Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/02/2014 – Romany Malco and Chris Law

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/02/2014 – Romany Malco and Chris Law

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Romany Malco and Chris Law

Recorded 06-01-2014 – Release Date 06-02-2014

Production Number #1336

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Adam has a spirited intro, it feels like the show is finally back.

BB has a classic #TopDrop and Adam is explaining who Romany is to the listeners, BB is assisting.

Adam and Alison are teasing the “dog who shit on the plane” story and the interview with Chris Law, Rich Eisen’s producer over at the NFL network podcast he does.


Adam has a killer rope bridge on fire analogy for society and his ability to foresee what’s coming, he’s not prescient, and everyone else is just tuned out.

Adam has a point about how likely this is to happen with how many dogs are now flights, Alison has a killer veterinary professional joke and Adam is saying he would be the worst passenger on the plane.

Adam and Alison are both judging the passengers who had to throw up, Adam has a great “Gin is Clorox for drunk people” and is now sharing his stance on Gin with the gang, he’s got a great Michael Jackson comparison for his love of booze.


Adam is telling Alison about the time he knocked over 2 cases of Gin at the flask liquor store, BB explains the Juniper berry pine scent Adam experienced.

Alison is giving more details of Chris Law and his horrible flight.


Adam is now updating the gang on the LeVar Burton drama from last week, he credits me for emailing him about “Movies Men Don’t Want To See” featuring the “Pioneer Dads” joke that offended LeVar.

Perhaps thou protest’ish too much’ish.

They’re now playing the clip and Adam is ordering Gary to skip ahead.

“Pioneer Dads: They work the land and each other!”


Adam is now asking about what kind of dog dropped the deuce on the flight, Adam is now breaking down the “sweet crazy spot” look of the female owner in her mid-60’s.

Adam guarantees it’s a “bullshit get a note from the doctor dog” and now Adam is doing a live read for “Bark Box” and joking about Molly’s one eye lift move that all dogs seem to have, he loves the laziness of it.

Adam says if you get this for your dog, your woman will love you more, Alison jokes about a ‘Meow Box” and Adam proclaims it a good name for A’s V, that bit never works and should’ve probably ended.


Chris Law is now on the show, he mentions the incident with the shitty security guard, and Adam wants to know when we all get to start screaming at security guards to do their fucking jobs.

Adam is explaining the scenario and now having Chris walk us through his flight experience.

Chris is breaking down the layout of the US Airways aircraft and seating arrangement.


Chris is telling them about the 2 1/2hr delay on the tarmac and the fuel spill that caused it, Adam wants to know about the next human being who doesn’t want to sit on the seat after dog asshole has been on it.

Chris is extremely detailed with his explanation of what happened, Adam says if Chris would have shit in the aisle he could have really taken the pressure off of this woman who owned the dog.

Chris is telling them about the people reacting like the “Lardass” scene from ‘Stand By Me’ and going super in depth on the shitting and the woman who owned the dog and her seeming lack of a disability.


Adam is wrapping up with Chris and he’s giving some final thoughts about Peter King and Inside Edition both hitting him up, Alison asks about the woman asking the other passengers for their addresses to give them a Starbucks gift card as repayment.

Adam is calling this nuts and says it’s the self-entitled nature of people in society, he’s waxing poetic on the social contract and explaining how much he would like to bring his dog but can’t due to said social agreement.

Alison asks about dogs traveling as checked cargo and if they shit up their kennels, Adam says they must.


Adam is bringing up Seth MacFarlane’s new movie “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and sharing his mixed feedback about the film, I guess Seth didn’t invite him for the “Friends and Family” screening this time, hmmmm.

Adam is doing a live read for “Bates Motel” and its campaign for Emmy nominations, interesting type of live read.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and he’s giving the info on the cast and production, he quickly breaks down the plot and is addressing the critical reaction.

BB is now using Seth’s previous film “Ted” and explaining how the movie was slagged and they missed the mark, he says this film is also undervalued.

He doesn’t mention the “connective” tissue to ‘Ted’ and he says it’s not horrible, Adam is now bringing up how he fell for some link/click bait at the bottom of a website, he’s now getting to the list of “10 movies that were underrated” that he wasted his time reading.


Alison wants to know if he thought the Hammer was on the list, he’s now bringing up how he didn’t think of that, but that doesn’t make him above narcissistic traits, he’s citing how he always hopes they’ll announce his birthday on the radio even if it’s not anywhere close during the celeb birthday commercial breaks on some stations.

