Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/15/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 362

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/15/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 362

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-12-2016 – Release Date 06-15-2016

Production Number #362 – Yeah, But I Don’t Think That Has Anything To Do With It

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Adam has a standard “Mandate to Get It on!” intro and he asks Drew how he’s doing, he feels frazzled about the shooting in Orlando, his most concerning thought is seeing our current situation via the lens of the future akin to how we see history of things like the buildup to WWII.

Adam is now talking about the black and white feature of history and how our minds can’t “go there” and experience the feelings of the horror of the modern times of World War II, our modern era is not any different, it wasn’t black and white, it was plain color and brutal.

Adam says this was a modern era, people had drains and pocket watches and cars and brings up the false belief that something can happen in “modern times” and he says everything is too old or too new and that’s how they get you and crash a plane in a building without you being aware of it.


Adam says things need labels, the left hates labels but you need to characterize and address things.

Adam brings up the way some politicians avoid saying “radical Islam” and Adam is now arguing that tragedy is pilot error in a fog bank, this is terrorism and beyond a tragedy.

Adam says that tragedy is something you can’t do anything about, he says that if a pissed off teenage white boy does the shooting it’s called a mass shooting when a terrorist does it with Islamic faith it’s called a tragedy as if it’s expected to happen.


Adam is now saying that the left will not win any extra votes by putting their feet down on gun rights, main street culture is not thinking about the gun access, we’re thinking about who radicalized this man and made him into the person who did what he did.

Adam talks about the mass shooting in France where the bad guys got guns like bad guys do, they don’t listen to lectures about gun rights as they don’t have them, but the terrorists still got them.

Adam thinks that pushing against guns and using this approach will lead to Trump finding himself in the Whitehouse, Adam feels like Europe has jumped the shark in this department and we’re fast approaching our own point of no return.


Adam talks about World War I notions on Submarine warfare and fairness, now it’s just game on and everything is an option.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Everyone is wearing their Five Four Club gear edition


1st Caller Cooper, he’s calling about his 63 yr. old mother who has had serious medical problems since her gastric bypass surgery, she was about 250 lbs. before the surgery.

Drew wants to know about the serious medical problems and gets him to reveal that she’s on pain meds and that’s the real issue.

Adam asks what his parents’ marriage is like and if his mom is a depressed person, Drew tells him not to be surprised when he sees various opiates laying around like Fentanyl, the type of stuff that Prince died of.


Adam is bringing up obesity and its effects on health and how the fat guys of the past now seem in normal BMI range.

Adam says Curly was 185 lbs. maybe a little bit husky by today’s standards, Drew says it’s progress baby and the move on.


2nd Caller Kate, she’s telling them about her weight gain and says her weight in a strange manner, she says the doctors just blow her off and Adam says whenever he hears that he hears educated people talking to people without discernable medical problems.

Drew echoes his sentiment and Adam says it’s like bringing your car to a mechanic to address a squeaking in your car, but that squeaking is really coming from your brain.

Adam doesn’t think people should be going to the doctor so often, he thinks it’s a self-obsession.


Adam is now riffing about sexual harassment classes and sensitivity class in the workplace and he makes a point about the increase of sexual harassment lawsuits pre and post training classes existing.

Adam thinks all of this health care talk has now trickled down to young people being obsessed with ap art of life typically reserved for much later.

Adam is bringing up the KLSX cultural sensitive training, they had a chick who looked like Esther Rolle leading the class telling them about language and racial sensitivity.

Adam shares his hilarious response to her using the term man, he didn’t want to be lumped in with criminals. If they can’t use Hispanic in the description, why use the larger group of all males when identifying a hypothetical suspect as was presented in the meeting.

They go back to Kate and get her to reveal she was molested after hearing her speak a little longer, Adam has the world’s longest “Shocking” and even chokes on spit like he’s at the dentist getting spit sucked out of his open maw.

Kate tells them it was a worker on her parent’s farm who assaulted her, Adam jokes about his parents never owning land to prevent things like this.


Drew tells her that she needs comprehensive therapy, he tells her that changes her body’s integration to her brain, he is kind and explains why it’s important. Adam has a funny so/sew joke.

Adam has a killer “pretty horny” joke about the cadence in her voice that tipped off her early childhood trauma.

Drew brings up an episode of NPR (does he mean TAL?) and he tells Adam about the woman who was too empathetic that the episode focused on.


3rd Caller Daniel, he’s calling about his lifelong pal’s relationship with a woman and his phone is breaking up as they talk, Adam says that Gary is telling them to tell the guy to roll up his window, Adam reads the question and gets into the fiduciary duty of dudes.

Adam says that bad feelings and opinions should be shelved, dudes have to report catching cheating or something of that level.

Adam is now talking about the middle class and his staff of single dudes, hilarious Dawson impression from Adam.


Adam is arguing about why this modern era of people aren’t so eager to join the middle class, Adam says Dawson views himself as a 44 yr. old dude who doesn’t want to have kids.

Adam jokes about the rule of not hiring black or Mexican people, hilarious “interns” update from Gary and Adam jokes about the new 30 being duded getting a new Froyo tap in their mom’s kitchen.

Adam talks about his uncle Ralph and his machine gun, Adam says that 30 as a dude now, knock it off (and grow up?)


Adam and Drew are doing a True Car Live Read


4th Caller John, he’s a huge fan and credits them with improving his life, he started seeing a therapist because of them and he explains how he decided to undergo therapy and his various diagnosis and prescriptions.

John tells them about the chronic fatigue he experiences from the Lexapro, Drew gives some practical advice and tells him he could try a different medicine or go off the meds under his doctor’s supervision of course.


5th Caller Steve saw a post on Facebook that compared body dysmorphia with transgenderism, he asks them about reality on realities terms and how one defines reality, science, social mores of the time etc.

Adam asked his dad if adults were this stupid in his generation too, he confirmed it’s always been the case and that relieved Adam somewhat.

Adam is for trans rights but predicts a new level of something after it, the more there is, the more there is.


Drew says copycatting and Adam says it’s not even that, it’s more just a zeitgeist and almost like collective parallel thoughts.

Drew brings up the people who believe they were born with the wrong limbs or needed to be amputees, he says new data shows it al corresponds to a brain issue relating to the part of the brain that lines up with said bogus limb.


6th Caller Andrew, he’s telling them about getting his depressed brother into therapy, Adam says he’s not all over the road when it comes to his version of fair, he wants to be able to go to bed at night and always lets someone else choose their half of the apple, he cuts you, pick.

Adam says that part of you has to be able to walk away from every exchange and not feel fucked over, Adam is not ok with people being enabled to feel fucked over when they got a fair deal.

Adam says your feelings are not valid if they don’t exist in reality, Adam and Drew agree and Drew plugs a recent episode of his ‘This Life’ podcast with Heather McDonald.


They give out the remaining plugs and wrap up the show.