Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/03/2015 – Kevin Nealon

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/03/2015 – Kevin Nealon

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Kevin Nealon

Recorded 06-02-2015 – Release Date 06-03-2015

Production Number #1586

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Adam opens the show to a timely “prefer you call him Caitlyn” intro and thanks the fans for helping them sit on top of the charts, funny variant.

BB has an “Uh Oh” #TopDrop from today’s guest Kevin Nealon, BB shares his experience doing terrestrial radio with Dr. Drew today to promote his book making its way to paperback.

BB compliments how supportive Drew has been throughout the process, he mentions that Drew showed up with some grim statistics for Adam back when he was first diagnosed.


Adam does dual book plug and is now back to his track record with Drew predicting cancer deaths.

Adam cites the death of his wife’s friend Jennifer and Drew’s grim predictions.

Adam jokes about teaching someone else the sound effects, BB and Gina remark the 6th year anniversary of ‘Laughs for Bald Bryan’ which signals the rapid progression of time while highlighting BB’s good health and Gina mentions that Randy Wang bought two VIP tickets for himself and Gina to attend despite not having much money at the time.


Adam is going over the amazing details of that event, BB really gets in depth.

ACS #227 Laughs for Bald Bryan (feat. Joel McHale, Bad Religion, Larry Miller, Jimmy Kimmel, Greg Fitzsimmons & Dana Gould)

Adam asks that his kind deeds like this be remembered for his eventual eulogy and they plug BB’s paperback once again.


Adam is telling them about his whirlwind trip and how much harder the live shows are to do without them present, how kind.

Adam is now setting up his first radio interview after playing one from later in the same session on a previous episode, he sets up the call.

They’re now playing his first radio interview.


Adam is responding to the questions and how they’re not asking him about his latest project ‘Daddy Stop Talking’ and Gina has a funny Wilson/Watson mix-up while mocking the host interviewing Adam, Adam has a solid one liner.

They’re back to the radio interview.


Adam is getting to the whole premise of the interview being the hosts actually giving out a plug, Gina has some follow up questions.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live read

The damage of the sun bleaching things out, BB and Adam have a funny bit to close out the read.


Nick and Josh are now on the line, Nick was the fan who needed a kidney and his brother Josh had called into the show on ACS #1470.

Adam offered a 10k bounty to the Good Samaritan that was willing to help him with a kidney donation, in a completely non -skeevy, probably legal way.

Turns out that Nick got his kidney from a local organ donor who passed away, Adam jokes about killing that guy to avoid shelling out the 10k, holy shit!


Adam asks about the circumstances of the local organ donor, Nick doesn’t know that much and BB blames his kidney failure on too much Mangria.

Adam says that backing off of the click it or ticket will only increase the amount of available donor organs, Adam is now ranting about freeway signs and the DMV allowing a reduction in registration fees for becoming an organ donor.

Adam is citing all of the other government incentive programs, like cash for clunkers and how it would increase organ donation by leaps and bounds but will never be done.


Adam mocks the United States and our almost third world thinking and actions paired with the likes of Elon Musk.

Adam asks the callers if they are getting more involved with the organ donation awareness cause, Adam has kind words for the forward thinking 212yr old who died and saved Nick.

Adam is mocking the “I’m not jewelry” anti-poaching/rhino horn trafficking posters at the airport.

Adam is reading it now and it says ‘I’m not medicine’ and now Adam is pointing out the further duality of man and the irony of African rhino horn being from a continent doing pretty well in the dong department and not so well in the cash department, catering to country’s cash rich and penis poor.

BB even loves this observation, Adam is sharing how that sign could have just as easily been about organ donation awareness, and Adam says that you’re either into wearing your seatbelt or not in 2015, just like human trafficking and poaching.


Adam is riffing about an Uber like schedule for human trafficking work you pick up on the weekends and during your free time.

Adam shares his efforts to speak with someone from the ad council and how they avoid him like a junkie avoids Dr. Drew.

Adam is mocking the ad council and the concept of “food insecurities.

Adam is doing a Castrol live read

“Or maybe mommy and mommy…”


Q and Ace

1st Caller Johnny, he says that every time he hooks up with this new gal she seems to tell all of her friends.

Adam asks if he’s got a small cock and now Adam is breaking down his process for exchanging smuggled rhino horn and Adam asks him if he’s doing a good job and Adam says that telling the friends means it’s really good or very bad.

They’re all assuming it’s positive and Gina says she’s not going to stop doing it and women don’t stop doing that.


2nd Caller Cesar he’s bringing up the movie ‘Porky’s’ and Adam says it’s essentially a piece of shit, he’s bringing up the bizarre anti-Semitic c story and he says people shouldn’t know about it as it’s such a piece of shit.

