Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/10/2014 – J.L. Cauvin, Jonathan McEuen, and Jade Hendrix

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/10/2014 – J.L. Cauvin, Jonathan McEuen, and Jade Hendrix

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest J.L. Cauvin, Jonathan McEuen, and Jade Hendrix

Recorded 06-09-2014 – Release Date 06-10-2014

Production Number #1342

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Adam is opening the first normal show of the week back with Alison and BB, BB has a classic #TopDrop of Alison as Becky.

Adam is now bringing up people finishing your story and making the opposite point of your complaint, Adam says Dr. Drew does it all the time.

Adam is now offering up a hypothetical example and BB has a funny “they paid you” reply to Adam’s scenario.


Adam is telling them about a corporate event he had to tape today, he’s bringing up the time he spent over at a car dealership.

Adam says his wife brought up the sad but true “yeah well I got to take Natalia to Disneyland” reply from his wife, which sadly most humans would see as equal work to what he was doing.

Adam is sharing how he was running that by a person he was working with and how he tried to get her to understand his dilemma, she sadly agreed with Lynette.


Alison has a point about people trying to impress you with their “aggressive listening” and enthusiasm and sometimes miss what you’re saying entirely.

Adam is bringing up the Disney vacation and the 395$ per hour escort they employed, I thought it was 350$?

Adam is sharing how he was trying to budget the vacation and how it was a minimum of 2000 for 5 hours, Adam is getting to the tip that’s expected on top of that fee.


Adam has a great home depot analogy and is now topping it off with his standard rant about tipping massage therapists and the shitty pay scale system they have.

Adam is now saying the difference between the person paying and not paying is evidenced by the lunch break Lynette wanted to take during the Disneyland trip, including Adam buying her something.

Adam wants this bitch to do push-ups while they’re waiting in line, Adam is really going in depth on this family vacation from 2 years ago.

Adam has a funny hotdog eating “dip the bun in water” line and BB is now offering his take and Adam says 8 out of 10 times this service is being used the person paying for the credit card isn’t there.


Adam says the only way to get people invested is to have them be on the hook for at least part of the team, Adam is now using the free audience admission for students at colleges to make a point about audience investment.

BB is now mixing up Freakenomics and Malcom Gladwell’s theories/studies about involving late parents to daycare/preschool.

Alison makes a great point about paying for therapy and its necessity, Adam agrees.


Adam is now doing a live read for


Alison has a dead ant on her newspapers, Adam is now joking about ants showing up in places they don’t belong and BB jokes about Chris Laxamana being covered in crumbs.

Adam is now citing a story he thinks is secondhand from Jimmy Kimmel, BB has a funny DFG potato gun drop when Adam mentions Lake Havasu.

Adam is getting to why gnats and bugs hover around your head and not your asshole, Adam is telling them about a hat with a stick on it to attract bugs to the tallest point of your person, hilarious joking with Alison about onion rings being pelted at you.


Adam has a great “that ain’t ranch” line about the worst things to have thrown at you, citing “Silence of the Lambs” which Alison seemingly reveals she’s never seen.

Adam is now getting to the past 10-15 years he’s spent ranting about “Click it or Ticket” and why he was so bothered by such a dumb campaign.

Adam is getting to the small amount of people who refuse to travel without their seatbelt and how they won’t be swayed by the electric freeway signs and are almost angry refusing to wear it in protest.


Adam has a great “pageant queens who are currently wearing a sash” line saying they’re the only segment of the population not wearing a seatbelt besides aforementioned crazy people, BB is now bringing up the documentary “The Other F Word” and citing a guy who built a fake seat belt top to make it look like he was wearing one when not.

Adam is doing a live read for the Spike “Guy’s Choice” awards.


Adam is now explaining that BB and Alison went to record red carpet interviews for the event, they’re now playing the clips which you can see via the show page link above.


They’re back to the show with Jonathan McEuen returning to the ACS with Jade Hendrix making her ACS debut and Adam is doing the live read/plugs for the “Brose” tasting.

Adam tells Dawson they’re actually out of the Brose recipe, it’s out of stock already.

