Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/18/2014 – Ice Cube and Dr. Bruce

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/18/2014 – Ice Cube and Dr. Bruce

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Guest Ice Cube and Dr. Bruce

Recorded 06-17-2014 – Release Date 06-18-2014

Production Number #1348

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Adam is opening the show to a nice throwback drop from Alison for #TopDrop and Adam is getting right into the news story from 2012 involving the Pasadena police and a shooting death of a young kid.

Adam is joking about how he’d be better off shooting the patent trolls if he only had to pay them a million, Adam is bringing up how everyone now says “backpack” instead of laptop as it’s a better story to make it seem like he was killed over a 15$ bag.

Adam is bringing up how the guy who reported the crime to the police is now being charged for saying the assailant had a gun to get them to react quicker.


Adam says no, it’s to get them to react at all and he’s joking about their response had he not said they had a gun, he’s joking about them giving him directions to the nearest apple store or best buy.

Adam is joking about the cops being short on manpower and Alison calls Adam’s use of Maxalaxa a new one, nope that’s one of his classic reworking of Chris Maxipada’s last name.

Dr. Bruce is in studio and now Adam is bringing up the rules on crosswalks and the sting that was setup for people not setting their feet on the curb before you drive.


Adam is killing it about how the guy who filed the report was actually smart, he got them to react.

Adam says this is incompetence times 2, he’s saying the cops would have never looked for him without a fake gun and when they do they just shoot him.

Adam is reading the details and he’s not sure why this case didn’t get under the skin of Jesse Jackson, Adam is referencing the Asian newspaper delivery women and saying that just because this kid was a thief he didn’t deserve to be murdered by cops.


Adam is now referencing the drunk driver who ran into his retaining wall, he’s citing his wife at home alone and how she could have used the same “he’s got a gun” to get a response.

Adam is bringing up the empty scotch bottles being chucked into the bushes and the drunk driver getting away with what could have easily been a vehicular homicide.

Adam is now sharing how a mac laptop could be you most valuable possession, Alison says it shouldn’t be so easy to get someone killed, cops should be better at this and have a variety of reactions.


Adam says cops should have dimmer switches and now she’s asking if she could get Bryan killed by saying he has a gun.

Adam is now getting to how “all movement is dangerous” when someone thinks you have a gun and he’s saying this guy is dead because the cops don’t do their job and this guy knew that.

No everyone is in trouble but the cops who actually murdered someone.


Adam is now asking Bruce about his dog and mocking him, Adam is doing a live read for Bark Box.


Health Watch

BB abusing Dr. Bruce isn’t as funny as when Adam does it, Bruce asks for Music and BB says no then tries to trip him up as he starts speaking.

Bruce is telling them about listening to “Gone Away” by The Offspring and Adam is elated then Bruce explains that it was then bled over by Ranchero music.

Adam is getting to the illegal radio levels of the stations over the border and how they’re trying to annoy us all.


Adam is now riffing about ranchero music, he’s saying that Mexico is trying to claim back the southwest of America, he’s threatening to retreat to Portland.

Adam is now describing Soca music to an ignorant Bruce, Alison is helping him flesh out his description.


Bruce is telling them about C sections and auto immune weaknesses, he’s fleshing out the link and Adam thinks it makes perfect sense.

Adam is now quoting “there is no free lunches in nature” and attributing it to Dr. Drew who I believe is paraphrasing a far older quote.

Adam screams “Everyone listen to me” and explains he has to wait 8 or 10 years but he’s right, it’s easy, it’s nature.


Bruce is telling them about a kid that came in the ER with dog poop in his mouth and Adam is joking about wanting to meet the dog, Alison is now commenting on how Bruce says Sterile and he snaps back.

Adam is now mocking Bruce’s kid’s favorite pizza topping, he says it’s “air” the air between the boxes, Bruce is now giving a greatest hits of his mispronunciations.


Bruce is telling them about the STD rates among adult performers, along with their drug intake statistics, Adam says of course they’re incest survivors.

Bruce is now trying to figure out the message this sends and Adam says it’s “I’m beating off to a runaway” there is no porn message nor concern.

Adam mixes up George Steinbrenner and David Brenner, funny riff.


Bruce is reading stats on marijuana blood toxicity in automotive accidents since it was legalized, he falsely says in 2009, because it supports his stats.

