Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/19/2014 – Jason Nash, Busy Philipps, and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/19/2014 – Jason Nash, Busy Philipps, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jason Phillips, Busy Phillips and Matt Atchity

Recorded 06-18-2014 – Release Date 06-19-2014

Production Number #1349

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Adam is opening the show with a world cup rant inspired by the intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam is compares the scoring of soccer to his impatience with the MLB and its bloated schedule.

Adam has a killer intro for Matt, BB has a Pat O’Brien #TopDrop and Adam is telling the gang about having to get up at 530am for his drive to Sacramento and he’s lamenting how on days he has to get up super early his hyper vigilance will wake him up before the alarm.

Alison is asking Adam about the possibility of sleeping through an alarm and he’s telling them it would never happen while explaining why he’s stuck awake, Alison is giving her take and Adam has a killer pirate ship analogy “one weird monkey” this is gold!


Adam is proud of himself for using the “turn over” move he uses to pass people/lemmings in the left turn lane(s) and he’s explaining his 3 variants on the move.

Adam saw a guy pulled over and he’s sharing why he feels bad for the obvious “poor” cars i.e. beat up minivans and the like where a 286$ ticket can ruin their lives.

Adam is now calling for the cops to bring back the policeman’s ball and asks if they’re so concerned about safety why do they willing shoot so many people?


Adam says it’s time to destroy the system because they fucked it up so badly, just tear it down and ruin things.

Alison is asking Adam about the corporate job he was doing, Matt comments on Adam exalting anarchy right before talking about his corporate job.

Adam is bringing up a guy he ran into at the Sacramento airport (SMF) and is stopping to make an analogy about a guy with a girlfriend who is too hot for him in comparison to the airport, it’s too good for the people who live there, and BB has a funny one liner mocking himself.


Matt says it’s because of the state capital and it’s a marketing ploy, Alison chides him on stopping the relationship metaphors.

Adam is now saying that LAX should be better and Alison has a killer idea about the airport being like the denizens of Los Angles with small “nips and tucks” over the years but never a true overhaul.

Adam is now describing the guy he saw at the airport, BB has a killer “Oh the governor” joke, wow!

Adam is further describing this non-Cholo dude, Adam wants to know when the woman factors into this dressing decision, he’s asking about the wife beater as a shirt choice for a man in his 50s.


Adam is now calling out Matt’s big gut and asking him about his dress options for the airport, Alison has a funny reaction to Adam calling out the tummy.

Adam is joking about the guy and BB says maybe he’s cultivating a look, Alison replies “sack of shit” which has a little sting towards Matt though she doesn’t seem to intend it or she’s mocking Bryan and making it seem like he was implying that.

Adam is now referencing Tovar (Tobar) the Caveman and riffing with him ending up in Matt Atchity’s place.


Adam is explaining how Lynette was once again doing the preemptive lamenting about having to take Natalia to Disneyland for her birthday.

Adam is talking about his day, when you have one so scheduled you can see the curvature of your day warping in the horizon.

Adam is saying “even if it was called the 5th happiest place on earth” it would still be better than most activities.


Adam is now doing a live read for

Adam is joking about trying to find parking at Disneyland in the middle of this live read while talking about parking lots at Costco like warehouse stores.

Adam is thanking the lord for being able to return to the Burbank airport to head to Phoenix, Adam is now bringing up people in Los Angeles who can’t speak English.


Adam says that’s fine but they’re often in jobs where they’re in between you and information, Adam is telling them about his coffee mouth and how he needed a swish of water and was in the Hudson news in the Burbank Airport.

Adam says the woman told him “next door” and Adam doesn’t know why he leaves every third conversation in L.A. saying “I’ll figure this out myself” and Alison sums it up for him “sorry I asked” she’s now quizzing him on whether they had water in stock.

Adam is lamenting the lack of encouraging patronage in modern Los Angles businesses, he jokes that it’s like they want to you to go outside and die around the corner, anything but spend money in their business.


Adam is really going in depth on the “on your heels” reaction to the person pointing and grunting, Adam wants to know why these business allow these people to be the face of the business and not the cunt in the back.

Adam has an inverse example about an English speaking person in a foreign land doing the same job, Adam is now getting to an alpha predator analogy to explain the behavior of the Burbank Hudson News shopkeeper.

BB is telling them about an Adam Carolla ‘esque encounter with a security guard yesterday, Adam is helping him explain things.


BB asks if he’s a comedian and implies he might be telling people he is, Adam and Alison tell him distinctively no.

BB got some career advice and it was a totally ok encounter, not Carolla ‘esque really.

Adam is describing the encounter at the Soup, BB was possibly thinking of the parking lot guard at the hospital where Adam’s dad was staying.


Alison is now sharing her experience dealing with the same E building that Adam had his legendary incident at.

