Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/13/2016 – Baron Vaughn

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/13/2016 – Baron Vaughn

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Baron Vaughn

Recorded 06-12-2016 – Release Date 06-13-2016

Production Number #1841

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Adam opens the show to a “Presumptive Nominee” intro from Lynch and delivered by Dawson, Adam thanks the fans and teases the stories from the Denver Mangria Bar Crawl.

BB has a clip of their Ethiopian Caller from last week as today’s #TopDrop

Adam teases the grim topic of today’s terrorism in Florida, Gary is on mic with the full scoop on the Denver Mangria Bar Crawl and he name drops all of the cool people rubbing elbows with the fans.


Gary has the details of Mike August’s younger and handsomer brother who was a real surprise cameo, Adam is now riffing about Mike August and his resemblance to Fred Ward and K.D. Lang.

Adam is now bringing up the rekindled ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ demographic and how huge that fan base must be along with put together, they could be bum fans and you’d have no reboot.

Adam is citing his fans as the same types, willing to drop 25$ on Mangria.


Adam is bringing up how people tweeted him about Kenyans and running and how he appreciates it, he shares that he messed up the name of Dennis Woodruff “The Actor” and Gary has the latest details on his 6 figure income selling his own films.

Gina has a Griffith Park anecdote with Dennis, interesting story.

Adam is joking about a sad conversation between Angelyne and Morganna ‘The Kissing Bandit’ about days gone by and better times, like sands through the hourglass…

Gina brings up ‘Elvira’ and ask if she’s looking down on both of them as she actually possesses talent.


Adam is talking about a recent interview with Morganna and he makes a point about her behavior and how it would be an assault charge in today’s world.

Adam brings up Ray and his “Jacuzzi Water Gun” fast food drive thru antics, Adam talks about being the driver as Ray couldn’t drive stick and makes a point about what he would be charged with in today’s world.


Adam is now bringing up the shooting in Florida and how this only confirms his theory on terrorism spreading to soft targets.

Gina has some data on mass shootings and her voice is different, Adam is now talking about indoctrinating kids into religion, even non terrorist related ones, it’s a form of abuse to force kids to adopt a life they don’t get to choose.

Adam is now bringing up a guy he knows he heard on the radio, Bryan Suits and he’s now quoting what he said about the reality of banning guns, killing and explosives.


Gina brings up the 3 prongs that get addressed with each mass killing, Adam thinks the access to guns’ argument is the least important, he cites the ability to run over a few dozen people in a farmer’s market with their SUV.

Adam says he’s not a gun guy but it’s also not at the top of his list for what needs to be addressed, he thinks it’s the mental health part.

Adam says the plan to roll back access to guns doesn’t seem like a great plan and he cites Tim McVeigh and the body count he racked up without firing a single round.


Gina brings up the 9/11 attack and the box cutters that were used, Adam brings up the intelligence that was on a computer and was blocked from access by a judge who Adam feels has blood on his hands.

Adam thinks that the arguments about privacy and the slippery slope are not worth anyone’s kid getting a bullet, if you have nothing to hide it’s ok and doesn’t mean the government will start railroading political rivals and those they choose to ruin based on whims.

BB and Gina both have some great contributions and Adam wants to get away from the feelings and just deal with facts, he cites a chapter from ‘In 50 Years We’ll All Be chicks’ about profiling.


Gary is now powering through the chapter flawlessly, they all remark on his speed and BB implies he doesn’t let the words “dance” and Gary explains why he chose to power through it.

Adam jokes about him being in ‘Our Town’ and wrapping up the play inside of 15 min. so everyone could get out of their early and enjoy their evening, Gina has a killer cackle reaction to Adam’s one liner, anytime he references Broadway shows and stage acting terminology.

Adam is now asking about how he predicted that a terrorist act like this could sway the election towards Donald Trump and BB is now bringing up gun control reform and how it’s a back burner issue even to him; it’s about stopping the mass killings first.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Pete, he jokes about being a second hand smoke survivor and a pet he lost to third hand smoke.

Pete wants to know what Adam would predict in a hypothetical matchup between pre Vietnam controversy Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson before his prison stint.

Adam is now suggesting some other fantasy “What If?” boxing matches, well, well, well! the guy who claims to hate this topic loves it when it comes to his interest of fighting, not too far removed from Marvel Super Heroes though.


Adam is now doing a Five Four Club Live read

They’re all decked out in Five four


Adam is now back to the hypothetical fight and is going over the stats and attributes of both men and how they would match up.

