Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/06/2014 – Mark Cuban

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/06/2014 – Mark Cuban

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mark Cuban

Recorded 06-02-2014 – Release Date 06-06-2014

Production Number #1337

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Adam is now opening a special one on one conversation with Mark Cuban, Adam is doing a weird “pirate ship” intro, must be responding to the unusual format.

Adam is in studio solo, he’s praising Mark and bringing up how he bought the Mavericks, Adam is getting to Mark’s first endeavor at 12 to get basketball shoes.

Adam is doing a live read for STP, not the band.


Adam is sharing his admiration for Mark Cuban and what he does and says, he’s bringing up how people with platforms, microphones and pulpits are now forbidden from speaking up.

Adam is getting to the “watch what you say” element of success and he’s quoting Mark’s comments about Donald Sterling and racism.

Adam is giving his reaction to the comments and is now removing race from the scenarios about walking on which side of the street, Adam says its probability, not ignorance, and it’s based on statistics.


Adam is now bringing up how a guy came to his house today, he’s sharing how he doesn’t lock Molly up to keep people from freaking out.

Adam says Molly is a lab and is a wagging ball of happiness, Adam knows that the guy walking up the driveway, he’s making a point and using Rottweiler’s to prove it.

Adam is now plugging the live shows in Phoenix while commenting on Mark being a few minutes late.


Adam is now riffing on the thing/not a thing list from Esquire, he’s mocking it and his book sales to prove his point about us fans always coming through.

Adam says it’s hard to be not a thing and be on the New York Times Bestsellers list, Adam is telling Esquire and Entertainment Weekly that they can try as hard as they want “they can’t make this not a thing” and he’s telling them “you don’t have a choice bitch.”

Adam says he built and bought all of this and we fans keep it afloat, we also don’t read obsolete magazines written by hacks who wear their obvious politics on their sleeves without any journalistic integrity.


Adam says “it never works” you will not stop him with bad reviews, Loveline being a prime example.

Mark is now joining Adam via the phone, he apologizes for running late.

Adam is teasing the topics they need to delve into, he’s sharing why he’s a fan of Mark and being very eloquent in his description.

Mark is now giving his take from his position and not having to kiss ass.


Adam is bringing up the Donald Sterling comments and plugging Mark’s new app, Adam is bringing up Gavin Newsome and the check cashing facilities argument that was twisted in social media to frame him.

Mark is sharing is take and Adam is now telling him what he thinks will happen, Mark is calling it “headline porn” and bringing up how context is the only thing that fades away.

He’s telling Adam about shrinking a digital footprint and his various products to protect people and their private text messages.


Adam is getting to technology and how it’s now gotten in front of us, hence patent trolls and text message scandals, Adam and Mark agree they’ll never know where technology is going.

Adam is sharing how he gets in trouble, he’s not a bad person in his heart, he has no hate nor bad feelings about any race or gender, Adam is sharing his “if I was racist I’d be hiding it” logic.

Mark is agreeing and he’s sharing his own take on being sophomoric and having fun, it’s not bad, it’s funny and Mark is now arguing in defense of fart comedy.


Mark is making some great points about headline porn and the use of social media to spread these campaigns of demonization about various celebrities.

Adam is sharing his “they don’t even believe it” theory on these people and says if this country was a business people would be fired left and right, just wasting time.

Adam is now bringing up the Winchester Mystery house and giving a thumbnail sketch of the place, Adam is getting to the auction of the furniture and he’s using it as an example of a different era that had decorum and respect.


“it’s a tree falling in the forest calling you a racist” – Adam on the temporary nature of these “headline porn” tactics and how one can avoid it with simple “out of sight, out of mind” techniques.

Mark is sharing how he just needed to avoid TV and twitter for two days, to avoid the attempts to tarnish his character.

Adam has a great “Twilight Zone” riff about Mark being hoisted on his own technological petard.


Adam is now doing a live read for Man Crate, he blew a take but doesn’t make it clear if he wanted it edited out, hmmm.

