Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/03/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 354

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/03/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 354

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-31-2016 – Release Date 06-03-2016

Production Number #354 – They Don’t Want A Quick Fix

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Adam has the standard intro and he asks Drew about his morning show appearance, Adam was calling into Mark in the morning with Gina and he heard Drew also calling in with a phoner.

Drew is getting hit up on his phone by his son and they move onto the calls.


1st Caller Jay, he’s calling about his wife’s sister and her opiate addiction and he wants to know about when enough is enough and you move on and focus on yourself, your family unit.

Drew says there is no recipe or rule for that, some people bail very early and some stay far too long.

Drew says it’s hard to establish boundaries and tap out with an addict family member, Drew’s phone is reminding him of his missed call and Adam gives him shit for it.


Drew recommends a sponsor and gives ore practical advice, he asks Jay if it makes sense to him and Adam demands Gary bring him his cell phone so he can get some work done in the studio too, mocking Drew even further.

They wrap up with Jay.


2nd Caller Greg, he’s 25 and calling from work, Adam asks him about his job as a crisis counselor and Adam asks him if the job is depressing, he says he likes it and is calling about his anxiety and depression.

Greg tells them about his Spina bifida and Drew explains the condition to the guys, Adam says thank god he was born in the modern age and he’s not being dragged in a basket behind a donkey.

Drew says he would be throw in the river and Adam connects his idea to Drew’s saying he didn’t let him finish.


Adam mentions seeing ‘The 10 Commandments’ with Charlton Heston’s son in attendance at Phil Rosenthal’s house.

Adam is saying that 25 was the height of his “what is going on here” uncertainty, Drew and Adam talk about how bad 15 is for young men and gives various examples of how uncertain that time period is in comparison to 25 which is the adult version of the same thing.

Adam talks about movement and long walks, he asks Greg about his work outs, Drew loves his 3-11 pm shift and Adam is talking about jogging, gyms and contrasts them against long walks, you can just let life and thought wash over you when walking.


Drew talks about the refueling of the interpersonal and how important that is.


3rd Caller Zoltan, he’s telling Adam to take a break as he’s cranking out too much content, he’s wrong!

They talk about the upcoming European live tour.

Zoltan is calling about his sister and his wife’s feud over a home refinancing argument, Adam says he would fall down and cry if his sister offered to step in and try and save him a nickel somewhere, he would fall down and weep openly.

Adam asks if we can’t ignore the tone and look at one’s agenda, Zoltan explains how his sister is overbearing and Adam is now tearing him down, attacking his reactions to his sister.


Adam says that it takes two to tango when parties are in different states, Adam demands Zoltan explain more and he shares how his sister was incorrect initially.

Adam asks Zoltan how old he is, never apologized?

Adam calls him a huge pussy and tries to get everyone to weigh in and call him a pussy, Zoltan says he can forgive and forget but his wife cannot.


Adam says that Zoltan is treating financial advice like the sister killed and raped his youngest daughter.

Adam asks Zoltan about all of the energy he has with his sister and Adam says tough shit about Zoltan’s wife not wanting to have to see his sister, Drew tells everyone to be adults and Adam is telling him to come up with more imaginary problems and elaborate structures he can build around them to further waste his life.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock


4th Caller Jason, he’s calling about a dilemma with his best friend who he works with, he says that their friendship feels “toxic” and Jason explains how his buddy feels disrespected, Adam asks Drew if he ever feels disrespected?

Drew cites his time as an intern and the daily social media abuse he gets.

Drew says he’s had situations with TV where he’s been treated like shit, he gives some broad strokes and Adam says he’s worked with a lot of shitty producers and says they’re akin to bad roofers.


Adam is now talking about being forced to dig in and lock antlers with these shifty producers over topics and things they don’t understand.

Adam is sharing the example of his SPEED Channel Car Show and the idea for a bit he has where he would get inebriated and compete against sober, focused people of other walks of life.

Adam is explaining how the producers wanted to cook the bit and cheat, in effect ruining the premise.


Adam explains how he then had to excuse himself and the producer to go over the bit in the car they were using, so they could be in private and settle this disagreement.

Adam says it’s them trying to put their stink on the bit, not worrying about the quality and Drew shares how he was recently hit up about prostate cancer “active surveillance” and told to get into it on air, unaware he’s been preaching about it for 5 yrs.

Adam says the ultimate disrespect is his mother asking if he knows who Jon Stewart is, he goes over how insane that was back in 2005 when she made her ill-fated trek over to share her VHS tape of Jon appearing on Oprah.


Adam mocks his family and their “is it done” questions, he says he doesn’t ask a lot of questions and mocks people’s out loud thought process where they ask about stuff they could easily look up.

Adam says he wants to dismiss the notion that people are entitled to their feelings and that questions are harmless; some questions can be very insulting.

They go back to Jason and his dilemma with his ex bro, Drew brings up gentlemanliness and Adam talks about being in the same room with his two former agents and how everyone can handle it, they’re all adults.


Adam is doing a Tommy John Live Read


5th Caller Buddy, he’s calling about his wife’s clinical anxiety and depression, he says he worries that this is going to have an impact on their son.

Adam says that unstable moms can really freak a kid out and Adam talks about being the person in the relationship having to tow along behind the other partner and carry the weight.

Adam says it’s insanely disrespectful to leave the lights and switches for him to shut off.


Buddy is getting some practical advice about therapy and Adam tells him for better or for worse he’s going to have to learn to speak his wife’s fluent non-reality thinking.

Adam talks about people being steeped in feelings.

Adam is bringing up how women can talk about subjects for much longer than is necessary, he shares how his wife was talking about the airport drop-off schedule that he solved within 40 secs, but his wife wanted to talk about it more.


6th Caller Peter

Adam is now interrupting to say that even the airport drop-off has to be broken down, they really don’t want your advice on how to fix their workplace drama, they just want to talk it out and even this they need to talk out too.

He’s calling about his family and describes his father who never amounted to much and his sister is now following in his footsteps after getting her advanced degrees.

Adam asks about people trailing off after school and failing at life, Adam tells Peter that he’s not going to get a good reception with these topics.


Adam recalls the time the LAPD got into a fight with Lynette’s crazy mother, he goes over the details of the night’s events and her “bring ‘em in” decree.

Adam says he went and sat and ate his food, uncaring for the chaos unfolding in the next room as he warned her and tried to lure her to the easy route.


7th Caller Kevin, he’s calling about his return from Jamaica with his long-term girlfriend and Adam riffs about the real Jamaica vs. Jamaica Queens.

Kevin shares how he feels about this relationship and their break ups, Adam thinks it’s over and at 24 yrs. Old it’s time to move on.

Adam plugs the upcoming Endless Rant Mangria Bar Crawl in Denver and gives out the plugs along with Drew.