Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/02/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 353

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/02/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 353

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Adam Ray

Recorded 05-31-2016 – Release Date 06-02-2016

Production Number #353 – Adam Ray

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Adam has a heartfelt standard intro and they welcome Adam Ray back to the show, Adam and Drew proclaim him as a youthful Adam Carolla, Adam tells him “don’t ever change” and explains how they first met at the Peterson Automotive Museum.

Adam is off on a tangent about the horrible techno music played by DJ “Go Fuck Yourself” at all of these events with older white people standing around uncomfortably looking at cars and eating Hors d’oeuvres.

Adam Ray busts out some Jay Leno and Adam is now riffing at Jay Leno and explains his gibberish technique as he does it.


Adam is back to the event and how they announced the first comedian, he wasn’t sure how it was going to go with Adam Ray, he got on stage and managed to kick some moderate ass and engage the room, the very tough room.

Adam cites his role in the upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ and Dr. Drew reveals he’s playing the voice of the new Slimer.

Adam is talking about ignoring talking audience members and screening things out while performing live on stage, often he’ll notice the guest focusing in on them and he will be so far ahead he won’t have realized he already acknowledged and tuned out the talkers.


Adam Ray is talking about time a woman threw a wine glass at him while he was on stage and how he caught it and then returned it to her table.

Adam is now riffing about the George w. Bush shoe throwing incident and Adam praises Bush’s slipping maneuver, it’s more impressive than ducking, Adam Ray suggests it was so elegant they faked it.

Adam references the time George tried to open a locked door on camera and how they need a clip outshine the previous clip, Adam talks about the public anointing someone as the “dumb president” and he cites Ford along with George W. Bush and the schadenfreude we all get from a 60 something dude picking the wrong door at a place he’s never been before.


Adam Ray asks about Albert Einstein and suggests he was an alcoholic, Adam says if he was he wants to know the beverage so he can partake, funny Drambuie one liner.


Drew is doing a Casper Live Read

Adam is not comfortable with memory foam running its Duvet cover all over town edition


Adam Ray tells them about his onscreen role in the new ‘Ghostbusters’ and getting the role of Slimer in the new movie, he shares how he used a clever audition tape to get the role.

Dr. Drew interrupts to tell them he was attacked by as hark in ‘Sharknado 3’ and Adam brings up the TJ Miller ‘Yogi Bear’ audition and asks Drew if he is aware of it, he then gets in a sly mean comment when Drew of course doesn’t know what it is, because it’s something.

They’re now watching the TJ Miller audition video.


Adam jokes about offering oral to get jobs instead of these elaborate and almost dangerous audition tapes, Drew brings up Adam’s legendary oral sex reception and Adam explains why he can’t get work based on other people watching him get fellated.

Adam talks about Adam Ray’s good spirit and how many guys they’ve known over the years whose careers ebbed and flowed.


1st Caller Ray, he’s calling about his inability to get over his mother’s abandonment and he says it’s a “little bitch thing” and Drew explains it’s one of the most profound traumas a child can endure.

Adam thinks it’s the most profound trauma and Adam asks when his mother came back, Adam says this happened to his mom and she turned out fi… and he now jokes about his mom’s existence at 83, she gets to be depressed for another 6 months and then die.

Adam and Drew are trying to figure out the story behind Adam’s mom being taken away by CPS.


Adam is going over his grandmother’s version of the story and how she was part of a dance troop that were practicing at the Hollywood bowl and has a recital.

Adam says that his grandmother gave her daughter to the neighbor to watch the kid for a few hours, Adam asks why the neighbor would do that.

Drew suspects the neighbor was hired as a babysitter and he says none of the story of makes sense.


Adam says that his grandmother explained that they were thinking of moving out and the woman had a crush on Adam’s mom’s father, Adam says that his grandmother then played the “nobody listened to a young woman” card and says she didn’t want to take care of a kid and that’s where she was at.

Drew is telling Ray about how he can cope and deal with his mother, he tells him to start with therapy and Ray says he’s close with his father and he’s been in his life since he got sober.

Adam is talking about this being like a drunk driver hit you, you can’t obsess on your victimization and what you must have done to bring on that drunk driver or abandoning mom, just heal and do the best you can to get back to 0.


2nd Caller Eric, he’s calling from Rhode Island and is calling about his wife, he says she was born prematurely and it seems like there is less of an emotional development in her brain, almost no empathy for others.

Eric shares what he’s learned from his research online and Drew talks about them ceasing the practice of leaving kids alone in an incubator without touch.

Eric shares a weird memory that doesn’t quite make sense medically but Drew acknowledges and processes the info, Adam says “but Drew maybe she’s just a bitch?” and everyone loses it.


Adam is asking if Eric’s wife’s mother was into drugs, it turns out she was in a car accident and they had to deliver his wife early.

Adam tells Eric that he’s never going change her nougat core of her emotional candy bar, but she can act differently regardless of feelings.

They ask him about his kids and Adam Ray asks about the amount of human touch required to keep people sane.


Drew brings up the Gorilla incident from the news, Adam Ray has all of the details and how they decided to put the animal down.

Drew talks about the display behavior the Gorilla was using, Adam mocks every dumb chick he’s ever met in his whole life who doesn’t live in reality.

Adam is now doing his dumb chick impression saying nobody deserves to wake up and get shot in the morning.

Adam Ray is joining in as they complain as clueless women who have feelings about something they don’t even know the details of.


Adam has a killer “tall boy” one liner and Adam Ray mentions doing coke, Adam is rolling with it and they continue to riff as dueling ditzes.

Adam says he/she failed the GED and he asks Drew about a hunter coming in and shooting his triplets while they were in bed as kids.

Adam Ray has some Leno riffing within his “Cheryl Ann” character improv, hilarious!


Adam brings up the story of the giraffes that were slayed at a zoo in Europe and fed to the lions, he shares why he didn’t freak out about the story and the headline.

Adam has a killer riff about minding his business and Adam Ray takes it back to the Gorilla, Adam brings up Cecil the Lion and how he doesn’t care about animals dying.

Adam is defending the zoo and goes over the odds of the kid being killed, how they had no choice but to save his life.


Adam jokes about blaming Sigourney Weaver in reply to Adam Ray and they move on to a live read.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and mentions their upcoming live tour, Adam Ray tells them about his trip through Amsterdam in the Red Light District while high on a pot edible.

Adam Ray shares how he was killing it in the RLD and Adam asks if you get the woman in the window or if you get pawned off on her fat sister in the back.


Adam is now giving out the plugs for Adam Ray and they wrap up the show.