Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/17/2015 – Jay Mohr and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/17/2015 – Jay Mohr and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jay Mohr and David Wild

Recorded 06-16-2015 – Release Date 06-17-2015

Production Number #1596

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Adam is opening the show to a funny “Identify as black” intro courtesy of Dawson and Lynch, Adam plugs his recent films projects and latest book. David Wild is joining them in studio for his 86th appearance (95% certain).

Adam is mocking the hope and change campaigns of 2008, Adam is saying he couldn’t tell the difference in the world if Obama or Trump were President for the last 8 years.

David brings up the Trump press conference where he’s exceedingly comfortable bragging about himself, Adam is now sharing how he judges people by their relationships with their children.


Adam is now praising Trump’s kids and his clearly positive influence on them, Adam uses Ted Williams as the counter example and brings up the various exceptions that can be explains away.

Adam says his daughter Ivanka is the most impressive dynamic go getter on the planet, Adam says she doesn’t shit and if she does nickels come out.

Adam says you don’t see her lose composure at any time, Adam not mentioning his son’s now though he has in the past, interesting omission.


Adam is explaining how if you start complimenting some women’s physicality and comparing them to someone attractive, Gina has an example of “the better looking version of you” and BB is now asking where are the other guys named Denzel after he gets name dropped.

David Wild ran into Denzel Washington and had the bad information about his first movie being ‘Death Wish’ which isn’t true.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is bringing up the synthetic MLB bats he suggested for the MLB, BB brings up college and now they’re talking about college though Adam didn’t talk about college outside of the metal bats they allow(ed).

Adam says that Sonny wants to see ‘Jurassic World’ and he was watching another undisclosed movie the other day and Lynette put her hand in front of her face when two dudes were making out.

Adam is making a point about perceived homophobia and how it’s not really that, more of a personal preference thing.

BB is now sharing his take, Gina thinks it’s super-hot and Adam says that’s a specific type of person.


Adam is now saying he presumes that most women would prefer watching two women make out over two men, Gina blames it on society and Adam is using the chicken and the gg argument.

Adam is saying that society wasn’t steered this way to disenfranchise gay men, it’s based on heterosexual boners.

David has a point, Adam is now quizzing the folks in the studio.

Dawson, Caelan and the rest of the crew agree, Adam is saying the question is for heterosexual women, Gina suggests theory, and Adam shoots it down.


Adam is failing to mention the functional MRI results where hetero men have “threat” responses to gay erotica, Adam is asking for women to let him know.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Tyler, he gives his take. He thanks David for getting him into Diane Birch. Tyler wants to know about men’s facial hair.

Adam is commenting on full Dan Haggerty beard, Gina mentions the previous guest Jason Schwartzman.

Adam is sharing how his “black man’s beard” grows in curly and perpetually makes him feel like he’s in need of or sporting a hot towel.


Tyler is further sharing his beard dilemma, Gina says its “Lumber sexual” and Adam says he would do it if doesn’t itch so much, Adam drools on his beard.


Adam wants to get rolling on the movie review, he describes the last movie going experience he had with his son they were in the front row, and he argues the front row is unusable.

Adam is sharing how he was struggling to get 3 seats together, David tells Adam that Phil Rosenthal is playing the movie this weekend.


Adam talks about the underground rich guy movie watchin’ railroad, he says that rich guys get the new first run movies at their homes.

Adam says he’s been listening to Phil’s book and David reveals Phil told him about Adam’s kind email about it.

Adam is sharing his love for audiobooks, Gina has a nice plug/attempted plug.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


David is sharing an emotionally powerful car story and explains how he was asked to speak at his school, he says he started crying as he saw the sign of the school and shares a super painful history of him and that sign.

David says it was the greatest few days of his recent life going over his shitty yet slightly more privileged upbringing.

David tells them about his prep school girlfriend who was prettier now than she was then, he has lots of details and Adam is quizzing him on the distance between the school and his parent’s home.

Adam has a killer Kathleen Turner riff and impression.


Adam is bringing up a recent Take a Knee discussion with a guest whose parents bad mouthed each other and used him as a pawn in their divorce.

Adam has an example of two parents no showing for graduation assuming the other one would be attending.

David has some in depth examples of this type of behavior, Adam is now talking about the range of romantic relationships “Tongue in the Bung (hole) to I’m going to hire someone to kill you.”


Adam is now joking about having supervised visitation with your kids, Adam says he doesn’t like Uber drivers how could he ever hang out with his kids with some person monitoring them.


Adam says the forced visitation person must be the most brutal gig on the planet, Gina says it’s probably a social worker gig that involves other duties.

Adam says you probably don’t get that much time as you’re going from visit to visit on the road, Adam asks fans to tweet him.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw Jurassic World and he tells them about the creative team and the box office records it’s now set.

Gain appreciate the directors last movie, Adam says this opening weekend will be ensuring more remakes for 20-30yr old properties.

BB explains the plot, Adam is sharing his hopes for some aquatic dinosaurs and comments on the Rotten Tomatoes score, BB asks when exactly this movie takes place and it features crazy technology along with present day phones.


BB says the special effects aren’t that advanced, Gary gets on mic and defends the CG.

Adam is explaining how plots gets dropped as you get into the edit bay, Adam is very fair and David is now singing the praises of Steven Spielberg and BB asks where they’re going to go with this franchise.

David Wild is remarking on Chris Pratt and his career evolution over past couple years.


Adam is now doing a Nest Live Read

So Good Lynette demanded it be installed, finally!

“Hey let’s get it going!” – Lynette


David jokes about two male dinosaurs making out.


2nd Caller Grant, he wants to know if he should spend his money saving for his kid, buying a Tesla or BB’s suggestion of buying stock.

