Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/15/2016 – Dr. Drew, Live from The Ice House in Pasadena

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/15/2016 – Dr. Drew, Live from The Ice House in Pasadena

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Guest Dr. Drew, Live from The Ice House in Pasadena

Recorded 06-14-2016 – Release Date 06-15-2016

Production Number #1843

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Adam opens the show with a prerecorded intro from the studio, he’s joking about Dr. Drew’s role during their old speaking tours and how Drew would argue that his advanced degree warranted him equal pay even though Adam was carrying the show.

Adam shares his Seinfeld paycheck logic and moves on to a live read.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam has a long supercar “clone rival” race for Castrol edge and jokes about Matt Fondiler’s lack of car knowledge.


Adam gives out all of the live show plugs and mentions Take a Knee with Randy Couture before throwing it to the live show recorded later in the day.

Adam opens the show to a “The Ace House” intro from Dawson, Adam mentions his pathetic open mic days at The Ice House and thanks the crowd for selling the place out.

Adam welcomes Dr. Drew and the gang and is immediately mocking his mother’s VW square back that would get vapor lock if they even thought about the freeway.


Adam is trying to explain the engine is inside of the vehicle and Adam riffs about them bursting into flames and being a mobile holocaust oven.

Adam is talking about the ample room in the front of the car with and Dr. Drew mentions the Zorback story from Classic LoveLine and Adam’s life, Adam first told this story on Classic LoveLine #81 ‘Zorback’ and would recount it again from time to time over the years, sometimes including lost details untold in previous versions.

Adam breaks down the types of hippies his mom was rolling with and what kind of guy Zorback was, what to imagine to really set the mood and paint the picture in the audience’s mind.


Adam is now going in depth on Zorback his mother’s “man friend” and he shivers in disgust at the notion of him banging her mom, BB gets a “sore back” joke in and Adam says he doesn’t think is mom has ever had sex, he thinks he’s a product of rape by an ottoman, Drew backs him up.

Gina has a funny “Country Song” one liner and Adam is back to the converted and modified vehicles topic.

Adam is talking about plywood being used in cars, he riffs about his kids not having any appreciation for plywood nowadays.


BB plays the infamous clips of his mother with her “morning radio affect” and Dr. Drew brings up the infamous dream where his mother and grandmother were trying to drown him in a pool while beating him over his head with his own testicles, also as first told on Classic LoveLine.

Adam is now describing Zorback’s converted school bus with the screen door, he stops to riff about wall to wall shag carpet to go along with the plywood modifications.

Adam says he went into the back of the car to go to sleep, he was about 10 yrs. Old.


Adam talks about the sheer amount of car emissions that would poor out of a regular car in the 1970’s let alone a bus, an out of commission bus being driven by a frugal hippie no less.

Adam says you get tires by exhaust like you’re watching a Lena Dunham movie, you get juiced.

Adam says his mom and Zorback went into the store while Adam waited in the bus, Adam is riffing on the era where your car was a mini chunk of your home, a mobile embassy like those in “Crapstickastan” (not a real place) and gets into a mushrooms tangent.


Adam has a funny “Woody Harrelson” asked me to play ultimate Frisbee while I was high on mushrooms analogy for what it was like when the woman in the convenience store asked him to open some packaging while he was walking semi-conscious through the store.

Adam jokes about passing out on the bathroom floor, Gina has a killer jackpot joke that BB matches with a “lunchbreak” comment, Adam now riffs about obvious signs of rape that he ignored, flawlessly rolling with the premise, gold!


Adam is now going over the rest of the story and he references the ‘Taxi’ plot with Jim Ignatowski (Christopher Lloyd) gaining and losing intelligence.

Dr. Drew brings up Adam’s sister being a teenage runaway at 14 or 15, Adam says she was like Doogie Howser if he skipped college.

Dree asks why his parents didn’t call the cops or social workers, Drew is emphasizing how gone Adam’s sister was and Adam says that nobody looked for her, they called her bluff.


Adam is describing his Hungarian grandfather who was incensed with the idiots he married into, he has a funny “school lunch” example and Adam is describing the weekly war over Tupperware when it came to Goulash leftovers.

Adam jokes about his family never having leftovers, their only leftovers were the burned up cranberry sauce jelly stuck to the aluminum foil atop a Swanson’s frozen dinner.

Adam and BB are talking about Adam’s family reusing old jars and containers, it’s the lid you can never get clean and Adam is now impersonating his late grandmother ranting about the “if” that Adam might never return with the Tupperware, Drew says that Gina is looking at Adam like he’s a time traveler, she says it’s just sad.


Adam is bringing up bad ad campaigns like The Dominos Noid and “What Can Brown Do for You” to which Gina replies with the “Weiner Love” campaign and Adam comments on the teenage girls in the spots.

Adam is teasing his new winner for worst campaign and he gets into some plugs and reads.


Adam is doing a Live Read for ‘Any Given Wednesday’

Adam explains how he first met Bill Simmons at Jimmy Kimmel Live edition


Adam is now bringing up AM PM and he explains how his buddy Chet worked there, he tells them about the sweet white wine they drank when he was 16, the infamous Petechia eyelid story where he passed out in his driveway and had gravel embedded in his face.

Adam is explaining how it was meant for people who didn’t like the taste of alcohol who like being really drunk, Drew gets in a Mangria joke that Adam doesn’t argue with, Drew right twice per year.

Adam is saying there were two girl’s groups in his school, they were called the Puffs and the Shanta Claire’s, Adam screams “stop making them sing!” at Dr. Drew who keeps trying to figure out what this group was.


