Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 359

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 359

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-07-2016 – Release Date 06-10-2016

Production Number #359 – Artificial Turf

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Adam has a standard “Get It On!” intro and Gary jumps in to assist with a plug for the Denver Mangria Bar crawl event.

Adam tells Drew about his new artificial turf in the backyard that looks amazing, he purposely chose the sample that had the dead pieces laced into it, to make it look like a more realistic California lawn, ala Paul McCartney and older guys using gray streaks to better pull off faking it/cheating.

Adam and Drew are both marveling at the lawn, Adam brings up the proclamations he makes at home and work and how he declared he didn’t want something to happen and it blew up in his face as per usual.


Adam is talking about moving to a bigger place to get a backyard for the kids to play in, he doesn’t want it turning into his dog’s toilet like the last backyard, he laid down $20,000 in sod and Molly shit up the yard.

Adam is back to his multiple laps with his wife about how often his dog shit in the old backyard, Lynette argued that it was only towards the end when she was sick, Adam thinks it was the entire time.

Adam keeps mixing up Molly and Phil and is now telling Dr. Drew about Phil squirting diarrhea all over the center of the sod that they’re mot finished laying down, Adam says he can’t wrap his mind around this.

Adam says Lynette was out there at 10:00 pm cleaning up dog shit with simple green, why doesn’t she want to avoid that happening as much as he does, she’s cleaning it up.


Adam is trying to explain how he was instructing his wife where the middle of the sod is, Phil got it dead center like he measured with lasers.

Adam is talking about a conversation he had with a successful guy they know who has a designated spot for his wife to put her phone and keys, Adam marvels at the gene among women that blocks them from preventing things from happening.

Dr. Drew gets to the function with the brain and the ability to focus and project consequences, Adam is back to the very capable, smart and sometimes educated women he knows among his friend’s wives who seemingly can’t put their keys and belongings in the same spot.


Adam wonders if looking down the road is “scary” and that’s the issue, Drew says that women aren’t as focused on problem solving, they’re focused more on the emotional element.

Adam tells Drew to mark the time on the clock and then he tells him he thinks he right.


Adam brings up the story he hasn’t told in a long time, saying it’s out of a Will Ferrell movie and touches on the irony of the dog shitting up the new sod exactly as he predicted just 9 hrs. prior.


1st Caller Daniella, she’s calling about some drama between her husband and his parents, they both are business owners and they’re renting out the parent’s facility with a discount.

Adam interrupts her and explains why this is never going to work, it always goes south, the parents are undercharging them and are pissed about losing out on cash they could be earning and the kids are pissed as the parents could charge even less or give it to them for free, he explains how this is inherently flawed as a situation.

They get back on the line with her and she confirms Adam is exactly right, Adam asks who is miffed about the good deal, she then says the parents feel like they could get more money on the open market.


Adam has a “move out and be miserable” theory on this, he cites all of his shitty roommates who end up with a long-term girlfriend who would start sleeping over all the time and how it would end up with them having romantic nights in and then leaving a pile of dishes the next morning for their roommates to deal with while they went to the beach.


Adam and Drew are doing a Life Lock Live Read


2nd Caller Brent, he has a question for Dr. Drew and predicts that Adam might not have grown up to be himself in today’s world of pharmaceuticals.

Adam asks what that would have done to a young Adam, he’s asking Dr. Drew about what would have likely happened, who would have “got him?” and he says depression was a luxury when he was working on job sites.

Drew takes it back to Brent and asks him to get to the question, he keeps mentioning ABILIFY® (aripiprazole)? and Dr. Drew is asking about a physician’s options when it comes to treatment.


Adam talks about his kid’s school and how they test/check them and find faults, his kids are mature and smart but don’t excel at school, he says that perhaps the testing and “checking” results in overmedication and unnecessary prescriptions.

Adam brings up his son who can’t ride a bicycle and Adam is trying to protect him from a world of hurt, a basketful of douche.

Drew asks if Lynette didn’t understand the pussy label would be welded to him if he can’t ride a bike as a teenager/adult.


Adam is back to his kids and says nothing is wrong with Sonny and vows to get him riding a bike, he swears he will do it.

Drew is back to the pharmaceuticals with Brent, Adam is telling Brent to be 45 and says it’s great to be concerned about a lot of the ills that face this country and its populace.

Drew interrupts to blame the overmedication and opiate addiction deaths on his peers who don’t understand the fundamentals of addiction.


Brent is sounding like a “foreskin restoration” guy and Drew talks about trying to explain that movement to his circumcised son, who was confused by it.

Adam is now back to how big of a topic this was circa 1997, Adam is back to his story and Drew brings up his hard out, Adam is mocking Drew for being so anxious about leaving on time and checking the clock.

Adam tells him about his “have gratitude” resolution from a few years (2 yrs. Ago) back and how that ended with him jumping up and down on New Year’s Day having a fit after Rob drove his vintage Lamborghini through the dog poop in the lawn.

This was all first discussed on ACS #1233, that’s a longer more detailed version with fresh rage at the irony and timing of events, Chris gets on mic and they move on.


3rd Caller Joe from ADS #348 with an update on his Anorexia, he checked himself into a hospital and is currently undergoing treatment and wanted to thank the guys and let them know he’s ok and on the road to recovery.

Drew compliments him and Adam asks what they feed him in the hospital, he says a bunch and Adam wants specifics, they do multiple laps and Joe says he’s eating a lot of bacon, butter and pancakes.

Adam would prefer that to multiple cans of Ensure per day.


4th Caller Dominick, he wants to know if Drew is familiar with the psychological exams to join the police force, he tells Drew about failing the long test and passing a shorter one.

Adam asks him about a question that stood out to him “my hobby is collecting stamps and archery” a true or false question.

Adam thinks it might be designed to see if you’re lying and posing as someone who has two super boring and respectable hobbies that seem “safe.”

They give out the plugs and wrap up the show.