Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/05/2015 – Michael Rapaport and Brian Koppelman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/05/2015 – Michael Rapaport and Brian Koppelman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Michael Rapaport and Brian Koppelman

Recorded 06-04-2015 – Release Date 06-05-2015

Production Number #1588

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Adam opens the show to a “struggling single mother” intro and Adam is immediately jumping on the topic, BB is asking him about his point about the way we treat single mothers, as if they were born with 7 kids in tow and no employment.

Adam brings up the interview he had with a nice guy from NPR where he presented the idea/question of what would happen if all people waited until 30 to have children.

Adam is going beat by beat with the thread of logic he was weaving, Gina has a great point and Adam now transitions to the way the right is hypocritical about abortion and the morning after pill the cure to all of their pain and the left and their hypocrisy with smoking and the cure known as vaping/water vapor.


Adam is now asking Gary about his vaping, Adam is commenting on the safety of nicotine consumption and how the left will never outlaw something actually harming the quality of air like leaf blowers.

Adam is commenting on the modern era of food trucks that have now taken over, Gina says you know you’re at a good party when you see the “In and Out” food truck, Adam brings up the “In and Out Urge” bumper sticker alteration.

Adam was sent a picture of a food truck festival that banned vaping but allowed the gas generators to run all day x 10 trucks.


“The jury is never out on common sense” – Adam

Adam and the gang are joking about Gary dying from vaping, Adam is bringing up the flight path above his mother’s home and the amount of fuel being burned above where she lived and breathed nearly every moment of her life.

Adam is declaring why both sides of the political argument are hypocrites and BB asks if they can’t find some common ground in their shortcomings with logic and the truth.


Brian Koppelman is now joining the show to explain how he left Grantland before Bill Simmons and people claim they can’t find his podcast now.

Adam is joking about the people who tell him how much they love Loveline and the lengths they would go for new Adam and Drew programming yet are too busy to find the Adam and Dr. Drew Show.

Brian is bringing up the Brian Grazer episode of the ACS and the comment Grazer made about getting booked on the ACS even if he wasn’t famous, much like I did 5 times.


Brian K. is now setting up his explanation of how he was first rejected from doing the ACS after he and his creative partner made the ’30 for 30’ documentary.

His publicists were rejected, Brian K. wrote the email himself and got himself booked on the show.

Adam is commenting on the idea of a publicist and how they should have more power than the average person, Adam is saying “we can do that” we can call EW, you are supposed to be using your connections to get things done, it’s why you’re paid.


Brian tells them about his speaking engagements and how he knows what the crowd wants to hear and starts things out explaining the more nuanced way they should be pursuing their career and finding an agent.

Adam has a great standup comedy point, how at an open mic it’s impossible to presume whom has the talent to be there and the guy who looks the part might be the worst at comedy, funny “Guy from the Zima commercials in the 90’s” reference.

Brian is now explaining his experience of the time he guested and Adam assumed someone had hijacked the show, unaware of the guest booking.


BB comments on Adam’s bizarre mix of micro and macro manager, he cares about puddles of coffee in mugs but not the guests booked on his show.

Adam is now praising ‘Rounders’ and says he never sees it airing on the cable channels, Adam stops in the 500’s and looks for movies there.

Adam is lamenting the almost constant playing of ‘Joe Dirt’ and BB asks for a sequel to ‘Rounders’.


Adam is now doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam shaking some dew off the leaf edition


Adam is trying to set up a story of a watershed moment from driving back through culver city, he describes how the van in front of him pulled up two car lengths, two heroes in front of the van ran the light allowing for Gary and Adam to move up.

Adam is arguing that this type of intervention from the city is only going to further harm the decision making skills of the populace.


Gary is now on mic to confirm how Adam dog eared the turn and slid in in front of the fan who refused to move, Adam saw 0 coward pussies officers and jokes about him and Gary wanting to call the “how am I driving” number on the van to mock him for being a pussy.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Brandon, he was homeschooled by the same organization as the Duggar family, Adam has Gina refresh Adam’s memory about the current scandal.

Gina has the details.

They’re asking Brandon about himself and his experiences being home schooled, Adam is now lamenting all of the things he has been bothered with that he doesn’t give a shit about that ultimately amount to nothing, like a new curb outside the market on Beachwood canyon.