Adam jokes about Tyson showing up to fights without an ice bucket, his entourage eager to get back to cocaine and whoring, funny one liner from BB.

Pete references ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!’ and how he believes Tyson cannot be beat still to this day, Mike Lynch loved that reference I’ll bet.


2nd Caller Pat, he’s a big fan and has been going around the open mics testing out some jokes dipping his toes in standup comedy.

Adam asks him about the current open mic scene and he shares how sensitive everyone is, Adam quizzes him on his ethnicity and he tests out some jokes on the gang.

BB likes his 4th joke when he mentions ‘The Berenstain Bears’ and Adam says these better not be any of his jokes that Pat mentioned, he then brings up Adam’s “throwing star” reaction riff.


Adam is now joking about being hit with throwing stars and the other movie trope of a gun held to your head with a gloved hand over your mouth.

Adam says he would start screaming immediately about how “he wasn’t even supposed to be there today” and Adam is now giving Pat some practical advice about standup comedy.


Adam says he was class clown and comedy was in him, Pat insists he was funny and Adam jokes about him being home schooled, Pat has a solid joke about banging his teacher (his mom) and then he has to explain it.

Adam is further trying to dance around talking Pat out of comedy, Adam tells him to continue to amuse himself with open mics and Pat reveals he’s an artist, he sells lots of flag paintings, he has a lot of range according to Adam.

Gina thinks this might be a bogus call and Adam says bogus calls are far more entertaining, he gives an “I paint nude women” explanation and Gina says she likes Pat, she’s not sure it will help him and Adam jokes about him hosting a game show with a funny racist twist.


Adam is doing a Tommy John Live Read

Adam is mixed up with his drawers/drawer’s edition


BB alerts everyone that Gina is losing her shit to Adam’s killer ‘Family Feud’ game show joke from right before the read began, she explains it and Adam jokes about his being just like his family of origin with their endless support.


3rd Caller Sam, he wants to know about Adam’s brand of atheism and he brings up agnosticism and true atheism, Adam says that it has stopped happening to him but people used to always try and talk him into agnostic, trying to convince him that was what he really was and believed in.

Adam says it would be like if you were gay and people kept trying to work pussy into your life, funny riff with BB.

Sam is now sharing his theories on atheism and Adam says he doesn’t think there is “something out there” and he wishes he did.


Adam is talking about driving through Portland and he jokes about his son telling him about “Bigfoot” related laws in certain counties.

Adam says that until something is proven and you know it, it doesn’t exist and he cites the random events of life, Seth MacFarlane just missing certain doom on 9/11 and the attempted suicide of John Lennon’s assassin.


Adam asks who is lucky? He argues from John Lennon’s POV and heads back to the final caller.


4th Caller Taylor, he’s bringing up the “universal basic income” idea that’s being talked about in Washington and Adam is now telling BB to hold his thoughts and shares his take on capitalism.

Adam says he doesn’t believe t’s a system, he thinks it’s the natural order and cites children’s toy preferences and makes room for exceptions, you can’t argue what is with him, it just is.

Adam is saying that he’s starting to look at socialism and communism as systems and Capitalism as human nature and humans don’t work with imposed systems, Adam uses Polar Bears to make a point about the natural order.


Adam is going all the way back to bartering and fur trading to make a point about incentives and currency, it’s what human beings do.

Adam is bringing up corrupting in politics and how just like patrons at Casino’s you’re always going to get some card counters in the mix with the honest customers.

Adam is giving his biggest “and” and he says that it hurts the person laying on the beach not earning their fair share the most, they atrophy while everyone else witnesses them turn on themselves and those around them for shaming them.


Adam is saying he’s not signed off the premise that giving money to people is going to help them, BB even agrees and Gina brings up “relief” in lieu if welfare.

Adam is saying he’ll pay for every kid’s lunch he just wants their parents to prepare them, it’s about involvement and not the money.

Adam has a Home Depot analogy for the market setting its own price, BB brings up a recent ‘Freakonomics’ episode about a guaranteed basic income.


Adam wants to know if the person getting the basic income will ever be satisfied and asks who wants to make the minimum.

Gina brings up the middle class argument that Adam made last week and Adam takes an impromptu poll of the gang, Dawson hilariously has 3 picket fences, gold!

Adam is asking the rest of the gang about their age and amount of children, he uses the very few number of kids had by his employees to make a point about so many young people around him that simply are not striving for the middle class.

Adam hilariously insults Dawson and they move on to a live read.


