Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/18/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 247

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/18/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 247

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-17-2015 – Release Date 06-18-2015

Production Number #247 – Marijuana Anonymous

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Adam comments on how you perceive you time and at some point this podcast will becomes his longest running gig.

Adam is sharing the details of his Loveline run, it was 10 years, 1 month.

Adam says the podcast is coming up on its 7th year in business, Adam says the fans have made this happen and it’s not at the behest of a corporate monolith.


Adam takes it back to the fans who keep the show running and click through on Amazon along with other things to keep us all afloat.

Adam is sharing an intense and complex thought about the nature of the business and how he miscalculated his own career and industry.

Adam is taking it back to his exit from radio in 2009 and uses Jimmy Kimmel’s years of moving across the country and how you don’t think of being canned because the economy tanks, not in show business.


Drew brings up the changes in technology and media that also played a role, Adam addresses that point though he was going down another path.

Adam says he always presumed he would be fired for something he said and then be the highly sought after controversial host, not fired in a vacuum due to changes in the radio industry.

Adam explains his wife’s “why are you being an asshole?” after he asked about the monthly finances for their family and how much they paid for everything.


Adam says he needs a Thousand hoses all trickling into the same trough and says that over the last 6 ½ years it’s been just this kind of work.

Drew says this is a service business now and Adam is talking about his crazy schedule and he thinks this is the new world order for making enough cash to get by.

Adam says this is the good news and the bad news regarding the end of the workweek, Adam says that if you don’t want to work weekends it’s a prime indicator for someone’s future success.


Adam is saying that working weekends is how Drew first of Adam on his weekend radio shows, that he did for free.

Drew gives a quick recap of the story, Adam is telling the audience about a live show and uses “how the fudge is packed” and Drew reacts as if he’s never heard it before.

Adam mentions Adam Goldberg, he’s awesome, and Drew tells Adam to bring up Iliza Schlesinger’s sociopathic ex.


Drew saw the movie that Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman were promoting on Loveline and the ACS, Drew recognized Adam’s house and is now blaming them for saying it was the Pasadena house, Adam says he is adding that.


Drew is now doing a live read for Cremo

Adam shares his super early call times in Orange California and shaves the night before with the Cremo which keeps him camera ready through the next day.

Dollop the size that comes out of a Vegan Seagull.


Drew asks Adam if he’s getting harrier with age, Adam is telling him about his actual changes and they joke about Adam being like Pan, Adam mistakes him for a Centaur.

Adam is mocking Drew and his hairless physique, Adam is swearing he’s considered not that hairy, Drew’s just exceptionally not hairy.

Adam turned and looked in the mirror and took a minute to appreciate the fact he’s 50 and not balding, Adam was counting this one blessing, he didn’t do shit for that one.


1st Caller Paul, he was just laid off work and only wants to drink himself into oblivion, Drew says the first thing he needs to do is get sober.

Paul tells Drew about his past sobriety and confirms what he said about the positive future he has available to him if he can stick with the program.

Adam is now asking Paul about the cabinet making process, Adam tells him about the various terms of cabinet manufacturing.

Adam is telling Drew to imagine dado and rabbit and helping him picture it, Adam is now ranting about experts vs. Kelly Osbourne and her infamous Loveline WWII debacle.


2nd Caller Mike, he brings up Adam’s rule for never trusting a good looking contractor.

Adam is clarifying his advice don’t trust a guy who is driving a car that is too good nor too shitty, Drew says the same advice applies to physicians as well.

Mike is telling Drew about his thyroid condition, Drew brings up the other concerns for this.


Mike wants to know if he should stick with his primary care physician and Drew addresses the arthritis element of this and suggests a rheumatologist.

Adam is commenting on the people who are “thinking about med school” and Adam says thinking about it is a no shit discussion when someone is 31 or 41.


Adam is doing a live read for Mazda

Mazda at the Monterey Historics, Adam is doing the most unique live read possible ever done for the company, he explains how they support their private owners and show up as a corporation.

Adam explains “privateer” to Drew.

“They’re just passionate about racing” – Adam on Mazda


3rd Caller Esme, she called Loveline and played the game “Stinky Pinky” and Adam mocks Drew’s maturity, she shares her concerns about her and her partner’s marijuana addiction.

She wants to know about online MA meetings and Drew explains it couldn’t hurt thought it won’t help has much as an in person program.

She shares how she can’t resist smoking more after he first session of the day, she wants to know about keeping her anonymity in the program designed for just that.


Adam says he’s trying to ween himself off of Mexicans and has entered eséA and they move on after Drew shares her clues for the Stinky Pinky game from Loveline.


Drew is telling Adam about a new movie ‘Selfless’

Drew breaks down the plot, Adam tells him that he and Ben are pretty tight, Adam saw the trailer and says it looks fun.

Adam says you can tell that Sir Ben is into him by the photo of them together.


Adam is showing Drew the picture of the Mazda tent from the race and now he’s giving his take on what’s causing the rise in people proclaiming what they want to do without pursuing the actual methods nor taking the steps needed to accomplish said goals.

Drew explains the role of the mentor for successful people, Adam is sharing how people do that “That’s your opinion” thing when in his warehouse inside of his empire.


4th Caller Joe wants Adam’s opinion on getting children into acting, Adam says that someone asked him about that and he thought about it for a moment, Adam says they would have to initiate that he would then be for it, he doesn’t want to force anything on them nor aim that at a performance career.

Adam is sharing a funny interaction with his daughter regarding her earrings, very funny.

Adam shares how he drank the stifled Kool Aid of life from his surroundings and family, he was always going to be a comedian but spent 12 years wasting his life cleaning carpets and digging ditches, Adam says you will find your way and reverses Drew’s Leonardo DiCaprio example.


Adam is now asking Drew about steering his kids and their interests, Drew has a cute anecdote about his kids and their piano lessons.

Adam uses his desire for a fancy unicycle from the Schwinn Shop, Adam makes a point about his lack of worldliness and his wife’s singular language, Drew reverses that and says if you’re not careful your kids will be just as limited and says he speaks a few languages and plays a few instruments and his kids do the same.


Adam is doing a Score Big Live Read


Adam is plugging his movies and thanks the fans for the kind reviews and nice feedback, this is some good energy in a mostly thankless industry that doesn’t often offer a pat on the back.

Adam plugs Take a Knee and the episode with the CEO of Dollar Shave Club.