Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/08/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 150

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/08/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 150

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-03-2014 – Release Date 06-08-2014

Production Number #150

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Adam is surprised by the 150 episodes they now have in the can and he’s taking it back to Classic Loveline and how much that now means to them, having a legacy.

Adam is now touching upon the idea of his kids listening to the show, as I’ve told Adam many times on my show, his grandkids will love it and want to hear it.

Adam is thanking the fans, including me for getting them to 150 episodes, I was the one who had them shift to the comedy category which resulted in an audience increase of nearly 100% if not greater, I also commissioned the artwork from my client Michael Narren.


Drew is now telling Adam about his changing role in medicine and dialing down his practice, Adam is citing his elderly patients as the most stressful, Drew mistakes it for him hinting about the drug addicts.

Drew says his stress has reduced greatly since dialing things back, he’s making it clear how much responsibility it is to be a practicing physician and Drew is citing his health and prostate biopsies for his past two years of struggling to keep up.

Adam wants to know Drew’s dream scenario and his 10 year plan, much like Adam he doesn’t have one.


Adam is getting to the half-drunk water bottles around the shop that he cleans up and how he tries to walk the bottles outside and dumps it in a plant, to not waste the energy in that bottle.

Adam is describing a “Baraka” –esque scene of a water bottle being created and then sold, then used and wasted.

Drew mistakenly says “to catch a predator” instead of contractor, and Drew is using that to make a point about wasting time.


Adam is sharing how he made a doc, shot a feature film and accomplished so much so far this year, he’s trying to make a point about the time it takes to create a feature film.

Adam is using the half-drunk root beer bottles around his house to make a point about refrigerator real estate and the premium it now is.

Adam is now using empty mayonnaise jars being removed from his fridge to make a point about “you did it” and he’s now using a “fish your turd out of the toilet” metaphor for that kind of flawed non-thinking behavior.


Adam is now using sparkling Martinelli’s bottles to make a point about owning up to things and dumping them, if you’re going to be wasteful.

Drew is telling Adam that his maid is putting this stuff in the fridge, it’s far more egregious, and they’re just leaving it on the counter.

Adam is now describing the type of person who would take “3 swigs” and leave a can, Adam is joking about them taking 3 and bumping them up to slightly better people.


Adam is sharing how he gets bottle stoppers on the road and how it shouldn’t be his job to micro manage such things, he says blotter and Drew has a moment mocking his speech “bladder” and now he’s sharing how he brought a 6 pack of bottle stoppers to prevent this waste.

Adam came home to the stopper in the bottle, the one with the open pour spout, defeating the purpose of using it.

Adam is saying a retarded goblin must have done it, he’s describing the scene and comparing the stopper to a restrictor plate in NASCAR.


Adam got a “Oh I knew you’d say something” reply when he confronted Lynette and Drew says “Oh No” and can’t believe this is what Adam deals with.

Adam is pledging his next book will be “When I said was screws with the screws and nails with the nails, he got batteries with the chapstick” and he’s explaining the idea while Drew’s phone vibrates into the mock.

Adam is now sharing how he setup different shelves and Drew is now realizing this ties into the conversation about Mike Altier from episode #149.


Adam says people mix up batteries and chapstick in drawers because they’re the same shape, wow.

He’s now saying that nobody can completely organize, he’s citing the one flaw you’ll find every time and he’s now using that to explain that someone reached into a drawer to get a stopper, realized it wasn’t a stopper and never bothered to fix it.

“The mean old man is going to come off the road and have a laugh about this” – Adam on how his family views him.


Adam is now using waiters who refuse to write things down to make a point about people overestimating their ability to remember.

“You don’t got it, do it” – Adam’s new book, he’s explaining that when you notice things you need to do them at that time, you won’t remember, you don’t got it.


Drew is now doing a live read for Hulu Plus.

Adam and Drew are now talking about “too much” and the inability to enjoy things due to the time demands put upon them.

Adam is making a point about all of the entities employing you not being interested in the other entities you work for that made them interested in hiring you in the first place.


Adam is getting to how he never knows the name of his publisher and he’s sharing the anecdote where he kept using “you guys” and didn’t know the name and was called on it.

Adam said his standard reply, more mouth noises from Adam, these past two episodes have been very heavy on swallowing and mouth spittle noises, and I wonder what’s different.

Adam is now bringing up his books and the cumulative scores for all of his books that are tarnished by haters who get to spread lies about content they haven’t consumed.


Adam is now using Loveline and his morning show to make a point about people who would guest and phone it in, Adam says the other name of his next book is “Don’t do it for me, Do it for you” and he’s making a point about people shitting the bed and how that looks on them, it doesn’t affect the host.

Drew is now bringing up Adam’s appearance on Stern and the stamp argument, Drew is once again referencing it as if he never heard it on Classic Loveline many times.

Adam is now citing a lost friendship from back in the day, regarding a domain name business plan.


Adam is explaining he shamed the friend, he’s citing the discussion he had with the guy at 34, how he should have asked himself why he didn’t have the full 1600 dollars to invest.

Adam explains that he no longer speaks to said friend, Adam and Drew are waxing poetic on adults not learning to grow out of childish thinking.


Adam is making a point about compromise and adult thinking, he’s using the creative process with Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Hench to make his point.

