Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/17/2016 – Brad Meltzer and Vinnie Tortorich

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/17/2016 – Brad Meltzer and Vinnie Tortorich

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brad Meltzer and Vinnie Tortorich

Recorded 06-16-2016 – Release Date 06-17-2016

Production Number #1845

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Adam opens the show with an intro themed around Brad Meltzer’s work with the federal government, BB has Keltie’s “Enjoy this baby” #TopDrop

Adam is now talking about the Mangria Bar Crawl where all of the guys competing today in the diet contest agreed to break the diet, Gary has some updates on Caelan and Nick’s adventures in Denver at some “pot themed” locations, Adam jokes about everyone Caelan goes turning into a pot themed location.

Hilarious “Pot Themed AIDS hospice” one liner from Adam.


Vinnie shares that Caelan told him he’s not going to win as he gained weight and put on some muscle during the past two weeks, Gina remarks on the cube of cheese she slapped out of his hand during the live show and how that probably didn’t help him much either.

Adam says the chicken wings and the cheese square are doable under Vinnie’s diet philosophy.

Vinnie talks about being in competitions and Gary updates them on the guys staying true to their plans regarding booze choices over the weekend.


Adam is bringing up the OJ documentary, he’s one episodes behind again and he’s now bringing up a guy he knows in the business who had twins and one was severely damaged by a cord, choked out.

He brings up the child that drowned in Tommy Lee’ pool, OJ’s pool had a kid drowning and Adam shares another story of a kid dying while in the pool among people he knows, he’s emphatic about the dangers of pools and children.

Adam talks about the inability to talk women into the dangers of pools relative to guns when it comes to their kids.


Vinnie brings up Howie Mandel’s point of view when it comes to these tragedies/terrorist acts and mental illness.

Adam echoes those sentiments and shares his reaction to the new ’30 For 30’ about OJ Simpson and how he can place where he was at during these infamous situations and Gina and BB marvel at all of the new information revealed.

Adam is saying he wants a person’s history factored into their conviction, if they have a history of hitting women then that plays into it, if not then it does not.


Adam knocks out a Zip Recruiter Live Read


Adam shares his appreciation for OJ not identifying with a single race, he believed he was OJ he was his own unique person.

Adam is now using Italian loser heritage to make a point and uses his own background along with Vinnie’s and he sets up a clip of Danny Bakewell talking about his hopes for OJ.

Adam talks about the LAPD and groups and how they shouldn’t have been waiting for OJ to come support their group, they should have disbanded the group, by definition a group doesn’t work you cannot excel while identifying as a group.


Adam says it has not worked out over the past 30 yrs. and BB had a funny underscore of Adam’s point in lieu of shitting on it, Adam calls him on it and he makes one of his frustrated grunts in reaction.

Gina asks about communism parallels going on and Adam says it can never work out as it just can’t as you’re asking humans to do something they don’t ever do.

Adam says his dad would be an ideal communist but there are not too many of those dudes out there, he comments on how Magic Johnson would be selling cans and taking bribes to get ahead.


Adam is making a point about entrepreneurs, of all colors, shapes and sizes who share these same traits and wouldn’t be able to abide by a communist lifestyle, it would never work.

Vinnie has a nitrous oxide car metaphor and echoes Dr. Drew’s “no free lunches in nature” quote, Adam is now switching gears and asks them about wanting to know what the story is, he cites the Matt Fondiler “dad’s shoes” story as an example.


Adam is now talking about human’s obsession with being right, Vinnie says cognitive dissidence and Adam brings up the time he bought Jimmy Kimmel some fancy golf clubs over a bet.

Adam brings up Lance Bass and his time as a closeted gay man before he came out as gay to the public, Adam says things he notices bother him, he just can’t tell sometimes.

Adam tells them about doing an event at ‘The Peterson Automotive Museum’ and describes a nice guy who pulled up alongside him, he says they did the thing car guys do and share what they’re dealing with.


The guy told Adam about his Land Cruiser where he claimed he has a Chevy small block engine in it, he says he did an engine swap and it was not turbo charged, Adam still thought he might be talking to a car guy.

