Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/09/2015 – Sam Macaroni and Dr. Spaz

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/09/2015 – Sam Macaroni and Dr. Spaz

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Sam Macaroni and Dr. Spaz

Recorded 06-08-2015 – Release Date 06-09-2015

Production Number #1590

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Adam opens the show to a funny “1st person to have a deadbeat mom” intro courtesy of Lynch and Dawson, Adam says that Gina and Dr. Bruce are both on their way in.

Sonny is in studio and BB has some classic drop work for the #TopDrop and now Adam is joking about bivouacking in the parking lot and Sonny’s choice between the Disneyland escort trip or going to work with dad.

Adam is on fire and not being too explicit while also not compromising the quality of the show, Adam is explaining how far they were driving for the house on the latest ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Sonny tells Adam it said about 109 degrees, Adam has a funny reply.


Adam asks him why he chose to come hang out with dad, he says he doesn’t like all of the rides there and doesn’t want to be around girls talking all day.

Adam is now having Sonny share how Jimmy Kimmel is better than everyone, Adam is sharing how made these custom envelopes with personalized pictogram drawings and 100 1$ bills.

Adam and BB jokes about making it rain, cherry pie music bed.


Adam is talking about the annual 99 cent grand slam deals that Denny’s would run in the 80’s and how he would order 3 of them in one sitting.

Adam is further explaining how he would be a scrounger and get free cinnamon buns by befriending the chick working the snack shack.

Adam is now sharing the broken taco shells and hot sauce scavenging he would do, Sonny now asks Adam if he really spent his life asking guys from taco places for broken shells.


Gina just joined them in studio, Adam tells her she’s not late and now Adam is quoting some names from the past and sharing how he would react to free country club brunches.

Sonny jumps in again and BB takes away his genius label, Sonny drops another bit of gold and BB proclaims “good stuff” and now Adam is back to his heavy work days without food of his youth, nothing to eat and all he did was burn calories all day.

Adam is now sharing his recent discussion with his wife about his abundance of grub and inability to indulge while his kids and wife can eat whatever they like.

Adam is now explaining how Sonny is wired for fresh fruit and healthy desserts and how his wife and daughter have super metabolisms and don’t gain weight.


Adam is back to Battle Bots and shares how he got “blue balls” as the show doesn’t premier for another 2 weeks.

Adam is explaining how fans brings in free food and homemade dishes and how hard it is for him to resist all of this great food.

Adam says the old rule of thumb was “don’t buy it” and now Matt Atchity is chiming in via BB’s drops “Kid Food Is Good!” and now Adam is back to his green drinks.


Adam was pouring his guys out to his wife, Sonny has a killer reply and Adam tells him to stifle himself, gold!

BB is now sharing how and why he thinks Adam hates goat cheese, explaining it to Sonny and Adam further describes his rich man’s lament.

On cue after Adam was done sharing his pain with his wife, Jodi then arrived with 6lbs of cupcakes for the kids, Adam shares Lynette’s take that Adam can eat whatever he wants.


Adam is now asking Sonny about the cupcake varieties and Adam tells him to make like a Banana and split.


Adam is doing an Arctic Ease live read

Adam shares that they are looking for an intern and tells people to send in their resumes (sigh).


Dr. Bruce joins them and he is lamenting the intense heat, it’s about 108.

Q and Ace

1st Caller Gage, he is a big fan and brings up Adam’s most recent JKL appearance and Gage wants to know if Jeremy Piven had any words for Adam regarding what Adam has said about the guy on air.

Adam says he chose to just stay in his dressing room and reveals he has met the man before, he did Classic Loveline twice and Adam loves ‘Entourage’ and Jeremy’s character on the show.


Adam brings up the hit songs from movies topic from yesterday, Adam reveals that ‘Fountains of Wayne’ were the band who did ‘That Thing You Do’ and the track from ‘Music and Lyrics’ and the band that did ‘Pure Retro Rock and Rock’ for season 2 episode 8 of The Man Show.

Gary is now on mic confirming it’s all accurate accept it was a different song from the ‘Music and Lyrics ‘soundtrack.

Adam says that was one of the Man Show bits where Jimmy told him he was on his own and he didn’t get it, Adam is explaining how this bit didn’t make sense to him.


Adam thinks it was season 4, but finds out it was season 2.

Gary is now playing it for the gang, gold!

They’re all discussing it and Dawson is now busting out some lyrics and they’re trying to get them right, Bruce jumps in and interrupts them.