Adam is now giving his take on marijuana and where society fucked up, Adam is getting to the science of pot and how altered is altered, he doesn’t want altered on the road, regardless of the kind, sleep, dentist meds, angry, you don’t want altered on the road.

Adam is being realistic about marijuana and Bruce is sharing his experience seeing accidents involving weed, Adam is now using texting to further explaining his point and counter Bruce’s.


Adam is joking about a glass of wine with Alison and BB who accuse him of having a bottle, Adam is now saying that people will soon be caught smoking pot on an airplane and Bruce is saying it’s not possible to vaporize on a plane.

Adam is right people do it all the time, many comedians brag about it and tweet photos of themselves doing it.


Bruce is sharing the new of knock off ecstasy from China, Adam is now ranting about china knocking off all of our shit in the states, and do they actually make anything? Come up with anything?

Adam wants to go travel over there and examine if they have R&D and now Bruce is telling them about Norco and OxyContin abuse.

Bruce is referencing Urban Dictionary and Adam is defending its honor despite the difficulty in submitting his creations over the years.


Adam is now bringing up the X Games in San Francisco from June-July of 1999 and he’s using it as an example of society making everyone a junkie even if they don’t use a substance, he’s citing all the forms of excitement and Alison is now using E-mail as an addition.

Adam is reading a note from Gary about Ice Cube and he’s mocking him, Gary admits the note was stupid and Adam tells him it takes a big man.

Adam is now saying you have to do things high, you take mushrooms before Disneyland, smoke out before the new Transformers movie.


They’re now discussing the effects of pornography on young men.

Adam is doing a live read for Bridgeview Mortgage, Adam is mocking the way people bang on their chest when wearing a lavaliere microphone and he’s doing an impression of the noise it makes thanks to help from BB.

Adam is getting to his classic theory about the excitement centers in the brain being burnt out and Bruce is citing oral sex in high school as a prime example.


Bruce thinks regular viewing of porn at a young age is a trauma and can have negative effects, Adam is now bringing up his youth and the idea of being able to see the starlet de jour on the internet sucking some cock.

Adam is using Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian as counter points to his own youth and the lack of content, Adam is using Mr. Skin and is asking if they could imagine being a kid and having that opportunity.

Bryan is giving his take on the event that Pamela Anderson’s sex tape was.


Bruce is telling them about advances in robotics in factory settings, Adam is saying that what people are trying to say with this autonomous technology and he’s using a lever as the most primitive example of one.

Adam is defining technological evolution and why we’re moving towards artificial intelligence, Adam has a cancer robot example and Bruce is fucking up words, this time “Error” and Adam mocks him.

Adam is doing a live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tom, he wants to about Adam’s next documentary and Adam says it will be about Willie T Ribbs, Adam is explaining the concept and his life story.


2nd Caller Matt, he wants to know Adam’s most embarrassing moment, Adam is citing the time he was over at his buddy John’s house in the 10th grade.

Adam is describing the scene, the infamous “rocking chair/boner adjustment” story, The Temptress named Phyllis.

Adam is going through all of the details and it’s just as horrific as ever, Alison is asking some great follow up and Adam says him being born was the deal breaker with Phyllis.

Matt has a great follow up question, they’re heading to break.


They’re back form break with Ice Cube making his ACS debut, he was last on the Morning show in 2007 and 2008 for Phoner segments during his radio tours.

Adam is saying he’s heard that “22 Jump Street” is the best comedy sequel of all time, Adam is asking Ice Cube about how much of his dinner scene was scripted, Ice says he nailed it in one take and blocked it then one take.

Adam is asking Ice about his acting debut, he correctly remembers it as “Boyz n the Hood” and Ice is now sharing how he first met the director John Singleton when he worked at “The Arsenio Hall” Show.


Adam has a hilarious ass joke that Ice brushes off and seems to appreciate, Ice explains how he became cool with John and ended up starring in the movie.

Adam is asking him about attending Taft high school and his journey, he was getting bussed in, Adam tells Ice about going to North Hollywood with the bussed in football team members.

Adam is asking him about his schedule, he was miserable walking across the street to school, Ice had to be at his stop at 6:45am.


Adam says he knows Ice is good at basketball (from his song “Today was a Good Day?”) and Ice gets offended and says he was playing football, I don’t think that was Adam’s point.

Adam is asking Ice about his time in Arizona studying architectural drafting, he’s explaining how he approached it as a possible career as NWA was taking off.

