Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/05/2014 – Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/05/2014 – Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, and Matt Atchity

Recorded 06-04-2014 – Release Date 06-05-2014

Production Number #1340

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Adam is giving the standard pirate ship greeting and adding a great point about doing this podcast longer than he did morning radio, nearly double actually.

Adam is now teasing the upcoming guests and arrival of Matt Atchity.

Adam is bringing up music, he’s telling Alison that he saw the first 5 minutes of her appearance on @Midnight.


BB keeps trying to mock Adam for being interrupted watching and his word choice, saying “your joke” and Alison explains that there is an opening joke, correcting BB for Adam’s sake.

Adam is now bringing up the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he’s sharing his take on Nirvana and Dave Grohl, Adam loves Pat Smear from the band and thinks it’s cool to see him there rounding out the band.

Adam is now bringing up Michael Stipe and how blowhardy he is, Adam says he’s as thin and as gay as a blow hard can get, he’s explaining that under 142lb and gay doesn’t usually go hand in hand with blowhard.


Adam is now calling him a soft spoken blowhard, he’s calling him a blowhard mop handle and says he has just as much hair.

Adam is now clarifying his take on Nirvana, saying you can’t do much more with a three piece band, but he’s being realistic about drug addiction.

They’re now playing the introduction from Michael Stipe.


Adam and BB are both offering up how Michael could have stuck to the core of his message, Matt Atchity has snuck into the studio.

Adam is now bringing up what he loves about Rotten Tomatoes, he’s citing “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and it’s score on RT, or lack of a score and what that meant.

Adam is telling the gang about going to his school’s play and complimenting his son’s teacher, Adam is making a point about the kids that stand out, and Alison has a funny newsgirl joke.


Adam is now bringing up the Indian kid he witnessed mouthing the other kid’s dialogue and he’s got a great Keanu Reeves joke, saying he’s the only one who does that on screen.

“That kid is going to be cleaning that kid’s Porsche one day” – Adam on spotting who will and won’t be successful.

Adam wants to know what the parents were doing when they were kids, Alison says the focus was on making people well rounded instead of playing to their strengths, Adam has a great Michael Jackson riff, sarcastically mocking his mechanical ability.


Adam is waxing poetic on potential and seeing “who these kids were” based on a single performance, Adam is using his own “Groundlings” audition and why he was rejected, hilarious “Michael Jackson/Jordan” playing baseball reference.

Alison is now sharing her own experience where she was asked about her non strong suits, hilarious Jeff Dunham start doing Mitch Hedberg’s act.

Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read.


Rotten or Fresh – Tom Cruise

1st Movie “Top Gun”

Adam is explaining that Top Gun is the KFC of movies.


2nd Movie “Cocktail”

Matt condescendingly says Alison will get this one, Adam is now joking about Neon and the use of it in the 1980’s, he’s bringing up Road House from 1989.

They’re riffing about FX, the movie.


3rd Movie “A Few Good Men”


4th Movie “Jerry Maguire”

Alison doesn’t care for Renee Zellweger

5th Movie “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”

BB says they could tie things with this one.

They’re wrapping the game


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jake

Adam is doing a life lock live read with Alison making the assist.

Jake wants the “Three Stages of Mijo” not realizing that Adam has added more over the years.

Adam is asking Jake about his fiancé and now explaining the origin of the bit, Matt has a funny joke about meeting Adam De LA Pena to get a custom Hawaiian shirt.

Adam is now bringing up the twilight time to set the scene for finding the Auto Erotic asphyxiation Mijo corpse.


Adam is now remembering that they started tacking on more Mijo’s, like the George Lucas prequels.

Matt is now giving some editorializing about simply catching Mijo beating off, not as funny dude.

Adam is finishing up the full explanation with the Mijo from behind the veil, Alison has a funny question asking if the caller is still on the line.


2nd Caller Alex, wants to know if Adam will rent out his studio to other people.

Adam and Dawson are explaining all of the people who have come through, Alex is now trying to explain his idea.

Alex wants a Carolla Digital compilation album and Adam is now bringing up the disc that Dawson burned him of all of the live songs done in studio.

Adam once again praises Mike Dawson for his studio work that was a great assist to the amazing bands that have come through the studio.


They’re now playing some of the Mmmbop that was recorded in studio, BB is having an “oh wow” off from Teemu Selänne and the previous caller, with his new wow drop.


3rd Caller Leslie, She has tickets to the Road Hard premier in Chicago and BB won’t stop playing the drops, it’s really annoying already.

Leslie wants to know what she should wear, her husband wants to wear a Tux and Adam calls himself the Fred Astaire of this picture.

Adam says the movie looks very good and he was just in the edit bay today.


Adam is now doing a Man Crate live read, BB is putting the drops into the live read, Alison is enjoying it but it’s just antagonistic to the listeners who can’t remove earbuds in my opinion.