Adam is going over the next lap of their conversation, Adam questioned him again about the turbocharger, he kept insisting he had one, Adam then told him about the turbo transmission variant they made for that vehicle.

Adam did another 6 laps and they started eating, at a certain point he pulled out his cellphone and showed him a picture of the engine, which then revealed there was not a turbo charger on the engine, just an air filter.


Adam assumed he was talking to a real gearhead, this guy was adamant he had a turbo and was clearly not a car guy, he was living the dream of having an engine he didn’t really have.

Adam brings up his dog Phil who ate another bed, Adam says he has not underwritten 11 beds in his history with dogs over the years, he’s never seen a dog enjoy the bed they buy for them, the dogs just defiantly lay away from them or next to them in Molly’s Case.

Adam says the bed for Molly was only used finally as a stretcher to send her to the vet to be put down finally, tragically it was the only time it was useful.


Adam says he has three of these floating around his house right now and he’s now arguing that based on the dogs never being the in bed they shouldn’t buy any more beds.

Gina wonders if dogs destroy them due to the similarity to slippers, like a giant slipper and Adam talks about humans and the concepts of beds that dogs don’t care about, dogs just sleep places.

BB predicts Carolla Digital Dog Beds, Adam plugs Vinnie’s show and teases the weigh in.


Adam asks Gina how much she’s down, she tells them about going from 23 lbs. back to 20 ½ lbs. and BB tells her not to get discouraged and says she looks great.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Adam, he was curious about everyone having a public opinion to express in the modern social media age and if it’s overall a negative thing.

Adam thinks it is and brings up his days doing open mic comedy and getting sent home as the hats were filled with names for people who weren’t actually serious nor made it to any level of success.

Adam says some people shouldn’t be there, they’re wasting everyone’s time, the audience, the other comics and their own, complete and utterly a waste of time.


Adam says maybe everyone wasn’t meant to have a social media account and or public opinion, Vinnie talks about his rise in media and Adam is now clarifying his point about self-assessment and they move on at BB’s behest.


2nd Caller Ira from Texas, he puts them on hold and BB reads his questions “how does he tell his daughter she can’t sing when she thinks she really good” – BB takes delight at the use of “think” non-pluralized and Adam is now sharing his own recent dealings with his daughter and her recent part in a musical.

Adam says someone at the play who casts the musical did the hard work for Adam, Adam didn’t have to weigh in on her talent level, she like Sonny was measured and didn’t make it, but she can work hard and try again.

Vinnie shares the story of getting a family friend on a reality show where she was humiliated and then eventually lead to her family sending her to USC to finish film school, she’s now a successful producer.


Adam talks about nepotism and show business, he says especially in this town you can’t get anything without the chops, it will ruin the product.


Adam is now doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

You don’t have to pay by the hour, not like with Geragos edition

Everyone is laughing at the guys coming into the studio without their clothes on, BB jokes about a sexual harassment lawsuit with Legal Zoom representation.


The guys are all now going step on the scale and Gary reads everyone’s original guesses about who would win the Tommy John weight loss challenge.

Adam tells Chris to get ready to pack the weight back on and teases their private jet to Cannes and Adam goes back to the calls while they tabulate the results.


3rd Caller Mitchell, he’s calling about his small business questions and Adam tells him to work on his depression and explains the market will work out if his business is successful or not.

Vinnie tells him to be sure of himself and Adam tells him to feel free to fail miserably.

Adam plugs Vinnie’s book and Gary reads the results of each guy.


Adam tells Chris to deduct some calories from the flight as he’ll be blowing him and burning off some of the free booze and food, Chris is ready and nobody is really making note of Chris and his wonderful opportunity with the Aceman, very cool!

Nick is now on mic and Adam explains he knew that Nick would win as he has that “weight cut” eye of the tiger and asks if he wrestled or does MMA, he’s a fan.

Nick explains he used a garbage bag and actually cut off a bunch of water weight to end up winning and reveals his huge cut after not eating for two whole days.


Adam tells them to take the walk of shame to the fridge and Adam thanks Tommy John.


