Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/11/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 245

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/11/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 245

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-09-2015 – Release Date 06-11-2015

Production Number #245 – Thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner

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Adam is doing the intro, Drew asks him what’s up and Adam tells him about the intense heat in Topanga where he was shooting ‘Catch a Contractor’ and how it reached 110 degrees.

Adam is explaining the #ADSLOTJ contest and Drew is asking him follow ups to completely explain the idea.

Adam is explaining the envelope covers Jimmy did for Adam’s kids birthdays and he calls Jimmy and artist and explains how much he shows that he cares about him and his kids, so cool.


Adam is explaining how he had to ruin the party regarding their 100 singles they got from Uncle Jimmy, Adam has his wife look up the cost of the average mortgage for his place.

Adam shares how Sonny reacted to the notion of ‘Uncle Sam’ and Drew comments on it.

Adam is ow praising Winning and plugging some upcoming live shows.


Adam explains they had Israeli contractors and homeowners for yesterday’s tapings, Adam comments on his previous longtime Jewish realtor who refused to deal with Israeli people.

Adam is explaining he presumes these are vestiges of a more primitive culture, the bartering.

Adam is explaining how bartering originates and has a work from my son in exchange for wood analogy.

Adam is making a point about his wife and the pool gate and connecting that to contractors who leave unsafe condition for other people’s children, he argues both sides.


Adam and Drew are doing a live read for Cremo


Drew is asking Adam about his thoughts regarding Caitlyn Jenner and Adam credits me for a 1998 Loveline tape where he proclaimed that Bruce was undergoing a transition even back then.

It was my tape and transfer but it was a different guy who first discovered the comment and passed it on onto Adam, sorry unnamed cool person!

Adam is now explaining how he was picking up on Bruce’s subtle difference, Gary claims the tape from 1996, and it was 1998.


Adam is now mocking the idea of GLAAD being for one of the least amused groups, Adam is trying to correctly speak about meeting Bruce Jenner before his transition to Caitlyn and Drew is trying to school him.

Adam brings up the left and their insanely narcissistic desire to correct others, Adam says it’s about controlling others and conversations.

Adam explains he’s so sensitive and intuitive he tapped into Bruce and now Adam sets up the clip of the 1998 Loveline episode with The Goo Goo Dolls.


Drew is reacting to the clip, Adam jokes that Chris wasn’t even born yet in 1998.

Adam is commenting on Drew’s grunting reaction and questions if Bruce was getting fat, Drew mocks himself and asks out loud what he was thinking.

Adam cites Matt Fondiler’s dad’s tennis shoes that he knew about and the changing thoughts on hand sanitizer over the years.


Adam and Drew are now debating the importance of reading and learning from nonfiction, Drew is back to the nomenclature Adam was using and brings up how the left loves the theoretical.


1st Caller Joel, he grew up similar to Adam and Drew steps in to interrupt him and correct him. Joel is talking about reconnecting with his mother and tells them about her verbal abuse.

Adam asks Joel about his life and now says he doesn’t buy into the idea of “did the best she could” and the phrase “I’m sorry but” along with “I wish it could have gone differently” while citing the bad contractors on his reality show.

Drew asks Joel about his dad, Adam shares how he doesn’t even feel like he comes from his parents and just sees a broken down old person he should be kind to before they pass on.


Adam says that in a weird way as bad as Joel’s mother made his life she made her own life worse, this is Joel’s turn to rise above his past and the sins of his parents.

Drew asks about reading an ad and gets a mile chastising by Adam.


Adam and Drew are doing a live read for Lifelock Ultimate Plus


Drew is talking about his son who’s taking off and how weird it feels to be so removed from his adult children, Drew says it’s a poignant feeling.

Adam and Drew compare their relative feelings, Adam talks about leaving for college vs. leaving for the world and the feelings of both situations.

Drew says that Jordan is traveling and Adam brings up his dad with his son and Drew tells Adam to flash forward and think of a man his equal height saying goodbye as he heads off to meet the world.


Adam is explaining that his son didn’t want to be with the ladies all day, Drew says that he wanted to be with dad and Adam says he’s flattered but thinks Sonny also didn’t want to do chick stuff all day.

Adam is telling Drew he’s thinking of things through his own brain and Adam brings up his old producer Angie from the KLSX show who didn’t enjoy Rainier cherries or people who sing the praises of ‘Abracadabra’ by Steve Miller.

Adam shares how people feel bad for his dad who doesn’t get to experience any of the fringe benefits of his son Adam, such as the feat of San Gennaro and Adam tells them not to feel bad for them at least not any more than they do for Molly who also didn’t get to attend.


Adam and Drew are doing a couple laps on “not into it” and Drew says Adam’s father missed out on a huge part of life by not embracing Adam and his interests, Adam says but in his father’s mind he got past something and dodged a bullet and is oblivious to the part of life he missed.


Drew is now doing an abrupt live read


Adam talks about his stepdad who is good with dates and his mother and her passive aggressive refusal to give an exact answer.

Drew is now chiming in and Adam tells Drew that the Houston house is now sold, Drew is trying to recount which house this was, the one with the service porch.


Adam is now reading the stats about the houses, he tells Drew that both of the houses his grandmother had were bought in 1958.

Adam now explains the only reason there is a normal house in the Carolla mix is because of his farther marrying an outsider.

Drew is now asking some follow up questions and trying to figure out which hose bib Ray used to fill up his ass.


Adam explains the history of his family and his great uncle’s suicide, Drew is asking why the property was bought, as a rental property, not intended for Adam’s mother to flop in.

Drew is now describing the desolate landscape of the time when his mother’s house was first built.

Adam says his mom logged about 45 years there and Adam is declining to reveal how much the place went for as his mom is a weirdo about that stuff.


2nd Caller Ray, he’s half way through Not Taco Bell Material and has ordered ‘Daddy Stop Talking’ and wants to know how Adam got the courage to get out there and find a great wife, Adam compliments his dad’s “rap” and how he was able to wrangle pussy.

Drew is now explaining how “rap” worked in that era, Adam is describing where his dad met his girlfriends and even mentions a 23yr old chick he was shacking up with in his 40’s.

Adam says his dad would go to Dr. Gold’s house once a month and play his horn and now Adam is imagining the situations in which his dad was able to seduce women with his trumpet skills.


Adam is talking about motivation and using his wife when she’s motivated vs. not to make a point about how you need to be into doing things you don’t want to do in order to be mature.

Adam is making a point about parental responsibility and wraps up his thoughts.


Adam is doing a Score Big Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and they announce the Lord of the Jungle who bought a 368$ stroller.

Adam says the Carolla’s were spending that much on cars when he was a kid.

Adam wraps up the first hour.