BB compares this film to ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and the super racist character portrayed by Mickey Rooney.


Adam is now setting something up, he’s going off on people who have the height, weight and time of birth for their children memorized.

Adam brings up how the segment producer asked Sonny about his birthday and how for the first time in 9 years Adam realized he and his children share the same birth sign.

Adam only knows things that affect him.


Adam is now playing a new clip from his audiobook for ‘Daddy Stop Talking’ and Dawson gets on mic to share some further comments from it.


They’re now playing a clip of Tony Kornheiser wishing Adam happy birthday, Adam teases the segment with Kevin Nealon and Adam has a funny “you know he loves elephants” and is now explaining the “Billy the Elephant” flub.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break with a “Definitely Not a Jew” and Kevin Nealon making his 12th appearance on the ACS, he first guested on ACS #20 (feat. Kevin Nealon) then ACS #236 (feat. Kevin Nealon), ACS #250 (feat. Kevin Nealon, Teresa Strasser & Bald Bryan Bishop), ACS #278 Guest Hosted (feat. Kevin Nealon), ACS #288 (feat. Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley Nealon & Bald Bryan Bishop), ACS #464, ACS #732, ACS #804, ACS #970, ACS #1082 and ACS #1323 all available via the Take a Knee/ACS Archive combo pack.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Uber with Matt on mic sharing his experiences giving out rides


Adam is giving out Kevin’s live standup dates, Adam asks Kevin about the perception of Dana Carvery, he confirms he’s a good guy and now Adam is asking him about the SNL 40th anniversary special.

Kevin is describing the abundance of celebrity and how his son got a photo with Peyton Manning, Adam says that as a tall guy you assume anyone taller than you must be like 7’2” and Kevin shares how his phone language was changed to Chinese.

Adam comments on everyone being present except for Dennis Miller and Kevin names a few others, Adam is asking Kevin if he has any bad blood with any cast members or staffers.


Adam is making a point about ‘Hans and Franz’ and working with Aaron Rodgers on the show, Adam asks about them reviving classic characters.

Adam says that Aaron seems like a pretty cool dude and Kevin shares how he warmed up throughout the day, mentioning his relationship with Olivia Munn.


Adam now takes it to the ‘Billy the Elephant’ clip and Kevin says that every time Adam plays this he catches shit for a year, this is great.

Kevin is giving his take and describes his ideal to speak from the heart, Adam asks if anyone was there speaking against Billy.

Kevin describes the kids, the pro zoo people and now Adam plays the clip.


Adam says it was the same pleasure he would experience when Dr. Drew would get sick, like walking in on Angelina Jolie on the shitter, just destroying it.

Gina defends Kevin and Adam cites the conversation he had with him during Classic Loveline, it was during his 2nd appearance on CLL.


Adam mentions running into Darrell Hammond and how insanely talented the man is while seemingly troubled, without specifically referencing Darrell’s Classic Loveline stories.


Adam has a funny dismissal of Da Vinci inventing the helicopter, he says he’s going to jot a time machine on a napkin and when someone makes one in 300 years he gets all of the credit, gold!

Adam is now taking it to Kevin’s family history and his journey, Kevin is sharing things he’s never talked about on the show before.

Telling them about starting as quarterback in college, Adam explains they didn’t have football in middle school in Los Angeles, he played Pop Warner outside of the school activities.


Adam is now riffing about the lack of pussy ounces he got in high school and the relative weight, Kevin sets him up and almost forces him into it, pretty good.


Gina’s News

Kevin is signing Adam’s yearbook, it’s not Adam’s and they credit to “David Taylor” but I know another fan named Ed Malinowski sent one in as well.


1st Story is on the Caitlyn Jenner ‘Vanity Fair’ cover and Gina has the details of her interview, Kevin jokes about it looking like she’s had some work done.

Gina says it’s all Photoshop, unclear if she’s joking or trying to inform them of the obvious photo doctoring.

Adam and Kevin both weigh in and Adam jokes about Jessica Lange taking the comparison to Caitlyn as a huge compliment, Adam now stages a reenactment with Gina, to mimic the “wonderful” he would give his daughter about her titty tattoos.


Adam and Kevin have a funny back and forth about swapping genitals with their wives, Adam jokes about staying home and eating sushi while his wife plays Zanies.

Gina claims that she really does have penis envy, Adam jokes about it being massive penis envy and not being anywhere near him.

Kevin and Adam joke about “tuck” and genital tucking, Adam says god bless and explains you would be drawn and quartered for speaking out against her now.


Adam is all for her transition and the new name, he likes the name she chose and now Adam is sharing the story of him speaking out against the families with everyone named with the same first letter and how Jimmy’s family did the same thing.

