Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/12/2014 – The Hollywood Hillbillies and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/12/2014 – The Hollywood Hillbillies and Matt Atchity

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Guest The Hollywood Hillbillies and Matt Atchity

Recorded 06-11-2014 – Release Date 06-12-2014

Production Number #1344

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Adam is opening the show with a quick thank you intro and mentions a father and son combo from the last live show in Pasadena, Matt Atchity enters the studio and Adam is riffing with him about his last name and Adam’s mispronunciation of it.

BB has a solid A-Rose #TopDrop that nobody comments on, Adam is plugging the live shows from Phoenix and the return of Teresa Strasser, yay!

Alison is trying to get Adam to explain what he was prefacing earlier, he doesn’t recall and now he’s switching gears.


Adam wants to know about the companies that almost get you divorced, he’s using a cable guy example and BB has a funny Tinder joke, Adam is now describing the scene and is telling them about driving to the show in Pasadena last night with Mike August.

Adam explains that Matt Fondiler contacted him in a panic about the Sears delivery for the new fridge but also mentions a washer and dryer, is he going to paint them with automotive paint again, like he did at his last house in 2005?

Adam is sharing how he started screaming at Matt, told him to call Lynette and have her handle it instead, Adam is killing it describing his tone and words, wow!


Adam is now telling the gang about the last time the Sears delivery came and he’s lamenting delivery windows and explaining that he hates the wasted time, why not just say it will show up at the latest time.

Alison is sharing her own recent experience with a time window and an interview, Adam is describing his schedule last night and this morning, yikes.

Adam is now telling the gang about the promise from Lynette to wake up and handle it, he’s sharing how he couldn’t turn off his hyper vigilance and he’s right about them showing up early when you want them to show up late and how they show up late when you need them early.


Alison is now asking Adam about the alarm clock and Lynette not waking up, Matt Atchity is nodding his head in agreement with Adam.

Adam says the donkey has been made upset, describing himself as a donkey that brings money back in hilarious terms, gold!

Adam is now getting to his wife saying “I have it handled” and Matt agrees, saying he deals with the same thing.


Adam is sharing the description of the scene with Lynette sitting around at 9am, still no delivery and Matt called him to tell him they “scrubbed the mission” at 9:18am and gave up.

Adam is killing it with a funny war room analogy, Adam is now getting to how they fucked up his day royally, he wanted a doggy door window for the 2nd delivery and Adam says their policy is exactly the same as it always is.

Matt Fondiler is now on mic, Adam should just order his fridge from Amazon and use his own link, this is bullshit.


“You fucked me royally and that got me back to 0” – Adam

Adam is now joking about a waiter dumping soup in your lap and then charging you for the soup, he’s comparing this analogy to the Sears delivery and their shitty policies.

Adam is explaining to Matt why he doesn’t use his name to get better service, he wants people at their natural best, Adam told them to fuck off and cancelled his order, Adam has a funny “Sears and Roebuck” riff and he’s killing it.


Adam is explaining why Sears is struggling, he says they’re a catalog company from the turn of the century, Adam is now asking for someone to grab Tom Stern from the back, holy shit!

I hope he does Yurgi, please let him do Yurgi!

Adam is now doing a live read for Valvoline.


Adam is explaining who Tom Stern is and says he’s a producer on the show Hollywood Hillbillies, Adam is getting him to describe the Tow Truck drive off story.

Tom was the guy who unlashed the first tire and screamed “Go, Go!” to Adam and helped him escape, Tom is paining the scene.

He’s killing it, we get a taste of “Yurgi” when he does the Middle Eastern to truck driver impression, and he’s now busting out a Carolla impression, not bad!


Adam is further painting the scene with the attempted drive offs where Adam slammed on the breaks to keep the shitty prick from stealing his car for the night.

Tom is killing this Carolla impression and Tom is getting him to bust out the “Yurgi-esque” tow truck driver, Adam is sharing how tried to bribe the dumb loser.

Tom is now giving credit to Dave Jesser of “Drawn Together” fame, he was also involved, the uncredited 3rd champion of this story.


Adam is now telling Tom that he didn’t lift the car, it’s impossible but he’s not saying he didn’t help, Adam always credits Tom as the hero, Adam says he was waiting for the cops to show up at his house.

Adam is asking Tom what they did, Adam thanks Tom and calls him a hero once again.