Mark just dropped off the line.

They’re taking a break.


They’re now back from break and Mark is making a point about establishing a counterbalance to the narrative about yourself or a situation.

Mark is now giving his take on Sterling and how his comments were tailored to a small business audience and he’s explaining why he likes to have a platform like this to get the truth out.

Adam is now bringing up how much he loves “Shark Tank” and is comparing it to Heidi Klum shitting the bed on “America’s Got Talent” and Mark sums up why she has that job, Adam has a hilarious “If Heidi Klum looked like us” reply.


“Maybe there will be room for my penis in it” – Adam on Heidi first opening her mouth in Germany and the reactions from the locals.

Mark is sharing how they are kept in the dark on that show and how it’s all real, he’s really making it even more compelling than the show already is, interesting.

Adam is sharing his only problem with the contestants on Shark Tank, they make him feel bad about his own wife and her lack of motivation to invent things, Adam is telling her to watch Shark Tank and says she throws out makeup when it’s half done.


Mark is explaining the shooting schedule and how they build the shows, he’s explaining that the people with the MBA’s are often the most blowhardy and will take extra time with their over inflated self-worth, wasting the time of the show and the crew.

Adam is now explaining “F’ Me Money” to Mark.

Adam is in full agreement with Mark, they’re Sympatico and Mark is explaining his motivation for business and competition.


Mark is explaining the competition of business and how you’re competing with everybody else.

Adam is now getting to the Patent Trolls, Adam is explaining the situation to Mark while acknowledging his battles.

Adam calls it un-American and Mark is now making a point about innovation and how the trolls prevent innovation and job growth, he says it’s decelerating the American Economy and Adam is addressing Congresses inaction due to their financing form the trial lawyers groups.


Mark is saying that patents for software and process patents need to be done away with, keep them for pharmaceuticals and inventions, not code and systems.

Mark is now explaining how he wrote code as a young man and integrated video into some code, he’s explaining how nobody thought of patenting that stuff, it was about innovation, clone computers.

Mark is now saying that these patent trolls have only rolled back innovation, he’s citing his companies he was running 15 years ago.


Adam is now getting to his first construction job, he’s now citing the time he fell two stories off scaffolding and how he showed up the next day with a limp to keep his job.

Adam is getting to the litigious mindset of the dregs of America who think about suing before hard work, Adam is using it to make a point about the changes in society.

Adam is now using the TV commercials during the day to make a point about the attitudinal shift, it used to be about secondary education and now it’s all lawyers trying to bait lawsuits.


Mark is sharing how he tries not to think that way, he’s now yelling at people who want to steal other people’s work instead of doing the hard stuff.

Mark got a little quiet.

Mark is now reaffirming his point, he’s calling them motherfuckers and drawing a distinction between legitimate patents and these trolls.


Adam is now explaining how they tried to get a change of venue and Mark is making a point about these districts making all of their money off this predatory and prejudiced litigation.

Mark is sharing his battle to fight these stupid patents and he’s naming names, Mark says he’s told the president about this very battle and he agrees it’s wrong.

Mark is now telling Adam about his business and movie distribution and he’s praising “The Hammer” and Adam pledges to use Magnolia pictures for distribution for his two next films.


Mark is explaining his Magnolia pictures business model and why PPV makes more money than theatrical releases.

Mark is now telling Adam about being sued by a guy who claims to own the patent on releasing films on PPV before theatrical, Mark was sued by his own idea from a troll, it’s unbelievable.

Adam is now asking Mark to come guest next time he’s in town and Adam has an invention to pitch to Shark Tank, Adam is teasing the “Recyclarolla” and Mark jokes about rescinding his invite to the set to watch Shark Tank film.


Mark is giving out his plugs and Adam is saying he would love to come out and visit him on set, he thanks Mark and they’re wrapping up.

Adam is praising Mark for his passion and calling him a good guy, he says you can tell.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show with a signed book jacket SASE plug.

Adam is giving another plug for Catch a contractor Season 2 and doing a Draft Kings live read.