Adam says his probing questions is why his friend bailed.


Adam and Drew are now discussing the solider and the Arabic remarks from his father, they’re talking about the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl case.

Adam is now using Evil Knievel and jumping Snake River canyon to make a point about choices and death, he’s using joining the military as a counter point.

Adam is getting to his capture which is a decision he made, to join up, then to desert his post.


Drew is quoting the 6 lives lost trying to find this defector and Drew is sharing how pissed the parents are of the now dead kids who tried to save this guy.

Adam is now making a point about Obama and his impunity when it comes to the press that allows him to make these decisions without fearing the aftermath.

Adam is arguing against the fox news allegations preemptively and spelling this situation out in clear terms, he says we’ll be taking about sterling far longer than we will about this prisoner trade.


Adam is calling this a 2nd term move and the impunity it suggests, it’s very clear.

Adam was asking his son about his generation and he used Nixon vs. bush to make a point about the differences, joking that the president cried and once again pronounces helicopter like Matt Fondiler, he’s commenting on the historical distortions among this generation.

Drew says we need to all go libertarian, Adam says yes he is, he’s not republican.


Adam is bringing up how the press and left will use any arguments to turn this into a witch hunt.

Adam jokes about this soldier’s dad being “Cat Stevens” and he’s mocking the hubris of this government and Drew wants to know if they don’t know something about this, what’s really going on.


Adam is now using the hypocrisy of golfing with Tiger woods on the links with photo ops when you’re giving speeches about poverty.

Drew is doing a live read for

They’re going to break.


They’re back form break.


1st Caller Bill, he is currently in a custody battle with his crazy ex, he says her voice gives away her age of abuse, much like many callers into Loveline.

Bill wants to know about the tests trying to pinpoint her mental disorder for a custody battle, Drew is recommending he listen to his Dr. Drew Podcast and the Adam and Drew podcast with the director of Divorce Corp.

Adam wants to know when we’ll start using the science, like functional MRI’s and Drew says these tests are good enough, Adam knows what he’s saying but maybe they need more evidence, instead of “in my opinion” and Drew is explaining how these tests work.


The less you involve the system the better you are in the long run, the system serves itself, and he’s once again recommending “his movie?” Divorce Corp.

Adam is bringing up Dennis Prager again, a story out of Hawaii about a father picking his son up at School and he made the kid walk home from school as punishment.

Adam explains this somehow got to the judge and made the guy go to parenting classes, Adam says there is something going on when it comes to parenting.


Adam is citing this case as the example of society collapsing, the mandatory parenting classes you’re required to pay for and fulfill, Adam says there is a certain point when a department of building guy enters your property that makes you question what country you actually live in.

“And who fucking decided you were the fucking boss?” – Adam on the system, building on itself, meant to grow with no end in sight.

Adam says he’s made it 13 years without a red turn arrow ticket, he’s shaming the cowards and lemmings who refuse to follow suit.


Adam is explaining how cops brains work, he’s explaining how cops lying in wait resulting tickets, not out looking for activity, and Adam is ranting about the cops with radar guns up and down the grapevine responsible for 9 out of 10 tickets.

Adam is now making a point about the people who refuse to risk turning on a red turn arrow, where cops aren’t monitoring but will speed on the grapevine and willingly take a ticket for their confusing hubris and idiocy.

Adam wants to know where the logic comes from and they’re addressing the emotional and psychological components of this thinking.


Adam has a great manslaughter vs. murder one example for cops lying in wait for people who pay their salaries.

Adam is now doing a nature box live read.


2nd Caller Jordan calling from Poland, more mouth noises from the guys.

Adam is asking Jordan about his location and Drew is asking him about the Ukrainian situation and you can hear Adam drink water and swallow right into the mic, what did they change with the setup?

Jordan is sharing his difficulty in dealing with this younger generation of soldiers and their questioning he can’t deal or connect with.

Adam now says that nothing works like “because I fucking told you, now do it!” and Drew is asking Jordan about the boot camp for Air Force personnel.


Adam argues why the military wouldn’t slowly reflect society in response to Drew’s disbelief that this shit is going on, Adam says the military is always 5 steps removed from society, but just 5 steps.

Drew is referencing the US airways emergency landing due to the dog poop incident, Adam is now bringing up the argument with Gloria Allred the “Crystal Brain” rant from the KLSX morning show.

Adam is now quoting the argument and the killer line he used to crush that C when she got shitty in her reply when cornered on her questionable comments on air.


Adam says in his mind these things have already happened before they do, it’s how he foresees them all and now Drew and Adam are commenting on Jordan being the parent to these soldiers.

Drew is sharing that he will help them by dropping the fucking hammer on them.


3rd Caller John is dealing with past sexual abuse and Drew is asking him about his treatment, Adam has a weird sigh in response to John’s voice and delivery it seems.

Adam is now giving him some super practical advice to get past his baggage, Adam is telling him he understand but telling him he needs to do the work of life and not to let the trauma define him, not make it his identity.

Adam is now using being molested to counter playing field arguments, he’s sharing how most people could make an argument about why they got a rough start in life.


Adam is now doing a live read for Bark Box, he’s mentioning how much Molly loves Drew’s dogs.

Adam is now wrapping up the show with the standard thank you’s and a funny Gary Half Tard delivery/inflection in his voice.