Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/05/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 149

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/05/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 149

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-03-2014 – Release Date 06-05-2014

Production Number #149

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Adam is opening the show with some plugs for live dates, he’s now using the success of “President Me” to make a point about society and deductive reasoning.

Adam is reading the definition and asking why nobody has the ability to reason and almost turns against it in protest.

Adam is now using Ray during the filming of “The Adam Carolla Project” and his stolen tools, he’s making a point about inductive vs. deductive reasoning.


Adam is further making a point about stolen tools and Ray’s inability to see why just his tools were stolen, he left them out.

Adam is now using a recent call with the Porcelain Punisher to make his point, he’s bringing up the NPR ambush interview where they mistook Jo Koy for Adam Carolla.

Adam is sharing how he caught them trying to pull bullshit and the actual racist reply from the host of the shitty NPR show that nobody listens to.


Chris is now on mic giving his take on Jo Koy and his characters on the show, Adam is now sharing how when they were done and how it hasn’t been aired after 3 weeks of sitting on the shelf.

Adam is making a point about them not airing the episode and wasting his time to tape the interview for nothing, wow!

Drew is quoting the “opportunity to air it yet” reply and Drew says it’s about them not getting their ambush in, Drew declares free speech is over.


Adam is now back to deductive reasoning and he’s been monitoring the website, waiting for them to air it.

Drew wants the name of the station and the host, Adam calls Drew out and says he’s avoiding airing their info to spare them from their own tactics.

Adam says that Matt checked the website again and told Adam that they air the long form interviews on Friday, he’s quoting Matt’s theory about their scheduling.


Adam is now sharing his deductive reasoning to figure out if they’ve also held other people’s episodes in order to promote their projects.

Adam is trying to explaining his reasoning to Drew and he keeps interjecting with road blocks in the explanation.

Adam had Matt list all of the guests they’ve had on in the past month, he’s citing Michael Moore, John Waters and the clear pattern that shows they’re holding back Adam’s episode because they fucked up and humiliated themselves.


Adam is now shitting on Matt for trying to skip past Michael Moore and he’s now citing the non-coincidental airdates and Adam wants to know why Matt is pushing back against Adam, it’s just deductive.

Drew says that Adam brings this up every fucking show, Adam says it’s also emotional and Adam relates to people that makes them horrible and Adam a genius.

Drew is sharing how he just did it to Adam, he missed the details and he says it’s more about attention and people can’t keep up.


Adam says it’s not something we explore as human beings and Drew is making a point about emotional dynamics trumping reasoning, he’s using Ray as the paradigm.

Adam is defending Matt and getting to the John Waters hesitance on Matt’s part, he’s explaining his non dog in this fight logic he used.

Adam is now sharing how Mike Altier was working in the back of the shop, Adam jokes about not asking how he was doing but asking what he was doing.


Adam is now doing another lap on Matt trying to bypass Adam’s logic and deduction about this radio show incident.

Adam says he was trying to save Matt time, he doesn’t have to check the site anymore.

Adam just did a “habbba habbba” interruption and says that people do this to everyone, not just him, it’s in the face of smart questions.


Drew is now sharing how that everyone would be better off just listening to Adam from the get go, not questioning him.

Adam says it’s why they’re all in his warehouse, Adam is mentioning the storage shelve project he’s been doing and the wide angle brackets he uses, Adam says he caught Gary using the wrong ones and citied how they’ve never used the shitty ones before.

Adam is now being told by Drew that it’s almost his fault after 20+ years working with Gary Butters and his inability to fully listen to Adam.


Adam is now suggesting a cart in a mall, Drew jokes about a Mangria cart, Adam shoots that down.

Adam is now using his old “Simply Lava Lamps and Cock Rings” store to be a “Simply Bran Muffins and Sunglasses” cart for the mall.

Adam is trying to streamline life, he can’t presume people will fuck up in every possible way, Adam is now arguing against Drew’s alternate point.


They’re now doing live read and Adam tells Drew to get out of the read, he’s got this and now they’re riffing an impromptu “Charlotte’s Web” scenario in response to Adam mocking Drew.

Adam is sharing the “I wouldn’t know” reply from his buddy Alex at “Fat burger” back in the day when asked about the hotdogs served there.

They’re now taking a break with a tease for an alcoholic intoxication/liver damage question.


They’re now back from break and Adam is using Dr. Bruce as Drew’s example for a “dumber” doctor and now Drew is doing a live read for

Adam is sharing Prager’s take on performing live on stage with Drew, Drew is giving his POV and now Adam is sharing how people must feel preaching to non-fans or followers, he’s using a politician example.

Adam is now explaining his similarities and differences with Prager, Adam is making a point about audiences tolerating different opinions and how when it’s true and from the heart it will be tolerated,


Adam is making a point about the notion of an afterlife and how much security that gives a person, he’s using his burned up buddies Robert and Lenny to share how much he would love to see them again and believe in an afterlife.

Adam is explaining why it would be disingenuous and he would be talking himself into it, Drew is using the loss of a child to make a point about human brains forcing an “afterlife” concept onto you in response.

Adam says no, neither him nor Drew would do that, they’re onto practical, Adam is killing it with comments about Drew’s brain and he’s got a great closer about mourning, proving he’s right.


1st Caller Alex, he wants them to settle his bet about drinking, he’s sharing how he uses a flask to stay drunk rather than hardline booze in a rapid succession.

Drew is now explaining how it works and how the liver toxicity works, he says it’s better to have brief intermittent exposure rather than long-term mild exposure over time.

Adam is breaking it down in layman’s terms, Adam is saying this is what he loves about golf and praising their love for the drink.


2nd Caller Tommy, he’s developed some cysts on his penis, he’s describing it to the guy and Adam jokes that nobody likes anything but “mouth and vagina” on their penis.

Tommy is describing the quarter sized depigmentation on his penis that has now spread from the original spot.

Drew wants to know why he’s so focused on it, he says its preoccupation and he’s saying who cares and is now explaining how skin irritation can cause Vitiligo and pigmentation or depigmentation.


Adam is bringing up Michael Jackson’s claims of Vitiligo and Adam says he never anticipated adults lying so much.

Adam is now using MJ’s surgery to prove a point about adults and deception.

Adam is now doing a live read for


3rd Caller Jason, he’s calling back with an update on his call form a few weeks back, this is the young man whose wife left him for her supervisor at work.

Jason is now citing his 6yr old daughter as the only reason he can’t move back to Washington State aka paradise on earth.

Drew is now asking how he can even contemplate leaving his daughter and what his absence will mean for her and unavailable men in her future.

Adam is sharing a point about his relationship with his daughter and her “mama” yells when he returns home followed up with a deflated reaction to discovering it’s only Adam.


Adam is now making a point about all women, he’s using moms and dads to make a point, Dad is about consistency, and momma is more about total hours logged.

Adam is bringing up how tossing the ball with his son for 45min can almost give him a “dose” of what he needs.

Adam is now saying it’s better to see your daughter once a month for a day over seeing her for two months straight out of every year, 12 days is worth more than 60 in this example.


Drew is now doing a live read for Bark and he’s giving the standard sales pitch from the company.

Adam is now thanking the fans for supporting the show, he’s giving out the plugs and methods for people to contribute to the show.

Adam is bringing up his 5k hardcovers he has of Not Taco Bell Material and the 10$ offer where he breaks even.