down interview.

Gary assists with a Take a Knee plug.