Adam says catch Dawson before he yacks, Dawson is on mic and Adam is saying it’s a nice way to get drunk, to get buzzed during daylight hours at a wine tasting.


Jonathan is telling Adam how they hooked up in “Vantucky” Ventura California, Adam would like to talk to the people of Kentucky about the last half of their state name being used to indicate a shitty place.

They’re now playing live in studio.


Adam is asking them about the tune, Dawson tells them it’s “Traffic” they’re covering and Jonathan says it’s a great Mangria theme tune.

Adam is once again giving plugs for the tasting and for Jonathan and Jade.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break with “Jill” aka J.L Cauvin, Adam is singing his praises for the impression, saying he doesn’t feel like they capture his essence.

As Adam was told by Darrell Hammond, Adam is almost impossible to do an impression of, it’s a losing proposition.

Adam is plugging J.L.’s podcast and asking him to bust out a little Adam Carolla impression, he’s doing a draft kings live read, BB is joining him and it’s at best mixed results so far.


He throws to Dawson and he kills it, now it’s funny.


Adam is plugging the live shows in Phoenix and the 2nd show that was added to the upcoming Long Beach dates, BB is bringing up the San Diego shows mistakenly, Gary corrects him.

BB is asking J.L if he’s drinking Mangria to stay in character, he says he’s a fan and Alison is asking him about the impression.

Adam is now setting up J.L.’s latest video, he’s setting up the premise for it and they’re playing it now, you can view it via the show page link above.


Adam is saying it’s “really funny to watch” and is commenting on the “magic” of editing that allowed for him to play 3 characters at once.

Adam says he bought into it and Alison uses “The Parent Trap” as a reference, stealing it away from Adam before he can name drop Hayley Mills himself.


Alison’s News

Adam is plugging the latest episode of her hit podcast “Alison Rosen is your new best friend” with Theo Vaughn, who Adam dubs “Southern Gay” and Alison is bringing up his time on Road Rules where he seemed much more “hick” and how he’s evolved as a person since.


1st Story Is on the car accident on the NJ turnpike that has left Tracy Morgan in critical condition, Adam is now bringing up the Mercedes conversion vans. He’s using tap water/filtered water vs. open pool gate to make a point about concerns and how weird people are wired.

Adam is connecting this to seatbelts, he’s making a point about Lynette, saying she’s not a bad person but its strange how the same people think Adam’s racing is dangerous but would happily stand in a party van drinking a cocktail.

Adam is now getting to the lack of seatbelt use in limousines and how dangerous that could be, Alison is bringing up cabs.


J.L. has a solid one liner but then laughs at it more than anyone else, Adam is using motorcycles to make another point and now Alison is giving the details of the horrific crash and the victims.

Adam is joking about “the one important person” and how shitty that is of people to be only curious about the most famous person.

Adam doesn’t want to play Mr. Brightside here, but this is better than being smashed into by an illegal alien hitting you with no insurance.


Alison is quoting how Walmart has said they will pay whatever is due if found guilty, Adam is saying this could be a 10’s of millions payday for Tracy.

Adam predicts the guy who laid the asphalt down will be worked into the lawsuit, Adam is now bringing up car safety and the lack of headrests and seat belts on school busses.

Adam says it’s the “hippo vs. the Alligator” calling back his earlier comments about perceptions.


Adam is now doing a live read for


2nd Story Is on the standoff in North Hollywood that apparently disrupted J.L.’s lunch plans, Alison is reading the details.

Adam has a killer “When I get ahold of you I’m going to give you such a neck rub” line to make a point about threats being considered criminal or terrorist.

Adam has a great “emotionally barricaded” line and Alison says nobody has used a credit card to break into a door, nor used a chair to block a door from opening, I’ve done both several times actually.


Alison is now reading the details of the pursuit and standoff, name checking Adam’s alma mater and Adam corrects Alison about the pronunciation of the streets he grew up on, turns out he was caught on the street Adam grew up on.

J.L. has a nice point about the LAPD and jokes about the Dorner case where the cops shot the Asian ladies delivering papers.

