Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/04/2015 – Judd Apatow

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/04/2015 – Judd Apatow

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Guest Judd Apatow

Recorded 06-03-2015 – Release Date 06-04-2015

Production Number #1587

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Adam opens the show to a funny “This is 51” intro and explains he just got back from Judd’s office on the Sony lot, he explains it was hand written and ponders if it’s connected to the Sony hack.

Adam comments on the best of episode they ran last week featuring Judd making his ACS debut, he was randomly available last minute so they got this new interview.

Perfect timing if you ask me, Adam is now getting to the business.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


Adam plugs the most recent Take a Knee with R. Lee Ermey

Adam gives some nice plugs for PodcastOne and throws it to the interview.


Adam and Judd are sitting down for a one on one, Judd was first on the show for ACS #949 and are going right into his new book.

Adam is asking him about his classic interviews that are covered in the book, Judd’s 30+ years of podcasts that were never aired as podcasts.

Adam is commenting on his feelings about the themes of Judd’s book and the idea of not raising spoiled children.


Judd tells them about dropping out of USC due to his family not having 6k to lend him, Judd shares how he made his career out of nothing, all on his own all due to a lack of 6,000 dollars.

Adam comments on how if Judd’s parents had gotten him an in or provided him with wealth he wouldn’t be able to own his success as he is able to today.

Judd has a nice point about Sean Penn and Ben Stiller’s parents being in the business and how sometimes a family legacy can be a great benefit.



Judd asks Adam about his parents’ divorce, Adam can only recall he was about 8 during their separation and cites their lack of an official divorce.

Judd tells Adam about the premier for ‘The Cable Guy’ and Adam explains how at some point the parents get over their hatred, he wants to know if it was so easy to reunite and be present at the same place for his sister’s wedding, why not sooner.

Judd has a story about his father losing the family’s money and witnessing his grandfather unravel and make some serious threats about what he would do to Judd’s father if he wasn’t part of the family.


Adam is now using the way certain people can manipulate their tongues or other unique skills and how comedy might just be another one of them.

Adam doesn’t know if misery is required for comedy, he makes a point about the abundance of comedy that would be coming from Africa if pain and poverty influenced it as much as everyone assumes.

Adam is making a point about the artists you can still enjoy separated from their life choices and crimes, Adam jokes about him and Judd having a sleep over and watching ‘7th Heaven’ and now Judd is refusing to address Dr. Seuss and his racist early works, Adam’s curiosity is piqued as he hates that hack.


Adam is now addressing the anti-jewish propaganda shared by Ford and he takes pity on the poor Jewish guy probably running a dealership being forced to endure this.

Judd is asking about what Jewish people did to make other people hate them so much, Adam explains it’s about shame and has to do with their cultures success and ability to overcome hardship.

Adam is clarifying his point and Judd shares his lack of religion, Adam is making a point about Henry Ford being an anti-Semite who ended up doing quite a bit for the Jewish people when it came to the allied powers WWII war efforts.


Adam does a Trunk Club Live Read

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Judd is now plugging the ‘Trainwreck” comedy tour and Adam asks about Amy Schumer, Judd shares his take on Amy’s standup material, Judd calls her a modern day George Carlin.

Judd is complimenting her up a storm and Adam is now getting to how they mined her comedy for the film ‘Trainwreck’ and she wrote him a draft of an idea.

Judd asked her about why she doesn’t have a boyfriend and has to stop to cough, nice.


Judd shares how he urged her to write a more personal film, Adam asks if he can stand back from things he’s involved with and appreciate them for what they are.

Judd shares how he you want to defeat your prior work and it’s hard to be in the headspace where you’re aware that your latest project might not be your best.

Adam is talking about ‘Not Taco Bell Material’ and the process with the attorney that led to the question “are your parents litigious people?” and made him realize he was talking a lot of shit.


Adam asks Judd about his parents and how they’re portrayed in his book, Judd shares how he tried to be honest and fair.

Adam shares how freaking your kids out is the worst thing you can do, Judd explains how your parents hating each other is equally bad.

Judd shares how his mom left and only planned on being gone for two weeks, he didn’t learn this until much later in life and Adam comments on the poor coping strategies and behavior of adults of their parent’s era.