Adam is interrupted by Kevin and he’s trying to describe another incident involving himself, Adam is bringing it up because he put in the book and told Jimmy about it on his most recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kevin asks about Bobbi Kristina and Adam says there is so much news going on he can’t keep track, he cites being unaware of the death of John Nash and his wife.


Adam does a legal zoom live read


2nd Story is on Tracy Morgan’s first television interview since his accident last year, Gina plays the clip of Tracy telling Matt he’s not yet 100%.

Adam comments on how he spoke with Tracy about 4-5 months ago and called him up to see how he was doing.

Adam contacted his old publicist and wanted to wish him well, Adam brings up Billy the elephant and shares how Tracy was crying on the phone and was touched by all of the people reaching out to him.


Adam says now that Tracy is up and making the rounds Matt should invite him to call in, Kevin asks how long Adam thinks it will be before Tracy gets back to 100%.

Adam says it’s not like he will be judged as harshly in the future, Adam remarks on how hard it is to come up with a 90min act and how little he might remember at this point.

Adam says he would turn it into an “evening with” style format as opposed to traditional standup.


Kevin asks how much of Bill’s standup sets are devoted to his controversy and rape accusations, Adam jokes about what he would do if he was charged with roofie’ing North America and fucking it.

Kevin has a funny wives and girlfriends repeat the standup of their partners’ idea.


3rd Story is on the artificial colors and ingredients being removed from Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Adam is now riffing about their parent company.

Adam is sharing the story of ‘Violence fight’ the game he and Jimmy noticed in the arcade after hitting up the batting cages on a weekday 20 years ago.

Adam is finding out about Yum! Brands and Gina asks about immigrant restaurateurs not asking local people about the name of their business.


Adam is now riffing about hipsters imitating the messed up English names of businesses to pretend to be even more authentic, he has a funny use of “wok”.


4th Story is on the reduction in prostate cancer risks via an orgasm a day, Gina has the vague details and Adam jokes about being able to tip scientists.

Adam is sharing how he would hide his cash tips via handshakes, Adam says he saw James Babydoll Dixon do the tip move at the steak restaurant.

Adam shares how he is unsure when to tip when the restraint is half empty, Adam is now sharing how he had Matt Fondiler drop Adam Carolla’s name, Adam shares Matt’s idea to bring up his name later in the call.


BB is mixed up and trying to correct Adam, Adam was clearly talking about two different dining experiences, one at ‘The Strip House’ and another at ‘Morton’s’ and now Kevin is sharing his uncertainty when it comes to tipping at a spa.

Kevin has a “monkey waiting for a handout” description for the look on the women at the spa.

Adam says that Mike August flat out asks “is the tip included” so he doesn’t double tip.

Kevin is now clarifying he didn’t call anyone a monkey and Adam is busting Kevin’s balls and jokes about taking his Hans and Franz spot in the State Farm commercials.


Gary is on mic with a recent experience where it was made clear to him that the server got 0% of the gratuity from the additional charges for the room service.

Adam is ranting about these methods to avoid paying staff and further run up the bill for their paying customers.


Adam is now doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus live read


5th Story is on the near finished follow up to ‘Dazed and Confused’ set in the 1980’s and Adam jokes that he should go back and put another 6 months into ‘Boyhood’ and says that he couldn’t stand it.

Adam says that he keeps trying to get his wife to watch the first 20min to see how fucking horrible it is, Adam says it felt like the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ and recommends ‘Parenthood’ instead.

Adam says he loved ‘Parenthood’ when he was 26 and calls ‘Boyhood’ the “Little Miss Sunshine of 2015” and Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is doing a live read for Draft Kings


Kevin is back to Adam’s yearbook, up on his high horse and pacing back and forth like a caged cat

Kevin wants to see ‘Road Hard’ and Adam plugs the movie along with the documentary ‘Winning’ and Kevin asks if Adam has to tip Paul’s estate.

Adam says the clearance comes from the owners of the footage, Adam jokes about showing the entire running time of ‘Cool Hand Luke’ and jokes about how he settled into making a documentary.


Kevin asks Adam what March 9th 2006 means to him, Adam jokes about Billy The Elephant, Kevin says it was proclaimed “Adam Carolla Day” in Las Vegas and Adam explains how things like that don’t register for him.

Adam gets to the Stanley cup or NBA championship trophy that he was asked to pose with and turned down, Adam is now having Gary read the email.

It was the Larry O’Brien championship trophy, Adam mentioned the Stanley Cup in his reply, and Gary reads the request and reply from Adam.


Adam is sharing the story of the time his son got a trophy for hitting the tee in a game of tee ball, Adam plugs take a Knee.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show to his impression of the bizarre subplot in the movie ‘Porky’s’.