Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/02/2015 – Brian Grazer and Shaquille O’Neal

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/02/2015 – Brian Grazer and Shaquille O’Neal

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Guest Brian Grazer and Shaquille O’Neal

Recorded 06-01-2015 – Release Date 06-02-2015

Production Number #1585

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Adam opens the show with a slick ‘Pineapple Soda’ intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam praises Brian Grazer and Adam asks Sonny if he knows why he’s in studio.

He’s on mic and he’s very competent and has a nice comedic takes/reactions and Adam clarifies that Shaquille O’Neal is going to be calling in.

Sonny wants to stay the full show.


Adam is now doing a live read

Nice assist from Sonny


Adam plugs the most recent ‘Take a Knee’ and Adam tells Sonny that R. Lee Ermey will be babysitting him soon.

Sonny says he thought that Adam had more pride in ‘Winning’ vs. ‘Road Hard’ and he explains the way people view the different film styles.

Funny back and forth, Shaq joins them and calls Adam sexy, Sonny has a flummoxed reaction and Adam quickly explains that his son is joining them.


Adam says that his son wrote his final report on Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq is very kind and Adam is asking him about his size in the 9th grade, he was 6’9” and over 190lbs.

Shaq is plugging his new podcast on PodcastOne I presume thanks to the great Norm Pattiz.


Adam is now having Sonny share some facts about Shaq’s journey in life, Adam is now having Shaq clarify and Sonny has a nice bit of backstory, he says army sergeant dude, awesome!

Adam has Sonny give some more tidbits, Sonny didn’t know that Shaq works as a police officer too, he says that wasn’t in the book.

Shaw has some practical internet safety tips for kids and Adam is asking him about his podcast schedule, Adam is praising Shaq and he tells Sonny that Adam has been a hero of his for years and to always listen to him.


Adam thanks Shaq and wraps up, that was amazing.


Adam is explaining that Sonny is leaving the studio and Brian is joining them, Adam is praising his book and shares his experience reading it.

Adam tells him he loves the fact that he wrote a book on curiosity and he thanks Adam for his very kind email, Adam is sharing his love for curiosity and fostering it among people, especially children.

Brian is explaining how our school system in the United States is not fostered for that kind of curiosity, he has some wise points about the stigma of not knowing something.


Adam is thinking about the two societal example for curiosity, ‘Curious George’ and the adage ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ and now Adam says that the lessons from Brian’s book is all he wants to give and instill in his kids.

Brian shares his desperation for a gig and how ended up as a legal clerk at Warner Bros. and Adam sets him up to tell the story of the “roadblocks” he encountered when dropping off papers for these impressive celebrities.

Brian shares his “I must hand them to directly” stretching of the truth with led to him by the ocean drinking an espresso with William Peter Blatty.


Adam is sharing how successful people want to tell you their story as they love talking about their journey which led them from some far off place to success in the places you find them.

Brian’s allergies are acting up, BB must have left a dusting of “smug” or somebody’s got cats.

Adam is talking about how successful people want relationships with people who don’t want things from them, Adam says that Brian was smart for never asking for a job.


Adam wants to know how one gives curiosity and instills it in someone who doesn’t have it, a kid for example.

Brian has a Rupert Murdoch anecdote and Adam is talking about how Brian is interested for the sake of being interested and has a very intelligent take on Brian’s wisdom that he agrees with.

Adam is reinforcing his “Don’t walk through someone else’s museum, build your own museum” POV of life.

What if you build your own museum out of someone else’s art, huh?


Adam is talking about how people who ask for things who end up getting phased out of your life, They’re going in depth on how Brian would ask for 5min of someone’s time and assure them he didn’t want a job but just wanted to get 5min of the person’s time.

Adam and Brian both agree there is a way to do it and meet people, Brian says he would figure out how to get on the show even if he wasn’t as famous as he is, I did it 5 times. He could do it.

Adam is talking about the people who work around the famous people who are often into the same creative pursuits and how getting involved with them and their story ingratiates you.


Adam says you have to treat the ancillary show business people like cats and can’t spook them, you need them to like you to get where you need to go and talk to who you need to talk to, this doesn’t come of douchey nor fake, it’s interesting.

Adam is back to how Brian wanted to know what made these impressive people tick, Adam is now bringing up how he once met with Brian Grazer and ended up on his “list” of 200 names of people he spoke with.

Adam is recalling the meeting and how Brian’s girlfriend was a huge fan and suggested that Brian meet with him.


Brian was interested in the young culture he was interested in knowing more about and shares his knowledge of MTV Loveline, wow!

This is so cool!

Adam is flattered and now makes a point about Brian’s honesty and approach being part of the reason he became the success he is today.


Brian is now asking Adam for his wisdom about how he was able to integrate himself into Loveline and understand the mindset of the young people who were calling in.

Adam goes very in-depth and has some killer analogies, Brian’s clearly fascinated and shares some wisdom regarding the great directors he’s worked with over the years.

Adam wants to ask him about meeting and partnering up with Ron Howard.


Adam is now doing a Castrol Live Read


Adam is asking him how he met up with Ron Howard, Adam was interrupted and told that they need to take a break, why?

They’re now heading to break.

They’re playing a Carcast ad, no other sponsors though


They’re back form the artificial break.

Now Brian is picking up where he left off, Brian shares how he didn’t have his “person of the day” on an afternoon in 1979 and how he yelled out to him to get Ron’s attention outside of the office Brian was working in.

Brian tells Adam about Ron’s aura of goodness that he could see coming off of him.


Brian is telling Adam about how Ron wanted to change his image with ‘Nightshift’ which Adam says it’s everyone’s sleeper comedy and that eventually when it’s everyone’s sleeper comedy it’s just a hit movie.

Adam is praising ‘Parenthood’ and says it’s always on his top 10, Brian shares how that movie came about during a writer’s strike and he says it’s not past the statute of limitations and he can reveal it was written during the strike.

Adam further praises the truth in the film and the lack of a false note during the entire running time.


Adam asks Brian to come up with a short list of his most meaningful movie projects.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave club live read


Brian shares his love for the films he worked on, he says he loved ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and shares the sad news about John Nash and his wife.

Brian has a beautiful and tragic way of describing their horrible deaths.

Adam asks Brian about ‘Arrested Development’ and he shares they will go into production come the beginning of 2016 with new episodes following roughly 4 months later.


Adam is now back to the theme of this episode and Brian’s book, emphasizing the importance of curiosity.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, very solid appearance and Brian must come back again!