Ice is explaining the origins of the rap group, he’s getting a very in depth take on the origin from the man himself.


Adam is asking Ice about his take on “22 Jump Street” and if he had misgiving before accepting the role in the first one.

Adam jokes about Jonah Hill being from Compton, Ice is fresh from the photo shoot for the new NWA movie they’re working on.

Adam is asking him about the casting and his work on Ride along 2, Ice Cube says they’re going to release the movie on August 14th 2015.


Bald Bryan is bringing up Ice Cube’s work directing a 30 for 30, Adam says it was a great episode and he likes them all except for the fantasy baseball one.

Adam is explaining the premise of Ice Cube’s documentary about the Raiders and their time in Los Angles.

Ice Cube is explain why they used animation and how they got their unique flavor, Adam is asking him how he got approached to make the film.


Adam is thanking BB for bringing it up and agrees with Ice about that period of time really blending popular music and sports, in a way that didn’t exist prior.

Adam is doing a live read for Nature Box.


Adam asks if he should call him Ice, he says Cube, I guess because Ice –T goes by Ice.

Alison is asking Cube about the movie they’re making about NWA and his son playing him in the movie, Cube says his son has studied acting in New York and Los Angeles.

Adam is asking Cube if his son has been trying to break into acting over the years.

BB asks Cube about the rights to NWA’s music.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on a new study that shows that marijuana doesn’t affect lung capacity or function over time, it actually has a positive effect.

Adam says it’s like doing lung exercises, Alison explains the details of the counter story to Dr. Bruce’s talking points from earlier.

Cube has a hilarious reaction and comes after BB challenging him to a foot race, Cube rolls with the comedy perfectly and Adam is telling them smoking out of a vape pen over the weekend, Cube tells Adam he’s supposed to offend them and demand a real blunt.


2nd Story Is on Tracy Morgan being now in stable condition, Adam is telling them the details about the false news story released when Tracy was still in intensive care.

Alison explains he’s in “fair” condition and his personality is starting to come back, Alison has the rest of the details and Adam predicts the survivors will be set for life.


3rd Story is on the amount of wasted dollars per year spent on dryers, Cube is challenging the idea of not having a dryer and Adam reacts to the 4 billion in annual waste.

Adam is now telling the gang about his “3 adults 0 dryers” lifestyle, he’s breaking it down for the gang, Cube is in defense of pretty and Adam is bringing up his wife’s curling iron that doesn’t indicate it’s on.

Adam says for every 10min need to dry an item people spend 23min drying said item, Alison is now reading the details and Cube has some good points about European innovation.


Adam says you have to go to Japan for efficiency, he’s using the United States as a counter point and he’s telling Cube to get on this campaign.


4th Story is on sunscreen not being strong enough alone to prevent skin cancer, Adam is asking Cube about applying sun screen.

Adam is amazed that Cube has been burned, he uses shea butter.

Adam is saying they don’t use black folks in sunscreen commercials, funny Conan O’Brien joke from Ace, Adam is now exposing the possible racism of sunscreen commercials, Adam is asking Cube about BET.

Adam is now bringing up sun umbrellas and the lack of use by white women, he’s getting Chris to confirm on mic that people from the Philippines use them.


Adam is saying you see Mexican chicks wearing them, no white chicks doing it.

Adam and BB are now joking about spray tanning for black people and calling back the BET jokes from earlier and now Adam is calling back his Chinese lack of innovation topic from earlier.

Adam is now doing a live read for a new sponsor.


5th Story is on Facebook changing their policy on breast feeding photos, Adam is now ranting about everything with kids being beautiful, not everything in precious.

Adam is saying that sucking on titties ain’t poetry, Cube is now joking with Adam about his titty sucking envy and Adam is saying it’s an important natural function.

Adam is using taking a piss in private to make a point, he’s addressing anyone getting grossed out by his natural body function.


Alison is now asking Adam if he has a problem with breast feeding photos, he says no and has a funny joke closer.

Adam is now explain that the male version of this is circumcision, Adam says just relax about these things that are a 1 or a 2 on the drama scale.

Adam is now getting to people’s rights and how they end at begin at someone else’s rights, Alison sums it up nicely by agreeing with Adam about it being politicized.

Adam jokes that titties and foreskins is the title of his favorite Frank Zappa track.


Adam is now doing a legal zoom live read, using Cube as an example of an innovator.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, excellent debut episode from Cube.