They go back to the clip and now Dawson is quoting the lyrics and Bruce is interrupting again, he calls BB a “bald headed bastard” and now Bruce says that System of a Down is pledged to get him a new theme song.


Health watch with Dr. Bruce

Bruce laments the “Spaz” label and gets to his articles, asking them “what makes a woman” and the way feminists claim that a life of experience as woman is required to truly be a woman.

Adam is now getting to the way everything in society “things have to be the same” and brings up the genetic differences between the sexes among all species yet how most left wing types like to pretend don’t exist among humans.

Gina argues that the argument is we can “evolve past that” but that does prove Adam’s point as it’s about denying present day reality.


Adam is joking about Caitlyn Jenner now being called “the C Word” and now Bruce has a very eloquent point.

Adam is getting to the way the United States takes a topic like the Transgender community who represent less than 1% of the population in the country and how it’s not really our business nor anything that should be top priority.

Adam says that this should be topic for the end of the news if we have extra time after the major problems are reported on.


Adam is now talking about “identifying as” vs. “transgendered” people using the restrooms of the gender they are identifying as.

Adam is joking about how that kicks the door open for all of the Rays of the world and Gina has a very compassionate answer and how she’s fine with a person using the women’s restroom rather than risk danger in a men’s room.

Gina is very kind and Adam has a good point about young girls, Adam is now getting to people who live different ways and how their might be difficulty for the 5’2” man, the kosher diet or transitioning from one gender to another.


Adam is now asking what would have happened if they pulled aside their dads in their youth and asked them what’s more likely a person of one nationality living as another nationality or someone transitioning genders.

Gina is telling them about watching ‘PCU’ and shares how she was shocked it was made back in 1994, she says it was her favorite movie.

Adam is trying to get into a live read.

Bruce interrupts and complains about his segment getting spent on other topics, Adam tells him to leave about a hundred times and compliments him in that he just can’t help himself and does this every time.


Adam is commenting on the false bravado thing Bruce does that comes off a little rude and not as funny as he’d hoped, Adam says people ask why he always bags on Spazz but this is why and keeps insisting he leave the studio, Bruce is pleading but Adam is adamant.

Adam makes him leave and BB mocks the littering of papers Bruce left on the floor, Adam is telling him to clear out.


Adam is doing a Live read for Blue Apron

Adam is not high Falutin but he’s medium Falutin


2nd Caller Thomas, he shares his dilemma with a friend at work who he’s fallen in love with, she’s engaged and wants to know if he should say something, Gina says they’re “Jim and Pam” from ‘The Office’ and Thomas elaborates.

Adam is now joking about “shit or get off the pot” and “you don’t shit where you eat” and they’re all riffing about it, BB proclaims that most men have eaten while on the toilet.

Gina says “that’s not a thing” about men eating while shitting and beating off while driving, BB has a nice use of “on the reg” and Adam is saying these two topics would be ones where women would guess it was less than 1-2% of men when it’s more like 50%.


Adam is talking about women who flirt for fun much like a car dealership and men, Adam says he knows guy who are car guys who will check out the new cars on the weekend the same way some women will flirt without ever intending to be intimate with someone.

Adam is now setting up how he always resists saying high or asking someone out or risking his neck to put himself out there, he brings up an unofficial improv class he took with an attractive woman in his class.

Adam was told that she was flirting with him intentionally but was married, Adam is trying to recall who the actress is or the name of her semi famous husband, Adam is now trying to summon the name and says he saw her jogging down the street 5 years alter and they chatted.


They go back to Thomas and ask him what he’s going to do, Gina in particular has some thoughtful input and Adam is super practical.

Adam is back to the conjuring of the name, Gina has a funny “Jonathan Taylor Thomas” reference and Adam says he was an actor on ‘Falcon’s Crest’ or something akin to it.


Adam plugs the upcoming live shows

Adam is now plugging his films and shares how his only satisfaction comes from the kind words and reviews from people who enjoyed them.

Gina remarks on the almost serendipitous nature of ‘Windy City Heat’ and what a miracle it was to pull it off.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

They’re heading to break


They’re back from break with Sam Macaroni making his ACS debut.

Adam reveals the actor was Barry Bostwick and the woman he was married to from the improv class was Stacey Nelkin and BB remarks on her current career and suggests her as a guest for the Adam and Dr. Drew show.

Adam welcomes Sam to the program.


Adam is commenting on the recent picture of Stacey that makes her look a little crazy, Sam is asking for another pic and Adam is telling them to go period correct.