Adam likes school and the element of bullies and other hardships, he views school as mostly a way to learn how to interact with other people.

Adam is now teasing his music list of songs meant to be hit songs in movies, he explains the premise.


Adam is doing a Squatty Potty Live Read

Dr. Rectummended Edition


Adam is calling for the Man Show bit featuring the used anal emporium.

‘Dr. Stefano’s Anal Emporium’ is now being played


Adam is now playing a clip from Take a Knee with R. Lee Emery and plugs the TAK+ACS archive bumble via the show page link above.

Adam is talking about Michael’s missing chunk of ear that he lost in a fight.


Adam is now doing a live read

ADT commercial central casting edition

They’re now heading to break


They’re back from break

Michael Rapaport is making his ACS debut, they come back from break with a new “What Not to Watch” featuring a classic episode of ‘Full House’.

Adam plugs Michael’s podcast, which is posted in stereo, the ACS used to be in Joint Stereo the same file size as a mono file.

Adam is plugging Michael’s show, he tells him about learning of podcasts after being a guest on some, including Bill Burr’s show.

Adam gets right to the missing ear as they discussed previously on Too Late?

Yep it was Too Late with Adam Carolla – 2005-11-07 (Michael Rapaport)


Michal was once on the KLSX ACS on November 25th 2008, his only appearance on the radio show.

Michael is telling them about the ear injury and Adam asks who bites an ear and Michael emphatically agrees, he’s crushing it.

“This is to me like saying to a bum I’m going to fuck you in the ass, wait a minute who’s really the loser here and you know what I’m going bareback on your ass…”

Holy shit this is hilarious!


Michael is sharing the story of the fight and really painting a picture, he describes a rock fight leading into a street fight, Michael is telling them about another scar and Adam is now pitching a policy on leaving rocks on the ground and not biting ears, Michael is now getting to the good part.

Gina has a funny improv VO moment, Michael shares his first thought about not being able to be a standup with a fucked up ear, Adam has a funny additional comment as BB plays the “The more you know” music bed.


Michael is telling them about his friends leaving him in the hospital and how he let a guy with a gunshot wound go ahead of him, Adam says his ear is cute and everyone agrees.

He says Adam is only the person he shares this ear story and remarks on their weird endless discussion of that fateful event, I just checked the morning show, he asked him about that there as well, this is their 3rd on air discussion about this, crazy!

Adam is sharing his idea about the fake hit songs in movies and explains it in detail to Michael.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read


Adam was watching “That thing you do” and shares his love for the film, he’s still yet to see the director’s cut, Adam plays the song and shares how he took a turn for the gay.

Michael is warning Adam about using that term, Adam was thinking about ‘Music and Lyrics’ and the song from that film, he has them play this song as well.

BB suggests ‘Hard out here for a Pimp’ and plays that for the gang, Gina suggests on and Adam tells her to put in a note and give it to BB, but it’s already to go.


Gina suggests a song from ‘Dreamgirls’ and they play it, they now have the album version of the song from ‘Music and Lyrics’ and Adam jokes about this song going through Michael’s head while he was getting his ear bit off.

He’s rolling with it perfectly, this is hilarious and everyone is crushing it because of Michael’s energy.

Dawson is now playing a song from ‘Eddie and the cruisers’ and Michael suggests “the Saturday night fever shit” and ‘Grease’ and they wrap up the bit.


Gina’s News

Lord of the Jungle – Under Portland Bridges

Adam says he bought a Fantasy league championship ring, they explain the premise of the bit and remind fans to use #LOTJ on twitter.


1st Story Is on an interview the Duggar family, she explains the nature of the interview with Megyn Kelly and they play a clip, Adam shares how he can spot a religious woman by her hairstyle, Gina gives her take and Adam explains it’s daintily behind the times but still hasn’t fully expressed whatever it is that he notices.

Gina has more details and brings up ‘Sleepy Time Tea’ and Adam says he would rather be molested while unconscious rather than awake.

Adam shares his take how he would feel if this was his kids, Gina shares how weird she feels about this situation and Adam wonders if there is a case of 19 kids and something like this not happening.


