Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/12/2015 – Lisa Lampanelli and Hugh Hewitt

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/12/2015 – Lisa Lampanelli and Hugh Hewitt

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lisa Lampanelli and Hugh Hewitt

Recorded 06-11-2015 – Release Date 06-12-2015

Production Number #1593

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Adam opens the show to a ‘Sweet City Woman’ intro and Adam says that Lynch always picks a song lyric when he’s “joked out” and BB plays the Fist/Thumb quote from Adam as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is commenting on Hugh and his impressive political legacy, Adam compares his own experience while 23 hoping to step up into a pick-up truck with a split sliding window for the bed of the truck.

Adam is sharing a sad thought he had with Nate Adams while working on their next documentary, he is telling them about the legend of Dan Gurney and compares what a piece of shit his own father is in comparisons to great men like Dan who lives like 28 of Adam’s dad’s lives, 28 is a kind number according to Ace.


Adam is sharing the sad byproduct of what the assholes on the left and Huffpo have done, he’s now using Willy T. Ribbs to make his point, saying that down the barrel they want to make a movie about Willy and Dan doesn’t want to talk about Willy.

Adam explains that he’s been coached up about social media and Adam says that Nate made one of the biggest mistakes in the business and told Dan about the questions in advance.

Adam says that if there is nothing in it for you why weigh in on Willy and the race issues if it could backfire and tarnish your legacy.


Adam says we can’t get Dan’s take on this historic element of racing and out society and BB is now chiming in, Adam says he was being facetious in reply to BB’s question about his statement.

Adam is now sharing his “I don’t even consider you black” compliment he gave one of the guys on set, he paid him the ultimate compliment according to Adam.

Adam is now explaining that what Snoop Dogg is to weed is akin to how someone like Howard Stern or Don Rickles have reached where you can say whatever you want.


Adam is sharing his take on how there could be a modern day ‘All in the Family’ and the way that Archie was used to make a point about the ridiculousness of racism.

Adam has a hilarious series of descriptions for his mother and her liberal politics, he jokes about her wanting to blow the Iron Eyes Cody in the infamous television commercial from the 1970s.


Lord OF the Jungle

Steve Thomas is now joining them on the show, Adam has him pulling over his truck to get a better audio quality and they describe the device he bought to keep track of his dog.

Adam is now asking Steve about his acreage and dog breed, Steve is sharing his power move and describes the roll away dumpsters used on job sites.

Adam is telling them about driving home from Bumfuck in reply to Steve’s point about people who text while at turn signals, he’s describing how someone called the office and reported him for dangerous driving.

Steve talks about his prepaid legal he uses to fight bogus tickets, Adam was on the way back from the LBC and added yet another move to his skillset.


Adam is back to Steven and he’s asking him about the cost of the item and he praises the Terry Crews episode of ‘Take a Knee’.

Adam plugs the #LOTJ hashtag and reiterates how to use the amazon link to automatically be entered.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Adam is very well versed in Onnit products, how cool!

Gina shares her experience with a Warrior Bar and Adam says he uses their model of rope for his nightly skipping.


Lisa is now joining them over the phone for her 11th appearance, she shares her reaction to ACS #1583 which was her first live ACS it seems she shares her initial hesitation and Adam explains how it worked out.

She was great, this is very interesting to hear about this from her POV.

Adam is talking about her amazing weight loss and Adam is asking her if she’s had sex at her new weight, she’s basically celibate and describes her last encounter with her ex-husband.

Adam is commenting on her new Superleggera frame, referencing the Lamborghini he usually mentions to Natasha but didn’t bring up during her last visit.


Lisa is telling them about her new skinny puss, she describes how her feet shrank and how she had to give away shoes because of it.

She describes clicking in her nether regions and Adam is asking her what she’s now doing, she describes how she loves being single and not being committed to anything or anyone.


Adam is now commenting on women who put on weight to repel men and take themselves out of the game, Gina has some interesting input and Adam marvels at how Lisa had a boyfriend her whole life, never getting to be single.