Adam asks Sam how he started his YouTube empire, he explains how hard it is to get a start in YouTube now, he explains how he was fucked over by the system and generated his own content after working ‘National Lampoon’ to make a shitty movie.

Adam is bonding with Sam over letting creative people do their thing, Adam says they didn’t come up with the material for Wanda Sykes, they let her do her thing.

BB asks if there was anyone they didn’t get anything from, Adam says Jeff Garlin and says he was too kind.


Gina and BB praise Jeff’s standup, Sam is now sharing an anecdote about Steve-O and Adam is commenting on the producer the banned from the set of ‘The Man Show’ and the notion of someone with no talent being banned from the set and forced to just hammer free checks for no work while Adam, Jimmy and Daniel eat lunch at their desks trying to generate content.

Sam tells them about his role that was mostly cut from ‘Clueless’ and BB brings up Michael Rappaport’s role in ‘True Romance’ and the story of his character being cut out of an episode of ‘TJ Hooker’.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Jerry Seinfeld’s recent radio interview where he talked about today’s comedy being too PC, Gina plays the clip of him.

Adam says we’ve fucked out these terms and it’s never been a better time to be a bigot or racist as you get lumped in with comedians for joke attempts.

Adam is commenting on how he intends to be hurtful with words from time to time but he’s not actually balling his fist up and assaulting them.


Adam mocks the idea of a government shutdown and how it won’t affect anything, he calls back to the most recent shutdown and compares that to the PC police among us in society who try to steal people’s jobs and ruins people’s lives.

Adam is riffing with Sam and BB brings up the original Robocop as they discuss the fake PC trend in society, Adam says it’s up to the sane people among us to not let people spin out with these fake controversies.

Adam cites the Alec Baldwin controversy from the mid 2000’s that he refused to engage in, and they move on.


2nd Story is on a woman who was struck by a broken baseball bat at Fenway Park, she has the gory details and explains the nature of the injury.

Adam is now calling for aluminum bats but then explains to Gina why that’s not a practical solution as it will kill pitchers.

Adam is now calling for a synthesized bat that looks and feels like wood that won’t break and will be the same performance for everyone.

Adam is mocking the game of baseball and the players union who refused to stop players from chewing tobacco during the game on national television.


Gina is saying they make note of this now to go back and credit Adam for this when the make the move in a few years, Gina uses the phrase “act of god” and jokes about that hurting the woman’s feelings even more.

“God hates me?”


3rd Story is on Uwe Boll’s online rant after his most recent crowd funding attempt for a new film, Gina says that BB sent this one to her.

Gina explains they failed to reach their crowd funding goal, the 3rd such attempt for him to hit this amount he needed.

She’s now playing the rant from Uwe Boll pissed that people didn’t want to see ‘Rampage 3’ and now Adam is asking what rampage is about.


Gina has the 2nd clip of Uwe and a 3rd clip, Adam has funny reactions to the clips and BB says he would donate to a campaign to get him to make these videos regularly.

Sam is now impersonating Uwe and Gina has some more quotes from him, Adam is reacting to the trailer for the movie that’s yet to be produced.

Adam and Sam are doing a funny improv with Sam as Uwe refusing to replace his divot on the golf course, Adam is killing it as the straight man.

They’re doing another hilarious lap and Sam is killing it.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read


Adam has another idea and adds an “Identify as” twist, Sam is further riffing and Gina jokes about Uwe doing customer service.

Adam is calling sprint about his contract, Adam is pitching Uwe as a mall Santa.


4th Story is on a new survey that shows male employees feel a greater sense of esteem by working more hours than their peers.

Adam is saying you don’t want to get pummeled by the middle, he says go super poor or go super rich.

Adam is joking about mailbox money and the lifestyle for people who right theme songs for game shows.

Adam says the in-tweeners are the ones who have to really fight for it.


Gina wraps the news as they riff about the use of Alibaba and Adam is now asking about Sambo vs. Alibaba and has a funny Jigaboo one liner.

Adam is bringing up the actual location and BB has an “apes for your porch” comment that nobody seems to be into.

Adam is now explaining how he thinks Sambo originated with Native Americans and Gary is now reading the Wikipedia on it, Adam wants to know where the Indian kid and the tiger originate from.


Gina has a ‘Life of Pi’ reference and Adam says that the local Sambos became a Denny’s and they’re now talking about the good Denny’s vs. the bad Denny’s in Hollywood.

Adam shares how the bars close from 2am-6am and describes the guys lined up at the Denny’s waiting to get a cocktail first thing in the morning.


Adam is now doing a Simply Safe Live Read

Dawson is moving edition.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.