Adam has a funny series of descriptors and explains the way this could setup at least one finger to drop somewhere, Gina shares the father in law of one of the girls who has a shocking reaction to this news.

Adam is now asking about the O.J. Simpson case and cites and interview with one of the fathers of the victims where he eluded to the sexual catching up O.J. had to do after being behind bars.


2nd Story is on the new show ‘I Am Cate’ with Caitlyn Jenner and they play a 1 minute clip.

Michael has a great “what the fuck man” and clarifies his point and says he doesn’t like the monetization of this stuff and Adam jokes about surgeons focusing their time on ear repair over gender reassignment surgery.

Michael talks about the Kardashian family exploiting themselves and he says enough is enough, Adam mocks “the new normal” and how it means societal majority, BB steps in and Michael warns Adam about the repercussions for these discussions.


Adam has a pirate ship and doesn’t care, he shares how he would like Caitlyn to be happy and jokes about ‘Jodie Foster’s guesthouse’ and Michael asks if Adam designed her guesthouse in earnest, Adam explains his joke.

Michael talks about how Leonardo DiCaprio is able to keep his privacy and not exploit his fame, he’s got some very kind words about Leo’s character.

Michael is back to ranting and its gold, fuck all that man!

Gina tries to give more detail, Michael cracks Adam up!

Gina clarifies Michael’s take and his anger at the fame and media angle, Michael shares how his take on how there are all kinds of trauma and makes some excellent points.


Michael is attacking the sanctimonious PC bullshit, he is crushing it and his podcast might be great, I’m subscribing right now.


Adam is now doing a Life Lock Ultimate Live Read

Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner edition, does she need it twice now?

Michael likes this, he once again mocks the “new normal” ideology.


Michael is asking if Adam can fix his house, he says he can and tells him it entails a checkbook.

Adam shares the single wall left behind and how it lets you remodel a house and Gina says you get grandfathered in, Michael wants to know if Adam can redo his house as a reality show.

The Adam Carolla Project 2.0? Somebody should tell Michael about that show.


Adam is sharing the “Feng Shui of Stealing” and explains it, Adam explains why Hancock Park is known as a likely place to get your stuff and tools stolen.

Adam says that if he takes Michael’s place down to one wall he will have to move out.

Adam is telling him how he would love to impart his construction skills to the people he knows and explains the difference between being handy and knowing how to build.


Michael says he can’t even hang a picture and Adam brings up an anecdote about a conversation with Skip while on the set of ‘Catch a Contractor’ explaining the earthquake rehab work, he says it was like old code programmed into his head, not casual building talk.

Adam is now sharing how hanging a confederate flag lets the neighbors and potential drive by thieves know not to mess with your house.


3rd Story is on the Japanese idea to install toilets and drinking water in their elevators, Adam jokes about the other people in the elevator with you shitting.

Adam is sharing what someone tweeted him about the Japanese cash returns after the Tsunami, he explains how this is one reason why they’re much better than us.

Michael reads that it says 5,700 safes and suggests at least maybe one didn’t get turned in.


4th Story is on a high school science teacher who was suspended for putting a cell phone jamming device in his classroom to keep kids from using their phones during his class.

Adam is talking about this is necessary in today’s world and they all think he should be commended, not suspended.

Adam is now explaining why swift justice is necessary in all of these cases to protect the higher ups, he now shares how the principal reacted to this, Gina says he was suspended without pay, not so casual after all.


Adam has a great “put your money where your dick used to be” and Michael says he fears saying this stuff and has a funny line about Adam, Adam tells anyone who objects to what he says to suck his dick, gold!

Adam is now bringing up the parents of kids he knew who would always go around their kids and blame their teachers for their bad behavior and bad grades.

Adam says those kids turned out to be pieces of shits, Gina brings up the way that kids would blame other kids and how a friend of her was busted by her mom for being the ring leader.

Adam plugs Michael’s podcast again, Gina wraps the news to Adam’s closing line from the insane quote earlier in the show.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Equal rights themed edition


Adam plugs his audiobook and shares how much fun it is to listen to an audiobook while just doing things around the house, he says it’s far more engaging than music.

Adam plugs ‘I am Rapaport’ one more time and BB plays a funny drop of Michael mocking the PC fakers in society as they close the episode.