Adam is commenting on how he knew to find a woman who would be a good mother for his children, he explains where he was at 23/24.

Judd has a great question asking how Adam knew he needed someone like Lynette if he was such a mess and Adam is sharing the rare detail of his father paying half of his therapy bill so Adam could fix his relationship with women after being “raised” by his mother.

Adam is giving the devil his due and shares how his dad helped him, Judd explains how his dad left a book out for him.

Adam is setting up Judd with a question.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


Adam asks how Judd’s father is doing now and how he reacts to Judd’s impressive body of work, he shares how his family backed him up and knew he could do what he’s done in the field of comedy.

Adam brings up Brian Grazer’s book, Judd says it’s great after Adam comments on them being almost companion pieces, go buy ‘em!


Adam is back to Judd’s career and asks him why he didn’t stay in standup and put all of his eggs in that basket, he explains his writing jobs kept him off the road and from further developing his voice.

Judd explains the universe was telling him he should write rather than perform, Judd is sharing his own pondering about the lack of joy in his career.

Judd shares how a movie is make or break upon release, if it bombs you lose everything in 1 minute and all that work was for nothing.


Adam shares his “this can’t be over, this was 2 years!” reaction to a film not being fully appreciated.

Adam is commenting on sports and comedy, making a point about breaking down the type of comedy you’re best at, Adam found his sport within comedy.

Adam is asking Judd about his experiences doing standup vs. making films, he says it’s a Bo Jackson situation and feels that he might be able to do both.


Adam is setting up Judd again, but stops him to launch into a live read


Adam is doing a Score big live read


Adam is getting to ego and the role it plays in standup, Adam is asking him about doing sets with his level of fame, he’s telling Adam about playing the Comedy Cellar and how a few months of sets strengthened his material and confidence on stage.

Adam is now asking him about ‘Trainwreck’ and how the process of making the film starts, he says he knows he’s going to film about a year in advance and shares the process of casting prior to the shoot.

Adam is laughing and sharing how the first scene they shot for ‘The Hammer’ was the “breakup” scene and Adam is now bringing up Bill Hader’s Vinny Vedecci Italian talk show char5acter and how much he loves that bit, he wishes to just sit down with Bill to discuss it.


Judd tells them about Colin Quinn’s role in ‘Trainwreck’ and the first week of filming, Judd says that if there is a part he thinks he might ruin he will shoot it twice.

Judd tells them about LeBron James and his role in the film.

Adam asks Judd about recently dropping out of a project with his wife Leslie, he says it was about scheduling and now Adam is asking him about legacy vs. free time with the family.


Adam compliments ‘Defending Your Life’ and Judd now shares a point about not looking over the shoulder of the guys he’s hired to direct films he’s producing.

Adam asks if there is a Judd Apatow film in his head that would surprise the world, he tells him not to answer and jumps into another live read.


Adam is doing a Burger King Croissan’wich live read

Adam and Judd praise Croissants edition


Judd is now back to Adam’s question and Adam praises ‘Funny People’ which Judd has a nice aside about, how he’s glad he got that film committed to 1’s and 0’s just to get it out there.

Adam and Judd are commenting on ‘The Last Detail’ and Adam is trying to conjure the title ‘Enough Said’ and shares how the film could have peppered some jokes into the “slice of life” element of that film.

Judd says he really liked that movie and brings up ‘This is 40’ and Adam is now praising the abundance of comedy in Judd’s movie, he says that movie really tried, he doesn’t mean it negatively.


Adam is making a point about burning calories and hard work and what that translates to when it comes to film reviews, Adam says he still feels like getting caught trying penalizes a film.

Judd shares a point he gleamed from Mike Nichols about comedy and shares how it can be much harder to make a comedy, Adam shares how easy it was to make a documentary compared to a scripted comedy.

Adam is asking Judd about a documentary, he might do something with the 30 for 30 people next year.


Judd praises the documentary ‘Call Me Lucky’ by Bobcat Goldthwait, he plugs Judd’s new book and new film ‘Trainwreck’ along with the Trainwreck tour.

Adam wraps up another classic one on one interview with the great Judd Apatow.