Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/09/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 358

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/09/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 358

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Steven Crowder

Recorded 06-07-2016 – Release Date 06-09-2016

Production Number #358 – Steven Crowder

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Adam opens the show with a standard “no choice, mandate to get it on” intro and welcomes Steven Crowder to the show for his ADS debut.

Steven says he grew up watching ‘The Man Show’ in Canada, he watched it online…

Adam brings up Steven’s recent legal petition filed against Facebook, he explains the background of it and how the media messes up the story.


Adam is talking about news media bias, the papers are left leaning and the right has domain over TV news with Fox.

Adam brings up the label of racist and how it gets burnt out, he brings up a hypothetical racist CEO of Chick-fil-A analogy.

Steven brings up Trump’s promise to build a wall around the country and argues that it is not racist, Adam has a “free range” kids in private school near homeless people analogy to make a point about the hypocrisy of the left.


Steven brings up the Lena Dunham “Little Lord Fauntleroy” haircut after Adam references it when mocking the lily white schools.

Steven says he’s had someone refuse to serve him because he didn’t like his face, Adam is for women’s only gyms and men’s only while we’re at it, if people want to shut you down, they can, they can vote with their wallets.

Adam brings up the story about the IRS targeting conservative businesses, Adam and Steven mock Drew for being more to the right than anyone truly knows.


Adam thinks this should be a much larger news story, Drew is incredulous about this being real and he brings up walls, he makes a point about the wall across the border, what’s different about making it a complete wall separating the countries.

Adam is now making a point about the basic use for walls and makes a point about privacy and how walls keep people in prisons and out of the White House.

Steven says that the fact Canada exists is testament to American values and lack of true imperialistic traits, Adam agrees and asks what standard is the United States being held to, Drew chimes in with some history about genocide and Adam jokes about the Japanese and rape piles, hilarious one liner from Adam.


1st Caller Tera, Adam interrupts to go over the internet troubleshooting with Gary and what he can do in the future.

She wants to know about getting skin removal after massive weight loss, Tera is trying to minimize the 75 lbs. she lost and Drew reads some genocide stats.

Adam is telling her it’s an easy surgery and she brings up the worry about her having not had kids yet, she should wait and have kids first.


Drew brings up the various roadblocks that Tera throws up, Adam jokes about how to eject an IUD with a sneeze and a wide stance.

Gary brings up Larry Craig and Steven jokes about it and now Adam is riffing about Dr. Drew doing some nude night swimming with neighborhood kids.

Steven talks about the articles written by a pedophile he had investigated who was claiming to groom child victims elsewhere on the internet.


Gary has an update on the IRS targeting and Adam asks if that doesn’t scare him, they talk about Gary Johnson and Adam asks if the president can be a 54-year-old Rastafarian, looking like he just got off a beach cruiser searching for a cold one.

Steven brings up the George Bush shoe dodge and Adam is complimenting his slip maneuver, he goes back to conspiracy and how someone trying to please the boss is just as bad as a direct order.

They go back to Tera’s excess skin and offer up some practical advice.


2nd Caller Dave, he’s calling about a married woman he has been seeing for the past 8 months, she wants to break up as she’s moving back in with her husband.

Drew stops him to translate what’s really going on and says she’s getting back together with her husband or her affair is being used against her in the divorce.

Steven is taking the moral high ground and calling out Dave for being a douche who contributed to the end of a marriage.


Adam says this is how Dave got an 8, it’s the Viking fridge with the dent in the side of it, you can’t get a woman of this caliber unless she has a few kids and an ex/current husband or two.

Adam is now talking about the urban legends of their youth, they cite razor blades in apples and people getting stuck in refrigerators and Drew adds pill parties to the list.

Drew is trying to figure out why Steven was busting his balls on twitter in the past, Adam asks how old he is and Steven clears it up that Drew had flubbed a plug, it was no big deal, Drew is proven to be far too sensitive, looking up imagined past slights on his phone mid show, Adam chastises him for it again.


Adam is back to Dave, Adam says she’s doing him a favor and it’s a good breaking point.

Adam is back to the caller and he’s talking about him being done a favor by his now ex, she’s helping him.


Drew is doing a Famously Single Live read


Adam tells him to get on with it and they talk about Steven’s rant while at a college speaking gig along with ACS regular Milo Yiannopoulos.

Steven has some quick and concise points about millennials and the current generation of pussies who have turned on themselves, now chewing their own legs off in the corner of the cage asking for less rights.

Adam is in agreement and he gets into it with Steven, who now tells them about his 26 yr. old producer who doesn’t even conceive of 9/11 in the same way that Steven at 28 does.


Adam says this is the problem and why everyone hates him, he’s Gene Hackman in ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ and now Dr. Drew is trying to conjure the name of an actress from the movie.

Adam tells Drew not to get sidetracked and says it’s “Connie Stevens or Stevens something” and now Adam is explaining why he’s going to daylight and Drew interrupts again to say it’s Stella Stevens and Adam says it’s the adult’s fault, we shouldn’t be listening to kids.

Adam says the kids need us to lead them to daylight, instead of sitting around asking them what they want to do, the adults need to step up.

Steven makes a great point about college professors not engaging in real life, spending too much time on campuses and about how hippies were perceived during the 1970’s.

Drew disagrees and Adam comments on him shitting on a guest’s point and says adults not need to lie and can’t speak freely like adults do.


3rd Caller Aaron, he’s calling about the Brock Turner rape conviction and verdict, Drew fills Adam in all of the details of the case.

Aaron has a killer description of how Aaron was caught with the unconscious woman, Adam

 “I up my fleeing game with a buzz, each beer I get a little quicker and a little more evasive, once the clothes come off I’m like a greased pig, you can’t catch me” – Adam


Aaron shares his opinion on Brock perhaps being a blackout alcoholic and Adam is now describing his buddy who had the same affliction, his buddy Rudy who infamously would wake up handcuffed to a bed at county USC and was the guy running up and down the halls of the San Diego dorm rooms shouting about their buddies they left behind.

They go back into the case and Adam jokes about the two white guys who intervened and stopped Brock from further raping the unconscious woman he was caught with, Aaron brings up the comments by Brock’s father and Steven is trying to chime in.

Adam is back to Aaron and asks him for his overall questions, he asks about the media and the lifetime sex offender registration as a punishment possibly worse than prison time.


Adam is saying that someone tweeted him the letter from the woman who was raped by Brock, he gets into this behavior and how entrenched it is into college campuses.

Adam predicts that most people have a memory of something like this happening, Steven brings up “rape culture” and cites to fake cases as proof that this argument is manufactured.

Adam is in agreement and has a Puerto Vallarta analogy for sending one’s kids to a place they’re likely to be raped, his logic is flawless.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Adam is giving out the plugs and they talk about Adam “owning the heel role” and cite it as the reason why he doesn’t get shit on via twitter like Dr. Drew always seems to and they close out the show.