Adam is now explaining why he tells these stories, he’s now explaining who Dave Jesser is and was at the time, he says he likes the stories to be re-confirmed on air for a few reasons, one is to get out all the details, one is to corroborate and most importantly they’re the best stories ever told.


Adam is now doing a live read for I-Grill, Alison comes up with Meat Tweet, gold!


Rotten or Fresh – Buddy Cop Movies

1st movie Lethal Weapon (1987)

Adam is amazed they made 4 of them and is trying to figure out the critical reception, BB is damn close with his guess.

2nd movie Rush Hour (1998)

Matt explains it inspired the creation of Rotten Tomatoes and explains the original creator was a big Jackie Chan Fan, interesting.

3rd movie 48 Hours (1982)

Adam says it was Eddie Murphy at his height of his powers, BB corrects him and tells him this was his break out role, it predates Trading Places.

They all talk about young James Remar, and Adam is reacting to the audience score vs. the critics.

BB says it doesn’t hold up, it’s violent and racist.

4th movie Bad Boys (1994)

Adam is describing the movie, I think he’s describing the 2nd one when he says “Lobster traps” and he’s mocking movies where people shoot through walls in some movies but if you want to hide behind something even flimsier it will protect you from said bullets, depending on who you are and the movie.

5th movie The Heat (2013)

Adam says he hasn’t seen the full film and keeps trying, Alison brings up her appearance on @Midnight and Adam reminds himself to finish watching it.

6th movie Tango and Cash (1989)

BB has a strange closer about his win.


Matt is telling them how funny 22 Jump Street is and now Adam is asking Gary about Chris in the back with a biorhythm wheel.

Adam is now doing a live read for Bark

Adam is now explaining how a fan gave him a “biorhythm wheel” much like the one his mother used to use to get out of doing any activity due to her “extra critical days” and he’s explaining the premise of the wheel and Alison is backing him up.


Chris says it was developed by Freud and Adam says it was invented for people who live on mattresses on the floor without a box spring or frame.

Chris is now explaining the way it works and he calibrated it to Adam and today, Chris is sharing how Adam is doing today and Adam is killing it and telling him to “shut/shit fuck off” and Chris tells him that June 20th will be a good day for him.

Chris is explaining how a critical day works and jokes about driving him to Van Nuys, Chris explains it says not to drive on extra critical days, such narcissistic bullshit.


Adam says it never switched from bad to good, it was all a lateral move when it comes to his mom’s mood, Chris is fully explaining the advice it gives people.

Alison is telling them about a friend who claimed she was going to have her biorhythms analyzed, Adam is now calling Chris “Sensei Maxipada” and telling him to get a pony tail to pull off this scam properly.

Now Adam and Chris are in a great riff and BB has some nice use of the pan flute, Chris is killing it.

Adam is doing a live read for Draft Kings.

They’re heading to break


Back from break with Dolores and Mikey from the show Hollywood Hillbillies, Adam is now sharing how he was talking off air about happiness and was told to talk to Dolores about her family.

Dolores is now explaining her relationship to Mikey, Dolores explains that Mikey was “the angry ginger” from YouTube and they’re having an awkward back and forth, Mikey is explaining why he was upset by “South Park” and he’s explaining how he got 35 million views.

Mikey is now telling Adam that “ginger” is a racist term, wow!

Adam is trying to explain the history of “Ginger” being used and he’s asking Mikey about the use of “Rusty” to refer to a friend.


Dolores has a nice Ginger Rogers reference and Alison is telling them about a former mailman, Adam is now telling Mikey to embrace ginger over rusty.

Mikey is telling them about the demise of his mother and his father’s addiction to pills, Delores and Mikey are talking about her beating him as a child.

Delores is telling them that he’s never been in trouble and not “heavy into drugs” and Adam says you could do a hell of a lot worse than Mikey.


Adam is asking Mikey about Tom Stern and an early misunderstanding on his part, Adam is praising Tom and says he filmed many bits back on the Man Show with Tom.

Adam is now getting to “The Man Show” boy as Mikey’s behest, Adam says he’s now 33 and he’s explaining the premise of the bit.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on Paula Deen’s new venture, a subscription website for cooking. Adam is asking if it’s been a year since she got punished for her decades old comments.

