Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 361

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 361

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-12-2016 – Release Date 06-14-2016

Production Number #361 – Small Mouth Bass

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Adam has a standard intro and Drew protests they don’t mention the amazon banner enough and other revenue streams enough.

Adam talks about his lack of shitty tweets in the face of saying whatever the fuck he wants and Drew’s most recent @ mention was someone bitching at him about something.

Adam says Drew is not built for this modern era of tweeting and instant access, he cites their various trips across the country and signing events and the various young dumb kids who wanted to tell them off.


Adam is recalling a chick who came backstage to chew them out after their college gig, Adam is trying to recall the details and Drew is now adding in more details and Adam says this person was presented to them like they were a big fan and wanted to talk about the issues they brought up, not chew them a new asshole.

Adam remembers a general reaming, Drew says he remembers one from before the show too, Adam says he could be right and there are multiple examples of this kind of event.


1st Caller Raphael, he has a complex medical question for Dr. Drew and apologizes for his English, he speaks great and doesn’t get to his question much to the chagrin of the boys.

Adam says that human beings are incapable of following very basic instructions, Drew talks about humans preloading information and deciding what is necessary for the encounter, Adam is now using an example of filming and being overheard by the crew and how most people can’t remain quiet after being asked to be quiet.

Adam is now giving a football route metaphor and Drew asks if it’s people not listening, he says it is that and a helping of a lack of a sports background.


Raphael took psilocybin mushrooms last month and has bad panic attacks ever since, Dr. Drew is telling him how to get treated and Adam can’t wait for saying from the future, citing “The doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient” and now they’re riffing up some hilarious future speak variants.

“The teen who answers his own tweets is a fucking douche cunt wad” – Adam

“It’s going to be #DouchCuntWad” – Dr. Drew

“He who laughs last, laughs like a fucking tard douche fuck stick… ass… cunt” – Adam

Adam and Drew are losing their shit joking about language and culture, echoing on points from the movie ‘Idiocracy’ and they move on.


Drew is doing an Onnit Live Read

Onnit sells Battle Ropes now, Adam seemingly outlived them with his Onnit Jump Rope edition


2nd Caller Rob, he’s getting out a relationship with his ex-wife who has been his domestic partner for the past 8 years, Drew tries to breakdown what he’s saying.

Rob tells them about the damaged women he’s attracted to, he wants to know what drives that in him.

Rob tells them he was adopted and Drew interrupts him and Rob tells them he was adopted at less than a month or two, Drew thinks that history might be impacting his mental health.


Adam says at age 40 it’s time to knock it off with the crazy partners, Adam has a killer “fucking titty shit, fucking cock suck” one liner and Rob chimes in with an assist, it almost makes up for his “they’re so fun to play with” reply to Adam telling him to put his toys away.

Adam has another series of obscenities as they wrap up the call.


3rd Caller Melissa, she’s calling about her twin sister who has been trying to fill prescriptions under her name, recently a bottle of prescription cough syrup.

Melissa tells them about her sister and her addiction, Adam says it sounds like they’ve been around rehab park a few times and she’s over it now.

Drew says he would go to the doctor and tell them what is happening, Adam says it has got to suck having that twin who fucks up like Melissa’s sister, he thinks the twin gets more questions than any other sibling or family member.


4th Caller Emil, he’s calling about his large earlobes that bother him, he sent tweets of the lobes to both Adam and Drew.

Adam says ears are weird in general and Emil wants to know why he was born with that, Adam reacts to his question and wants to know if his questions is emotionally based or biologically based.

It is the “why is god punishing me” question as Adam presumed, Adam says it’s weird and this is either a bogus call or something serious is going on with Emil’s thinking process.


Adam thinks there is too much time for self-scrutiny and endless silo cans of energy drinks to sip on, Drew brings up the somatoform disorders where guys come in concerned about their “shiny” genitalia.

Adam and Drew are now riffing about a “small mouth bass” biting Adam’s shiny dick when he was pissing while fishing, something must have attracted that bass.

Drew adds a chain of expletives to Adam’s riff and they are back to the future adages that all end with “fuck you and they tell Emil to get some help.


5th Caller Kevin, he has his ablation set and he tells them about his Atrial fibrillation again. He wants to know about alcohol and caffeine effects on his ablation and he says his doctor told him he could never drink again.

Kevin asks about Marijuana and its effects.

Adam says it bothers him when doctors trivialize someone’s use of something or quality of life, yeah it’s easy for a doctor to tell Kevin to never drink again in his life, why not more sensible advice.


Adam is bringing up the rules about eating and drinking before surgery, Adam has learned to ignore the militaristic system at play, Drew says it’s militaristic on purpose and he brings up how patients only remember and understand at best 20% of what they’re told.

Adam has a funny Mussolini “fuck stick” riffing and they go into a live read.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

People that love Albert Brooks and those who love Monty Python might not necessarily agree edition


Adam is giving out the plugs and jokes about Chris Jericho’s upcoming live appearance via The Beam robot, much like Joel McHale at The Moore Theatre in Seattle.