Adam says “The Sweetest Thing” was on the underrated list and he’s ranting about what a piece of shit it is, Alison is now bringing up “Alex and Emma” and calling it bad, ok…

BB says the plot of A Million ways is a mess, he’s now using The Hammer to make a point about having a straight plot and how that benefits a comedy.


BB gives it a C.


Adam is doing a live read for Man Crates, he’s got a great joke about the included crowbar one can use to open them.

Adam is now teasing the arrival of Romany Malco and heading to break, he’s teasing the “Gone in 60 Seconds” clip that bumped him while he was watching it over the weekend.

Adam is joking about Nic Cage and his need for a sane woman in his life, Alison has a great “Peggy Sue Got Married” referenced.

Adam is now going off on Nic’s hairstyles and why he needs bright orange hair for car theft, Adam argues people with dark hair steal more cars, Alison takes offense for comedy’s sake.


They’re now back from break.

Romany is making his ACS debut and says he’s been a fan since Loveline, awesome!

Adam is complimenting his work and asking him about his origins in music that led to his acting work, he’s telling them about his internet business in 1997.

Romany is now telling them about his work on “The Pest” with John Leguizamo, Romany says he wrote the raps for “MC Skat Kat” but didn’t perform as the cat.


Adam has a great “your box or mine” joke and Romany is now further explaining MC Skat Kat to Alison, hilarious jokes and Romany says he now feels like they’re joking about his actual friends and their life trajectories.

Adam is bringing up how the first time he saw the video he was doing construction in a guy’s house in Chatsworth.

Adam is now asking Romany how all of this led to his acting, John Leguizamo convinced Romany to audition for the film, he didn’t get the role but did gain a reputation as a talented guy.


Adam has a killer “Spuds Mackenzie” joke and Romany is telling them about his first pilot season and he’s explaining how “The 40 Year Old Virgin” permanently changed how he was viewed.

Adam is trying to figure out Seth’s age when he was filming the movie and BB plays a drop of Romany’s favorite line from the film.

Adam is forgetting that Seth did Loveline in 2000 and 2001, he guesses it has to do with him being from Canada.


Adam is now asking who Romany hates the most 1. Person who has always known what they want to do. 2. Personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 3. My Wife is my best friend.

Adam and Romany are agreeing on husband/wife best friend, Alison is saying she would like to be in the top 5 of friends for her husband.

Adam is now talking about Kevin Hart and his movie career, Kevin has a cameo in “The 40 Year old Virgin” and worked on “Undeclared” with Seth and Judd.


Adam is joking with Romany and he jokes about freezing up when Adam takes the literally too far.

Alison is bringing up Kevin’s height and Romany is sharing his own reluctance to crack short jokes about the man.

Adam is now setting up a clip from “Gone in 60 Seconds” and he’s explaining the weird setup and relationship between Nic Cage and Robert Duvall’s character.


Adam is asking if he has “cam juice” on his face after playing the clip, turns out Adam wasn’t correct about his anger.

Romany is now stepping in to say it was clearly overdubbed, hilarious Skat Kat comedy with BB and Romany.

Alison has a nice addition and Adam is launching into his “How Dare You’s” in reply.


Romany is sharing that his pet peeve in movies is when people deliver tech jargon non-passionately, he understands Adam’s beef and now Adam is explaining how you have to shift a race car.

Adam is joking about never meeting a film editor who would know a thing about shifting a Ferrari, Romany is explaining movie logic vs. reality with a funny J-Date analogy.

BB asks Romany if they’ve ever considered a sequel to “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and he’s got a funny joke about Steve Carrel’s weightless.


Romany apologizes for interrupting Adam’s rant and explains how movie financing can cause a project to lose its teeth.

Adam is bringing up Box Office Mojo and how Captain America fares against a nice romantic comedy.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the death of Ann B. Davis from “The Brady Bunch” Alison reports she fell and hit her head, now Adam is calling for Nerf to make products for the home.

Adam is joking about how durable a nerf football is, he’s asking who is designing these tubs and says they are cyclorama of slippery and Alison tells them about coconut oil and how it amplifies the danger.

Romany says it’s also in part pride, they don’t want assistance and Adam says he would love to shit into a nerf toilet, he’s joking about how food it would feel.


Adam says after 76 years of age you need to snap into a carabineer and harness each time you enter the bathroom, like a rock climber.

Alison is sharing an anecdote about Caelan Biehn and his father, he mixed up Ann with Eve Plumb, Jan Brady who Adam took a Groundlings class with and found to be very mean.