Adam just re-watched “North Dallas 40” and he’s praising it as a non-campy sports movie, BB mixes it up with “The Longest Yard” and Adam guessing the RT score.

BB is still doing the drops, Alison won with her guess, Matt is now asking about “Saving Private Ryan” saying people were tweeting him about it, he just revealed he doesn’t actually listen to the ACS, but he’s not promoting his podcast, wow.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break

Dave and Phil are making their ACS debuts, Adam is sharing how he learned about “The Blasters” by listening to KROQ, that’s where he heard John Hiatt and Graham Parker.

Adam is asking them about their style, they call it “American Music” and they’re explaining their origins, from Downey California.


Adam is now talking about “X” the band with the guys, he says “Once over twice” is one of his favorite songs under 3 minutes.

Alison is jumping in to share how she views that the sound of X morphed after Dave joined “X” and he’s telling them about their other side project “The Knitters.”

Adam is now bringing up Exene Cervenka and her Loveline appearance that left something to be desired, Dave has some euphemistic language and Adam is joking about Exene cleaning his house.


Dave is now sharing some in depth details about his various bands.


Alison’s News

Adam is now doing a Legal Zoom live read.


1st Story is on another racial themed Justin Bieber video that has now emerged online, they’re playing the clip with the racist epithets.

Adam jokes about him saying “Knitter” and Alison is sharing the history and the attempts to extort him over the years, Alison is reading the quotes from Justin.

Adam is now talking to his 3 black fans, you listening Joe in Chicago?

Adam is now telling them to blame Canada, Alison is sharing a point about what people say at age 14 and Adam jokes about being locked up in an apology prison if he had a smartphone at 14.


Alison asks isn’t Adam already trapped in one, yes but its white collar, not maximum security apology prison.

Adam has a killer Garth Brooks and Anne Murray reference while trying to get to Justin’s aspirations to be immersed in black culture.

Adam wants Chris to figure out what 14yr old Justin would have been listening to.


2nd Story Is on Haley Idaho, its canceled plans for a celebration for the release of Bowe Robert Bergdahl, Adam is now getting to the controversy about his story.

Adam is now discussing how he apparently walked off, 6 men were killed while looking for him and Alison is sharing how that is in question.

Adam contends against those who try to write off other people losing their lives looking for him, with a sarcastic out for milk joke.


Adam is now making a point about trying to save someone’s life, about the degree someone should try to retrieve him in comparison to someone who doesn’t desert his post.

Alison is now sharing how curious this situation is, Adam is explaining it to her, and the difference between war heroes and deserters, Adam is getting Alison’s point about being sympathetic to the man’s feelings.

Adam is saying we should get him back but not throw a parade for him, Adam is explaining it was his decision and we need to hold people accountable for their decisions.

Adam says the question isn’t should he go to jail or be executed, it’s should we throw him a parade, Adam is bringing up the lives lost trying to save him and how the parents of those guys deserve some answers.


Adam is now sharing what he’s heard about soldiers rising the ranks of the military while being held captive, he’s got a great riff comparing it to school.

Dave is now sharing his take on these stories and how they’re never quite as cut and dry as they appear, Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch, Adam has a nice Iron Man reference.


3rd Story Is on post sex cuddling and how important it is for a relationship, Adam is now giving his take on it.

BB is now coming out in favor of cuddling to disguise a “refractory period” and Adam is getting to the “froth” he works up post sex, he’s a vigorous lover and needs to towel off.

Adam is now joking about paying his kids to knock on the door the entire time he’s alone with his wife, in order to speed things up, he’s now inventing a fake kid knocking device and Alison has a great point about becoming dependent on your kids voices to finish.

Adam is doing a live read for


4th Story is on a new type of headphones that have been developed for porn watching, Mike Dawson has some funny tech jargon about the human voice.

Adam is now sharing his “Spunk shui” theory and he’s taking it back to the Coffee Mate bullshit, he’s telling them about Chris saying he should just drink coffee black.

Adam is sharing his “no lube” advice for his son, the world is your oyster.


BB and Adam are now joking about using lotion for beating off, hilarious “it’s not like your stepmom weighs it” and he’s now listing off the bathroom items you don’t want to use.

Adam is joking about being addicted to lube, strung out on the lube.

Alison is asking them about why one would try to lubricate a penis for masturbating and she’s now sharing her double down with coffee creamer and sugar after switching back from black coffee.


Adam is once again getting to the “Spunk Shui” art he first told Bill Simmons about.


Adam is now saying to avoid the sound too, BB calls it “ear lube” and jokes about his son thanking him in the future, hugging him on thanksgiving.

Alison is wrapping up the news.


Adam is doing a live read for Bark Box with a riff about Molly sighing in response to his talking and how much Lynette enjoys that.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.