Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/16/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 363

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/16/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 363

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-14-2016 – Release Date 06-16-2016

Production Number #363 – Redo

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Adam opens the show with a standard intro, he welcomes Drew to the show and tells him about a day of “Redo’s” over at the Carolla house, he explains he farms out a lot of his jobsite work, he does some stuff himself, makes all of the decisions.

Adam says the hands part is the thing that people get mixed up with, he doesn’t physically lay the stucco, he’s done it 200,000 times and now doesn’t need to do it, much like Drew and his analogy about putting pressure on the wound.

Drew reiterates Adam’s point and they talk about their respective crafts and how learned knowledge leads to a different position in the process but you’re still doing it.


Adam is using an engineer who welds to make a point about expertise, Adam says that he can stand over someone with some dexterity and tell them how to build a house step by step, they needn’t know what anything is, he can get someone to do the work.

Drew shares the “See one, Do One, Teach One” rule of thumb for medical procedures, Adam tells Drew about his deck and he explains how difficult it is to make a solid deck with standardized step heights.

Drew asks about the codes for treads and risers for stairs, Adam talks about muscle memory and he says you can always tell the DIY stuff as the guy who makes them will hammer things together, carpenters actually cut the tread and the riser. Someone coughed in the corner, their upcoming guest Vinnie? Someone dropping off coffee? Drew coughing off mic into the wall?


Adam is back to building stairs and he tells Drew about the artificial grass guys and epoxy flooring guys patching up the floor.

Drew asks if these redos are common and Adam says the math skills have dropped over the past few decades when it comes to working with these construction guys.

Adam says he’s on his 2nd set of wood templates he cut for Matt Fondiler to use for the guys handling another part of the job, Adam talks about the sofas being cut wrong and how they need to take the old sofa and put it back in the house until the new sofa is done and they move it all again.


Gary is on mic and tells Adam about the two ends of the template he gave to Matt and how they need to be joined together, he makes a note about how someone could put them tighter the wrong way and come back with another incorrectly measured sofa.


Adam jokes about screaming at Matt about having to explain angles to people after never even having taken geometry in school.

“but can’t we keep the one sofa” – Sofatards

Adam is now explaining why they couldn’t keep the one sofa, they needed both to be perfect to cover the room they’re trying to fit it into.


Adam says that the moment when he knew he was dealing with someone who would have a problem was regarding the “front number” and he explains why he didn’t know and didn’t want to know, it’s irrelevant.

Adam mentions “dead eyed Nick” sitting in the studio as he comments on the measurements of the window frame for the studio.

Adam is now ranting about having to have these conversations a million times and Gary is on mic saying it drives him nuts too, Adam is now bragging about his Hitachi made brain and Drew moves them along.


Drew is doing a Sideline Live Read


Adam is talking about paying 4k for a sofa and simultaneously having his life ruined, he can’t go along with the flow, he’s trying to get this done.


1st Caller Kevin, he wants to know where the origins of Adam’s frustrations with Dr. Bruce come from, he cites the recent appearance where Adam asked Bruce why he was in the studio.

Drew brings up Will Rogers and Adam is complimenting his “Good Lenses, Bad Frames” designations for Bruce.

Adam says that he loves Bruce but he intentionally agitates things, he talks about how Bruce will always do something negative to shit on something, Adam brings up the Endless Rant IPA launch.


Adam is now mocking Bruce’s “not much alcohol” comments, he shares Lynette’s reaction to Bruce’s critiques.

Drew asks what that is and Adam says that Bruce needs to be chastised, he starts peeing on Adam’s IPA until Adam yanks on his leash to reenact his childhood trauma.

Drew is defining Bruce and Gary defends him too, Adam doesn’t by that he’s trying to help, he thinks he’s deliberately trying to get admonished.


Drew asks if you’ve had the “not only that, but” conversation with Bruce to Adam and there is a huge reaction from the booth.

Adam brings up how Lynette will use the “nervous to talk to you” excuse for people insulting Adam upon first meeting him, at some point it’s not nerves it is someone being douchey to him.

Adam mocks Drew’s “I’m just trying to understand/learn” reply he uses when he isn’t listening due to texting while on the show, Drew reveals that Bryce’s parents emotionally beat him up as a child.


Drew says that Bruce is legitimately butt-hurt by Adam’s running commentary, he tries to get some back up from the peanut gallery.

Adam brings up his wife and her “we never go out” proclamation that wasn’t based in reality, she was trying to create something that didn’t existed, some conflict.

Adam has a killer “soft pink butt” comment and he talks about Bruce being part of the Carolla family and invited to all events, Bruce creates a theme of “Adam doesn’t want me around” and Gary is on mic backing Adam up, saying he does.

Drew says that Bruce made him not want him around when he took up the bummer posture, Adam says that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


2nd Caller Mike, he’s calling about a product that connects to your car diagnostics to tell you live streaming data from your car.

Mike tells the m about this being in corporate driving for years and wants to know what the guys think about these devices being used for insurance companies and to blame parents for kid’s unruly behaviors behind the wheel.

Drew says they monitored all of his kids driving and once again sternly notes it’s “trust and verify” when it comes to parenting.

Adam is talking about his kids and their dual natures, he shares how they react to hover boards and brings up the kids first trip in a manual transmission car and their insane reaction.

Adam says his daughter will not jaywalk with Adam, he thinks his kids will want safety focused cars and not performance based ones.


Adam says if there was a dongle he could plug in his daughter’s ass when it comes to the boys, well let’s talk, he might consider that.


Adam and Drew are doing a Live Read for Life Lock

“Why is Katy Perry denying the Armenian Genocide” – Adam


3rd Caller John, he’s a big fan with about 20 yrs. of listening under his belt and he tells them he’s a physician and recovering addict, he’s now in residency, he was a 14 yr. old IV drug abuser and their constant voice of encouragement meant a lot to him, wow!

John praises Drew and his expertise regarding addiction, Adam mocks the “physically addictive” pot addicts who would argue about it not being addictive.

John comments on the way Pot has now become the cure-all plant and Adam jokes about saying you don’t want your kids to smoke pot makes you Donald Trump’s golf instructor.


John is bringing up the pain level reviews for doctors, Drew explains it to Adam and is now telling Drew how Obamacare is working out and Adam asks if anything free has ever worked out, it always ends up with something negative towards you.

“I would but I don’t like him” – Adam on the prospect of bringing Dr. Bruce back into the studio to talk about this topic.


They give out the plugs and wrap up the show.