Adam jokes that Lisa could even go with an Asian guy now, Adam is now commenting on how she’s now coming at this from the traditionally male perspective of worrying about her status and how someone might disrupt that.

Lia praises her ex Jimmy Big Balls who guested on the show with her previously and was a gentleman about the divorce, even signed the prenup without reading it.


Lisa is sharing her intimacy issues and we’re all glad she was never molested!

Adam gives out the plugs for the great Lisa Lampanelli and they wrap up her segment.


Adam is sharing how nice it is for comedians used to the rigid format of standup getting to riff on stage, Gina shares how she’s fallen in love with Lisa over the years and attributes her ability to laugh at herself without being aware of her offstage reaction and therapy as discussed on another podcast.

Adam is commenting on the hypocrisy of choosing which people are allowed to use which words and terminology, BB shares his own weight loss realizations about his butt getting sore quicker after sitting.

Adam says “tell Jake to Lube up!” and BB has a solid reaction.


Adam is now doing a live read for ‘Tyrant’ on FX

Adam was stuck with ‘Family Affair’ and hates the modern age of quality TV due to his envy.


Adam is now saying that people shouldn’t bring their pasts into every interaction, citing Dr. Drew and his depression era cheapness, Adam says he got home and wanted to sleep in his own bed and be alone with his weeks’ worth of TiVo.

Adam says his neighbors were throwing a full on party when he got home, he compliments ‘The Rolling Stones’ cover band and describes how he sucked up his own feelings and let them celebrate without bugging them.


Adam describes the 2nd consecutive night of partying in his hood, Adam is back to how he removed himself from every equation and was able to push through all of it.

Adam is remarking on the notion of one person calling the cops so they can watch Sports Center alone at the expense of their neighbor’s celebration.

Adam is commenting on how partying is part of home ownership and Gina shares how she must use her gun range ear protection to get to sleep due to the overwhelming number of fiestas in her neighborhood.


Adam is doing a live read

Adam arrested on his motorcycle story edition


They’re heading to break


They’re back from break with Hugh Hewitt making his ACS debut.

Adam plugs Hugh’s book and asks him about his role working with Nixon, Adam wants to know how he was fast tracked into such a high end positon so early in life.

Hugh is telling them about ghost writing for Ray Price and Adam is now asking him for a realistic take on Richard Nixon, Adam says that the more eccentricities the more likely people will mock you.


Hugh brings up how Nixon was portrayed in ‘Frost/Nixon’ by Frank Langella, Adam is now asking Hugh about Richard’s nature after he was out of the White House.

Hugh has a comparisons to Hillary Clinton and describes a 2 1/2hr conversation with Richard Nixon and Hugh’s parents.

Adam is now asking Hugh about Hillary’s presidential candidacy and his take on her, Hugh is sharing how much her staff love her.


Adam asks how you coach up a 64yr old about coming across kinder and more likeable, Hugh says she’ll be 69 when she wins the presidency and he thinks she will.

Adam is now asking Hugh about President Hillary and gives his take on not wanting the president to be his bro, he doesn’t want a beer with anyone in charge.

Adam says it’s a narcissistic idea to think you must need to be able to have a beer with a person you will never get within 100 yards of.


Adam is commenting on how someone can be a Browns fan, Adam has a different kind of brown one liner when Hugh brings up Condoleezza Rice.

Hugh is giving his take on Kennedy and how the Republicans must launch the perfect ticket to defeat her, Hugh explains his book was written to increase the chances of the right to win the presidency.

Hugh brings up Dennis Prager and his take on the left, he agrees and sums up what Prager says their politics.


Adam is giving his take on ownership and responsibility, Hugh explains his son shared his love for ‘President Me’ Adam’s last book.

Adam is sharing his knowledge about people and the disservice of handouts, Hugh is quoting a woman who said she would never vote again after being disappointed by Obama who didn’t personally help her in any way she perceived.

Adam is getting to the American Dream and the role assimilation traditionally played in our culture and Hugh mentions “privilege” and has an interesting point about erosion of the middle class and that being used as a political argument by Hillary to win the presidency.


