Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/17/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 364

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/17/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 364

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Vinny Guadagnino

Recorded 06-14-2016 – Release Date 06-17-2016

Production Number #364 – Vinny Guadagnino

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Adam has the standard intro with Vinny making his ADS debut, he was last on ACS #730 and will be featured on an upcoming episode of Chris Laxamana’s ‘Resume’ podcast also on Carolla Digital.

Drew brings up Jo Koy and how he conflates his name into “Joy” and Adam jumps in telling Drew he does the same thing all the time, it’s not intentional and the name just slips out wrong.

Adam welcomes Vinny to the show and asks him about his new series, where they shoot it and where he’s living these days.


Adam marvels at the sensational reality show phenomena, he compares ‘The Jersey Shore’ to ‘The Osbourne’s’ and wonders if it’s getting harder to get a sensation like that in today’s world of splintered media.

Adam talks about the limited options on TV when he was a kid, he comments on people referencing projects they don’t’ watch and Drew says he knows about the “Karaoke in cars” bit from The Late Late Show with James Corden and he says he’s never seen it but knows the reference.

Adam comments on the “Orange is the new black” joke about Trump and how you can’t not know what that means even if you don’t want the show.


Vinny comments on this golden era of TV where people collect shows like baseball cards, Adam is back to his childhood and how people would be quoiting bits from shows over the weakened.

Drew comments on a ‘Mad Men’ scene where one guy broke down what happened on ‘The Tonight Show’ to another character.

Adam comments on his numerous appearances on the Tonight Show but after the era where it truly mattered, Drew says it’s Stern he gets noticed for being on the most, Adam says for him it’s Stern and Rachel Ray’s ‘Inside Dish’ from 2005 when he was high on Vicodin post surgeries (yes plural.)


Adam is asking Vinny about “Joking Off” his new MTV show, he says he was taking improv classes while starring on ‘The Jersey Shore’ and he comments on how he can get his foot in the door with a gig like this and improv.

Adam is now commenting on Vinny’s reply where he mentioned standup, Adam says it’s softball versus jerking off when you compare standup and improv comedy.

You can do one with almost no prep, the other is going to require some phone calls, Vinny mentions The HAROLD and Del Close, Adam jokes about Del Close not naming the format after himself.


Vinny says that Improv is the best therapy and he says it was an anonymous and safe place to go be silly, Adam says you will miss some of the most impressive people in the world and he gives an example of someone being hilarious in real time.

Vinny says he’s not good at being funny, he’s good at following the rules and Improv provides the rest.


Drew is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Drew loves them down the garnishing and seasoning edition


1st Caller Jake, he’s calling about his use of Adderall and his ADHD diagnosis, Drew clarifies his comments and he says it’s very useful when properly deploys and used.

Jake tells them about how he’s using it, Drew is giving Adam a look that implies Jake is paying it fast and loose with the Adderall, like a juicing for his brain.

Drew has a point about not overusing drugs and the miracle of pharmaceutical intervention, don’t abuse it, any drug can kill you.


Drew reveals that the effects of amphetamines don’t degrade in the same way opiates do in response to Adam’s hypothetical question about the effectiveness of the drug after long-term use.

Drew also reveals that benzodiazepines change the human brain in ways we don’t fully understand yet, be careful everybody.


2nd Caller Nicole, she had a recent falling out with her brother after a physical altercation they had about two years ago.

Adam says it’s weird to get physical with your sister when you’re knocking on the door of 30 yrs. old.

Nicole is telling them about her brother who assaulted her over a phone charger, Drew asks why she didn’t file charges, her parents begged her not to.


Adam is being realistic and he jokes about Matt Fondiler and his endless racial slurs and hate speak, literally “white noise” aka Adam’s new rap name!

Adam says if you are capable of punching or hitting your sister you are someone who does that, Adam jokes about being the biggest dick in the world and never hitting one woman.

Adam is more pissed at the parents for creating this guy than he is at her for not inviting her brother to the wedding, Drew is now shouting at Nicole’s mom and her logic about being happy, he predicts her brother will ruin the wedding if he’s invited.


Adam is now sharing the story of the KROQ Weenie Roast tickets he bought for his sister, they didn’t physically have tickets printed in time for her kid’s school raffle and he then decided not to pay for the tickets after doing 3 laps with his sister about the tickets that didn’t physically exist yet.

Adam was alright with his sister thinking he was an asshole, Adam says Drew is texting right now and he says he’s not and Vinny agrees.

Vinny brings up perfectionism and anxiety and says he was on someone’s show for anxiety, after a google search it seems Vinny appeared on Dr. Drew’s HLN show talking about anxiety back in 2012, the same year he guested on the ACS.


Adam is now talking about people paying the victim, he cites Nicole’s brother who chose to put himself in the position he did, Adam is now asking Drew if he ever played the clip of Mayor Garcetti talking about parolees.

Adam says he loves seeing people nodding their heads in unison saying any of us could be in the place of someone behind bars, yes if we were criminals, people aren’t born in prison.

Adam says he looks at people exactly the way they got him to look at them, he plays the clip of Mayor Garcetti where he sounds like he’s talking about veteran’s ant not violent felons that they are, we don’t owe them thanks.


Adam comments on the mentality of Mayor Garcetti and asks if that is the guy you would like running your business.


3rd Caller Kenny tells them about his balls hurting after long periods of standing for work, Drew asks if he has any back pain associated with the ball pain.

Drew brings up the possible issues, he recumbents supportive underwear.

Adam is now talking about Draymond Green’s obsession with touching other dude’s balls on camera, Gary gets on mic to explain there are supercuts of his flagrant testicular fouls in the NBA, it’s clearly his move.


Adam is now asking about Stephen A. Smith and his outrage about the flagrant ball slap, Vinny shares the conspiracy theory about Draymond’s suspension, Adam is only confused about Stephen A. Smith’s reaction.

Gary is on mic and he’s arguing the other POV, Adam is now ranting about nutsack assaults in the NBA and how if you’ve been told to stop doing something, stop doing it and Gary has a way better angle where you can see him make contact with LeBron’s ball sack.

Drew is joking about this becoming a farcical ball slap.


Adam says we’re drifting as we’re now looking at people and not holding them responsible for the results of their actions, we’re acting like they were born into an unfair situation beyond their control.

Gary has the clip of Stephen and they comment on his shitty tweet about the ball slap and suspension.

Adam is now responding to the comments from Stephen, Drew is hearing that Stephen is friendly with Draymond and says this is how people sound when defending their friends.

Vinny has a nice fact about Draymond and his inventible suspension.


4th Caller Moe, he’s an open mic comic and witnessed another open mic comic advocating calling for the U.S. to bomb all of the Muslim countries, Moe felt unsafe.

Adam says if he felt unsafe then to stop doing comedy, Moe agrees and says it was more offended and Drew tells him to tell the owner about the guy and his bad set and poor excuse for material.

Adam is now asking about real islamophobia and says no mosques are burning after radical Islamic terrorism, we are the most tolerant society on earth and he makes some more good points and they wrap up


5th Caller Adam, he wants advice on how to start over in Colorado, Adam tells him to start over with weed and says if you can’t make it in Denver you can’t make it anywhere, he has a point about good people never being out of work.


Adam is doing a Live Read

They tried to weigh stuff on air on the ACS, way off edition


Adam gives out the closing plugs and they wrap up the show.