Adam is doing a Pet Flow live read with a focus on the non-ergonomic nature of lifting pet food, BB contributes greatly.


Rotten of Fresh Musician Biopics

Adam wants to know if musical films like “Jersey Boys” ever work out, he’s asking about legacy and wants to know if the gang would rather have them doing gay porn or the “Rob Lowe in St. Elmo’s Fire” scene in their back catalog.

Adam is trying to explaining to them how embarrassing the movie scene would be, now Alison just wants to know if they would watch their parents in gay porn.

Adam is setting up a new one, he says at 15 ½ yrs. old you have a choice you can watch a porn film with your dad in it, your dad is the star but he’s banging a hot chick you go to high school with, big titties, hot… but you gotta see your dad balls deep in her, would you watch it?”


Matt says no, BB has hilarious follow up questions and Alison has a solid American Beauty reference, Matt is still saying he does not want to see that.

Adam says he would’ve been in at 15 ½ and BB is saying no, Gary says no, Dawson says yes, Caelan says he’s already seen his dad have sex in movies, Mike Altier says yes and Adam has a killer joke that cracks up the booth, gold!


1st Movie Beyond the Sea (2004)

Adam says this is one of the movies he never saw but people use as an example for Kevin’s talent, BB has seen it, says it’s terrible.


2nd Movie Ray (2004)

Adam didn’t see the whole thing and thinks it must be highly rated, he’s modest and Alison goes high.


3rd Movie Walk the Line (2005)

Adam is realizing that all of these movies are kind of the same, it’s all about the performer and not the overall movie.

Alison is almost dead nuts on.


4th Movie The Runaways (2010)

Alison has not seen the whole movie, Adam goes low.

BB is almost dead nuts on, holy shit!


5th Movie The Doors (1991)

Adam mixes up Val Kilmer and Jim Morrison, asking how he didn’t win an award then comments on that’s how good he was that he can’t tell them apart.

BB goes modest and Adam goes bold, the wrong fucking direction.

Alison continuing her 2nd place streak, Adam did get two right on the nose despite his 3rd place ranking.


Adam is asking Matt how the scores get sent in to Rotten Tomatoes.

Adam is doing a live read for Bridgeview Bank Mortgage Company.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Dan, he’s asking Adam about the Washington Redskins name and trademark controversy, Adam is sharing his take on the term and reference his “would you like to see your dad fucking Janine from High School” hypothetical question.

Adam is now bringing up the big issues in the native American community, he would like to address the real problems and not the surface bullshit, he is using the high school that have changed their mascots and names over the years, has it helped?

Adam is now getting to his theory on the finite attention people have to devote to problems and how time and energy spent on this nonsense is a waste.

Adam is killing it and being actually considerate with pragmatism. He’s saying bye to Matt and going to break.


They’re back from break with Busy Phillips the 8 time Classic Loveline legend making her debut on the ACS podcast, she was last on the morning show ACS in 2006 and never returned since despite turning in a great appearance.

Jason Nash was on ACS #120 (feat. Laura Silverman & Jason Nash) – Carolla Amazon Link Applied, it’s an oddly short but unedited episode, infamous among fans of the show.

Adam remembers Busy coming on Loveline and the time “Freaks and Geeks” was cancelled the day after she guested, only to return and promote the Paley Festival event showing the entire series.


Adam is asking Jason about his new movie starring Busy and him as well, Adam is asking him about the funding and sale to Comedy Central.

Adam is praising alcohol in movie theaters and reclining seats, the luxury theater experience.

Adam and Jason are talking riffing about couples not being able to get dinner and see a movie both in one evening, BB is now chiming in and Adam says the key is to not admit you’re not going to the movie before you got out, steer into the illusion.


Busy is telling them that she is married to “that person” the person who goes out and shows up places, Jason is confirming that Busy shows up and she jokes that she’s more famous than Jason.

Adam is trying to steal Busy away from Marc and he’s bringing up the party exit strategy, he’s asking her if her husband is the person who insists upon saying goodbye.

Adam asks Jason about his wife and his ability to exit parties, Jason says it took over 2 years to shoot the film and Jason is explaining how he found Busy Phillips and got her to agree to the part.


Busy is explaining how she started working on the web series 5 years ago, They’re now talking about the series “Silicon Valley” and Jason is taking it back to Busy and how she’s similar to his real world wife.

Adam jokes that Jason can’t afford ideas, finishing his thought for him and mocking him, gold!

Jason is saying he’s a huge fan of the show and bringing up how he defends Adam to people and he’s explaining how he used the term “my black friends” and a woman told him she didn’t see color.


Jason is asking Adam about white privilege, Adam is trying to figure out who has the most in the room.

They’re trying to figure out who a TV chef is with a similar name to Busy’s husband, it’s a clusterfuck for a minute here.