Hugh is now asking Gina if she’s excited about Hillary as the first woman president, Gina has a reasonable reply about voting based on other factors.

Adam is now weighing in and mocking the people who pretend to be on the right side of history and every issue du jour.

Adam is now talking about the progressive role our society is on, Adam says we’ll next roll into Hillary Clinton.


Adam is talking about how irrational and erratic the wars in the gulf are in comparison to the historical wars this country has faced, Adam is working 80’s action movies into his explanation.

Adam says the average citizen now thinks “get out, let them kill themselves” and Hugh shares a realistic risk and fear for the danger Americans and free people across the globe face from terrorism and Gina has a poignant question about fear mongering which Hugh fesses up to and proudly argues his realistic fear.

Adam is now asking about preventive measure for earthquakes, BB tells them about a mirror he has secured, referencing a previous discussion Gina was present for which leads to some funny comedy about Adam seeing the mirror on BB’s bedroom.


Hugh shares an informed take on what a terrorist act would do to harm Hillary’s campaign, Adam is now sharing his appreciation for the Jewish people and Israel.

Adam is asking when supporting Israel became controversial or even optional, Adam has a funny “Jew on Jew Crime” line and then goes into his read.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Hugh shares his take and says he doesn’t know when it flipped, he cites Dennis Prager and brings up the Clinton Administration.

Hugh says it changed in America when we wanted to stop dominating the world, he’s got a bad guys in Russia and China comment that’s scarily accurate.

Adam is now bringing up an interview he saw where he learned that the Soviets hated Jews and Adam brings up how antisemitism is a clear sign of a flawed culture, Adam is now bringing up how other cultures experience shame when they compare themselves to their Jewish neighbors and instead of being inspired they turn violent.

Hugh has some comments and they wrap it up


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on the escaped Prisoner story from earlier in the week, Gina has all of the details and Adam is now bringing up the blood hounds must have been confused, joking about never having this experience in this day and age.

Adam is joking about the dogs talking about their ancestors being used for this type of tracking, very funny riff.

BB is now offering up some information about how blood hounds collect scents with their ears, Adam is riffing about escaped cons in movies washing off in the river to lose their scent.


Gina shares how one guy thought he saw them in his backyard and shooed them away, Adam asks about the Bounty.


2nd Story is on the term ‘Yucky’ used for millennials and they play a clip of something, Adam is now commenting on people giving up labels and Hugh compliments the hard work of young people he works with who can’t be classified.

Adam is saying why anyone should be classified, the lack of labels and associating with groups is probably the best way to be and lets you blaze your own trail.


Hugh is asking about Adam’s Carolla legacy and if they have any Catholicism in their history, Adam is sharing how he will tells his kids about heaven to spare them pain and his atheist goals are aimed at not burning calories.

Adam says the only religion he has a problem with is Islam, due to the terrorist actions since 9/11.

Hugh asks Adam about his feelings about Islam pre 9/11 and makes a point about people with realistic opinions being called bigots and Gina shares how she learned about Mormons from ‘Book of Mormon’ and how she now appreciated them.


3rd Story is on the claim that Homer and Marge will be getting divorced on the show ‘The Simpsons’ and Adam is getting a note that it was a misquoted interview and the show won’t feature said divorce.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Gary is now informing Gina and the gang on how the comments were taken out of context, Adam is now riffing about Andy Capp.


4th Story is on Pizza Hut’s new Hotdog “pizza” and they play the commercial after Gina reads them the details, Adam is now joking about this being such a symptom of American gluttony that he should perhaps strap on an explosive device.

They talk about it a bit, Adam has Gina wrap the news.


Adam is now giving his take on making the best version of food that you can make instead of making weird new shit.

Adam is talking about his 10th Grade biology teacher Mr. Deliberti and Adam shares how he had heard from him after he guested on Letterman in 1999.


Adam is doing a Squatty Potty Live Read

Jim Carolla “Yeah Hello” Edition


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.