Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/16/2014 – Richard Marx

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/16/2014 – Richard Marx

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Richard Marx

Recorded 06-15-2014 – Release Date 06-16-2014

Production Number #1346

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Adam is opening the show with a nicely worded intro and BB has a great #TopDrop of Adam, Adam is telling them about his birthday trip to Napa courtesy of the great Jimmy Kimmel.

Alison and BB are asking Adam about the trip and he’s explaining how Dickie Barrett was also celebrating his birthday, Adam is praising Jimmy for paying for everything and then doing everything too, Alison says he’s hands on and generous

Adam says it’s always been the way he was and he’s still that dude despite having money, Adam is telling them about a nice moment before flying into Napa.


Adam is sharing why he was angry to show up at the Charles Schulz airport and what he told Dickie about the success the man’s had.

Adam then went up to one of his frames cartoons to test once and for all if it was funny, Adam is sharing how Dickie was angry about Charles not drawing a beagle accurately.

Adam says it’s the rocky theme equivalent for Cartoons, people love the Snoopy music from the Charlie Brown specials, and much like the theme from Rocky is what people remember over the super depressing film underneath.


Adam is telling them about the resort and Matt is now on mic telling them it was “The Meadowland” and BB is asking Adam about drinking wine all day and if he’s also found that an ice cold beer is most refreshing after a daylong wine binge.

Adam is explaining how snooty the restaurant was, refusing to stock tomatoes until they were in season, BB is trying to make this a rich man poor man scenario.

Adam is telling them about Lynette spotting the Ossobuco on the menu, what actually showed up was not Ossobuco, it had a white sauce.


Adam says all he wants is the person who works them to warn them that the dish is prepared differently there, Adam says it’s why we have names for things.

Adam is going off and Alison has a “French Laundry” reference, Adam is now talking about Daniel Kellison and how everyone should have “one of these guys” that every part of his life is about trying to make his life better.

Adam is now saying there are very simple steps to get around life, having life wired!


Adam is now trying to share an invention he came up with after joking about a human catchment standing under the rain to collect water for the resort.

Adam is saying that when you order a beet dish you should get a bracelet to remind you so you don’t think you’re shitting out your insides.

Adam is further explaining the “Beet Bracelet” and how it will help people, Adam is joking about the trunk sticker that shows a man fleeing after escaping from the trunk using the “T handle” he’s really into the fleeing part, solid rift.


Adam says he’s started to put his finger on what he hates most about the airport and TSA, he’s connecting it to how he hates waste.

Adam is saying it’s the time waste, if anything you will want to get more back of at the end, it’s going to be time.

Adam is explaining the confusion about the liquid and Ziploc bags, Adam says the TSA woman was not that nice and busting Sonny’s balls about the metal detector.


Adam says there is nothing going on here but time wasting, we are all stuck doing the dance of the tards for nobody, he is recreating the woman’s instructions.

Alison is taking charge for a Life Lock live read, Adam is reacting.


Hooray for Baldywood

Adam is now interrupting to tell the gang about the moment where they were all recognized and someone asked if they were doing a show or something.

Adam was relieved and proud to tell the guy they were just hanging out and having fun, Adam is glad his partner and him are still friends.

BB saw 22 Jump Street and Adam explains why he hasn’t seen the Lego Movie.


BB is telling Adam about the cast and Peter Stormare and BB spoils Fargo, Adam mixed up Peter with David Strathairn while referencing “The River Wild” and his calves, odd!

BB says he didn’t like the 21 jump street remake, he’s saying he liked this one more and realized he was off the mark the first time.

Adam wants to know why they took a multicultural TV show and cast two white guys in their place, why call it 21 jump street?


BB says this movie worked much better than the original and he says Ice Cube had the funniest scene in the movie and Adam says Ice Cube is coming on the show on Wednesday, they’d better watch out in case he decides to punch somebody and they go flying across the room… sigh

Adam is now saying if you laughed a lot, how you can give a movie 3 stars, BB gives it an A-.

Adam is doing a liv read for


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tony, he’s going on an annual guys only trip to the lake, he wants to know if Adam has any ideas for pranks and Adam jokes about the term “Party Barge” being a good name for someone’s junk.

Tony is in Illinois and Adam is trying to conjure up some activities, Adam ask himself what would Jimmy do.

Adam says generally farting a lot and he’s citing how Jimmy would eat raw clams and broccoli to prepare in advance for a guy’s trip.

Alison is asking BB about his idea for a fish and a toilet based prank and cites a potato prank involving a toilet that cracks her up.


2nd Caller John, he calls Adam a genius and wants to know if Adam has ever figured out why his dad Jim Carolla didn’t relate to Adam the way he does with son.

John is referencing the great Classic Loveline episode with Jim Carolla, Adam has a funny moment recalling it even exists.

Adam is now citing Lynette and her concern for the kid and contrasting that to the way parenting was done when he was a kid, the Laissez-faire method.


Adam thinks this structure and “best friend” element of parenting is new and Adam is now saying he never got any of the concern his son gets.

Adam had to drink from hoses and could leave his house wrapped in tin foil on a bike with two flat tires and nobody would care if he had water, nor want to know what he was doing, great “did I ask?” one liner from BB.

Adam asked “are we going to have any more John Popper’s?” in reply to the kids having constant entertainment and stimulus, hilarious description of John as a fat kid who didn’t get his dick sucked with absent amount of plasma screens.


