Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/20/2016 – Alex Epstein

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/20/2016 – Alex Epstein

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Alex Epstein

Recorded 06-19-2016 – Release Date 06-20-2016

Production Number #1846

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Adam opens the show with a stilted intro, he explains that Gina Grad is stuck in traffic due to a huge fire and BB has a Father’s Day related #TopDrop.

Adam welcomes Alex Epstein to the show, he almost mixes him up with Alex Borstein and Gina enters the studio only missing a minute of the show.

Alex is now talking about side effects and fossil fuels exaggerated risks and negatives.


Adam is talking about America developing on fossil fuels and how unfair it is to now ask other countries to use renewable methods and spend more than we did to get where we are.

Adam is talking about America and our consumption and the global risks/benefit, can we have any impact if China doesn’t join us and try too.

Alex says people are doing this in ritual, they’re not scientific and are worshiping the religion of “natural” and now Adam talks about humans without actual problems creating new problems that didn’t exist before.


Adam shares his reaction to the population of Christians being down and how as an atheist he would rather a bunch of religious people he disagrees with as neighbors than people obsessed with plastic bags.

Alex is also an atheist and he now shares the two interpretations of natural and how religious people can see things in this argument Adam is talking about.

Adam talks about people who complain about emissions and global warming yet have a huge global footprint and Alex is now arguing against solar and wind technologies.

Alex asks about people not using nuclear power instead, he brings up the natural argument and Alex calls humans “transformers” and BB plays the classic cartoon sound effect.


Alex is now calling solar and wind “unreliables” instead of renewables and Adam references Take a Knee’ with Manoj Bhargava and references their discussion about nuclear power and why it can’t be used in the modern era, in order to appease dumb people who, believe in made up risks and have an anti-technology POV.


Adam talks about the anti-technology folk among us and references fission and fusion and Alex is now sharing the two perspectives on nature and how some think it should be humanized and some view it as though it should remain untouched.

Adam brings up the safety stand point of nuclear power and Adam brings up the body count he always asks for and references Three Mile Island, Alex has the stats about people dying at that even and Fukushima.

Alex says it’s an empirical fact that nuclear power is the safest form of energy and Gina asks about the risk of it altering human DNA.


Adam is now doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam brings up the “real cool thing they did” with the Clone Rivals Edition


Alex is bringing up critical thinking and he says you need to distinguish between speculation and demonstration, he begins up danger of radioactivity and doses in human beings.

Alex has a “right outside of a nuclear power plant” radiation dosage quantity anecdote, he talks about the cosmic rays we absorb while flying in airplanes and jets.

Adam talks about his hippy mom and her theories about everything that caused cancer, microwave ovens, TV’s and everything they didn’t have, Adam jokes about watching ‘Roots’ on a black and white TV and being super confused about the story and controversy.


Adam now gets to his mother’s “white vs. brown” racial logic that went into food, Adam says the one things her and her hippy ilk never mentioned was the sun, the real risk of cancer.

Adam says that the sun is viewed as natural and therefore it can’t kill you, not like white sugar.

Alex brings up the fundamental bias some humans have against things created by man, he dubs them “Human Racists” and BB has a telling wow reaction.


Alex has an anecdote from a grocery store and Adam asks which is it, the best locally sourced ingredients or do we like importing ingredients, BB says those are this generations buzzwords designed to get people to by stuff.


BB says he’s behind the spirit of buying locally sourced stuff and Alex talks about the luxury of paying more for inefficient ingredients, Alex says he wants whatever the best is, not just what’s close by.

Adam is now floating an idea about leaving decisions like this to the experts, why the government doesn’t ever have anyone running on a platform of bringing in the best people for the job.

Adam is now sharing his full idea with Alex about cherry picking ideas from other cultures and BB suggests liker the Avengers of good ideas and they riff about Adam as Nick Fury with double eye patches to show he means business.