Delores is giving her take on comments from 30-40 years ago, she’s making a good point and she’s telling them about being a Paula Deen advocate and complaining about her healthy eating.

Adam is riffing with Delores and her 15ft of shit, omg! Adam is discussing racism and Paula Deen with Delores, both making some excellent points.


Adam says Paula’s teeth are too white and that’s what gets her into trouble “It’s like a miniature Klan rally in her mouth” – Adam on Paula Deen and her probably veneers.

Alison is asking about the likelihood of this succeeding and Alison now compares her move to Adam’s and BB makes a joke about Adam being as racist as he wants.

Adam is killing it riffing about Nancy Grace, he references Glenn Beck and his move from network to the internet, Delores is telling them about her teeth and seeing Nancy Grace speak, Delores says she loves Nancy.


Delores is sharing her love of strong women in the media and Alison brings up Helen Reddy, Delores is confused then gets it clarified, she tells them about seeing Helen perform live and now they’re playing the song “I am Woman” and Adam is reminiscing about his youth, hearing the song in his mother’s car.


2nd Story is on a Seattle anesthesiologist who was busted for sending sexts during surgery. “I’m hella busy with C-Sections!” – Alison

Alison opens this explaining Adam’s riff about wanting a doctor as far removed from you as possible, Alison is reading the rest of his charges and Adam is riffing about Doctors banging candy stripers and how that was part of the plan.

Adam is now joking with Delores about being a candy striper, Mikey is jumping in with a strange point.

Mikey has some dick pic advice and Adam is giving his take on the “sexual highway” and now Delores is telling them about dying to show her junk to someone, she’s saying she hasn’t been with anyone since her husband died and Adam jokes about going down on Mikey’s grandma in front of her.


Adam is now sharing his ability to receive oral, his classic riff.

Delores says her husband wanted her to have all of her teeth pulled and Mikey is really enjoying this, wow!



3rd Story Is on a man who had women look at their vaginas for the first time, much like the work of Betty Dodson the famous feminist.

They’re now playing the clip from the video and Alison has a question about the “Apple turnover” line, Adam offers to make it “alamode” and is asking about the woman who is shaving her genitals but hasn’t seen it.

Adam wants to know the chances of the guy who made the video being gay, Adam says it’s either super straight or super gay and Alison is giving the likely possibilities, Mikey thinks he must be gay.

Delores shares she’s never seen her own vagina and BB plays the “next!” drop and Adam asks BB how many times he’s the back of his own balls and how much of them, Adam jokes about describing them to him.


Adam is doing a live read for and joking about sending a half full water bottle to Mississippi, BB is in the mix, decent read.


4th Story Alison is commenting on the 20th anniversary of the term “metrosexual” and she’s sharing how the guy who invented has now updated it.

Alison is explaining the term to Delores and Adam is further defining it for her, they’re all further discussing it and Delores says she knows someone who is but won’t name him.

BB is now bringing up the terms like hillbillies and redneck being used positively like the title of their show and Mikey jokes about making it to his junior year.


Adam is now patting himself on the back for knowing that this man was gay and he’s sharing how a straight guy would make it turn sexual at some point.

Delores says that her Toyota Corolla was her favorite car, Adam is asking her about her latest car a Saturn.


5th Story is on a study that shows Rats can show regret after making a bad decision and she’s explaining the maze testing they did for this study.

Adam is now riffing about trying to explaining our relationship to rats to an alien race, Adam says they’re responsible for more scientific innovation than all of the scientists on earth combined.

Delores is sharing how she used to feed a rat nightly and loved it.

Alison is now discussing the bizarre double standard when it comes to rats with Adam, Adam is saying he feels like Rats should be pissed, they never stop giving and we never stop taking from them.


“When’s the last time someone said, yeah I came home and a rat was fucking the shit out of my girlfriend” – Adam

Adam wants to know why we’re so afraid of them and Alison is sharing her fear of butthole invasion and Adam says it’s their posture, it makes them seem like they’re sneaking around.

Adam is using Disney princes and villains to make a point about shifty body language and he’s using humming birds to make his point, they have great posture, Adam says its rat posture that we have a problem with.


Adam is now using moths and butterflies to make his point thanks to Alison’s addition, they’re riffing about “Smee” and Alison is now wrapping the news.


Adam and Alison are doing a live read for Life Lock.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.