Adam is now explaining that the “Hartsook street” is the street that confused him during the Always better closets “wrong closet install story” and Adam is bringing up how Mr. Walters is still teaching at North Hollywood high and still has his Donkey Squad.


J.L. asks what a “Donkey Squad” is, well it’s only one of Adam’s most often used references, and I thought he was fan…

Adam is now explaining the Donkey Squad for the thousandth time, now he’s citing his wearing of jeans during P.E. because he didn’t have gym clothes, the shorts over the jeans story.

Adam is going super in depth “that’s 8 off donkey, that’s 10 off donkey, that’s 12 off donkey” and Adam calls it a perfect storm of Bull-Shame in reply to J.L.


Adam is now using a fellow student to make a point about how effective the Donkey Squad was, Alison asks about people locking their knees and passing out.

Adam is now bringing up his standard take on police chases, Adam wants cops to jump in and stop them.

Adam is now citing the chase he saw go up Beachwood Canyon that then kept going after the guy turned around and the cops let him pass instead of blocking off the exit, one way in, one way out.

This story is circa 2002, Adam is joking about old people beating up young people in movies and how fake it always seems.


3rd Story Is on the amount of people who cheat at bachelor or bachelorette parties, Adam has a funny joke mocking “Polls” and Adam is sharing his take.

Adam says we have broaden the definition of everything, before the end of our lives we will have all been raped and had a hate crime committed against us.

Hilarious “drop a couple digits on Cammie” one liner from Ace, Adam is now asking for strictly intercourse and J.L. has a question about men and women when it comes to oral.


Adam is explaining to J.L. why he’s mistaken and Alison agrees, it is women being dared to act out and be wild, its’ actually more common for a woman to blow a strange dude than for a dude to go down on a stripper, wow!

J.L. has a funny “the gentlemen do” comment and Adam is now saying that the poll probably defined the question as “an activity that your partner wouldn’t approve of” Adam jokes about a golden waterfall.

Adam is now bringing up the time he heard Jimmy Kimmel laugh the hardest he’s ever heard, Adam is now getting to how the strippers who show up are often not ideal.


J.L. has a nice use of “Empowered” to make a great euphemistic joke and Adam is asking BB about rejecting lap dances from gross strippers.

J.L. is now on a great riff about a stripper with a psych degree, Alison loves the idea.

Adam is now explaining the golden waterfall scene he witnesses, “slid under than leaky transmission” in the middle of the act Adam shouted “give him the mudslide” which resulted in Jimmy’s epic laugh.

Bryan is bringing up Engineer Anderson’s bachelor party and the woman wearing her ankle bracelet, monitoring her blood alcohol, Adam is joking with BB about him hitting on the stripper.


Adam is now doing a life lock live read.


J.L. says that Dawson is the “Good Will Hunting” of voiceovers, saying he should be on the big screen.

Adam praises Dawson and says “he makes the rounds”, Dawson is big time, was the voice of Seattle for a long time.

Alison wants to know how Adam feels about what’s appropriate and not appropriate at bachelor parties, Adam is now taking it to global policy and world wars, trying to make a point about spreading the charm of America.


Adam is joking about Spuds McKenzie and BB brings up the “Domino’s Pizza” Noid, J.L. is now in the mix and Adam is making a point about drunken encounters and how they mean almost nothing.

Adam is using women heading to the Masseuse and how much greater the intimacy is for a massage in comparisons to ah hand job.

Adam says it’s unfair that women’s definition of what is cool vs, what’s not and how much of a double standard it is.


J.L. is bringing up an encounters with a stripper and Adam is bringing up the “good knee to the groin” and Adam is now drawing a line between that activities and being too drunk or high to cheat, hilariously descriptive bathroom blowjob scenario Adam just painted.

J.L. once again uses “empowered woman” and Adam says or women it’s a little more cut and dry, Alison is wrapping up the news.

Adam is doing a live read or STP, not the band.


Adam is doing the plugs and J.L. says he’s read all 3 of Adam’s books, Adam plugs J.L.’s show and internet links.