Adam is now doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam is now asking Alex what he thinks of his proposal, he says it’s the worst idea imaginable and says that’s the premise of socialism.

Adam jokes about Alex being kicked out of The Groundlings and Alex tells them about getting the government out of the way so smart people can compete.

He thinks the government staying out of these decisions is not a simple concept and would actually allow for the market to choose what’s best.


Alex has a point about a panel of experts picking the most successful podcast, would they pick the ACS if that was the method, BB has a killer Leo Laporte one liner.

Alex’s vocal tone changes a bit as he tells them about being served a subpoena for his POV about fossil fuels and a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil.

Adam jokes about OJ signing a lot of books and moving while he was locked up in the joint, Adam thinks he could get a lot done too.


Adam is talking about the government sicking various departments on people they disagree with, ala the IRS hit list for conservative groups and individuals.

Alex talks about being civilized and comments on his use of obscenity to the attorney general who subpoenaed him.

Alex says this is not a civilized society that we’re living in and brings up the way they can silence anyone with a prison sentence.


Adam says that when he was struggling at his worst he never thought of what the president or the government could do for him, he says it didn’t make sense to him at even 19 yrs. Old.

Adam says he thinks the government can only fuck you up, Alex talks about the monopoly of force and what he wants from a government, Alex talks about his tax bills and paying for irresponsible people.

Alex explains his feelings regarding personal responsibility and paying their own expenses, Adam talks about mental illness and criminal activity and what that looks like in a world of parents like Dr. Drew.


Adam talks about Drew being a hand wringer and calls himself a cock wringer, he quotes Dr. Drew and his 250k per kid times 3 worries about sending his kids to college.

Adam says that in a world of Dr. Drew’s triplets you can leave your car door open and your wallet on the front seat, if Drew’s had mental illness they wouldn’t end up on the street, they have a family structure.

Adam says this is on the one issue never tackled by politicians, Alex is back to his Whole foods observations and he brings up how people don’t really care about human beings, he makes a point about moral thinking.


Adam agrees and he cites the Gavin Newsom episode and the predatory check cashing topic, he says “that pussy two face Gavin Newsom” and tells people to stop infusing race into these topics.

Adam brings up how Gavin trotted out the race cared and then would use it to step around the actual discussion, he brings up how he was trying to get him to shut up.

Gina quotes Eric Garcetti and mistakes it for Gavin.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Digital scale “now we know” edition


Adam asks Alex if he had a final thought about this stuff, Alex asks about the kids Adam is advocating for and human flourishing in general, Adam says he just doesn’t’ want to be stabbed nor drive through a hell hole that makes him sad.

Alex brings up the Gavin Newsom episode and says that he did flounder and had nothing to say, he wraps up his point and moves onto the callers.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Paul, he’s’ calling about a woman he started seeing who is terminally ill, Adam jokes about terminally ill equating to trying anal sex.

Adam tells her that if she wants to spend time with him than she should get what she wants, Adam talks about making her existence the best it can be for the short time she has and how it will be tougher for him if he walks away and bails on her.

Adam is joking about Paul getting laid after she passes, Adam and Gina now enact a funny improv scene where Adam gives to examples of telling a new woman about your ex.


Gina thanks Adam for giving that advice to spend the time with her and make her life the best it can be for however long she has left.


2nd Caller Eric, he’s calling about a court date tomorrow and he gives them the background on the accident where he was rear ended and the car in front of him took off.

Eric is a considerate caller and asks them what he should say in court, Adam says that he can say to the judge the realistic distance when following the flow of traffic.

Adam says that Eric is essentially the victim here, twice over now with re cops ticketing him.


Adam is doing a Texture Live Read

BB’s wife Christie will be using this while they’re on vacation in Hawaii next week edition

Polio monthly and herpes periodicals comedy


Gina’s News

No News Today L.


BB closes the show to a “Fuck Off Fascist” drop from Alex talking about the D.A. who has subpoenaed him.