Jimmy said that people will just get chips put in and download skills and Adam says he’s never seen “The Matrix” now Adam is back to John.

John is telling them about his relationship with his father the prison guard, Adam is saying how he asks the other adults about their vacation memories as kids to contrast it against what their kids are experiencing.

BB is sharing his childhood vacation stats and Adam is lamenting the era of no AC and shitty road trips in even shittier cars.


They’re heading to break


They’re back from break

Richard Marx is making his ACS debut, they’re coming back from break with a sample of his music and Adam is sharing what he’s read from Richard’s bio.

Adam is getting to the backup singing he did for Lionel Richie, Madonna and other famous acts.

Richard is telling them about his journey into music and how his cassette tapes led to him working with these huge acts.



Richard is telling them about his first conversation with Lionel Richie that encouraged him to move to Los Angeles fresh from High school.

Richard is sharing how he began singing background vocals as soon as he arrived in Los Angeles, Adam is telling Richard about painting at the very studio where they filmed music videos, they probably passed by each other.

Richard is telling them about the rejection he faced from music labels and how he was finally signed.


Adam is sharing how Adam got brought into do comedy based on the earliest incarnation of “Ace on the House” a public access show where Adam hosted and gave advice, I’ve actually seen both episodes and they’re still hilarious 22yr later.

Adam is asking Richard about the industry today vs. when he started, he’s telling them about his super talented sons and how despite their musicianship they’re kinda fucked, because the industry is so clogged with content.

You can get your music out there but it’s almost impossible to get it heard, Richard is sharing his take on the ADD conditioning that society has adopted.


Richard is sharing the stat he heard about 2% of illegal downloads being music and that it’s not hurting the industry like people think.

Adam is now giving his take on music and how people get stuck on the stuff they loved when they were young and he’s talking about the b sides and album cuts that really bring you back to the era.

Richard says he and his peers all prefer their non-hits from the albums, they like album tracks better and they’re often the artist’s favorite.


Adam wants to know who he worked with that blew him away in person and left him impressed, Adam is trying to ask about musicality as a form of athleticism.

Richard says Barbara Streisand is the best, she’s a pro, all the stories about her are total bullshit, it’s professionalism, and he calls her the most fair kind and cool person.

Adam likes this, Alison says it sounds like someone we all know, implying Adam.


Richard is telling them about working with Madonna, Adam is now saying this kind of stuff you realize is not done by mistake, and these people bust their ass and work hard to achieve their success.

Adam is plugging Richards’ latest album.


Alison’s News

Adam is doing another A&E Emmy award consideration for Bates Motel live read.


1st Story is on the death of Casey Kasem, Alison is reading a quote from his daughter Kerri about his passing, and Adam recalls she was working at KLSX when they were doing the morning show.

Adam is sharing the “different world” take he has on success and TV, he’s citing Casey’s countdown show and the Tonight Show and the devolution of viewership.

Adam is telling them about not getting any feedback about his latest/last Tonight Show appearance.


Adam says god willing he gets to the place in life where his kids do battle with the trophy wife over his aging husk of a body.

Alison shares how he was the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo and Adam is saying back in the day these guys had a corner on the market.

Richard is now telling them to track down the recording of him losing his shit, Adam is saying he guarantees there are a thousand hours of him freaking out and he’s citing the Loveline MTV show.


Adam is getting to name spelling and how the Cue Cards would be spelled out with names spelled like the caller does, instead of common spelling.

They’re now playing the clip of Casey losing it on air trying to record a message about a fucking dog dying.

Adam is taking Casey’s side and sharing how the first time he broached it was calm, this recording was the 55th time and it was deserved.


Adam is now referencing the Buddy Rich Freak out, they’re now playing it too.

Adam says this will only get worse, he’s citing his own recent in car nose picking he had to consider would get filmed and end up on TMZ.

They’re playing the old timey anger clip from Buddy.


2nd Story Is on Tesla Motors and Elon Musk suspending enforcement of their patents to encourage development of better technologies and motor vehicles from everyone.

Adam is saying he loves a guy who reveals his secrets and is that confident, he’s comparing it to a UFC fighter who wants to fight the best after winning the belt.

Adam is complimenting Elon Musk and the multiple stage charging options, Adam likes these guys and he wants Elon to be tapped on the shoulder and drafted into government.


Richard says it should be like the draft and Adam agrees, Adam says by the virtue of signing up to be in government Adam doesn’t want those people, much like the dad accompanying the boy scouts, we don’t want the volunteers.

Adam says all politicians are used car salesmen, he wants only the smart guys.


3rd story is on the return of whooping cough, Richard says it’s hard to take the illness seriously due to the name.

Alison is sharing how pregnant women are being advised to get vaccinations and Alison says it’s not been said if this epidemic is caused by the anti-vaccination folk.

BB is telling them about getting new vaccinations to be around his newborn nephew, Adam says he would just use a marker to make a dot like he got the shot, he’s calling BB an ass-kisser.


Alison is asking the gang about chicken pox, Adam shares how he always wanted mono and jokes about a blowjob disease and Alison has a killer one liner reply.

Adam is further describing the appeal of mono.

Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam is doing a live read for and Adam says nothing is heavier than a box of canned pet food and it may feel extra heavy because you’re not going to be eating it.

Hilarious llama reference.

Adam is plugging the upcoming live shows in Phoenix and Adam jokes about screaming at everyone on a bus like Buddy Rich.