Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/04/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 243

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/04/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 243

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-02-2015 – Release Date 06-04-2015

Production Number #243 – Rinse Your Mugs

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Adam is back with a mandate to get it on, Adam is joking about sharing/Sharon and Adam tells Drew how he’s much better at flying and being on the road than he was in the past.

He now brings his own pillow and makes his peace with being gone for weeks at a time, Adam is using the ghettos of Nazi invaded Poland to make his point.

Adam is now getting to his obsession with coffee mugs and people refusing to rinse out what they just used.


Adam is bringing up the people who are ponderous as to why he’s so invested in people not cleaning things and being out of it regarding empty mayonnaise containers they put back in the fridge, Adam says it’s not “attention to detail” and brings up how he walked into his shop and mocks his staff who are in love with the artificial flavored coffee creamer that he detests.

Adam says his people mock him by leaving 5/8ths of their drink in their empty cup, Adam is talking about the shop sink in the studio and how it has a shelf for used brushes and other items.

Adam is explaining how he can see the life of a coffee mug via its many rings like the inner core of a tree, a story of lethargy and retardism, Chris gets on mic and adds the “it tells a story” and Gary confirms he’s been trained up since childhood.


Adam wants to dock staff 100.00$ next time he finds a mug like that, Adam is now yelling and Drew is peppering him with follow ups.

Adam is telling Drew he’s full of shit and using his kids to make a point about Drew’s rules for others vs. his family and his lowered expectations for society.

Drew and Gary get a nice plug in for the ADS mugs, Adam is saying he doesn’t look at jokes that Mike Lynch gives him for ‘This Week in Rage’ and never gets mad at him for not having his best week.


Adam is making a point about the difficulty of accomplishing certain tasks and his measured expectations and reactions for them, this mug shit is easy and for retards, Adam is back to his ire and explaining how the mug was placed, like a dare or challenge mocking him.


Drew is launching into an Uber Live Read

Matt does it, Drew is a customer and would even suggest his kids do it.


Drew is bringing up the Classic Loveline they ran during the break, Adam thanks Bert Kreischer and Drew is trying to ask Adam why people loved that old show more than they love this program.

Adam is now getting upset and telling him this might be a discussion for off air, Adam says that people will always say that it was better before, Drew listens to the “one fucking tweet” and Adam doesn’t want to be doing the same shit he was doing 10 years ago.

Adam is making a point about human evolution that echoes his comments on G.I.O. Podcast Episode 200 from 2012.


1st Caller Roel (sp?) he’s been listening to the show since the radio era and is devouring Classic Loveline, he tells them about his daughter who was born premature.

He wants to know if him and his wife need to look out for anything regarding the time his child has spent in an incubator and Drew shares the realistic worries about the lack of care, nurture and contact for babies cooped up in a plastic tub.

Drew is explaining how chemicals effect the developing adolescent brain vs. an adult brain.


Drew wants to know why Adam is so angry and he says he hates this trait about Drew, Adam is back to the way he was trying to clean the coffee mug with his finger, unable to get the funk out of it.

Adam is just trying to get through life.

Adam is asking why he must pay a guy to wash mugs, why can’t everyone just be mindful, Adam says he coached these assholes up on the fucking bathroom.


Gary and Chris are backing Adam up and Drew tells Gary to shut up for encouraging Adam, Adam is saying he’s in the studio far less than the rest of the staff and his good ideas benefit them more because of it.

Adam says the next house he’s going to build will be an envelope house and he will have it running off solar, the most efficient way of living, Adam says he’s going to let Drew pick was this developed my Germany or Mexico.

Adam is saying he will fix this with a fine, Drew brings up why it worked so well with the bathroom and credits the “goodwill/humor” element and Adam jokes about a cartoon mascot.

Adam jokes about people giving up volunteering for the French foreign legion.


Adam is doing a live read for Life Lock Ultimate Plus

Thieves are lazy edition


Drew gives up his battle, Adam is bringing up his interview with Brian Grazer and the importance of curiosity, Adam shares his observations on curiosity and what it means for someone’s life.

Adam explains how curiosity is responsible for Brian’s far reaching career.

Adam is sharing his appreciation for curiosity and Drew says motivation is connected to curiosity and interest is more of an “armchair” approach.


Adam brings up men and women and wonders if curiosity is more common among men and the biological imperatives at play.

Adam jokes about “walking the Mississippi river with his gay buddy” hilarious!

Drew says he wrote down a few words and brings up “engaged” and the spirit of exploration, Adam says you should pray your kids are curious.


Drew is vividly experiencing the point Adam made about “pre-k” and shares how the 20+ years of worrying about his kid’s education and all of that investment of his life-force is now over.

Adam says that’s his Moby Dick and his life-force, he says that Drew’s kids are the same people they always were and Drew shares how his kids have changed over their time in college.


2nd Caller Joe, he’s been a listener since the early days of Adam on radio in 1994/1995 doing Mr. Birchum, Adam says that when he’s done with the show today some guys are coming in to have him do some Mr. Birchum clips.

Adam thanks a new Lord of the Jungle Craig Dean, he bought a Bluetooth speaker on Amazon.

Joe brings up Adam’s descriptions of various shitholes across California, Adam is lamenting the time he was in Corona California, he says it’s just like Mexico and now has a fine point about Mexico being ruined and causing people to flee en masse.


Adam is now arguing in favor of assimilation and adaptation, Drew brings up some NPR he was listening to where someone from Norway was telling prospective immigrants the first step was to learning the language and now Adam is addressing how stymied he would have been had his parents never spoke English.

Adam is making some killer points and Drew leads him into a live read.


Adam and Drew are doing a Cremo live read.

Adam is telling Drew about Tom his car guy who also does Adam’s sewing work and now cuts his hair too.


Joe wants Drew’s take on doctors and the medical system today, Drew says that nobody is going to be seeing primary care physicians and won’t be seeing actual doctors, and he shares some comments from Anderson Cooper.

Adam is mocking the blowhards who go on record saying everyone should have top shelf care regardless of their income or status in life.

Drew is telling people to skip over primary care practicing and to focus on a specialty if they want a successful career, Adam is now talking about picking a specialty and shares an anecdote of his time with Tom Johnson.


Adam is talking about how Michael Jackson just sung then got paid for it.

Drew says that being a doctor is a wonderful profession just don’t expect to make a living and shares the noble elements of his career and Adam is now plugging his latest book.

Adam is explaining that his wife does cut his son’s hair and how much he loves it, Drew is trying to start shit and says she’s doing it as a fuck you, Adam says no.


Adam is now doing a Score Big Live read

Bucka Bucka U2 edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.