Adam and Gina are doing a Life Lock Live Read

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Baron Vaughn making his ACS debut with a funny new ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ and Adam gives out the plugs for Baron’s various projects.

Adam asks him how he finds “new negroes” for his all black standup show, Adam asks him about his comments on the traditional “black rooms” in comedy, Adam says the white guy version is the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, he makes a point about them playing it up.

Baron says he can’t do another version of himself and he tells them about his upbringing and how he got into comedy, he tells them about doing open mics in Boston and arranging bringer shows with his friends.


Adam comments on his days of the open mics and how you’d eventually get bumped by Pauly Shore, he cites the one time Pauly bumped him.

Baron wants to know what era of Pauly’s career it was, Adam says it’s pre ‘Jury Duty’ and Adam is now bringing up Pauly’s hit song ‘Lisa, Lisa (The One I Adore)’ that wasn’t even an attempt at a comedy song.

Adam is now having them play the video for the horrible song, Baron is now remembering it and Adam says it’s as bad as it is because it’s not even a parody, it’s just honest garbage.


Adam is asking Baron about his first gig in New York, he got a role in a play with Anthony Mackie and Alfre Woodard, Adam plugs ‘Grace and Frankie’ and asks him about the 3rd season.

Adam shares how he’s uncertain using the term “air” and Baron says most people use stream now.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the mass shooting at the ‘Pulse’ nightclub and Gina shares all of the morbid details about the terrorist act, she says he went into the club spraying bullets.

Adam says he was oblivious to this all day and they talk about the 50+ body count, Adam asks about how long it took for the cops to kill him.

Gina is sharing how confusing it was for the survivors and club goers, Adam is reiterating his question about the cops and why it took so long for someone to act, he wants to know if he was killing people over the 3 hrs. while the cops weren’t acting.


Adam is now riffing about his new Netflix show idea “ample time for backup” mocking the old cop movie and TV show trope of officers being brave and rushing into danger to save civilians.

Adam says that he thinks that now when someone pulls out a gun we need to train for mob assaults on that person, no more hiding and running, we need to be in weird bum-rush mode.

Gina has more details about the phone call the shooter made into the local police department, Gary has the details on the phone call to 911.


Adam is asking about the guy’s dad who was boarding his hate filled show from Chatsworth and Gina is now quoting the shooter’s father.

Adam is sharing the news he heard this morning about it, Adam wants to know when we get to kill the parents, when do we start blaming these people.

Adam asks why if this guy’s dad was Bryan Cranston he wouldn’t have done this, we can do that math so why not reverse it and go after the parents of these mass shooters, this guy’s dad in particular.


Adam talks about the parents who got busted for raising their kids “free range” that was covered in the news a few months back.

Gina has more details on the shooter and his ex-wife, Adam says that all he knows is that this is kid a monster and how systems that protect and create these monsters need to be punished.

Gina talks about the blood donations in Florida and Adam jokes about fund raising for the victims and throws in a plug for MST3K and gets some kind of a reaction from Baron, funny.


Adam is talking about radar and manning your battle stations in situations like this.


2nd Story is on the Los Angeles Gay Pride event that was the target of another deranged individual, Gina has the details on how he was caught before anything happened.

Gina is commenting her buddy Dave who was having fun at pride, Adam is talking about both arguments of people choosing to go through with the parade and celebrate in the face of tragedy and also those who feels it’s in poor taste, he gets it either way.

Adam tells them about his “Hello Gays” pride float signs from when he and Jimmy Kimmel participated in a pride parade.


Adam is now talking about these events and how they only result in a hindrance on our lives, metal detectors at schools, the TSA etc.

Adam is now talking about profiling and how you can eliminate certain individuals based on their threat level risk, a universal ID that prevents Dr. Drew from being hassled at every trip through LAX.

Baron talks about the police state and this new digital twist, Adam brings up taxes and social security numbers to make a point about the ultimate tracking already being implemented.


Adam talks about his pre-check for TSA and how Matt Fondiler worked on the ‘Known Traveler Registration’ for three years in order for him to get it.

Gina has a news update on the pre-check losses that TSA are passing on to the passengers and tax payers.

Adam is now making a point about recycling receptacles and how he tried to get them added to Al’s apartment complex back in the day.

Adam asks if the city really cares about recycling, Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Adam’s handpicked package edition


Adam plugs some upcoming live dates and gives out the plugs for Baron Vaughn who is nodding politely instead of replying verbally, Adam closes out the show with a funny moment commenting on it and he elicits a reply form Baron.