Adam is telling him to get the preowned Tesla, Gina is sharing her read on this guy that’s spot on and now Adam is telling him to go ahead and get the Tesla.

“Good enough for my kids” – Adam

Adam says that Lynette tried to lament the time it takes to plug in the car each night and he refused to entertain it.


Adam is now making a point about time and money and doing things on your schedule, Adam is sharing his options regarding filling up his gas tank.

Adam is bringing up the DIRECTV deal that he turned down, often hinted at about on the podcast, only named twice now, the deal Artie Lange eventually took which was the 3rd gig Adam turned down that then went to Artie Lange.

Dawson is sharing the story of a recent concert experience, Adam is now stopping Dawson and telling him he’s transcended a lanyard or a backstage pass, he is all access himself.


David says he is Alan Parsons’ project, Adam is back to the story of this guy filming the whole show.

Dawson is giving the beats and the back and forth with the asshole who refused to turn his flash off, Adam says the only thing we have in life is the discomfort of these interactions to discourage this kind of behavior.

Adam is saying that there is no security if we just all want to go cowboy as a society, Adam is commenting on riots and says there is not enough security to maintain civility if everyone at the show isn’t willing to abide by the golden rule and basic societal expectations.


Dawson is now telling people how to smoke weed at concerts the classy way, Adam is describing his drive back from Torrance and he laments his new home, saying he should have got a residence at a downtown hotel.

Adam is describing the drive to work, he was next to a guy in a Porsche 911, and some cunt was in the left lane blocking them.

Adam is describing the ballsy moves the other driver had to resort to in order to get around the person using the left lane improperly.


Adam is sharing how society should work and asks the gang for their take on the other driver who refused to abide by the law and move out of the way.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Matt Fondiler assist with Adam saying you’re getting an Uber driver when they “feel like it” unlike a regular cabbie burning the candle at both ends.

Adam is wrapping up and plugs some things for David Wild, Gina has a confusing comment and David has some kind words for Jay Mohr who had David’s son intern on his radio show.


They’re heading to break


They’re back from break with Gene Simmons as ‘The Blowhard of The Week’ winning a “Windy Award” which is apparently a new thing.

Adam is talking about going to Gene’s house and taping ‘Take a Knee’ where Gene never brought up the band KISS and Gina shares how she went to a lot of their shows with her brother.

Jay Mohr is making his return to the show and Adam is giving out some plugs for his live dates.

Jay is making his 13th appearance on the ACS, Adam brings up the story of the phone call from backstage at The Wiltern.


Adam get Jay to share a Christopher Walken anecdote and he mentions ‘Suicide Kings’ and now Jay laments not even being nominated for an Ace Award, he should’ve been!

Adam wants to know why Jay must be auditioning at this stage of his impressive career and clear examples of his range of work, Jay brings up Giovanni Ribisi being at the same auditions despite his incredible skill.

Adam is now talking about the casting of Amy Landecker for his sitcom pilot, Jay has an anecdote from ‘Gary Unmarried’ and now BB is sharing a theory about writing for the voices of certain actors.


Jay is doing Al Pacino playing ‘Chet!’ Adam’s sitcom buddy, this is funny.

Adam is asking for a laugh track and they’re going further through this improv scene, Adam mocks the sexist trope of the young attractive wife and older less attractive male lead found in many sitcoms.


Adam is now doing a round of ‘Big Momma’s Got It All’ and she sounds a bit “off” and Adam is bringing up ‘Father’s Day’ but now they are talking about Dell Curry and Momma’s past with him in the bedroom.


Adam and Big Momma are riffing about the Rachel Dolezal interview and they talk about George Wallace being one of Mamma’s exes and Bald Bryan being their offspring.

Adam is sharing his sad upbringing and his longing for a “Big Momma all his own” and Adam shares the vague details of sharing a hotel room with Jimmy Kimmel, Fat Tad and his brother.

Jay has his own anecdote from The Continental Hotel and Casino and tells them about the singer yelling about Rich Vos and his “sickness” and now Adam is back to the story of driving to Vegas with Fat (Big) Tad, T Chance Thrasher and Jimmy Kimmel.


Adam explains Jimmy’s farting plan and how T Chance reacted to that first blast, Adam is explaining that T Chance never stopped releasing asshole air on the guys for the entire ride.

Adam is going in depth on lit matches and open windows and how they effect in car farts from a vindictive driver.

Adam is saying he would ask Adam how much it would cost for him to recreate that weekend today, Jay says he should do the show more often and is now mocking Gary for chiming in.


Adam say this must have been 1994 or 1995, it was 1995 at least.

BB says he loves that Jay Mohr never mails it in.


Adam is now doing a Live Read


Adam is now asking what it would sound like if Eddie Vedder was now playing the sitcom neighbor ‘Stewie’ and Adam is killing it with Jay delivering flawlessly.

BB has Jay play Colin Quinn as ‘Tommy’ and they do another scene, the 3rd improv sitcom scene.

Adam brings Tommy’s wife Anita into it and now Jay as Colin adds a bizarre twist.


Jay is now doing Russell Brand playing ‘Rusty’ and they’re doing the 4th scene, this one from the hospital after Adam’s sitcom wife gave birth to his sitcom kid(s).


Adam is asking ‘Rusty’ about his latest career ambitions, Jay is crushing it as Russell, and Adam is doing his straight man thing and brings up boundaries.

Adam suggests they smoke hashish and Adam says he liked Russell better when he was doing drugs and says that blowhard doesn’t have an aftertaste.

Adam compliments Jay’s amazing riff, BB has another live read setup.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam talks about ‘Catch a Contractor’ and plugs Jay’s various projects, Jay was stellar as per usual and David Wild is ever approaching his record setting 100th appearance.