Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/01/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 352

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/01/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 352

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-30-2016 – Release Date 06-01-2016

Production Number #352 – Long-Term Relationships

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Adam asks Drew about his affect, he asks if he’s out of sorts and Drew says he is right and tells him about his life post LoveLine, he says he’s a totally different person and gets to dream each night now, wow!

Drew says he is in a weird state and Adam mocks him about getting the DT’s when he doesn’t sing the national anthem at a game at least once every 48 hrs.

Drew talks about listening to positive psychology lectures and Adam asks him what he’s learned, Adam says Drew would turn on himself if he couldn’t work out and get things done.


Adam says you must impose balance in your own life, you can do anything unlimited now, movies, shrimp cocktail, pornography and even the ‘Grinch Whole Stole Christmas’, Adam says he was at the mercy of those who programmed broadcast TV and his parent’s nonexistent pantries.

Drew has some points about the cost of living and Adam is saying that throughout time the fatter person was the wealthier one, now the most successful men he knows have 7% body fat and the impoverished are morbidly obese.

Adam says he would have rather been a starving artist than doing something he didn’t want to do, he shares the story of the time he had to go to urgent care and his dad was concerned he didn’t have 1k dollars put aside.


Adam brings up the disruption of the middle class and the former pillar of women staying at home with the husband working full time, another element is the cost of living and the 60” TV’s offered for 499$.

Adam brings up the newspapers he was going through in Lynette’s mom’s house, either after she passed or the night when she was hauled off by the cops.

Adam saw a 1974 ad for a 375$ Trinitron TV, Drew says he remembers when his uncle got one and they went over to see it, they watched an infamous Anthony Davis game between Notre Dame and USC.

Adam jokes about Lynette bringing up this very game, Drew is amazed at the coincidence and Adam has to break it to him that he was attempting to make a joke.


Adam says what is the middle class when people are living much less traditional lives and want to work on their own terms.

Adam says he’s arguing that maybe the middle class will go the way of the dodo and do we even want this for our children.


1st Caller Nick, he’s calling about his two years of sobriety and he credits both Adam and Drew for helping him reach it, he explains how he feels like he’s starting from scratch after a relapse after 6 yrs. Of sobriety before that.

Drew says that his sobriety is the most significant predictor that he will find success, Drew tells him that his struggle this 2nd time around also speaks well of his sobriety and program.

Drew recommends therapy and Adam asks him about his career, he’s an actor and Adam stops him to ask what the emotional toll of a life failure takes on a creative person, how about you fuck a fat chick once in a while just to get laid.


Adam asks Nick if he has any success before his relapse, he was doing commercials and had some movie roles.

Adam says he never went out for commercials as they had nothing to do with his creative aspirations, Adam is asking why these people who claim to be creative are not actually doing the thing they claim to want to be doing.

Adam says it’s like the mountaineering bachelor buddy who says he’s jealous of your family but he’s not, he likes banging the young chicks and spending time at base camp. Adam and Drew have some practical closing advice.


2nd Caller Tim, he mentions how he’s been listening to them since 1997 when he was on a marine base out at Twentynine Palms and stops him to riff about the mayor of Thousand Oaks calling the mayor of Twentynine Palms and mocking him about their relative lack of trees.

Tim says he is never satisfied with what he’s doing now that he stopped smoking pot, he says his desire was to get into real estate or take the safe route and get a job with a possible retirement option and Adam says that his commercial property ambition doesn’t sound like a dream, more of a money making plan.

Tim says he loves standing stoically with a gun in his hand, Adam tells him to go with the security job and work his way up.


Adam talks about the relative income of the airline employees and Adam says he listened to local Am radio, he’s been doing it since the 1980’s before the political reasoning can be applied to him.

Adam says he listens to Drew’s show and Adam is now sharing his punchline for the story of a dollar store that caught on fire, funny.


Drew is doing a live read for ‘Famously Single’

Adam asks how Drew isn’t already a part of this series and Gary gets on mic saying they will podcast it


3rd Caller Ryan, he’s ready to settle down and says his high standards are keeping him from finding a long term partner he can see himself being with forever.

Ryan wants to know when healthy high standards meet unrealistic expectations, Drew is now rephrasing what Ryan said and gives him what he’s hearing from him.

Drew has a Yoda like grunt and is asking Ryan to follow his logic, Adam says you can’t shop for a woman as you would shop for a car, Drew has a killer reaction to Adam’s “spirited drive” criteria for purchase.


Adam is confused as to why Ryan is calling to be so confused by the process, he finds the guts to agree with Adam and they move on.

Adam says that a solid familial relationship is a good sign for a prospective partner, it’s very hard to weed out and separate the insanity of someone’s family from your relationship with them.

Adam says that boring is the best description and trait you should look for in a person.


Adam is doing a Five Four Club Live Read


4th Caller Christian, he called in last week and told Drew about his buddy who was struggling with his alcoholism, Adam pretends to remember he knows the call, it was but it was on the Dr. Drew Podcast.

See ‘The Dr. Drew Podcast’ Episode DDP #227

Christian he brings up the higher power element of AA and how his buddy is struggling with that concept, Drew brings up smart and rational recovery that don’t use any god concept, but everything else his buddy says is his disease talking trying to get him using again.

Drew says that most meetings fastidiously avoid the word god as not to trigger people who use that as an excuse to bail on recovery.

Drew gives even more practical advice and Adam riffs with Drew about his bluff about remembering the call, Drew is taking it to the angle that Adam was flubbing about being a listener to his solo show.


Adam brings up the depressing PSA’s like “talk to your children” and the sad statistics about brain development in young children, Adam asks why they even say that shit like “80% of a child’s brain is developed by 3” and asks what do you do if the kid is over 3 and you didn’t teach them shit, drown them in a tub?

Drew plugs his podcast with Gary, they are preaching about the superior format that focuses on their (Chris and Gary) chemistry with Drew and the callers, guests are great too though.

Adam gives out some plugs and they wrap up the show.