Adam is killing it riffing about them being a gang, Adam says they were like social groups,

Adam explains what happened during the annual “broom ball” game and how it wouldn’t go over today, he describes how they would rent out the ice rink in Laurel Canyon, a mall off of Oxnard and Laurel.

Adam jokes about dreaming of one day owning a car poster, not the car, just the poster of a car.

Dr. Drew is now jumping ship to the notion of poster stores existing in malls, Adam is riffing about the varieties of posters they had, weird rich guy stuff.


Adam says the best poster was “Stoned Again” and he has Gary pull it up for them, Adam says if his dad was feeling generous at the mall he would let Adam stop and window shop at the poster store.

Adam talks about the shirts with fat chicks with overflowing rolls, Drew says it’s the progenitor of the head shop and Adam describes a card his sister got for his dad.

BB brings up an inappropriate puzzle and they all look at it.


Adam is sharing how they tailgated before the big broomball game, Adam mocks Drew for being paid the same to sit next to him and remind him of stories to tell.

Adam is sharing how his buddy John lent him a v neck sweater, he describes how he vomited on both his sweater and John’s sweater, so John lost two parcels of clothing.

BB has a “hunting with Dick Cheney” joke that Adam and the crowd appreciate, BB mocks himself for the dated reference.


Adam is getting to his Petechia hued purple eyelid.

Adam has a literal pizza face riff and is explaining who his buddies Ray and Chris were/are and their plan to drive up to the Broom Ball Game and streak, Adam says they were going to put bags over their head and Drew clarifies paper, Adam jokes about it being plastic and them committing suicide, hilarious shit in my ear comment from Adam, gold!


Adam is now describing how Ray and Chris were trying to escape the girls trying to tackle them, Adam says they would be registered sex offenders in today’s world.

Adam says this is why he can’t get why the kid is going to get 69 counts of indecent exposure for pulling his dick out in a class photo.


Adam is back to the mascot, the new AM PM advertisement with “Toongus” (Toomgis) ala “Too Much Good Stuff” and he is now going over the confusing ad spots with the Toomgis beast getting sexual with customers.

Adam doesn’t know what kind of schlong Toomgis has, Adam has a killer “Toomgis rapes you in parking lot” joke and he even tops it with a very topical joke about two Swedish guys pulling Toomgis off of his victim, BB takes it too far with another joke topper, funny.

Adam refuses to look at whatever spilled over to his right, he explains why the breaking bottle is not a big deal in a room full of 200 drunk people.


Adam is further riffing about Toomgis cock and it’s now a spitting cobra I guess; they cancel the game.


Gina’s News

Adam interrupts to ask about Lil’ Wayne and his professed love of “Purple Drank” aka Syrup, Sizzurp.

Adam is crushing his Sizzurp riff and he jokes about the double Styrofoam cups to jewel encrusted goblet drinking chalices range in the African American community.

Adam says he would bring this up the next time the black lives matter movement comes up, black people are kicking ass in the cup department, Adam is riffing about “Sista Souljah” (Ms. Ali) who literally wears a crown and appears on Dr. Drew’s show, not the one note pop culture “rapper” from 1992.


Adam jokes about ceremonial garb and he says she looks like an idiot and he riffs about walking around like he works as a gondolier and how stupid racially themed ceremonial garb truly is.

Adam wants to know about Lil Wayne’s recent emergency landing, Adam doesn’t get why they use the double Styrofoam cup, to almost alert the cops they’re drinking something illegal.


1st Story is on the Muhammad Ali sex tape; Adam has a killer “grandma don’t have a news conference” one liner while Gina tells them about the “Gumbo Parties” that this footage depicts.

Adam is now bringing up the “loved the ladies” excuse used for notable philanders throughout time, Adam says it was the greatest time ever and Drew contrasts Paul Newman who wasn’t interested in cheating, he loved the cars and history is kinder to him for it.

Adam has a pussy whip sound effect to mock Drew for not being down with the habitual cheating, Adam asks what year this is from and BB has a killer “steady cam” joke.


Adam has a killer LeRoy Neiman painting the back of Muhammad’s balls while he’s fucking this woman.

Adam jokes about putting up bootleg porn of people after they die, selling John Lennon’s pubic hair, we have lost the dignity of dying and we will be sold off and compartmentalized if we have any value left to squeeze from us.

Adam is now sharing his ‘Rest Assured’ idea, he never liked the name of the bit but loved the bit, Adam says the woman who played his mom was the same actress that played his mom in the bit where Adam courted and fucked his mother.


Adam is explaining how Jimmy Kimmel turned down the bit where he was supposed to bang his mom, Adam says it’s funny as his mom called the office while he was going over the bit with the writers.

Adam is sharing his “homage” and how his mom had to look the meaning of the word, she was tickled pink but being a Carolla still never inquired about the bit or attempted to see it in any possible way.

Adam reveals that the goats in the bit were Bean of Kevin and Bean’s goats.


They’re now watching ‘Rest Assured’ the audio has a bad analog buzz, the setup at the ice house it seems.

Adam says the bowling pin joke is his all-time favorite joke, interesting.

Adam says the proudest moment was his bowling pin “sniff” gag, he’s never been happier with himself, Drew brings up primate theater and they move on.


2nd Story is on David Copperfield’s quest to get magic recognized as a national treasure, she has the explanation why.

Adam say David is to magic what Kenny G is to jazz saxophone, is he really that good?

Adam jokes about large scale visual illusions and making part of the globe vanish, BB says the same people you ask will always tell you the person who is good and it’s the most surprising name possible, throwing you for another loop.

Adam references Charles the guy who wired the studio and his hatred for the Amazing Jonathan who BB just mentioned.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

“that’s Mexican for me” – Adam


Adam wraps up the show.