Adam is doing a live read for


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the former Mayor of San Marino who resigned after tossing dog shit on a neighbor’s walkway, Alison is reporting the story and events.

Adam is now asking how hard Rob Ford is laughing at this guy losing his job, Adam has a killer “it’s not the things dreams are made of” reply to being asked if this behavior is ok.

Adam is explaining how he could possibly do this, pick up a strangers dog shit and then lose patience and toss it in a yard if there were not available cans.

Adam wants to know if you would check the tape if you found a bag of shit, Busy reveals she doesn’t have any, Jason quotes Kids in the hall and Adam jokes about his improv training despite not being familiar with the bit.

Busy is telling them about her neighborhood and Adam is now the dogshit guidelines for living, Adam is asking Gary for the pamphlets on the feuding sides of his neighborhood when he lived in Beachwood Canyon.

Adam is sharing the insane reactions from his neighbors when they would find out Adam didn’t care either way, Adam does his classic Kevorkian false logic example, “bring your kid in for a pop warner physical.”


Adam is now adding a back alley gang banger wholesale cigarette hypothetical example of hilarious false logic, solid riff.

Adam says always loves to weave some homoeroticism into things and Adam says without the Grove there is no TMZ.

Busy is now on a hilarious rant about why celebrities are seen at the Grove, Adam is explaining how poorly built his home in the canyon was, he says we don’t need to look back on the 20’s and the decisions from them fondly.


Alison is reading the rest of the details on the trademark and the appeals, Adam says the fun part is they’ll eventually have the fans name the new team and he would rather the professionals get to do it, let the pro’s handle it.

Adam is explaining SonTalia for a corporation and Mollette, he combines names of people around him so they don’t get offended.

Jason is sharing an anecdote and another on about an elderly person, Busy is now sharing an anecdote about an old man who took up two parking spaces.


Busy is referencing her referencing of the Grove and Whole Foods.


2nd Story Is on Dr. Oz being questioned by a panel about the miracle products he has been paid to endorse, Alison is explaining the absence of charges against him along with the accusations and his comments.

The words of Uncle Ben from Marvel comics were even quoted to Dr. Oz, Alison clarifies he’s not being paid and now they’re commenting on his face and possible “work” he’s had done.

Adam is defending Oz and Alison is being very fair with both sides, Busy is joking about not being able to take speed while breastfeeding.


Adam is telling them that Drew hates all other doctors and Adam is explaining his theory about people hating all other people in their profession.

Adam is giving Jason the example of him as a contractor, Adam is now using super angry elderly women who are only nice to their little dog, and he’s using Comedians who hate everyone else except like 3 people in their field, the “Patton Oswalt” example.

Alison is having Adam clarify and joking about Dr. Oz always being inside of a giant colon, after she’s able to finish her sentence and explaining she’s seen the show but every episode seemingly has a giant colon prop.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read.


3rd Story is on a Doctor named Frank King who is promoting camel milk, she’s giving the details of the process and the nutritional content.

Alison quotes the autism scuttlebutt, Adam is now mocking goat milk and he doesn’t want to taste the animal he’s drinking milk from in the milk.

Adam is now going off on goat cheese, Adam loves cheese, he’ll eat any hard or plain cheese, he says goat cheese always comes with an apology, Adam says it’s good “wwwwwwith!” implying it’s not good alone.


Jason says he had goat cheese last night, Adam calls him a liar and says string cheese stands alone, Adam says Brie even stand ahead of goat.

Busy doesn’t eat the rind on the brie, Alison does and Busy reassures her it’s ok, Adam is now proposing his porn hypothetical and he’s twisting the details, Busy’s reaction is priceless.

Adam is now sharing his “we’re turning on ourselves” theory and says he doesn’t need to try the Camel milk, he already knows what it will be like before sampling.


Adam is joking about the nut based cheese samples at Whole Foods, Adam jokes about people checking on availability being key evidence you’re not coming back.

Adam jokes about Jason rolling with Moon Zappa, the gang are all helping him riff about Farmer’s Market’s and Bed and Breakfasts, Busy agrees about B&B’s not the Farmer’s market.

Busy is telling them about going to the Playboy Mansion in her early 20’s because one of her high school pals was dating Hugh, this all started with an Ed Begley Jr. topic and reference because of Busy’s water filters.


Jason Nash keeps bringing up Ed Begley Jr. getting his dick out in the Grotto in the Playboy Mansion, Adam is now bringing up a Charlie’s Angels episode where he cameoed as an assassin roller skater.

Alison is wrapping up the news.

Adam and Alison are doing a Life Lock live read.


Adam and Busy are giving out the plugs and Jason tells Adam he sent him a copy and that he watched the Hammer 4 times.

Great Episode, I hope they both return to the show!