Adam says she was not a jovial person, he feels like everyone on that show was “who they were” except for the dad and has a great “right” reply to Sam the butcher being brought up by Alison.


Adam is sharing an anecdote of visiting Eve’s house and ran into Mark Decarlo who was at the height of his “Studs” fame.

Adam is bringing up a plot twist from 5 years later after the advanced writing class in the Groundlings, he’s sharing how recommended Mark Decarlo for a Loveline audition instead of volunteering to show up to record his audition that would change his life forever.

Adam is now walking them through the audition and the Mark Decarlo Cameo at the end of it.


2nd Story is on “Sing Your Face Off” and she’s explaining the setup along with the cameo from David Alan Grier on the show as a guest judge.

Adam is now teasing the Darrell Hammond “Island Prison Story” as told on 05/19/1998 Classic Loveline, Adam has never spoken to Darrell about it after he revealed his drug addiction, Adam is bringing up his dad flying down to bail him out.

Adam is remembering a bunch of the story and he’s now joking about stashing 5k with his pals to get out of crimes in different countries.


Romany is sharing how he gets “deals” made for tickets in Texas after returning from cross country drives.

Adam is joking about Romany’s dog hanging her out the window for 27hrs straight, Adam is saying he can’t spit out the window without getting hit in the face, and Romany has a great Jaguar comment.


3rd Story Is on a video clip of Justin Bieber telling a racist joke, Adam is now asking about video leaking and they realize they don’t know the stuff that never leaks because they never hear it.

Adam is joking about his pimento loaf vaginal rejuvenation.

They’re now playing the clip.

Adam says “those fucking Canadians man!” and Romany is bringing up the Sterling controversy, Adam says we’re now into just busting everyone for everything all the time.

Adam is asking Romany about reparations and a recent article, Romany makes a point and Adam has a killer “afro-mation” reply in agreement with Romany.


Romany is making a point about the hypocrisy in some racist comments getting people in trouble and others not getting any reaction.

They’re all taking about Justin’s joke and Adam jokes about his black friends, Adam says he seems like the douchiest kid on the planet, using his egg chucking as an example.

Alison is taking it back to the racism directed at our President and shares her own reactions to seeing that shit on Facebook, Romany is making a great point about the rules disappearing for Obama, the lack of respect for his job position alone.


Romany is clarifying the racism he’s experienced in the south and living in Texas, BB has a killer joke in reply to Romany.

Adam is sharing how Mike August tells him about how different the racism is in Louisiana where he grew up, Romany is now explaining how certain people taint a community.

Adam is now sharing what he would do if he was black, he’s using homeless guys in the Midwest suffering through winters to make an analogy.


Adam is explaining he’s making a metaphor and has a killer joke about black people like they’re relatives more and he’s contrasting that to “whitey” and Romany is now explaining he’s noticed that too.

Adam is sharing the “white guys don’t really like their moms that much” logic he tried to explain to Michael Irvin on the NFL network.

Adam has a great “exchange program” idea and he’s now getting back to his black person point, he’s telling Romany he only gives money to black homeless guys.


Adam says if he was black he would move to “white guilt mecca” like Santa Monica, he’s sharing an insight into white guilt and Romany is asking about the women, Adam is telling them to bring the whole family with him.

Adam is doing a Nature Box live read.


4th Story Is on Richard Martinez and the stories that have come out about him meeting with the father of the gunman who killed his son, Adam is now trying to figure out what you would have to pay him to try and be in on that meeting.

Adam is joking about trying to make small talk and saying that “looking for answers” in response to senseless acts is almost always unsatisfying.

Adam wants to know if there is ever such and answer that could be enough, he wants to know if anyone else was the dad, would they agree to the meeting.


Adam is explaining the logic, he’s saying the dad of the gunman role after Romany mixes them up and says he would be trying to get revenge.

Adam is now offering up how he would think it would be beneficial 6 months down the road, this close to the incident can only result in tears and throwing hot coffee.

Romany says who cares what you look like after something like this, the more you try the worse things can get.


Romany is now sharing how twisted Adam’s logic seems despite the sense its making, Adam is bringing up the things we all don’t look forward to doing.

Alison is wrapping the news.

She tells Romany they spoke about a week after the incident, Adam is now sharing his cooling off period for after his own son’s mass shooting.

Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.


Adam is plugging the upcoming live shows in Phoenix and the Mangria signings.

Adam and Alison tease the most recent episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend with Mike Catherwood, he tells a story involving poop and Adam that Adam doesn’t know about.