4th Caller Anthony, he hung up so they hang up and move on.

Adam gives out the plugs for Vinnie and his upcoming Live Show at The Ice House, Gary gets on mic to explain the rest of the event and says he’ll be there too.

They head to break


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail where the caller recommends he start using a “Sir” title, Adam says thank you and Gina jokes about Adam getting knighted by the queen.

Adam brings up the ‘Sports Illustrated’ blurb that proclaimed him as having the best sports movie of the year and he brings up the completion.

Adam is now asking about ‘Adam Carolla Day’ and why that doesn’t mean anything to him in comparison.


Brad Meltzer is back for his 3rd appearance, he was previously ACS #497 from 2011 and ACS #1602 from last year.

They almost immediately get into Brad brainstorming possible terrorist tactics for the government with a think tank they assembled.

Adam and Brad talk about quicksand and Brad echoes Adam’s feelings about the relative danger of dying from it, Brad shares his familial lineage of lightning strikes.


Brad says his grandfather and father were both suck, a train he was on recently got struck and he immodesty got ahold of his son and told him it was coming for him, it skipped him and he was doomed to be next.

Adam is now talking about terrorist attacks and the 64% of them where a family member knew about it in advance, he says that person is the only way to stop these events, they are unstoppable missions and he says a wife can step in and stop this.

Adam brings up the brothers of Tim McVeigh and The Unabomber who dropped the dime on their siblings, that’s the only way to do it.


Adam brings up the wife of the Orlando shooter and what he would like to be done to her to make an example out of her.

Brad has a great point about familial bonds and BB plays a drop of Sonny asking what he’s talking about, Adam has to explain it away.

Adam is now arguing against the strawman argument of people making fake claims and accusations, he jokes about Matt Fondiler blowing up a plane and his luggage being full of Hostess products and food, BB has a great use of the “Bewm!” drop.


The gang are riffing up a storm and Adam is now making a point about trying to keep the guns out of the hands of mass shooters and terrorists, it’s impossible and now Adam is bringing up the guy with a gun who supposedly blocked the gunman earlier in the day.

Adam says that people who know these potential mass shooters need to incentivized to speak and punished when they don’t.

Gina shares some information about the shooter and his entry in the club, Adam is asking about the misinformation he was fed about someone with a gun preventing him from entering the club.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam asks if the secret service shouldn’t be talking to him as well, Brad tells them about the various pairings he was in with other specialists with possible scenarios they suggested.

Brad shares how he never talked about being part of these think tanks until the story had leaked and revealed he was the only not to talk about it.

Brad can’t; confirm nor deny the Avocado Festival was a potential target and he jokes about the scenario mocking Dawson’s love for it.


Adam is now imaging in all of the pussy that Brad could crush due to being part of these think tanks, if only he wasn’t married and Adam is now playing Brad and BB one of his various dates, hilarious improv scene.

Brad says that people tell him secrets and mentions the family of John Wilkes Booth contacting him and how they claim he wasn’t the real assassin and they got the wrong guy.

Adam jokes about Brad being like Nic Cage and ‘National Treasure’ and he shares how people who come to the national archives actually ask if there is a treasure map on the back of her Declaration of Independence and Adam asks him about the John Wilkes Booth thing.


Brad has an even more interesting details and he then gets into a Benedict Arnold anecdote and the details of his letter, Brad teases the ending of his book and his theory on what was in the bag sent from George Washington to Benedict.

Brad asks about people ripping of their clothes in repopulation war era times, they move onto a live read.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read with an assist from Gina

In Benedict Arnold Times they didn’t need car insurance edition


Adam and Brad talk about the spread of global terrorism and the lack of connection to any affiliation or training, Adam says it makes it a thousand times worse when the government comes out and says someone is self-radicalized.

Adam talks about the diverse legacy of Benedict Arnold and they riff about his egg dish along with 1970’s sitcom traitor jokes.


Adam is now plugging the Ranker Podcast on PodcastOne


Adam is plugging their upcoming live show and Adam wraps up the show with a “It’s destiny baby” drop from Brad Meltzer.


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